After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 112 Visiting The Film Set

The news that on the day of the welcome reception, Tao Mu kicked out the investor in order to protect an actress from the crew quickly spread throughout the crew. Many staff members had a good impression of Tao Mu, this investor boss, and they secretly gossiped about whether Tao Mu was really as that weasel-like surnamed Huang said, that he saved Hu Ning because he liked her.

However, the Beijing Film students who knew Tao Mu well did not misunderstand. In their eyes, Tao Mu was such a person who was brave, had superior capability and protected those under his wings. So long as one was by Tao Mu’s side, it made people feel particularly secure.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Many students were secretly waiting. After Tao Mu opened his celebrity studio, if he recruited other artists, they would directly sign with Tao Mu’s studio. At that time, not only would there be films to act in, money to make and resources for promoting publicity, but they also did not have to worry about some unspoken rules in the circle.

They believed that with Tao Mu’s temperament, he would never get involved with those filthy things.

As for whether they could get a good script and a good role after signing with Tao Mu’s studio, some classmates were not worried——Tao Mu was just a freshman, yet he could spend 9 million yuan to invest in “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”. He also recommended so many character roles to everyone, and the discerning classmates could see that Tao Mu would definitely take the road of “self-reliance” in the future. He could cast TV dramas and movies with himself as the protagonist, but a movie or TV series could not always have only the protagonist alone. If they sign with Tao Mu’s studio, at least there was a guarantee that the general supporting roles could be obtained.

Thinking about it this way, these classmates became more active when facing Tao Mu. And also led by the three roommates, they began to suggest the usage of to the entire cast——especially to the older senior actors.

Like Zhan Bin, a veteran actor in his 40s, who usually took care of flowers, dogs, and his children when not filming on set. He really knew nothing about the entertainment methods of young people. Even the mobile phones they use were old-fashioned machines, and they didn’t even buy a computer at home, let alone sign up for

“What’s the benefit of registering to this thing?”

Zhan Bin took Wen Bao’s mobile phone and browsed’s web page with interest under the guidance of the children. Aiya, it must be said that this website looks quite fancy and rich in content. There was everything from entertainment, gossip, social hotspots and international news, and there were many old movies and TV series on the website called BulletScreen as well. The old stuff that was taken off the shelves after just one round of TV broadcasts, were actually now resources on this website which let you watch it online instead.

Wen Bao winked at Zhan Bin, glanced around furtively, lowered his voice and said, “With more than 100 million registered users, you can watch Tao Mu dance in women’s clothes.”

“What?” Zhan Bin was shocked. What was this operation?

Wen Bao repeated Tao Mu’s bet with netizens in front of Teacher Zhan: “…..Now there are more than 99.7 million registered users.”

Zhan Bin was instantly amused. After yesterday’s welcome reception, he had a particularly good impression of this young man Tao Mu. He was also happy to join in the fun: “Alright. I’ll ask someone to buy a computer for me later, and you can also register an account for me!”

Wen Bao immediately answered: “I can register an account for you now. Teacher Zhan, tell me your mobile phone number!”

At the same time, the same thing was happening in every corner of the crew. Using their mobile phones to register on FlyNews, and then use FlyNews to log in directly to BulletScreen to browse various movies and TV series. The older generation of actors were not interested in’s entertainment model. Usually after work they would just go back to the hotel to rest. When they were bored, they would watch some old movies and TV series to pass the time.

Just when Tao Mu’s classmates were crazily hinting the whole crew to register on FlyNews, Li Xiaoheng finally arrived.

Last night, Tao Mu personally agreed to Li Xiaoheng’s request to fly to H Town for a field inspection. A certain someone originally wanted to fly over overnight, but Li Xiaoheng thought about it, considering that Tao Mu had just joined the group “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, he needed to get along with the director and other actors as well as a good rest. If he rushed over that night, Tao Mu would definitely not rest well in order to entertain him.

Thinking of this, Li Xiaoheng had no choice but to hold back his impatience and wait patiently until the next morning to take the early flight.

When he arrived at the crew, it was almost noon. Li Xiaoheng, who came to visit the set, treated everyone to lunch. He called Tao Mu in advance and let the crew know to not order the box lunches, and then had his assistant call the store to order takeout.

After arriving on the crew, Li Xiaoheng, the friend of the investor who came to visit the set, was immediately warmly welcomed by the crew members.

“Your visit this time saved our crew a meal’s worth of money.” Tao Mu picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork with pineapple using chopsticks. It was sweet and sour, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and was very delicious.

Li Xiaoheng smiled slightly, and while peeling shrimp for Tao Mu, he said, “If you agree, don’t mention a meal, I am willing to pay for your lifetime of meals.”

Tao Mu’s chopsticks paused lightly, and then picked up a piece of lotus root: “After dinner, I’ll introduce you to Director Zhou and the other members of the production team. You can take a look at the script as well——”

“No need. Just tell me how much I need to invest.” Li Xiaoheng smiled warmly and placed the peeled shrimps into Tao Mu’s bowl.

“Since you trust me so much, why do you still want to come over for a field inspection?” Tao Mu frowned, disliking Li Xiaoheng’s way of mixing business affairs with private affairs.

“It’s because I trust in your vision. Besides, I’m a person who works in finance, and I don’t know much about filming TV dramas. Since I’m not professional, of course I have to trust the advice of professionals.” Li Xiaoheng smiled at Tao Mu: “At least I trust myself, you won’t hurt me.”

Tao Mu felt that he was about to be wrapped in a sponge. It was a helpless kind of feeling like he was unable to punch his fist out and was about to suffocate.

“Mr. Li,” Tao Mu frowned fiercely, “Can you please stop this during working hours?”

“I thought lunch is a time where one can communicate about private affairs.” A trace of loneliness flashed on Li Xiaoheng’s face, staring at Tao Mu with a tender gaze as he apologized warmly: “If it makes you feel uncomfortable, I apologize.”

Li Xiaoheng changed the subject, and before Tao Mu could speak, he added: “Actually, last night, I also asked people about Zhou Hong. This director has a good reputation in the industry, and the several leading actors are veteran actors who often participate in Anti-Japanese War dramas. Although this drama is not seen as very optimistic by the industry because of the script and character design. But I think that with such a reliable crew and male protagonist, at least the basic ratings can be maintained.”

“And I really believe in your investment vision. If you really like this TV series, I don’t believe this TV series will lose money.”

This was the important reason why Li Xiaoheng finally agreed to invest in this TV series——although he was very rich, they were superstitious in the investment industry. Never deliberately make a loss-making investment at any time in case it breaks the feng shui.

This was more reliable. Tao Mu glanced at Li Xiaoheng, and he knew that his partner was definitely not the kind of airhead blinded by love in idol dramas.

“Since you have already inspected the TV series in the early stages, the rest will be easier to handle.” Tao Mu said directly: “The investor invested a total of 3 million before. Now the crew also has a shortfall of 3 million yuan. But I personally suggest that if you have confidence in this drama, you can add another 2 million yuan. It will definitely not be a waste of money.”

When the crew was ready to broadcast in the later stage, Tao Mu could also include Xiaoheng Capital when promoting the TV series. He was committed to building Xiaoheng Capital into an internet celebrity in the venture capital field. It was best to make it so that all companies that need financing think of Xiaoheng Capital at the first time. Therefore, a high national and positive image was necessary.

And investing in this TV drama that would soon become a classic milestone of the Anti-Japanese War drama, and tying the coporate image with the TV drama to a certain extent, was the best marketing method.

Just like in later years, many audiences would have a good impression of an actor because of a character role. No matter how disappointing the actor was, everyone could maintain a large degree of tolerance towards the actor based on the affection they had for that classic character. What was more, with Li Xiaoheng’s shrewdness and personality, Tao Mu believed that Xiaoheng Capital would not do anything disappointing. So long as the corporate image was established, other aspects were easy to handle.

No one could understand the truth more profoundly than Tao Mu about “good reputation equating money”.

Tao Mu’s business attitude made Li Xiaoheng unable to talk about private affairs at all. So a certain someone also gave up the path of enhancing feelings with small talk, and began to discuss work seriously.

In fact, there was not much to talk about regarding the investment of the crew. Li Xiaoheng made up his mind to invest 5 million yuan. Of course, his lawyers and negotiators would talk to Zhou Hong about the remaining specific matters. The negotiating team hired by Xiaoheng Capital was the world’s top negotiating experts who have experienced major international affairs, and their ruthlessness was only greater than that of the weak and helpless Lawyer Zhou.

So Zhou Hong once again felt the charm and lethality of capitalists waving banknotes. After signing another contract, Zhou Hong slumped on the sofa weakly, as if his body had been hollowed out.

In the name of inspecting the crew, Li Xiaoheng stayed in H Town for another three days. On the afternoon of the second day, Long Tianao from Summer Star Entertainment and Luo Xi from Longteng Entertainment flew over to visit Tao Mu. It was worth mentioning that the other investor in “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” was Longteng Entertainment.

Because Zhou Hong was invited by Longteng Entertainment before to make several TV series. So it could be said that everyone had some kind of acquaintance with each other. So this time when Zhou Hong insisted on filming “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, and although Longteng Entertainment was not optimistic about this drama. But due to Director Zhou’s face, they also invested 2 million yuan. And stuffed an actor signed to the company into the crew to play the second male lead.

But this time Luo Xi did not come to visit the set for her company’s artist. Instead, she wanted to discuss with Tao Mu’s about joining hands again to host a selection competition.

Speaking of which, held the “National School Beauty and Hunk Selection Contest” before, which ultimately benefited not only, but also the two partners, Longteng Entertainment and Summer Star Entertainment.

The shareholders and senior managers of the two companies had originally questioned Long Tianao and Luo Xi’s use of the company’s resources to help which was not in the company’s interests. Especially during the time when Tao Mu was slandered by his adoptive parents, everyone was accusing Long Tianao and Luo Xi’s decision of damaging the company’s image.

For a while, there was boiling anger and accusations, and Long Tianao and Luo Xi were terribly scolded as spendthrifts. But once held an advertising bidding meeting and a bid price of 80 million yuan came out, everyone fell silent.

Because according to this standard, Summer Star Entertainment and Longteng Entertainment, who acted as the brand sponsors in the talent show “National School Beauty and Hunk Selection Contest”, made the most profit. Compared with 80 million yuan, who cares about being scolded? Not to mention the fact that the adoptive parents were soon proven to have made false accusations. Now everything was all good and happy. When the talent competition ended, the slightly popular contestants were all drawn into their own bowls by the two companies. Compared with the title brand fee worth 80 million, these contestants were sustainable and affordable human resources.

This time, the shareholders and executives of the two companies were even happier. They began to turn around and flatter Long Tianao and Luo Xi for their wise decision-making.

Long Tianao had a playful temperament, and he was too lazy to pay attention to that group of soft bones from the company. Anyway, the biggest shareholder of Summer Star Entertainment was their Long family. He, Long Tianao, did not go back on his words. If others were not convinced, they could either go to his uncle to protest or keep it suffocated. Just let them suffocate to death.

In contrast, Luo Xi’s mood was much more complicated. The reason why she was willing to help Tao Mu in the first place was simply to win over Tao Mu and return his favor. But in the end, the favor was not only not paid back, but instead, she owed the other more and more. Luo Xi and Long Tianao naturally had different thinking and were in different situations. Long Tianao was purely doing a favor for his friend, it didn’t matter if he suffered losses or not, he just wanted to have a good time. But Luo Xi and Tao Mu were business partners. Since their identities were business partners, it must be a win-win situation. If it was only a unilateral benefit, this cooperation model would definitely not last long.

What was more, Summer Star Entertainment and Longteng Entertainment have tasted the sweetness of hosting talent shows, so how could they stop. So, just in time for the tenth day of the new year, the two companies sent Long Tianao and Luo Xi to visit the film set in H Town in the name of New Year’s greetings, and on the way, meet and discuss with Tao Mu about continuing to collaborate on a talent show called “National God and Goddess”.

——Actually, this was a result of the time when school beauties and school hunks were being selected. Because a large number of people already out working in society followed suit, Tao Mu had divide several lists out at that time. One was the school beauty and school hunk, and the other was the god and goddess. Now that the selection of national school beauties and hunks was over, everyone would naturally pay attention to the gods and goddesses.

And in view of the difference in the number of participants and the target audience, the selection of the gods and goddesses was actually more popular than the school beauty school hunk, the scope was larger, and the influence was higher. Therefore, Summer Star Entertainment and Longteng Entertainment also wanted to gather the top 16 contestants in the country to shoot an idol drama after the selection competition of “National God and Goddess” and directly have all contestants make their debut.

Of course, these plans must have the full cooperation of Tao Mu and his Although a certain social platform had also actively contacted other entertainment companies about cooperation after seeing the popularity of the talent show. However, the shareholders and executives of Summer Star Entertainment and Longteng Entertainment agreed that, compared with a certain platform, Tao Mu, who automatically carried headlines and hot topics as well as often raised storms and bloodshed in the entertainment circle, and his were more reliable.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So Long Tianao and Luo Xi flew to H Town to visit the film set under such circumstances, carrying everyone’s expectations.

And at this moment, Li Xiaoheng, who was also visiting the set and crew, didn’t know it yet. The cooperation of the three companies was about to change the business direction of Xiaoheng Capital in the next ten years.

AN: Small Skit——

Tao Mu: A certain someone is too annoying, so let’s find him a career that he can run for a lifetime, and make him too busy to care about me ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

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  1. Tao Mu, who automatically carried headlines and hot topics as well as often raised storms and bloodshed in the entertainment circle, and his were more reliable.

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