These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 001 Inexplicable Transmigration

At night in the city, bright neon lights were flashing everywhere, especially in this area that was full of bars and nightclubs, becoming more lively at night. Lei Jin hugged a tall, fair-skinned long-haired beauty to his side as he stood outside the door of a high-end nightclub, waiting for his subordinate to drive his car over.

Lei Jin held a cigarette in one hand, anf kneaded the flesh under the woman’s skirt with his other, causing the woman to pant and softly moan in his arms. The eyes of the subordinates standing on the side stared enviously. Who didn’t know the No. 1 of this “Between The Clouds” nightclub, Miss Liu Si? She might be beautiful, but she was notoriously prideful and indifferent. Still, there were some people who liked this, and there were many indeed who came with a lot of money, and felt happy just to see that cold, beautiful face. When had anyone seen this cold beauty acting so gentle and agreeable? It was only their Big Brother who possessed this ability to turn even the most frigid beauty into a mewling kitten. Instantly, their worship of their Big Brother shot up by an unknown percentage.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Speaking of, their Big Brother was really handsome, with wheat-colored skin, handsome facial features, and a straight and tall physique that was full of masculinity. Those slightly upward slanting peach blossom eyes, just a slight glance out of the corners could make people feel numb and weak as if an electric shock had traveled up and down the limbs. Not only couldn’t women resist, but men were also unable to be immune either. Even he, a subordinate who followed Big Brother every day, couldn’t help falling into a daze occasionally. Big Brother was bisexual, and liked both handsome men and beautiful women. For women, Big Brother liked beauties with big breasts and big buttocks. For men, Big Brother liked strong and handsome men; Big Brother said that such a man inspired a sense of accomplishment when conquered.

Lei Jin looked at his subordinate’s eyes that were full of infinite reverence, licked the corners of his lips wickedly, and his hands became more and more unrestrained. People who came in and out of the nightclub saw this live erotic show that was about to be staged at the door. Although they felt a lot of contempt in their hearts, no one dared to show it. After all, who of the people who often come and go here do not know Lei Jin’s name, the boss of the largest gang in the city, “Qingyan Gang” and the godson of the former boss, who had already made a name for himself in the underworld as a mere teenager. Now twenty-eight years old, he had been in charge of the Qingyan Gang for seven to eight years and the size of the Qingyan Gang had more than doubled under his leadership. From the elders of the gang to the lowliest members that roamed the streets, who among them did not regard their Big Brother as their idol?

“Big Brother, the car is here.” A subordinate next to him quickly opened the car door for him, respectfully blocking the roof of the car with a hand.

“Big Brother, please.” Lei Jin, still with an arm around Liu Si, sat in the back seat of the car with everyone’s farewell. The two cars in front cleared the way, and the two cars in the back acted as guards. The five cars drove in a powerful procession towards Lei Jin’s villa.

“Ah…..Brother Jin…’re amazing…..doing it with Brother Jin…..feels the best.” Liu Si’s slender legs were wrapped around Lei Jin’s narrow waist, head thrown back and gasping.

“Xiao Sisi, since you love me so much, how can I not satisfy you?” Lei Jin buried his face in the woman’s chest, pulling out and thrusting in a little further.

“Ah…..Brother Jin…..” Liu Si screamed, and lightning-like pleasure spread throughout her body.

The hand of the driver jumped. Big Brother was really a man, he was so mighty already even in the car.

The subordinates under his command dispersed, and Lei Jin hugged Liu Si and went straight into the door.

“Brother Jin…..let’s continue.” Liu Si’s skirt was lifted to her waist and her legs were spread as she lay on the sofa in a coquettish and seductive manner.

Lei Jin had already satisfied himself in the car once, and now he was sweaty. He couldn’t bear the sticky feeling on his body the most. Although he really liked Liu Si’s debauchery and boldness, he still decided to take a bath first.

Lei Jin squeezed Liu Si’s thigh with a wicked smile, and said, “Clean up and wait for me on the bed. I’ll come back to deal with you little demoness later. Brother Jin promises that you won’t be able to get up tomorrow.”

After finishing speaking, he did not shy away from taking off his clothes in the living room, revealing warm, smooth wheat-colored skin that was toned all over. The light layer of muscles on his body showed traces of training, but they were not exaggerated at all. The lines of his body were slender and straight, and he really had a perfect figure.

No matter how many times one saw him, this man was still so captivating. Liu Si leaned up to kiss his lips, touched his back in a trance, and said, “Brother Jin, your skin is so smooth.”

“Next time I’ll take you to the beach for sunbathing, we can…..” Lei Jin whispered in her ear.

“Aiya, Brother Jin is so mean…..” Liu Si punched him lightly with a small fist.

“Okay, wait for me on the bed, I’ll take a bath first.” Lei Jin held her fist and kissed it, winked a peach blossom eye, turned around and entered the bathroom.

For many years after that, Lei Jin had wondered, if he didn’t go to take that bath, but went to bed with Liu Si instead, would he not be f**ked half-dead by those three beasts day in and night out. Ai, such immense regret.

Taking a bath was one of Lei Jin’s hobbies. He could bear having no one in bed all night, but he couldn’t bear not taking a bath for a day, so Lei Jin took a hot bath comfortably.

Originally, he wanted to go out naked, but after thinking about it, he pulled a towel around his lower half and pushed the door open.

What was this? Am I dreaming? Lei Jin rubbed his eyes. 

When did the outside of his bathroom turn into a forest, and it didn’t seem to be a common man-made forest. The trees stretched so high they covered the sky and the sky could not be seen at all. The tree next to him was so wide it actually needed several individuals to fully hug it with their full arms-length, and lush vines grew all over it. Such a tree was not the exception here. Looking up, they were everywhere, ancient trees towering, thorny bushes growing wildly under the trees, and moss everywhere where the sun did not shine. Small animals that he couldn’t see clearly jumped and ran through the forest.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Not far away, there was a dark shadow, rushing towards him. He couldn’t help but take a step back, and the sound of snapping branches made him come back to his senses. No matter where the hell this was, going back was the right thing to do, Liu Si was still waiting for him on the bed. Lei Jin patted his still wet hair, spat, and turned to pull the door behind him. But where did the door go?

Behind him there was only a deep and unseen forest. The wind was blowing from the depths of the forest, and Lei Jin shivered with only a short bath towel covering him.

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  1. Tnk u so much for choosing this story and your hard work i really love the setting for this story(beastlity, harem) and so glad that u trabslating it. Waiting for ur amazing translation and hope u will be well😍😘

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