These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 002 Meeting The Third Brother

Lei Jin didn’t have time to lament over his tragic fate, when he heard something behind him make a rustling sound as it brushed past the bushes. The agility he had cultivated in the gang for a long time allowed him to dodge at the critical moment. A huge black figure jumped over past his side and landed heavily on the ground. The black figure struggled to stand up. Lei Jin didn’t have the time to examine what kind of animal it was, he just broke out into a run towards the nearest tree, and lost the pair of indoor slippers on his feet. Finally, before the shadow pounced over again, he used both hands and feet to climb the tough vine up to the lowest branch. Though it was the lowest, it was only relatively speaking, as the distance from the ground was at least three to four meters.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This branch was thicker than Lei Jin’s waist, but considering the majesty of this tree, he was not worried that he would fall. But the premise was that the wild boar-like monster under the tree could also stop colliding against the tree. It looked like a wild boar and had thick bristles, but it possessed a half-long snout. It was the size of a baby elephant, with two sharp fangs that grew outwards, and small eyes that glowed fiercely. It raised its head to give him a vicious look, before lowering its head to keep colliding against the tree. Lei Jin was lying on the branch with his hands and feet clasped around it in a death grip, but the non-stop impacts made his hands and feet feel numb. If he fell from this height, even before he was eaten by the monster, he would likely be half dead from the fall.

This wild boar-like monster collided for more than half an hour, and just as Lei Jin felt that he could not hold on any longer, the wild boar seemed to see something frightening. It howled, and ran away with its head tucked in.

Lei Jin let out a sigh of relief, and loosened the grip of his hands and feet, secretly glad that he had escaped death in this awful place. Suddenly, he felt a small puff of breath behind him, a fluffy paw stretched out, and actually landed on his exposed buttocks, sliding it up and down one firm buttcheek. It turned out that Lei Jin only had time to knot the towel on his waist when he was in a hurry. Under the strong shock of the collisions earlier, the short bath towel was now hanging loosely around his waist by one corner. He was now lying up on the tree with his butt facing upwards, and was basically not much different from being naked.

Truly, that saying was too accurate, the wolf just left, only for a tiger to appear instead. Lei Jin felt that his skills were not bad, but not when he was now naked, facing a group of unknown beasts in a primitive forest.

Lei Jin tried to deceive himself in his thoughts, he heard that beasts generally didn’t eat dead prey, so he wondered if it was already useless to pretend to be dead now. He would just hold his breath first, lie still and give it a try. He didn’t think that lying on the branch now as he was now, he could defeat the unknown beast behind him with his bare hands.

Lei Jin comforted himself to ignore the paw on his buttocks, repeating silently in his heart, it is an illusion, an illusion…..

But when that paw spread his buttocks and touched the small hole in the back, Lei Jin, Lei Jin couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He liked to pierce others, but that didn’t mean he liked to be pierced by others, and especially not when he might be pierced by a beast. The anal cherry he had kept for 28 years could not be popped by a beast.

Lei Jin thought of this, and estimated the length of the tree branch. It was likely that he would not fall from a somersault on it. So straightening his waist, he somersaulted forward. Then, Lei Jin looked back and into a pair of blue eyes…..of a cat? It also looked a bit like a little leopard, but there didn’t seem to be any silver leopards, right? Lei Jin thought uncertainly. It had snow-white fur with a silver gleam, and big cat-like eyes. Its size was bigger than a cat’s, about the size of an adult dog, and it was currently blinking at him innocently with big moist eyes. Beasts didn’t have expressions, did they? But now Lei Jin really felt that the “kitty” in front of him had quite a human expression on its furry face.

Although Lei Jin was born in the underworld, and he could be considered ruthless and vicious, he was rather soft on fluffy little guys.

At this moment, Lei Jin completely forgot that this seemingly pitiful and innocent little guy had just sexually harrassed him before.

Lei Jin and it looked at each other at a distance of two steps.

The little guy whimpered twice and took a small step towards Lei Jin again.

Lei Jin looked back at the branches behind him, regardless of whether he understood it or not, and shouted, “Hey, don’t take another step, take another step again, and I will kick you off the tree.” Lei Jin was afraid that it wouldn’t understand, and even raised his leg and gestured a kick. But don’t know if it was his misperception or not, he felt that the moment he raised his leg, the big cat’s eyes immediately dropped to stare at his lower half, to be precise, at his hole.

Lei Jin didn’t know what this big cat was thinking now. If he knew, it was very likely that he would rather fall than sit in this tree with this big cat.

At this time, Mingya was looking at the female in front of him with excitement. It was really a female. A truly precious female. God knows how precious and rare females were now. How could such a precious and beautiful female appear alone in the depths of this forest?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Look how smooth his body was and how white his skin was. Even that place was so beautiful, pink and tender, and small, he must not have males, right? What tribe was he from? To let such a beautiful and ownerless female go out, wasn’t this asking for other males to snatch him away?

Although he, Mingya, was still young, he was not a fool. When encountering such a delightful female, of course he would snatch him back to his tribe. Who knew that when he went out hunting for the first time as an adult, he would actually manage to snatch back a female. His two older brothers would definitely envy him.

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