After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 118 Reaction & Publicity


“I can’t, I can’t, I’m going to die…..”

“Wuwuwuwu, I announce that I am Mu Mu’s boyfriend fan starting today…..”

“So beautiful, I really want to marry him home…..”

“I feel like he is prettier than those female stars in the entertainment industry…..”

In fact, after Tao Mu finished dancing, the whole studio was silent for a while. There were hundreds of people in the huge studio, but except for the sound of machines running and snowflakes falling, there was no sound at all. Even Director Zhou Hong forgot to call out ‘Cut’. It wasn’t until a few seconds later, or a few minutes later, as the red figure got up under the street light, did everyone seem to have been awakened by the person in the painting who had broken the spell.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Then the silent studio was instantly filled with uproarious noise. With applause, screams, and shouts of confession, everyone rushed to Tao Mu’s side to ask for photos and hugs. Previously, the class beauty, who had clamored to be Tao Mu’s bankroller after becoming successful, hugged Tao Mu and didn’t let go, crying loudly that she wanted to stop being a woman, and that she was an embarrassment to women. And the boys who were on friendly terms with Tao Mu all knelt down and called Tao Mu Goddess. Even the cast and crew couldn’t help but crowd around, asking Tao Mu how long it took him to practice such a beautiful and difficult dance.

Zhan Baoli, the heroine of the crew who especially loved classical dance and Peking Opera, was also a well-known opera actress in China and even she couldn’t help but praise Tao Mu’s dancing skills. She said that such a beautiful dance was rarely seen in real life, even in film and television dramas. Especially in the second half of Tao Mu’s dance, with all kinds of flipping and aerial martial arts, most girls couldn’t jump with such strength at all. Even male dancers with stronger physical strength were rarely able to jump with such smoothness in coordination with the water sleeves. In particular, Tao Mu’s dance also incorporated a lot of martial arts movements, Peking Opera elements and whipping techniques. It looked heroic and valiant, and it gave people goosebumps.

“It was truly beautiful.” Zhan Baoli sighed for the 108th time: “Who choreographed the dance moves for you?”

Of course it was himself.

Tao Mu had been filming since his last life, and he had also met many martial arts instructors and dance teachers, and had filmed many fighting scenes, so his vision and knowledge were definitely not worse than others. Coupled with the fact that he had entered Beijing Film to study professionally in this life, he had to practice all kinds of modern dance, ballet, folk dance and opera postures. So improvising or something, he wasn’t afraid at all.

But Tao Mu didn’t expect himself to dance so successfully. He originally planned to dance a few more times as he did not expect it to pass in just one try.

As he was talking, he felt a weight on his shoulders suddenly and his body warmed up instantly. When Tao Mu turned around, he saw that Li Xiaoheng had walked up to him at some point and draped a down jacket on him.

“Aren’t you cold when you wear so little?” Li Xiaoheng said, squatting down and zipping Tao Mu’s down jacket. The long black special down jacket covered Tao Mu from head to toe, causing his body to immediately warm up.

Only the thin layered red silk dance shoes still on his feet could be seen, and as they stepped on the snow, it looked very cold indeed.

“Why don’t you go back and change your clothes first?” Li Xiaoheng frowned, disapproving of Tao Mu wearing so little and chatting with everyone in the snow. It was not good for the body if he caught a cold.

Everyone was slightly taken aback. And for some reason felt that the atmosphere in front of them was a bit weird. Long Tianao blinked his eyes blankly, and laughed carefreely: “CEO Li is worthy of being the most valued partner of CEO Tao, caring about CEO Tao’s physical condition this much. You see, we were all only paying attention to CEO Tao’s beautiful appearance, only CEO Li cared about whether Tao Mu was cold or not.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone felt even more weird.

The originally noisy and boiling set was quiet for a moment. Tao Mu coughed lightly and said, “It’s really cold. I’ll go back and change my clothes first.”

Class beauty Jiang Cheng raised her paw and asked, “Tao Mu, can I borrow that costume of yours? I want to take some pictures wearing it.”

As soon as these words came out, many girls echoed in agreement. Even the female No. 2 and No. 3 in the crew couldn’t help making this request. There was no other reason, it was because Tao Mu danced so beautifully just now in it.

Tao Mu sneezed, and glanced at the three roommates who were hiding in the crowd while smirking: “Okay. But the three of them will go first. After they are dressed they can do a dance, just take it as promoting our crew.”

“Why us?” The three roommates wailed. As if they were relaying ‘baby won’t do it, baby will make trouble’: “We are men, we don’t wear women’s clothes.”

Tao Mu looked at the three roommates, let out a hehe, and repeated without a smile, “Bao’er, could it be you think it’s too embarrassing for a grown man to dress up as a woman and dance? Actually, don’t put too much psychological burden on yourself. As an actor, you need to play all kinds of roles. Acting the opposite sex is also part of acting. At most you will just be experiencing it in advance.”

Wen Bao: “…..” What do you call digging a hole and burying yourself? This.

“That doesn’t work! You look at your height of 1.82 meters, and I’m only 1.75 meters tall. I can’t wear those clothes.” Wen Bao was still struggling to the death. Du Kang who had been heckling particularly loudly earlier also echoed: “I’m 1.89 meters tall, and I can’t wear these clothes. Xiao Anzi is about the same height as you though. He can wear it.”

Chu Sui’an, who was standing on the side quietly was dragged out by his roommate, an innocent stumbling across a crossfire: “…..” Meow Meow Meow?

“No!” Before Chu Sui’an could speak, several female classmates in Beijing Film were already screaming in protest: “You can’t let a bunch of stinky men wear such a beautiful costume.”

Jiang Cheng hugged Tao Mu’s costume tightly, and hugged Tao Mu who was wearing said costume along the way: “This is for us girls to borrow. Let them change to other women’s clothes. Anyway, this is H Town. There are all kinds of costumes. If it doesn’t work, we can lend them our Republic of China female student uniforms.”

These words inspired many classmates: “By the way, didn’t Wen Bao dance yangge at the end of the term finals performance play? Let him put on a student uniform and wear a big red silk scarf to dance yangge.”

After being reminded by his classmates, Wen Bao suddenly realized. That’s right, his own crossdress show had long been offered up already. Then this wasn’t the first time for him at all, so why was he acting like a shy virgin girl?

The dark devious eyes swept over Tao Mu without a trace. Wen Bao knew in his heart that Tao Mu’s performance was too good just now, which made everyone feel a little psychological pressure.

But how could one say it, being able to live in the same dorm with a black-bellied guy like Tao Mu and get along very well, the three roommates were also quite thick skinned fellows themselves. Hearing these words, he no longer shied away, and squeezed into the girls’ changing room like a silly roe deer, looking for girls’ school uniforms from the Republic of China everywhere——he really was ready to dance it seemed.

And it was not only them who would crossdress, but also the entire cast of actors were also dragged down the pit with them——bah, dance with them. Except for Zhan Bin and other veteran teachers who they did not dare to approach, the others were all harassed by Wen Bao and the others. Not even Director Zhou Hong and Screenwriter Fan could escape their clutches.

Tao Mu went back to the dressing room to remove his makeup and costume. When he came out again, all the actors in the crew were wearing cheongsams or schoolgirl outfits that was a sight enough to blind the eyes. A large group of people were standing on the set, contemplating what dance to do——Tao Mu’s ultra-difficult dance definitely didn’t need to be considered. It was best to keep it simple and easy to use. Some even suggested radio calisthenics.

The large group of people stood on the set, and Tao Mu had a flash of inspiration. He remembered a dance move that was very popular in later years. He gathered everyone in the middle of the set, clapped his hands and said, “Dance with me. Come, get ready, one, two, three, four…..”

Everyone looked at Tao Mu in unison, seeing Tao Mu’s upper body remaining still and only his feet sometimes kicking forward, sometimes sideways, the movement was simple and smooth, there was basically no difficulty, but it looked quite cool.

Everyone present, most of them had attended professional training schools. Even Director Zhou Hong and Screenwriter Fan practiced voice, stage presence, posture and appearance when they were in college. Such a simple action certainly couldn’t beat them. So under the leadership of Tao Mu, the large group of people quickly began dancing.

Soon after getting high from the dance, Tao Mu even pulled his Yao Dad and Xiao Qi Dad in. It wasn’t until the crew’s post-production came over to say that the video of Tao Mu’s dancing had been edited did everyone stop.

Tao Mu said that he wanted to promote the crew, and his way of publicity was also very simple and crude. He directly titled the video “Dancing at the Filming Site of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, uploaded it directly to’s official account, shared it by himself, and then @ “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” official FlyNews account.

Zhou Hong indicated that the staff in charge of managing the official FlyNews account of the crew also shared it.

The netizens who have been waiting to be fed on the Internet have finally waited for this video and couldn’t wait to click it. Then——


“So beautiful!”

“The posture is also too good!”

“Are you sure it’s not a stand-in? Wasn’t it filmed and edited? Isn’t there a hanging wire? I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! I don’t believe this dance was done in one go!”

“The one who asked if it was a stand-in, are you blind? Except for a few fixed-frame top-down angles, this video was shot with a long camera. Yet someone is asking if it’s a stand-in if it was edited or not? Go see a doctor if your eyes are bad!”

“The water sleeves are thrown with so much strength and power!”

“The last pose was so beautiful, I cried at how beautiful it was.”

“I don’t know why, our Mu danced so beautifully, but I cried after watching the dance.”

“I cried too.”

“Cry +1”

“Water sleeves, Peking Opera postures, a few martial arts moves and the nine-tail whipping technique, wow, our Mu knows a lot of things.”

“Am I the only one who thinks the background music is particularly good? Especially the last gunshot, and then the twirl and fixed opera pose at the end, wasn’t it amazing? Got goosebumps in an instant.”

“The people upstairs talk a lot. I just want to ohhhhhhhh…..”

“I announce that I will be Tao Mu’s boyfriend fan from now on.”

“My motivation for work is to make money and marry Tao Mu home!”

“Upstairs, that is a bit difficult. I don’t fully agree, our Mu is now a rich daddy worth billions. And that’s in US dollars!”

“…..The idol I fan is not only handsome, good at acting, but also rich, what should I do?”

“What else can you do, of course, to continue loving him!”

Most of the netizens who only knew how to lick at good looks only cared about licking the screen after seeing the video, ohhhh woof woof ahhhhh. After seeing this dance, professional dancers and artists began to analyze this dance in terms of technical difficulty and emotional rendering. Some people noticed that the title of Tao Mu’s dancing video was “Filmed on the set of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, and then followed the title to find the “Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” crew’s FlyNews account, searched for the synopsis, and some people even bought the original novel.

After reading the synopsis, they immediately understood what Tao Mu was trying to express in this dance. So they switched back to their own FlyNews account, and analyzed from the background of the times during the Anti-Japanese War to the reason why Tao Mu danced this dance. The country was in danger of being destroyed, the motherland was at stake, and the nation’s people were faced with the matter of survival. The innocent girl in the boudoir would finally put on combat uniforms and pick up guns to fight on the battlefield. Even if she ended up sacrificing herself to the revolution in the end, it was also necessary to use flesh and blood to form the Great Wall to keep the invaders out of the country.

——Now the bright peaceful lands of China was washed clean with blood by these revolutionary ancestors.

A eloquent long essay was typed out, which directly made many people cry. Netizens who were easily moved watched Tao Mu’s dance video over and over again, while they searched for the crew of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” over and over again, and even bought the original novel to read. Before everyone knew it, “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, which was originally filmed in a low-key manner, had become well known on the Internet.

Tao Mu pinpointed the time, and asked the “Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” crew to upload the infectious step dance video of all the crew members dancing together to the crew’s official FlyNews account. Adding an especially sentimental voiceover at the beginning of the video that spoke: “The ancestors of the revolution made up the Great Wall with flesh and blood and fought the invaders with all their might, so that their descendants could live like this”——then the video started and one could see a group of dudes wearing female student uniforms of the Republic of China or the cheongsam of concubines, appearing so ‘beautiful’ it blinded the eyes. And dudettes in the red army uniform, with hair done in two big braids, appearing valiant and heroic. All standing in front of the camera and dancing the shuffle.

——The netizens who were quite emotionally moved and on the verge of crying, bursted into laughter when they saw such a group of demons and handsome girls dancing together in a group dance that also appeared particularly cool and handsome.

“This is too funny!”

“Why are the guys made to look so ugly, and the girls are so handsome and beautiful. By the way, our Mu Mu is indeed worthy of being known as a girl’s best friend, all the girls under his lens are very beautiful and handsome!”

“Who the hell came up with this kind of dance, it seems so strange. But after watching it a few times, damn it looks really cool.”

“Really cool +1. And it’s very simple, I can dance it too.”

As some netizens chatted, they even opened their FlyNews accounts and uploaded a video of themselves dancing the shuffle. Netizens were the kind of special existence where someone takes the lead and someone follows suit. So soon, netizens in different job positions, different occupations and different outfits uploaded videos of themselves dancing the shuffle with their friends. The shuffle dance, together with the crew of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, which was the “originator”, suddenly shot up the hot search headlines.

Of course, as photos of many female classmates changing into Tao Mu’s dance costume came out, many people also started uploading videos of them dancing Tao Mu’s dance. However, the technical difficulty of Tao Mu’s dance was too great, and most netizens tragically pitted themselves. The only few survivors were all professional dancers who were among the best in the industry.

This time, what was recognized by the public faster than Tao Mu’s acting skills, in addition to his net worth and business talent, turned out to be his dancing skills. So Tao Mu was once again crowned “the most unprofessional actor”.

For a while, the entire Internet was discussing Tao Mu’s two dances and the war drama “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”. Due to the significant improvement in national popularity, what was different from the previous life was that before the crew of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” had even finished filming, many TV stations had already come to them to buy the broadcast rights of this TV series.

In comparison, Guo Yaning, who also released an album on Valentine’s Day, felt bad——after her album was released, it was swept away by the tsunami that was Tao Mu’s dance video, and no one cared at all.

Guo Yaning, who was really unwilling to see this, called Tao Mu directly to complain, crying and wanting Tao Mu to compensate her for a hot search. Tao Mu had no choice but to say, “In order to fulfill the hundred million users promise, I actually made another dance video earlier. How about you take the video and talk to the people working on your album to match it with a song? “

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He remembered that in Guo Yaning’s new album, there seemed to be a song similar to Suzhou opera. If it was paired with the dance video, it should be fine too.

Guo Yaning’s eyes lit up, and she stretched out a hand in seconds: “Where is the video, gimme!”

AN: Skit

Li Xiao Gong: I’m clearly trying to find a sense of existence, but my Mu Mu always ignores me ╥﹏╥

Tao Xiao Mu: When I get busy, I forget about the CP, what is love, can I eat it _(:з”∠)_

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