After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 113 Accident

When Long Tianao and Luo Xi arrived on the set of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, Tao Mu was filming a scene with Zhang Mengcheng, who played the second male lead. The main plot of the scene was about how Su Dingbang, played by Tao Mu, was on his way to a cocktail party when he came across the second male who was being pursued by the Japanese. Although he didn’t know the true identity of the second male lead, Su Dingbang intuitively believed that this fellow Chinese person who was being hunted down by the Japanese must be a good person. So he tried every means to rescue the second male.

It was quite a simple scene, but for some reason Zhang Mengcheng, who played the second male lead, didn’t seem to be in a good form. He NG-ed a line over and over more than ten times, which caused everyone to become a little impatient.

The director had no choice but to let everyone rest first.

Gou Rixin, who had been watching the filming, immediately picked up a thick military coat and put it on Tao Mu. Li Xiaoheng handed a thermos cup with chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea to Tao Mu and asked, “Are you cold?”

Tao Mu sniffed and said: “I’m fine.” As an idol, even if he didn’t wear cotton leggings in winter, he didn’t need to shiver himself to keep warm. Besides, he was wearing a military coat.

Having said that, Tao Mu still quickly strode to the side of his lounge chair. Gou Rixin moved the electric heater to Tao Mu and plugged it in. Tao Mu immediately stretched out his hands to warm them. The long legs that were not wearing cotton leggings also subtly stretched out.

Gou Rixin took out a bag of buns from the side, put it on the electric heater, and asked Tao Mu, “What kind of stuffing do you like to eat?”

Tao Mu: “Just heat me two milk buns filled with bean paste.”

Wen Bao, Du Kang and Chu Sui’an came over with grins, rubbed their hands together and asked, “Brother Gou, what kind of stuffed buns did you buy?”

Chu Sui’an asked, “Is there any stuffing with shiitake mushrooms?”

“Yes!” When Gou Rixin bought steamed buns, he took everyone’s taste into consideration and bought several kinds of stuffing. For example, Tao Mu’s favorite bean paste and custard buns, Wen Bao and Du Kang’s favorite beef stuffed buns, and Chu Sui’an’s favorite vegetarian stuffed buns. Putting it on the electric heater for heating, and eating buns while roasting them, it was very comfortable indeed.

Long Tianao and Luo Xi arrived at this time. As soon as the two entered the crew, they saw from a distance the fashionable student Tao Mu wearing a military coat and squatting in front of the electric heater. While reading the script and memorizing the lines, he ate buns and occasionally drank two sips from a thermos cup of water. This scene was simply just blinding to the eyes.

The unsophisticated Long Tianao and Miss Luo were immediately shocked.

“Tao Mu?” The two didn’t dare to confirm that this guy, who was wearing a military coat and squatting eating steamed buns, was indeed the heavily burdened with idol baggage business partner they remembered.

“How did you become like this?” Long Tianao took off his sunglasses in disbelief: “Where’s your idol baggage? Are you still the Tao Mu I know?”

“Piss off!” Tao Mu glared at Long Tianao in annoyance: “What are you doing here instead of being at home for the New Year in this cold winter weather?”

“Come and visit the set for you!” Long Tianao circled around Tao Mu, tsk-tsking in admiration: “Thanks to me for coming here. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to see this rare scenery!”

“You are a rare scenery!” Tao Mu sat back in the chair with his idol baggage back on: “Tell me, why are you here?”

Miss Luo smiled slightly, and glanced subtly at the eldest son of the Li family who was standing beside Tao Mu, who was holding water and carrying a bag, and said with a warm smile: “We just want to come see you. And on the way discuss the matter of continuing cooperation.”

The crew was full of people and many eyes, and Luo Xi did not plan to say too much. Obviously, Tao Mu had no intention to discuss the company’s future plans on the film set either. What was more, the filming atmosphere was tense, and everyone didn’t forget to memorize lines even when eating buns. In this environment, it was not suitable for small talk.

Although Tao Mu was an investor who brought in capital to the crew, and he only played a minor supporting role that lasted less than three episodes, his work attitude was as serious as that of the male lead. He had already memorized the script before he even joined the crew. When practicing the scene before filming, he could not only memorize his own lines, but even know the opponent’s lines like the back of his hand. When acting against Teacher Zhan, who played the leading role, he got a lot of compliments from Zhan Bin.

It must be said, with the tone set by Tao Mu, the professional atmosphere of the whole crew was very strong now. Needless to say, the veteran actors headed by Mr. Zhan, even the students from Beijing Film, have followed the same way, practicing their lines every day when they had nothing to do. So that NGs would only be kept down to two or three times. Zhang Mengcheng had NG-ed a scene more than ten times. It might not be a big deal if it was put in another crew, but in today’s “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” crew, he didn’t need anyone to say anything, he himself felt embarrassed.

Especially as the big boss came to visit the set at this juncture. This time Zhang Mengcheng not only flushed in embarrassment, but his heart also began to panic. Originally, he wanted to come over and practice the scene with Tao Mu, but now, holding the script, he stood hesitantly three meters away.

In the end, Tao Mu had sharp eyes and called him over.

Zhang Mengcheng greeted his big boss very carefully. Seeing this, Tao Mu simply shooed Long Tianao and Luo Xi away, and had them both hang out elsewhere.

Zhang Mengcheng breathed a sigh of relief and sat next to Tao Mu. In the past few days, because Tao Mu had always been very professional, Zhang Mengcheng almost forgot Tao Mu’s other status as a boss. Now that he saw his company’s big boss, he remembered that Tao Mu was the one who kicked another investor out of the crew just because of a disagreement. Thinking about it this way, the fact that he dared to NG more than a dozen times while acting with a domineering CEO, causing Tao Mu to be unable to finish work early, was simply the act of a fearless fool.

Just don’t know if Tao Mu would directly blacklist him in a fit of anger.

Tao Mu obviously didn’t know that Zhang Mengcheng’s inner drama was so rich in imagination. However, he did have some opinions on Zhang Mengcheng because the reason why they kept NG-ing in this scene was due to the fact that Zhang Mengcheng’s lines were not memorized. As a result, when the two acted against each other, Zhang Mengcheng’s lines were dryly recited, and he always forgot the words.

Tao Mu knew that Zhang Mengcheng was a signed artist of Longteng Entertainment, and he usually had many other appearances to make. Occasionally he would have to take time off to do so. For example, there was no Zhang Mengcheng’s part in the filming yesterday, so he went to the next province to record a TV program under the arrangement of his agent, and he went straight back to the crew the next morning by car. Naturally he didn’t read the script and didn’t memorize the lines, and now when directly put in front of the camera of course he was not in good form.

In the previous life, the film crew of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” was short of funds, and the director did not have a high degree of control over the cast and crew. Towards Zhang Mengcheng, as the second male lead who was put in the crew by the investor, he would not care too much about him as long as he didn’t go overboard during the filming. Besides, Zhang Mengcheng was also considerate. Although he occasionally had to make other appearances, he tried his best to schedule them at a time when there were no scenes of his own to film, and would not ask for leave casually. His usual performance was also satisfactory.

But even so, being fully committed to filming was naturally different from being half-hearted. This caused Zhang Mengcheng’s second male lead to be significantly weaker than the other main actors after the TV series aired in the previous life. Zhang Mengcheng also became popular with this role as well as given more resources by Longteng Entertainment. But even until ten years later, when someone did an inventory of TV dramas, they would still mention Zhang Mengcheng’s disrespectful behavior of taking other jobs during filming and have his acting being suppressed by the veteran actors. This experience had become his black history. Some people even firmly believed that if Zhang Mengcheng could be more attentive during the filming, the classic “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” would definitely be able to achieve a higher level of completion. After all, the male No. 2 played by Zhang Mengcheng was also very important in the drama series.

In this new life, Tao Mu accidentally became an investor in “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”. Under his operation, the filming funds have been directly increased from the 9 million yuan in the previous life to 16 million yuan. The unqualified actors who were stuffed in by the previous investor were also all replaced. The rest, naturally, were people who he felt matched with the roles’ image. Tao Mu hoped that the new “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” would be better than his previous life in terms of filming details and other aspects.

Although Zhang Mengcheng fit the character image very well. But if he remained in this state and couldn’t fully devote himself to the role, Tao Mu didn’t want to continue condoning this slack off.

“Can you talk to your agent, we should put all our energy into filming. I think this drama series is very good, and it will definitely be popular after it is broadcast in the future. This is also an opportunity for you. As for those miscellaneous variety programs, in fact, you can pick them up anytime. You are still young, and with a good film work under your belt, it is more useful than a dozen variety shows added together.”

Although Tao Mu was only nineteen years old this year, and when he talked he looked very adorably old-fashioned, but Zhang Mengcheng didn’t dare to laugh. His heart clenched, knowing that Tao Mu was dissatisfied with his state, and nodded quickly and said, “I will communicate with my agent when I go back. Before finishing the production, I will definitely stay in the filming crew. This kind of thing will not happen again.”

Tao Mu patted Zhang Mengcheng’s shoulder: “Everyone is doing this for the sake of producing a good film. Don’t be too nervous. It’s no big deal, just tell your agent directly, and say this is my request to keep you in the filming crew. If you want to take any other jobs after filming, tell me directly. I will communicate with CEO Luo.”

Using the resources of Longteng Entertainment to do a favor for others, Tao Mu would never be soft on this kind of thing. He also believed that Luo Xi would never refute him on such trivial matters. After all, the benefits he could bring to Longteng Entertainment were definitely more than the sparse three melons and two dates in the Longteng Entertainment bowl. Besides, from the trajectory of the previous life, Longteng Entertainment originally supported Zhang Mengcheng after the broadcast of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”. By saying these words, it was nothing but a favor without cost.

But from Zhang Mengcheng’s point of view, this was definitely a delightful surprise. Now the filming atmosphere of the crew was different. If Zhang Mengcheng wanted to complete the filming smoothly and perform well, he would have to consider focusing more on filming. Otherwise, as soon as the TV series airs, even the small supporting characters who have few episodes of scenes perform better than him, how could he still have face then?

It was just that Zhang Mengcheng was in a dilemma about how to communicate with his agent. With Tao Mu’s words, he directly took the responsibility instead.

Zhang Mengcheng believed that his agent would not object to this request, if only for the relationship between Tao Mu and the company’s top management. What was more, Tao Mu also promised that after the completion of the drama series, the company would give him some resources.

Since Luo Xi was willing to go out of her way to fly to H Town to visit Tao Mu during the first month of the New Year, Zhang Mengcheng would not doubt whether Tao Mu’s promise could be fulfilled.

Tao Mu looked at Zhang Mengcheng’s excited expression, and hooked the corner of his mouth in nonchalance. Although he could directly put pressure on Zhang Mengcheng in the name of an investor, it was estimated that Zhang Mengcheng would not object at all. But Tao Mu had always been accustomed to giving a slap and then handing over a sweet jujube. It was better to have others work willingly than to have them slack off with resentment.

Twenty minutes later, the crew continued filming. This time, Zhang Mengcheng, who had adjusted his emotions, was as if he had been possessed by the god of drama, and finished the scene in one go. He was also very energetic for the next few scenes. Especially in the particularly important part of the plot, when the male No. 2 played by Zhang Mengcheng tried to develop Su Dingbang as a helper of the underground movement, he spoke a monologue regarding the family and the nation. Zhang Mengcheng’s emotions were full and impassioned. Even the people who listened to it live on the set were infected with the passion in his voice. When the director called cut, everyone couldn’t help applauding Zhang Mengcheng.

In the previous life, because of Zhang Mengcheng’s constant distraction, this episode was just normal, obviously not so infectious.

Tao Mu was quite satisfied with such a change. He liked this kind of filming atmosphere where all the crew members acted passionately together and enjoyed the filming themselves.

Because the filming went well the director temporarily decided to move the street battle explosion scene to be shot in the afternoon to the morning. All props and pyrotechnics began to set up the set and check the breakpoints and position times over and over again.

The scene to be filmed was the scene where the male No. 2 was being pursued by the Japanese. The male No. 2 was discovered by the Japanese when he was evacuating after completing a mission, and was injured after a gunfight. Because there was an explosion scene, everyone checked the set very strictly.

Long Tianao and Luo Xi just stood by and watched everyone filming. During this period, Luo Xi tried every means to talk to Li Xiaoheng: “I really didn’t expect filming to be so hard. It seems that CEO Tao truly likes filming.”

Long Tianao recalled when he first met Tao Mu, at that time Tao Mu was still an unknown extra in H Town whose film role could casually be taken away by him, and could not help but sigh with emotion: “Right? But Tao Mu does not have it easy. When he was filming in H Town, many people bullied him for not having a backer and a background, and what they did to him was really lacking in morals. Thanks to Tao Mu’s ability, he can now bring capital into the crew and become an investor himself. No longer need to be afraid of others kicking him out of the crew.”

Lifting the kettle that is not open! (TN: idiom used to indicate that someone is saying or doing something that shouldn’t be mentioned in front of others, or that someone is bringing up a sensitive subject)

Luo Xi glared at Long Tianao secretly. Li Xiaoheng smiled slightly and looked at Tao Mu on the set.

Seeing this, Luo Xi suddenly smiled and said, “I remember that CEO Li has always been uninterested in the entertainment industry, so why did you suddenly think of investing in a film crew?”

Li Xiaoheng’s eyes were always on Tao Mu. He liked to see Tao Mu’s high-spirited and engrossed appearance when he was acting. “Tao Mu asked me to invest, so I invested. I trust his vision.”

Luo Xi hooked the corners of her lips upwards and agreed: “Yes. CEO Tao’s investment vision is indeed very powerful. It is an honor for us all to cooperate with a person like CEO Tao. By the way, we Longteng Entertainment and Summer Star Entertainment, want to work with once again to hold a talent show, the “National God and Goddess”. I wonder if Xiaoheng Capital has any willingness to invest?”

Before Li Xiaoheng could speak, a loud noise suddenly sounded in the set, followed by a commotion.

“It exploded suddenly!”

“There are people injured!”

“Quick! Quickly call 120. Someone is injured…..”

Zhang Mengcheng stood there with a look of fear. Just a little bit, if it was replaced by the official filming, then it would not be the stuntman who took his place in going over the positioning, but himself.

Tao Mu, who was in the middle of the commotion, watched the wounded who were rescued by the group extras from the sudden explosion, clenched his fists with a dark expression: “Call the police! Call 120!”

Director Zhou Hong and the rest of the crew quickly gathered around, and when they heard Tao Mu’s words, their expressions changed, and they repeated subconsciously, “Call the police?”

The assistant director in charge of the pyrotechnics team hurried over and asked in a low voice, “Just calling 120 is enough. If you call the police, I’m afraid we will not be able to explain it to the media?”

This incident would not be able to be suppressed then.

“We must call the police.” Tao Mu said decisively. He remembered that there was no explosion accident in the crew of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” in his previous life. It didn’t make sense something would happen in this life just because he became part of the crew. Unless someone had done this on purpose——

Don’t blame Tao Mu for conspiracy theories. He himself knew about his own affairs, and Tao Mu’s luck had never been very good in both his past and present life. Part of this bad luck was caused by the cannon fodder halo, but more often it was man-made.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

If this accident was God’s will, then that was his misfortune. But if it was artificial…..Tao Mu clenched his fists subtly. He would fulfill their wish to die, whoever they might be!

Li Xiaoheng stood silently beside Tao Mu, quietly held Tao Mu’s hands that were clenched into fists, and pried them apart. Looking at the bloody palm from his fingernails digging into it, he frowned fiercely.

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