After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 110 Welcome Reception

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With the help of Boss Wen, Tao Mu suddenly had it a lot easier. He could now consider the matter of entering the “Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” crew on the eighth day of the Lunar New Year.

As a member of the traitorous duo, Wen Bao naturally must go to H Town with Tao Mu. In fact, it was not only the two of them who were traveling together, there were also other Beijing Film students who live in Beijing and have been selected by the crew of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”. The senior brothers and sisters in the third and fourth years who have filming experience were better off. But the freshmen and sophomores have no filming experience, and some were even babies who have never stepped out of Beijing City so they were naturally feeling timid.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Especially since last year, there was a case related to MLM abduction and trafficking in H Town that shocked the society. Before these children went there, they were already thinking about all kinds of things that ended up just scaring themselves. So they could only call Tao Mu, just like baby ducks that just hatched, they insisted on going with Tao Mu.

So the two-person trip became a group spring outing.

During this period, Gou Rixin also came over. He insisted on following Tao Mu in the name of his assistant to H Town together. He declared very reasonably.

“I’m familiar with that area. Say, you going there alone to film, what if you come across something you want to eat and buy, with me along I can run tye errands for you. I can even be your bodyguard.” After Gou Rixin recovered, Tao Mu had him stay in FlyNews Entertainment. Usually, he just ran errands with Da Fei and the others, and did interviews or something. In his spare time, while Mr. Song was studying recipes, he also learned a thing or two. His days were very content indeed.

This time Tao Mu invested in the crew of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, and actually wanted to give Gou Rixin a role. He also asked Gou Rixin to audition. But Gou Rixin himself refused. He didn’t want to be an actor, he just wanted to be an assistant by Tao Mu’s side.

“Brother Gou, you don’t have to do this.” Tao Mu frowned and persuaded: “I have you stay in FlyNews Entertainment because I hope you will have a better future. So you should also have some plans for your own career. Haven’t you always wanted to be an actor? Now that you have this opportunity, why don’t you agree?”

“I talked to the doctor. Although I am recovered now, I still need a long period of recuperation and recovery. He said that I should try not to do high-risk work for a year or two. And I can’t tire myself out either——”

“So I didn’t assign you a role that will be too tiring.” Tao Mu interrupted Gou Rixin: “It’s just a small supporting role that lasts less than two episodes, and there are no action scenes. I just want you to practice your lines and improve your camera sense. That’s it.”

“Tao Mu.” Gou Rixin looked at Tao Mu helplessly, he knew that Tao Mu was doing this for his own good. But there was something that must be said, he was a grown man, he couldn’t just accept his kindness without repaying it. Tao Mu was very capable, so even if Gou Rixin stayed by his side, he couldn’t help much. Even his current job was arranged by Tao Mu. But Gou Rixin kept thinking about this matter in his heart. Now that he finally got a chance, Gou Rixin really wanted to repay his kindness.

“Didn’t you ask me to think carefully about what I want to do in the future? I thought about it carefully, and I think it’s good to be an agent. If I want to be an agent, I have to start as an assistant. You don’t have to worry about me. In my heart I know very clearly. Now I just want to gain some experience at your side, and you say whether you agree or disagree. Or do you dislike my lack of experience, and fear that I will hold you back?”

After putting it this way, how could Tao Mu still disagree: “Okay. If you really want to be an agent, I’ll have you follow Sister Xuan for a while after we come back from H Town.”

Zhou Fengxuan was Guo Yaning’s agent. She made Guo Yaning popular all by herself, and now she was also a top agent in the circle. If Gou Rixin really wanted to do this, he would definitely learn a lot from Zhou Fengxuan.

Gou Rixin didn’t say anything. Things must be dealt with one at a time.

On the eighth day of the Lunar New Year, including Tao Mu, Wen Bao, and about ten students from Beijing Film, a large group of people took a plane to Xiaoshan International Airport, and then took the airport bus directly to H Town to enter the “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” crew.

As an investor who provided 9 million yuan to support the filming of the crew, even though Tao Mu only played a small supporting role of a traitor that lived less than three episodes in the drama, Tao Mu’s arrival was met with a warm welcome by director Zhou Hong and the entire production team.

——It was just that Tao Mu didn’t understand, why did Director Zhou have to recite “If Life Deceives You” and the classic fragments from the book “Insulted and Damaged” aloud when he saw him.

But Zhou Hong obviously had no will to explain. He directly pulled the group of people to the hotel——because the filming funds of the crew were limited, Director Zhou always believed in the wise saying “money should be spent on the right parts”. Therefore, for places that have nothing to do with shooting and needed to spend money, it was all just passable.

For example, in the area of ​​accommodation, most of the crew members and actors live in inns. Even Mr. Zhan Bin, who was the male protagonist, and several other main actors only live in three-star hotels. Of course, as Tao Mu was the biggest investor in the crew, Zhou Hong didn’t dare to make the call for Tao Mu. After all, when the contract was signed, Lawyer Zhou’s performance was truly unforgettable. So Zhou Hong wasn’t sure what kind of temper Tao Mu had——what if the other was the kind of arrogant and spoiled young master who just had to stay in a five-star hotel.

Fortunately, Tao Mu was not the kind of willful person who insisted on going his own way. Although he liked to enjoy himself, he also knew that many times, he must follow along in order to integrate into the group. Moreover, Zhou Hong spent most of the funds on filming, which Tao Mu was very satisfied with. As the largest investor in the crew, he especially knew the filming dilemma of the crew from the memory of his previous life. So without saying a word, he generously took out nine million yuan. If Zhou Hong immediately upgraded the entire crew to a five-star hotel after getting the money, although Tao Mu wouldn’t say anything, he might not be all that pleased in his heart.

But Zhou Hong’s actions made people more comfortable. At least it could make investors understand that this crew really wanted to do good work.

“I’ll do the same as everyone else. It’s just that Teacher Zhan and the other teachers will have to suffer some grievances.” Tao Mu’s tone was very sincere: “According to the rules, you should be staying in a five-star hotel and enjoying the best treatment.”

“It’s all for the sake of shooting, so there’s no need for those empty things.” Zhan Bin waved his hand. As soon as Tao Mu entered the door, he began to examine this young man. He looked really handsome, and his demeanor was particularly able to put others at ease. He was the investor, but when old Zhou told him about the accommodation arrangement, the boy’s first reaction was to apologize to everyone.

It didn’t matter whether this remark was sincere or not, the fact that a big boss like him was willing to say this at the first meeting with everyone, it at least showed enough respect.

“CEO Tao just arrived——”

As soon as Zhan Bin opened his mouth, he was interrupted by Tao Mu: “Teacher Zhan, you should just call me Tao Mu. Although I created by chance, it is just a part-time job. My main job is still an actor, and I am just a freshman who had just entered college. In front of you all, I am just a junior. If you call me CEO Tao, I will feel embarrassed. “

Zhan Bin examined Tao Mu and saw that Tao Mu really meant these words, so he changed his words. He actually didn’t mind whether he had to call him CEO Tao or Tao Mu. But Tao Mu, as a big boss, was willing to show his favor and offer an olive branch. If he didn’t take it, he would appear to be a little petty.

But this Tao Mu really had a high EQ. As expected, he was able to create his own business just in his freshman year, and even managed to drag down the behemoth that was the Sheng’an Group to the point where it was almost dying.

Zhan Bin sighed with emotion. However, at the reception banquet, Zhan Bin truly got a glimpse of Tao Mu’s social skills.

Counting Director Zhou Hong and Screenwriter Fan, as well as two other investor representatives, there were 16 people at their table in total. Originally, it was said to be a welcome reception for Tao Mu, the last investor to come over. But in the end, when they arrived at the wine table, Tao Mu poured a glass of wine and stood up as soon as everyone was seated, and while introducing himself, he drank the glass of white wine with a very humble posture.

Then he started toasting everyone starting from Director Zhou. When he toasted them, he could even recount the past experiences and all works of the opposite person. Causing the other party who was flattered in just a few words to be particularly happy. The most important thing was that Tao Mu’s flattering words were not the usual old things that everyone was used to hearing. When he praised you, he never mentioned your well-known masterpieces in the industry. He could always pull out a lesser-known work, and then seriously evaluate how your performance in it moved him. Just a few words was enough to cause the target of his attention to become elated. After a round of toasts, these people wanted nothing more than to recognize him as a close friend and confidante.

In addition, Tao Mu also had a special feature when toasting. He did not compete on wine drinking or persuade others to drink. His slogan was always “cheers, at your will”, and when facing actresses or actors who have diabetes or high blood pressure he would try to persuade them to not force themselves: “…..Teacher, please don’t find an excuse to drink. When your family finds out, they will come find and settle the account with me.”

“Don’t drink too much. Otherwise, Director Zhou will probably kill me when the filming starts tomorrow.”

After all of this, not only did everyone feel pleased and happy, but he also smoothly integrated into the crew.

However, compared with Tao Mu’s excellent social skills, the other two investors were much inferior, and even annoying.

Especially one of them who was a coal boss who invested 3 million yuan in the crew at the beginning, and insisted on stuffing his little mistress into the crew as a condition. And even insisted on the female lead at first. But with that appearance, and pretentious tone, who would want to see her in the leading role of an Anti-Japanese War drama! After being rejected by Zhou Hong at all costs, she was randomly given the role of a warlord’s concubine, which could also be considered as acting her own self.

But they didn’t expect the coal boss to casually become interested with the female No. 3 after just a meal. This female No. 3 was called Hu Ning, who also graduated from Beijing Film. Her looks were a little above average, but she had a particularly good aura, both gentle and sassy, appearing very ladylike at first glance. In fact, she was also a frequent guest of various Republic of China dramas and war of resistance dramas as well as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law soap operas. She often played the female No. 2 or No. 3 in the dramas. This time, in “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, she played a female student who returned from overseas, and was a rich young lady. In an accident, she was almost caught by a japanese ronin, only to be saved by the male No. 2 who was on a mission in Shanghai at the critical moment. As a result, she fell in love with the second male lead and later sacrificed herself to protect the second male lead.

When the coal boss accompanied his little mistress into the crew, he met the girl at the door of the hotel, and his eyes immediately stuck on her person. He waited impatiently all afternoon, and finally at the welcome reception. After drinking a few cups of wine, he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Miss Hu is so beautiful, why didn’t the crew invite you to be the female lead? I think you are good-looking and have a fine figure. You have a curvy chest and bottom that can’t even be covered with such a thick sweater. Aiya, such a good figure, it reminds me of a gourd. A gourd, you know?”

The coal boss also gestured and looked at Hu Ning lewdly: “Now that’s a graceful curve, and it feels very good under the hands. The polished gourd is very delicate and smooth. Ai, Miss Hu is also surnamed Hu, maybe you and this gourd are even from the same family five hundred years ago. Your body really look like that of a gourd demon spirit that has gained a human appearance.” (TN: hulu is Chinese for gourd, but the ‘hu’ character in the surname Hu and the word hulu are different, just sound the same)

As he spoke, the coal boss also thought he was quite humorous, and he laughed aloud.

As soon as these words came out, the originally lively and joyful welcome reception suddenly fell silent.

Hu Ning’s face flushed, suppressing her anger. But the coal boss was not finished, he asked Hu Ning with lewd eyes, “Miss Hu is so beautiful and your acting skills are so good, why didn’t the crew invite you to be the female lead?”

Hu Ning didn’t want to talk to the coal boss. But for the sake of the crew, it was not good to really ignore him either so she could only say reluctantly: “My acting skills are not enough, I still need experience, I can’t be the female lead.”

“Ai, it can’t be said like that. From my point of view, Miss Hu’s acting skills are very good. The key is that you have good conditions. Actresses rely on face and body figure. As long as they look good, they can be the female lead. The key here is whether Miss Hu is willing or not.” The coal boss revealed his true motive in just a few words.

The little mistress, who had been accompanying the coal boss the whole time, couldn’t hold back anymore. With a sneer: “These days, the good-looking ones are always popular.”

She gave Hu Ning a sideways glance, practically leaning most of her body on the coal boss: “Miss Hu’s surname is Hu, is it that all people with the surname Hu are so pretty, so attractive?”

Hu Ning’s pretty face turned red with anger. But she didn’t dare to be tough with investors. She could only hold back her anger and pretend she didn’t hear it.

The embarrassed and angry pretty face under the lamp light truly appeared more and more charming. The coal boss’s expression was even more unbearable to look at. He poured a glass of white wine and walked in front of Hu Ning, insisting on having a drink with her. Zhou Hong and several actors couldn’t stand it any longer, so they all came forward to stop him. Zhan Bin relied on his status in the industry that was considered a veteran in the circle, and offered to drink three cups for Hu Ning as she couldn’t drink alcohol.

Hu Ning could actually drink some wine, but only two or three bottles of beer, not hard liquor. When Tao Mu was toasting just now, he specially gave her a glass of juice. Tao Mu didn’t know if Hu Ning could drink wine, but he just thought that girls should try not to drink at the wine table, especially with the coal boss present, everyone could see his intentions. Tao Mu’s eyes were not blind, so he deliberately did not let Hu Ning drink wine, so as to avoid trouble later. He originally thought that as the largest investor in the crew, he had set the tone, and the other two investors would at least display some IQ. It was a pity that the coal boss was so blinded by greed that he didn’t hold any regard for Tao Mu at all.

Not only Tao Mu, the investor, but the coal boss also didn’t have any regard for the bunch of actors either. Holding the wine glass in one hand, and putting the other hand on Hu Ning’s shoulder, he tried to force Hu Ning to drink. Saying that if she didn’t drink it that meant she was looking down on him.

Just as the commotion was going on, three “slapping” sounds were heard. The coal boss turned around, covering his buttocks, and looked at Tao Mu with a confused expression: “CEO Tao, why did you slap my ass?”

“I just think Mr. Coal Boss’s butt is quite round, and it looks very much like the butt of a corgi.” Tao Mu raised his hands and gestured seriously: “A corgi, you know? That butt is quite round. Twisting left and right as it walks, and its legs are also very short. I think it looks very similar to you.”

The coal boss’s face turned green: “CEO Tao, what do you mean?”

“I don’t mean anything?” Tao Mu looked at the coal boss innocently, thought about it seriously, and suddenly realized: “Oh, I see. Corgis are so cute, you also think that I am insulting corgis by comparing them with you, right?”

As Tao Mu spoke, he also seriously recited a paragraph from “Insulted and Damaged”, and “If Life Deceived You”——this entire afternoon he had been practically brainwashed by Director Zhou.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu studied at a professional acting school. Ao when he recited lines it was with cadence and melody, and his words were very well-spoken. Moreover, he was handsome, which made the poems sound particularly good when recited.

However, the illiterate Mr. Coal Boss couldn’t appreciate such elegant and rich poems and classic writings at all. He was trembling with anger, and pointed at Tao Mu and scolded: “Who the f**k do you think you are? You also like this slut, don’t you? You want to help this slut? Okay, I want to see if you have this ability!”

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  3. Doesn’t you already go to the great lengths making a long comments venting on how you can’t stand this story and want to stop reading? Why are you still here then? Doesn’t stop reading is easier than insist on torture yourself and unnecessary spread bad vibe around to torture everyone else too?​ Are you okay? Why hurt yourself like this? I know with COVID-19, life have been hard. But don’t let the harsh world harden your heart. I believe deep down you didn’t proud to be like this. It is probably a lapse of your judgement. Take a deep breath, clean your room, drink water and go out for a walk. It will help you feel better. Good luck!


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