Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 153 Civil Code

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The opening of the public government schools did not attract anyone’s attention in the beginning. There have been examples of opening official schools in the past, but just not not on such a widespread level.

Many scholars watched this event with the mind of watching excitement.

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Zhou Rong also picked a few helpers, and Lin Yuan told him that if he needed anything, Lin Yuan would provide it.

So Zhou Rong chose more than ten scholars. These people were all talented with practical skills, but some of them had made it difficult for Zhou Rong before.

At this time, being selected by Zhou Rong, they unavoidably felt a little bit awkward. Those narrow-minded felt that Zhou Rong was picking this opportunity to slap them in the face and show off his generosity.

There were also those who were not narrow-minded and felt that Zhou Rong was broad-minded and did not hold grudges.

But when they found out that the students they were recruited to teach were the children of the common people, their opposition was unprecedented.

“Zhou Rong! What do you mean!”

“How can these lowly people be worthy of reading the books of sages?!”

“We disdain being in your company!”

“I shall resign myself, you do your best!”

Zhou Rong sneered and said, “If you want to go, then go.”

Sixteen people, ten left in an instant, and six were at a loss, not knowing what to do.

They finally got a job, and the adults in their families were counting on them to take this opportunity to be promoted as officials, and now if they leave, how could they explain it when they go back?

These six people stayed.

Zhou Rong said to the people left behind, “Continue.”

The six people continued to look over the books, they had to select the books that students of different ages should study, and each of them had to make a list.

Lin Yuan had already decided for them. There were three main courses and one elective course.

Classical arts, arithmetic, etiquette.

Music, chess, calligraphy and painting were electives, and students could choose which one to study.

Not only did they have to select the course books, but they also had to revise it themselves. More than ten people were not enough, not to mention that there were only six people left, even if Zhou Rong was added, there were only seven, so Zhou Rong must find more people.

Unfortunately, after the publicity brought by those ten people, none of the scholars were willing to be in the company of Zhou Rong.

Zhou Rong only now understood why His Majesty wanted to attack the aristocratic families.

The power of the aristocratic families was too great. They represent the scholars and learned people in the world. When they gather to oppose something, even the imperial power could only retreat and bow its heads.

Today, the empire had just become peaceful, and the aristocratic families had not yet recovered to the height of their power.

If they were not dealt with at this time, then they would be even more difficult to deal with when all the dust had settled in the future.

Zhou Rong pursed his lips, remembering that question he asked His Majesty, why he treated the aristocratic families this way, when he was drunk.

His Majesty told him that he could divide his power, but while he could divide and share it with others, others couldn’t take the initiative to take it from his hands, and whoever took it without permission, he would cut off whoever’s hand.

At this time, Lin Yuan was discussing taxation with Wu Changqing.

The people’s taxes had been reduced or exempted for five years. Lin Yuan was not worried that the people below would try to deceive him. At this time, his appeal was unprecedented, and no one dared to hide the matter of tax exemption from the common people behind his back.

And the courage of the common people was also raised by him.

Especially in Gaoyou, many Gaoyou people saved up some money and found that there were fewer job opportunities in Gaoyou, so they took the initiative to leave home and go to other big cities to find opportunities.

Many common people’s homes would worship a statue carved in Lin Yuan’s likeness.

Although Lin Yuan was still alive, this practice seemed a little unlucky, but Lin Yuan did not stop it.

Every place under Lin Yuan’s rule had people banging bells and drums to promote the news of tax exemption.

The slogan was also very simple——

“The emperor said that no land tax will be collected for five years!”

“The officials who collect taxes will have their heads beheaded!”

Of course, the land tax was not collected, and other taxes were still to be collected.

“Individual tax is to be collected, and commercial tax is to be collected.” Lin Yuan said to Wu Changqing, “The tax law needs to be changed.”

Wu Changqing: “This official will definitely supervise this.”

Lin Yuan smiled: “Remember, don’t rush, take it slowly, the people won’t be able to withstand big changes.”

Wu Changqing lowered his head, His Majesty was still the same, he was like the most gentle mother to the people, even using a little bit more force on them would make him feel distressed.

Only towards officials, he was the most strict and severe father.

The eunuch said outside the door, “Your Majesty, Prime Minister Song is here.”

Lin Yuan: “Call him in.”

Song Shizhao walked into the study and was about to salute when Lin Yuan said, “Mister, come here, you don’t need to salute.”

Song Shizhao walked over.

He didn’t dare to sit until Lin Yuan told him to sit down.

“I summoned you over to discuss with you.” Lin Yuan took a sip of tea, “I want to rewrite the civil law.”

Song Shizhao said quickly, “Your Majesty has foresight.”

Song Shizhao said again: “Your Majesty, in troubled times, we should use heavy code.”

Lin Yuan waved his hand.

The meaning of Song Shizhao’s heavy code was simple, that was, to make the punishment more severe and the cost of crime to increase. This also had an advantage, that was, it could eliminate the opposing forces or the forces that Lin Yuan disliked together, and strengthen the centralization of power.

But the problem was that this would definitely lead to a lot of wrongful convictions.

Lin Yuan: “This time we need to improve all aspects, there must be laws to follow, and the country must be governed by law, and you must listen clearly, it is a civil law code, not criminal law.”

Song Shizhao and Wu Changqing were both stunned.

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid…..” Song Shizhao sighed, “It’s difficult.”

Lin Yuan: “It is precisely because of the difficulty that I entrust this matter in your hands.”

New laws were enacted, and only if there were laws to follow in governing the country could the development of the country be guaranteed.

At that time, France relied on Napoleon’s “Civil Code” to consolidate the revolutionary achievements of the French Revolution, which also prompted France to repeatedly sweep away the remaining feudal forces, and finally became a powerful capitalist country.

Lin Yuan was not going to take the capitalist road, mainly because of the limitation of social development, but he could lay the foundation for ruling the country according to law.

He did not plan to go too far beyond the current times.

The Civil Code, as its name suggested, managed people’s livelihood, not criminal law.

Now there were very few legal documents on the people’s livelihood.

Whether it was marriage law or labor law, there were almost no clear regulations.

Most of them relied on existing folk customs to govern. Every place had different folk customs and so officials had different governance methods.

For example, in some places, adultery was a serious sin, but it did not lead to death.

But in some places, adultery was a capital crime, and both men and women were lynched.

And many of them were lynched by the patriarchs of the clan, and they didn’t even need to report to the government. When the time came, all they had to do was report the reason for the death as illness, and that was it.

The common people were not valued.

There were laws for crimes, but there was absolutely no law to follow regarding tge people’s livelihood.

Song Shizhao touched his goatee: “I’m afraid it will be difficult to repair it in three or five years.”

Lin Yuan half-smiled: “Scholars from all over the world are available for you to use. Within a year, I want to see the first edition.”

Song Shizhao: “This official follows the order.”

Wu Changqing also hurriedly said: “This official follows the order.”

Lin Yuan said: “Mister, you will be the editor-in-chief, and Wu qing will be your deputy. You two should work together. If you are unsure about something, come and ask me, alright?”

Song Shizhao showed a smile, and the wrinkles on his face folded together.


Soon, Wu Changqing came to ask Lin Yuan for advice.

“Prime Minister Song said to abolish the concubine system.” Wu Changqing did not understand, “If it is abolished, can they not take mistresses?”

Lin Yuan: “No.”

Wu Changqing breathed a sigh: “Then there is no point even if it’s scrapped.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “There can be no concubines in the law. It’s their business if they want to keep a woman outside. If officials are caught keeping a mistress in private, they will be dismissed from their position. The common people don’t matter.”

Wu Changqing understood, this was to manage the officials again.

It was really unfortunate to be an official.

Lin Yuan: “If they can hide from everyone’s eyes, then that’s a skill.”

The purpose of this law was to no longer protect the rights and interests of concubines, that was to say, they would not get any status except money and would not be recognized by society. Although their children still retained the right of inheritance, these women could not change their status and class.

With social stability and economic recovery, this law could effevt many women to no longer choose to be concubines.

And officials couldn’t take concubines, and if they took concubines in private, they would be dismissed.

Merchants were not eligible to take concubines.

But complete eradication of this practice was impossible. There was no such thing as a concubine in modern times, but there were many mistresses and lovers.

As long as men have money and women want money, this couldn’t be fully stopped.

But the law would not protect them.

Wu Changqing asked again: “Mister said that wives cannot be abandoned, only divorced.”

Lin Yuan slapped his thigh and said with a smile, “Song Shizhao is indeed the one who understands me!”

Wu Changqing: “…..”

Lin Yuan turned to look at him: “What’s unclear?”

Wu Changqing whispered, “But what if a woman has no virtue, and yet refuses to divorce?”

Lin Yuan thought for a while: “You can bring the lawsuit to the local government, investigate the truth of the matter, and if there is evidence, divorce can be sentenced. Similarly, a woman can also sue the husband.”

Wu Changqing’s eyes widened: “This, this…..Also, Prime Minister Song also said that after a man and a woman get married, if they get divorced, the property earned by the husband and wife during the existence of the relationship will be divided in half…..”

Lin Yuan laughed loudly: “Mister Song, he is practically like a roundworm in my stomach.”

Wu Changqing was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Lin Yuan to support Song Shizhao.

“This, how can this be?” Wu Changqing said anxiously, “Since ancient times, men have always been busy on the outside, and women have only served at home, and it is already the best case to send back the dowry after divorce, but now it is actually half of the family wealth?”

Lin Yuan thought for a while: “Then add the dowry and divide everything into half.”

Wu Changqing stood like a block of wood.

Lin Yuan gave an example: “Imagine if your daughter gets married and was rejected by her husband’s family and divorced her, her reputation has become bad, and she can’t get married again. You can take her back home to live, but what happens after you die?”

Wu Changqing: “My son would support his sister.”

Lin Yuan: “What about your daughter-in-law? It’s reasonable for children to support their parents. Where can there be a saying that an older brother supports his little sister or a younger brother supports his older sister?”

Wu Changqing thought of his daughter and admitted that what Lin Yuan said made sense.

Lin Yuan also said: “Nowadays, there are more and more families recruiting son-in-laws and if this son-in-law and his wife were divorced, they can also share half of the marital property.”

Wu Changqing: “But there are less than 10% of recruited son-in-laws…..”

Lin Yuan sighed and said, “Then you should encourage more of them to become recruited son-in-laws.”

Wu Changqing: “Your Majesty, we need to think twice about this!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lin Yuan nodded: “That’s why I told you to take it slow, then let’s not talk about property first, abolish the legality of abandoning the wife first.”

“Only divorce is allowed, not wife abandonment.”

Wu Changqing breathed a sigh of relief and cupped his hands: “Your Majesty is wise.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard Lin Yuan say: “As for property, let’s talk about that again in five years.”

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