After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 115 Overbearing

After hanging up the phone, Tao Mu was shocked to realize that he hadn’t seen Li Xiaoheng for two days.

It was also because there were too many things happening in the past two days, and Tao Mu had the problem of focusing all of his attention as soon as he started on something. He didn’t even notice when Li Xiaoheng, who had been wandering beside him, disappeared.

It wasn’t until he made this phone call with Wang Ye’s father that Tao Mu knew that Li Xiaoheng had gone back to Beijing specifically for this matter to ask the elders of the Li family to communicate directly with the relevant departments in western Jinxi. Li Xiaoheng himself acted as a whistleblower, and he reported it under his real name. As for the other procedures after the report, it would be fully handed over to Wang Ye’s father.

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Without the need for Wang Ye’s father to elaborate, Tao Mu could also guess how much favors Li Xiaoheng had put in for this matter.

Was it worth it?

Tao Mu frowned. He felt that if it was him, since he had already entrusted the matter to Uncle Wang, he would never let the Li family come forward. This was obviously a waste of resources.

The key thing was that the reason why Li Xiaoheng did this was to vent his anger. In other words, Tao Mu would have to pay back all the favors Li Xiaoheng had promised in this matter.

Tao Mu’s brain was spinning fast, and he was already thinking about how much profit he should create for Li Xiaoheng in order to repay this favor——Li Xiaoheng specially went back to Beijing to ask the Li family to come forward. If nothing else, just for the sake of this concern for him, at least it should be worth more than several billions.

That night, as soon as Tao Mu returned to the hotel, he began to swipe through the notebooks that only he could understand. Trying to find business opportunities in it. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for him to be interrupted by the visit of Long Tianao and Luo Xi.

Long Tianao and Luo Xi also contributed to the matter of the coal boss bringing trouble to the crew. Tao Mu understood in his heart and when facing the two of them, his attitude was a lot more casual. He even made up his mind to give up part of the profits in the follow-up cooperation between them.

Long Tianao and Luo Xi never thought that the two of them would have such an unexpected joy when they fought for righteousness. Long Tianao was simply standing up for his friend, and he had long regarded Tao Mu as his brother, so of course he was willing to accept the benefit of his brother. Therefore, there was no pressure on Long Tianao at all. When Tao Mu promised the benefit, he didn’t even ask any further, nor did he demur, directly accepting it.

On the contrary, Luo Xi was worried. She wanted profits but was also afraid that Tao Mu would think she was insatiable, and she was even more afraid that if Tao Mu gave the benefits to Longteng Entertainment, then he would not give her advice on the stock market after that. In worrying about gains and losses, it was inevitable that she appeared indecisive.

Tao Mu didn’t care either, and continued to discuss with the two about the specifics of holding a new talent show.

Long Tianao said carelessly: “I think the voting model of the school beauty school hunk was very good. When the contestants first entered the competition, they didn’t understand anything. We hired professional teachers to teach them their talents, and then let them perform. When the audience watches it, it gives them the pleasure of cultivating and watching an idol grow. They can see how stars are born. So this time, we are going to do the same for the talent show of “National God and Goddess”. After a public pre-selection, gather them all in the filming venue, and then have mentors teach them the four aspects: voice, stage presence, mannerism, and appearance. Then they will perform on the stage, and the mentors and the audience will vote to decide who will advance. The last remaining national top 16 will be invested by the three of us to shoot an idol drama. Directly promote them in their star debut.”

“But this time, it’s not the same as the “National School Beauty School Hunk” competition. Our company will also introduce artists from our performance classes to participate in the audition. So the voting mechanism…..” As Luo Xi said this she tentatively looked at Tao Mu .

Tao Mu frowned: “Whether it’s an artist you want to support within your company, or a contestant who is popular among the audience, if you want to be the organizer, I don’t want any tampering in regards to the voting mechanism.”

Speaking of this, Tao Mu also felt strange: “Why are you so stingy? Anyway, the contestants who advance to the top 16 will definitely sign with your companies. The meat is already in your bowl, is there a difference between who you support?”

Luo Xi shook her head and smiled bitterly. If only it could be as simple as Tao Mu said. However, she also knew that with Tao Mu’s temper, he would definitely not agree to this request made by Longteng Entertainment. She just inquired on a routine basis, so that she could explain to other shareholders when she went back.

Long Tianao didn’t think too much: “The competition is handed over to to host, of course, can do whatever it wants. With’s audience base, if these signed junior artists can’t even make a name for themselves under this fair competition system, it is likely that the company won’t be able to support them to stardom them even if forcefully. So don’t make it difficult for Tao Mu.”

As Long Tianao spoke, he then mentioned another thing to Tao Mu: “The idol drama we are going to film is mainly about the fashion industry. It’s similar to the Hollywood movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. There will be a lot of international brands. Don’t you have a good relationship with the fashion industry? Don’t they love you very much? When filming, can you come forward and meet those international brands and fashion magazines and have them help out on the art direction? And mainly to see if these big brands are willing to give us a friendly sponsorship.”

Otherwise, with so many luxury goods showing up in the drama like goods on an assembly line, how much budget would it take to shoot such an idol drama?

Long Tianao rolled his sleeves eagerly: “I’ll tell you the truth. This project was proposed by me. I just want to make a real idol drama, not one where the supposed heir of a big group worth tens of billions of dollars go out on a date at Starbucks, and shop with girlfriends at cheap foreign trade stores…..I just want those ordinary boys and girls to experience the real high society. Of course, if I can, I wonder if I can apply for a particularly handsome and rich supporting role?”

Understood. He just wanted to be handsome and show off his wealth, right?

Tao Mu laughed. Luo Xi added: “There is one more thing, there are many department stores under the Luo Group. We hope that when the TV series is filmed, we can shoot the scenes in the department stores under the Luo Group. Moreover, the high-end communities and villas developed by the Luo Group will be launched one after another at the end of the year. We hope that when shooting the TV series, we can also give some publicity to the real estate developed by the Luo Group. “

Tao Mu: “…..” Do you folks want to film idol dramas or commercials? With so much side stuff, why don’t we just make an idol drama for you as a commercial?

Long Tianao’s eyes lit up: “It’s actually possible to have this kind of operation! Why didn’t I think of it. Then I also request to film our Long family’s properties when filming the dramas. Our Long family also has real estate development and department stores. By the way, Tao Mu, don’t you want to negotiate with those international luxury brands? Could you maybe talk with them about having their goods displayed in our Longxing Department Store as well? It’s no problem if they disdain our Longxing Department Store as being too low-level, we can rebuild a high-end shopping mall according to their requests. Wow, in order to shoot an idol drama, a department store had to be built first. Say, do you think other people would especially want to watch this idol drama if they found out? I am a genius!”

So this was how a hedonistic son of the rich who was not the breadwinner did things. Towards this imaginative daydreaming fellow, Luo Xi didn’t even bother to pay attention to him.

Tao Mu couldn’t help shaking his head. Disapproving of classmate Long Tianao’s unsophisticated appearance. In his heart he thought it was nothing novel to build a department store just to shoot an idol drama. With this kung fu, he might as well create an online shopping and retail platform directly and throw all the brands on the Internet——hey, wait a minute!

Tao Mu had a flash of inspiration and suddenly sat up straight. He looked straight at Long Tianao: “You especially want to produce a popular idol drama that could lead fashion trends, right?”

“…..Ang!” Long Tianao blinked, looking at Tao Mu who was inexplicably excited, a little confused.

“Then do you want to produce a world-shattering idol drama?”

Being reborn ten years into the past, what was the most precious thing! Of course it was experience!

Using ten years of experience to compile a business idol drama with a business thinking that was far ahead of the times, what kind of waves would it make?

All kinds of classic cases of business warfare that have not happened yet but would happen in the next ten years were just emerging now, but ten years later, all Chinese people have become accustomed to the Internet daily life. Online transactions, electronic payments, all kinds of social software…..

What if these concepts that seemed so new in 2009 all appeared in a fashion idol drama?

In the future, when some bigwigs talk about their entrepreneurial experience, they say that they got their inspiration from an idol drama…..that would be too awesome, alright!

Thinking of that embarrassing scene——wait, would he be caught and experimented on as an oddity?

Tao Mu, who was overwhelmed with self-confidence in his mind, blinked, and the passion and impulse of whims all subsided at this moment.

He needed more careful consideration and more thoughtful advice. Like he said himself, if he really wanted to make this idol drama into a world-class commercial. Then Tao Mu must ensure that he himself would be the biggest beneficiary after the release of this idol drama.

Tao Mu looked at the two people in front of him thoughtfully——one was trustworthy but not smart enough, and the other was smart enough but not trustworthy.

“I will consider this matter carefully.” Tao Mu stood up with a serious face: “It’s getting late. You should go back to rest first.”

“Huh?” Still waiting for Tao Mu to continue only for Tao Mu to suddenly evict his guests.

Long Tianao and Luo Xi stared blankly at each other, and finally left Tao Mu’s room full of question marks.

After seeing off his guests, Tao Mu immediately turned on the computer to write a plan. He typed down his ideas one by one on the document and straightened them out one by one.

Then, Tao Mu subconsciously scrolled down to Li Xiaoheng’s mobile phone number while sitting in front of the computer screen.

When Tao Mu realized it, the call was already connected.

Tao Mu: “…..”

On the other end of the call, just after flying back from Beijing, Li Xiaoheng, who was standing outside the door of the Tao Mu’s hotel room, answered the phone and asked in a warm voice, “What’s the matter?”

Tao Mu pondered for a moment, then said, “…..Nothing. I just have a business plan that I want to discuss with you.”

As Tao Mu spoke, he glanced at the time displayed on the computer, and said hesitantly, “It’s too late. If you need to rest——”

“It just happens that I also really want to chat with you.” Li Xiaoheng didn’t wait for Tao Mu to finish speaking, and interrupted him directly: “Open the door?”

“Huh?” Tao Mu was stunned for a while before getting up to open the door: “You came back from Beijing so late?”

Li Xiaoheng hooked the corner of his mouth and dragged his suitcase into the door: “Everything over there is almost done being taken care of. So I came back.”

Tao Mu thought for a while, and still said, “Thank you.”

“No need for thanks. That’s what I should do. After all, I’m also one of the investors in the crew.” Li Xiaoheng paused, then added: “Of course, we both know that the reason why I acted was not because of this.”

Tao Mu poured a cup of hot water for Li Xiaoheng and handed over his freshly typed plan. Li Xiaoheng put the laptop on his lap, scrolled down a few pages, and looked up at Tao Mu: “I can understand the function of video calling, after all, we have discussed it before. But an online shopping platform? Electronic payment? Why do you suddenly want to do this?”

“It’s not me.” Tao Mu corrected: “I’m insignificant and weightless. I can’t do such a big project. This plan is written for Xiaoheng Capital. Anyway, you have the backing of the Li family, and Xiaoheng Capital has strong capital and won’t be afraid of wind and waves. Of course, if you’re not interested——”

“Why?” Li Xiaohe looked at Tao Mu with interest: “Why did you give me this plan?”

“To thank you for your help before. I heard Uncle Wang say that you also asked the Li family to help you for this matter——”

“It’s just a minor effort.” Li Xiaoheng interrupted Tao Mu’s words again: “We all know the value of this plan. With the backing of Xiaoheng Capital, if you follow your plan, within ten years, your company’s market value will be increased at least hundreds of times. Don’t say my little effort is worth so much.”

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Tao Mu frowned: “Don’t think too much. Just now, Long Tianao and Miss Luo came to me to discuss the talent show and the later filming of an idol drama. We just talked about this. I just came up with this on a whim and the plan I wrote for you is a plot point I want to shoot in this drama. If you want to do this project, it just so happens that the drama can help you promote it.”

“Have you talked to them about your thoughts?” Li Xiaoheng tapped on the computer screen. He said confidently, “You haven’t.”

Before Tao Mu could speak, he saw Li Xiaoheng staring at Tao Mu with bright eyes as if he had taken a stimulant, as he said with a dazzling smile: “When you think of a good project, you first think of me, and you come up with such a good project just to repay my favor. May I think that in your heart, I actually carry a lot of weight?”

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