These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues/兽人之流氓攻

By ChaiMiYouYan/柴米油盐

As a mafia boss with countless subordinates in modern society, Lei Jin found a beauty to spend the night together. He took a bath, wrapped himself with a bath towel and pushed open the door.

F**k, what was this dense forest in front of him? What were those wild beasts that he had never seen before?

Being picked up by a wild beast and brought home, he’ll bear it. Women did not exist in this world, he’ll bear it. Anyway, there were beautiful strong men for him to pounce on. He was not very picky, he liked both men and women, so long as he was on top.

But what did they just say? His smooth skinned self was a female? And must be responsible for giving birth? Because of the scarcity of females, brothers had to even “share a wife”?

Looking at the eldest brother not taking a refusal for an answer, the second brother’s cold and indifferent face, and the third brother’s gentle and cute gaze. Lei Jin turned around to run, go die! I want to go back!!!

Only to be dragged back by 3 pairs of hands.

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Table of Contents 55/158 chapters translated

CH 001

CH 002

CH 003

CH 004

CH 005

CH 006

CH 007

CH 008

CH 009

CH 010

CH 011

CH 012

CH 013

CH 014

CH 015

CH 016

CH 017

CH 018

CH 019

CH 020

CH 021

CH 022

CH 023

CH 024

CH 025

CH 026

CH 027

CH 028

CH 029

CH 030

CH 031

CH 032

CH 033

CH 034

CH 035

CH 036

CH 037

CH 038

CH 039

CH 040

CH 041

CH 042

CH 043

CH 044

CH 045

CH 046

CH 047

CH 048

CH 049

CH 050

CH 051

CH 052

CH 053

CH 054

CH 055

CH 056

CH 057

CH 058

CH 059

CH 060


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