After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 111 Oppress People By Force

Tao Mu sat on the seat with one leg crossed over the other knee, his hands laying casually on top of them, as he looked up at the coal boss who was passionately venting alone, but his aura was not weak at all.

“Why is Mr. Huang so excited?” Tao Mu asked, then picked up a pack of disinfectant wipes from the table and wiped his hands carefully. Originally a very ordinary action, but when Tao Mu did it, it somehow caused others to suddenly feel a chill run down their spine.

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“I heard Mr. Huang talking and chatting just now, and thought you liked this kind of communication.” Tao Mu smiled and looked at the coal boss, throwing the disinfectant wipes on the table: “Can’t you see that I’m totally adhering to your preference?”

“Don’t f**king pretend to be stupid with me.” Boss Huang sneered: “Mr. Tao is young and energetic, and has some methods. I know you have messed up the Sheng’an Group before. But don’t think I’m easy to mess with. If you want to be a hero to save the beauty, you will have to see if I agree.”

Don’t think that those who run coal kilns were as weak spined as those who run restaurants. If you want to step on his head to establish prestige and do a favor, then you are making a mistake. Boss Huang felt that his mood was spoiled, and now he didn’t even care about his face or little mistress, he forcefully sat down next to Hu Ning, regardless of the girl’s struggle, stretched his arms around Hu Ning’s shoulders, and said directly: “Today I put my words down here. If you want me to continue investing, Miss Hu has to apologize to me in person. Otherwise, I will withdraw the investment. But I will say the ugly words first, if I withdraw the investment, don’t think your crew will be able to continue filming peacefully. “

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of everyone in the private room changed. Hu Ning was so frightened that her face turned pale, and she was about to cry.

Zhou Hong also deeply regretted it. If he had known this would happen earlier, he shouldn’t have had this meal. No, he shouldn’t have begged this demon to invest. Now it was easy to invite the demon but difficult to send off the demon——he had been filming for so many years, but he had never seen someone so lecherous to the point he completely did not want any face at all.

“Mr. Huang has misunderstood.” At this juncture where everyone’s face was turning blue, Tao Mu was still smiling and polite. Just when everyone thought that Tao Mu would also say a few polite words to persuade the other, Tao Mu changed his tone and said slowly: “I really didn’t compare you to Yao Shengan. As far as you are concerned, you are at most at his grandson’s level.”

Relying on the fact that he had some stinky money, this local rich man who acted recklessly regardless of the consequences, had the same level of brain damage as Yao Wenxiao. It was estimated that their behavior and methods were also similar.

“You——” Boss Huang flushed red down to his thick neck at Tao Mu’s words, his turbid eyes glaring fiercely at Tao Mu, and he gritted his teeth: “Young man, don’t be too arrogant. You are young and ignorant so I’ll give you another chance. As long as you are willing to kneel in front of me and admit your mistakes, I will let you off.”

Everyone’s expressions changed again. One must know that most of the people who run coal kilns at home were vicious and immoral, and their hands were not very clean. Especially like Boss Huang, it could be seen from his speech and behavior that he was usually not one for scruples at all, which showed how arrogant and audacious his actions were. They were really afraid that the coal boss would do something unfavorable to Tao Mu if he continued to offend the other.

“Tao Mu——” Zhou Hong looked at Tao Mu worriedly, hesitant to speak. He was the one who brought him over, and he must be responsible for this child.

Zhan Bin and several other veteran actors were also a little uncomfortable. They all opened their mouths to try to ease the atmosphere, the second male lead who had not spoken much, deliberately mentioned Tao Mu’s cooperation with Longteng Entertainment in front of Boss Huang, hoping that the coal boss would have some scruples.

“Doesn’t Mr. Huang’s family run a coal kiln? Why do you suddenly change to running a horse farm?” Compared with the nervousness of the group of people, Tao Mu himself was very calm. He really didn’t take the threat of the coal boss in front of him seriously.

It was not like he hadn’t seen a real coal boss——Wang Ye’s father was one. In Tao Mu’s previous life, that fellow was someone who could take out hundreds of millions of yuan to support female stars to popularity. Compared with Wang Ye’s father, the dude in front of him who just opened a small coal kiln in his hometown, and only invested a mere 3 million yuan in the crew and yet wanted to force an actress to sleep with him, was really too lame to look at.

“Mr. Huang wants to withdraw your capital, right? Alright then, I happen to know a coal boss who is also very interested in investing in the entertainment industry recently. I’ll give him a call for you to see if he is willing to take your place.” Tao Mu said, took out his phone, and really called Wang Ye’s father. And also directly pressed the speaker button.

Because of Tao Mu’s investment in Xiaoheng Capital, Wang Ye’s father, who originally relied on Tao Mu to help him invest in stocks, also naturally got acquainted with Li Xiaoheng. In less than half a year, his own assets have doubled at least a dozen times because of shorting oil. It made Wang Ye’s father so happy that he couldn’t stop smiling. Now receiving a call from Tao Mu, he was especially warm and enthusiastic, acting more sticky than Tao Mu’s own father.

“It’s Xiao Mu? How’s it going? I’ve heard everything on the Internet. If you need your uncle’s help, just say it directly. Don’t be polite. In uncle’s heart, you and our Xiao Ye are the same. Uncle will never let you be wronged outside. By the way, I heard from our Xiao Ye that you went to H Town to shoot a TV series during the New Year holidays, right? I heard that you even invested in it yourself. Aiya, didn’t I just say, you kiddo had not been ordinary since you were a child. Investing at such a young age, and being your own boss as soon as entering college. Now even investing in TV dramas, truly, the money is not enough for you to make…..”

Tao Mu patiently listened to Wang Ye’s father’s ramble, and finally had the opportunity to interject: “Uncle is also interested in investing in movies and TV series?”

“Ah, a little bit.” Wang Ye’s father followed Tao Mu’s words and continued: “The main reason is that those in our industry, everyone is following the trend of investing in the entertainment industry. If I don’t follow, I seem to be outdated. I can’t even get a word in at dinner parties.”

Everyone else at the dinner parties boasted that they had kept a little actress, or they were fortunate enough to have a night with a popular female star, and only he brought his pretty secretary to the dinner party. The apparent level was already different. In the last two industry meetings, he had been ridiculed for being old-fashioned.

“Then there is a chance now.” Tao Mu looked at Mr. Huang whose face had been shifting from blue to red and back again ever as if he was playing a face-changing game since he heard uncle Wang’s name and smiled slightly: “We have an investor in our crew, and he is also a coal boss, invested 3 million before, but now he doesn’t want to, and wants to withdraw. Do you think you have interest in taking over?”

“Also a coal boss?” Wang Ye’s father was taken aback when he heard the words: “Who is it?”

Tao Mu took the time to report Boss Huang’s honorable name. It was a pity, Boss Huang considered himself a local emperor, but in front of Wang Ye’s father, the real local emperor, he had no name at all.

“I’ve never heard of him.” Wang Ye’s father frowned: “Which province is he from? Did he go through any formal procedures? He wouldn’t be a nobody who bought a small rundown kiln from somewhere?” The procedures in the coal industry were particularly difficult to handle, so many people opened kilns secretly, and even the machines for kiln operation were borrowed from big companies.

Wang Ye’s father guessed that Boss Huang was probably such a person. Otherwise, why would he just pinch out a measly three million yuan when investing in the crew.

But no matter who it was, the fact he dared to provoke their god of wealth: “…..What’s the matter, he provoked you?”

“Yeah.” Tao Mu replied playfully, and smiled: “This Boss Huang thinks I have offended his dignity, and was making a fuss for me to kowtow to him to make amends.”

“No! It’s just a joke.” Boss Huang glanced at Tao Mu, took over the words aloud, and explained loudly, “Mr. Wang, please don’t misunderstand. I’m just joking with this CEO Tao…..Yes, yes, just kidding. I didn’t know he was actually the junior of your family.”

Boss Huang admitted that he was ruthless and immoral. But in this world, there would never be a lack of ruthless people who were more ruthless than him. Boss Huang could make a fortune on his acre of land, but if he encountered a more ruthless fellow, even a dragon would still have to coil up, and a tiger would still have to lie down. Therefore, if it was not necessary, Boss Huang did not want to offend a senior of the industry like Wang Ye’s father.

“What junior?” Wang Ye’s father also guessed why Tao Mu called him at this time, and immediately flattered: “This is not just our junior. He is also our god of wealth. Who the hell are you? What turtle pond are you from, daring to come out here and act like the dragon king?”

Wang Ye’s father was a pure coal boss, and his net worth was definitely inversely proportional to his education. The words were so simple and crude, that the corners of the mouths of everyone sitting here couldn’t help but twitch and almost didn’t laugh out loud.

Boss Huang was scolded terribly, but he dared not speak out. Don’t look at his arrogant remarks to Tao Mu just now, that was because he didn’t know what Tao Mu’s background was. He thought that Tao Mu was just a lucky young boss, but there was no backer. But if he really encountered Wang Ye’s father, who was more senior, ruthless, and vicious, Boss Huang would bend his spine faster than anyone else.

Of course, in Boss Huang’s view, he was just being flexible. A leader can submit or can stand tall as required, nor did he fear suffering the immediate loss: “It’s truly a misunderstanding. If I knew that Mr. Tao knew you, I would never joke with him like this.”

Having said that, in front of so many people, Boss Huang’s face was severely slapped by Tao Mu. He would remember this hatred and take his revenge.

“I don’t care who you are, you had better act smarter for me.” Wang Ye’s father said a few words on the phone, and then deliberately told Tao Mu: “…..Send me this person’s information. I will have someone take a look, just what kind of bigshot dared to make you kowtow to him!”

“It’s all a joke at the wine table, Boss Wang does not need to take it seriously.” Boss Huang stood up with a very ugly face, and looked at Tao Mu sinisterly: “CEO Tao has very good capabilities. I admit defeat today. I’m sure we will meet again some day.”

Tao Mu smiled slightly: “Leave well.”

Boss Huang walked away with a dark face. His little mistress looked around with an embarrassed look and then twisted her hips and followed out with her bag.

Only then did Director Zhou and the others breathe a sigh of relief. Hu Ning was so frightened that her eyes had turned red, crying and thanking Tao Mu.

Tao Mu comforted her simply and then went out with his phone. Wang Ye’s father was still on the other line.

Wang Ye’s father was really interested in investing in the crew. He also believed in Tao Mu’s vision. Just as he was about to agree, he suddenly thought back to a few days ago, he used an excuse to go to the Li family’s house to pay New Year’s greetings, and Li Xiaoheng asked him about Tao Mu. Wang Ye’s father’s heart jumped, and he said, “Xiao Mu, you also know it. Uncle has put most of my money on Xiaoheng Capital, and now you are shorting the international market. Uncle won’t be able to get the money for a while. How about we wait for the next opportunity before talking about investing in crews.”

“That’s right, why don’t you contact CEO Li? Aren’t you two partners? I went to their house to pay New Year’s greetings a few days ago, and CEO Li asked me about you. He asked about your high school days. CEO Li seems to care about you very much. If you mention this investment in the crew to him, he will definitely agree.”

Tao Mu frowned and after hanging up the call he remained standing in the corridor. He hesitated for a while before dialing Li Xiaoheng’s number.

As soon as it rang, it was connected.

Tao Mu was caught off guard, and was slightly taken aback when he heard the voice on the other end of the phone.

“Why suddenly call me at this time?” Even on the eighth day of the new year holidays, Li Xiaoheng was still sitting in the study, reading documents. But the only difference from usual was that his computer and mobile phone screensavers were set to be Tao Mu’s photos.

“At this time, you should be in H Town? How is the new crew?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Hearing Li Xiaoheng’s tone and how he was trying hard to find a topic to talk about, Tao Mu sighed slightly and asked, “I just wanted to ask if you are interested in investing in TV dramas?”

“Is it the TV drama you invested in? What’s wrong? I’m interested.” Then, Li Xiaoheng suddenly realized something and immediately said, “I’m interested in investing. So now, I really want to go and inspect the film set myself. Can I?”

I want to go to H Town to see you, can I?

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