Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 160 Captured City

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There was chaos in Anfeng County, artillery fire was raging outside, countless loud noises seemed to be sounding right next to the ears, soldiers on the city wall were killed and wounded. In the palace Han Lin’er felt like an ant standing on a hot pot, and it was not only him, the same went for the palace servants and officials.

The men in Anfeng City have all climbed the city wall, and there were no more men to draft.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Han Lin’er looked at Liu Futong with a look of fright: “Uncle, what should I do now?”

Liu Futong frowned and pursed his lips: “Don’t worry, I have asked someone to go out to investigate, but if it really doesn’t work, I will have someone escort you away.”

Only now did Han Lin’er believe in Liu Futong’s loyalty to him, but he knew it too late.

“Report——Your Majesty! The city wall has been breached, the enemy army…..has entered the city gates…..” The soldier was covered in dust, his face was covered in blood, he knelt on the ground, his hands still trembling slightly.

How could they only be called enemies, they were simply evil spirits, each one of them was as desperate as if they wanted to eat human flesh and blood.

Han Lin’er was dazed, his legs became unsteady and he fell to the ground.

On the other hand, Liu Futong was still able to remain steady. He gritted his teeth and said, “I still have three hundred elite soldiers. Let them escort you away!”

Han Lin’er’s eyes widened: “Uncle come with me.”

Liu Futong sighed: “You can only leave with me here.”

Liu Futong provided a delay for Han Lin’er to escape. Only when he was caught, Han Lin’er could leave.

But escape to where? Except for Haozhou, all places were now under the rule of Lin Yuan, and troops were stationed everywhere.

And Sun Deya had already proclaimed himself emperor, even if Han Lin’er escaped to Haozhou, he would inevitably die.

Liu Futong was unwilling to give up.

He had already done everything he could, but why did he still end up with such a result?

Was it because God was not on his side?

“Uncle.” Han Lin’er, “Let’s go together.”

Liu Futong shook his head and said to the guards beside him, “Escort the emperor to leave, and one day we will be able to make a comeback!”

The guards answered and walked to Han Lin’er’s side: “Your Majesty, let’s go.”

Han Lin’er had tears in his eyes: “Uncle, you must take care, I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

His self-reference had changed from Zhen to I.

Han Lin’er was taken away by the guards. Liu Futong sat alone in the hall. Outside, there were the cries of the palace maids and the eunuchs, as well as the sound of heavy footsteps. Everyone was running for their lives and wanted to live.

Liu Futong smiled bitterly, picked up the tea by his hand, and quietly waited for his destiny.

When he followed Han Shantong back then, he was once proud and full of mettle. They made up their minds to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, he was the most ambitious in his life. As long as Leader Han was around, he was not afraid of anything.

Later…..Han Shantong died, and he took Han Lin’er to establish another dynasty, and made Han Lin’er the emperor.

The world seemed to be within reach.

He himself didn’t know why the sky suddenly changed, the South Bodhisattva appeared, and he was as fierce as a tiger descending the mountain and roaring in the forest.

At the beginning, he didn’t want to deal with it. After all, the Yuan Dynasty had not yet fallen, and the more powerful the South Bodhisattva was, the more he could attract the attention of all the forces. He was waiting for South Bodhisattva to perish by himself.

But the South Bodhisattva did not perish. On the contrary, he became bigger and bigger, and he held more and more cities in his hands, and raised more and more elite soldiers.

Where did he lose?

Liu Futong was not willing to admit defeat, he was full of doubts and wanted to ask that South Bodhisattva, but he also knew that his doubts would not be able to be voiced.

A eunuch stumbled into the hall: “Prime Minister, the palace gate is broken…..”

Liu Futong nodded, indicating that he knew.

The eunuch knelt in front of Liu Futong, raised his head, his eyes full of despair: “Prime Minister, please run away!”

He hoped that Liu Futong would take him with him when he escaped.

However, Liu Futong smiled: “Escape to where? Running away and be a farmer? Then I might as well die at this moment.”

The eunuch took a few steps on his knees, tears running down his face: “Prime Minister, while the green hills last, there’ll be wood to burn (TN: Where there’s life there’s hope), Prime Minister…..”

Liu Futong: “Are you afraid of death?”

The eunuch didn’t answer, but had a look of fright on his face, who was not afraid of death? It was better to live a bad life than to die a good death. Back then, he would enter the palace as a eunuch because he couldn’t feed himself outside.

Liu Futong smiled, but did not say anything.

The eunuch fell on the ground and sobbed.

He just wanted to live a good life, a day when he could wear warm clothes and eat enough, his parents sent him to the palace with their own hands, and before entering the palace, they said to him: “Son, we have failed you, but if you don’t enter the palace, you can only starve to death, don’t hate your parents, you will be reborn to a good family in your next life…..”

He didn’t hate his parents. Not long after he entered the palace, his parents died, not by starvation, but by a beating from a noble.

Why was it so hard to live a good life?

In the palace, he also did the most dirty work. Other servants bullied him. The money he earned every month was to be offered up to the eunuchs above. He didn’t starve to death when he entered the palace, so he could only climb up. Those who died in his hands might not number in the thousands but at least reached the hundreds.

But it hadn’t been long since he climbed up, and he hadn’t eaten a few meals of meat either, but Anfeng was already finished, and so was the emperor.

The eunuch looked at Liu Futong with tears in his eyes: “Prime Minister, aren’t you afraid of death?”

Were there really people in this world who were not afraid of death?

At this moment, Liu Futong actually had the mind to talk to a small servant. He looked at the direction of the palace gate, heard the screams of the killing getting closer, and said with a smile: “I’m different from you, you are satisfied with enough food and warm clothing. No matter how much more you want, it is just to recognize a few more godsons and goddaughters, so that when you get old and leave the palace, there will be people to support your retirement.”

“But I can’t.” Liu Futong, “I might as well die rather than live like that.”

He had tasted power, tasted what it was like to be only below one person and above tens of thousands of others, tasted what it was like to inspire fear with just a look from his eyes. So long as one tasted such a thing, there would not be anyone still willing to go back to living a common life.

He was once the prime minister, he couldn’t bear to let him be a commoner again.

You couldn’t live like that.

Liu Futong closed his eyes.

Han Lin’er was taken out by the guards through the side door. He suddenly thought of something and said to the guards, “I…..Zhen has to take someone along!”

The guards were ruthless: “Your Majesty, the top priority is to see you away.”

Han Lin’er gritted his teeth: “No, no, I can’t abandon her here!”

The guards on both sides looked at each other and grabbed Han Lin’er’s arm: “Your Majesty, forgive or offense.”

Han Lin’er’s eyes widened. He knew the crisis at the moment, but he couldn’t not worry about An Xiu.

If he left, what about An Xiu? Would the enemy let her go?

Surely she would be defiled, right?

She would definitely think, why didn’t he save her and just ran for his own life.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Han Lin’er gritted his teeth and glanced in the direction of the harem. His eyes were red, but he was unable to resist or struggle out from the grip.

Xiu’er, don’t blame Zhen, Zhen can’t even help myself, in the future…..I will definitely burn paper money for you, so that you have money to use in the underworld, reincarnate in the next life, and be Zhen’s woman again.

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