These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 003 Through the Jungle

Lei Jin glared at this little guy, his eyes feeling sore. In the past, when the subordinates in the gang saw him like this, they would become so frightened that their calves weakened into jelly, and knelt down and begged him for mercy. But despite his glares, it still slowly and elegantly took kitten steps towards him, and Lei Jin could only back away. God knows, he was now on the edge of the tree branch, and if he retreated anymore, he would fall directly to the ground.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin subconsciously wanted to raise his leg to scare it, but he thought of the heated gaze from those cat eyes just now. Although he thought it was impossible, he slowly lowered his leg and used his fist to scare it.

“Hey, don’t come any closer. If you come any closer, I’ll really beat you up.” Lei Jin waved his fists fiercely, thinking that this time was enough to scare him off, right?

Mingya swallowed his saliva, thinking, this female was really very beautiful, he was the most beautiful female he had ever seen. The less hair on a female’s body, the more precious the female was, and this female had almost no hair on his body. Just now, he kept seducing me with his eyes, ahhhh, my heart is beating so fast. Isn’t he trying to seduce me? Why does he keep retreating when I come closer? Is this what Elder Brother said about flirting? Is this female flirting with me?

The more Mingya thought about it, the more he thought that was the case. Just now, he also showed me his pink little hole. Second Brother also said that a female’s special place could only be seen by his males.

What was this female doing waving his fists, was it to show me how strong he was? Beautiful and healthy females were the most loved.

Mingya’s female, here I come. Mingya jumped up and pounced violently, causing Lei Jin to dodge on conditioned reflex. As a result, a tragedy occurred. The back of his head would now land on the ground first, it was likely that there was no need to find the way home anymore, he was going to go directly to see Yama, the king of the underworld.

Lei Jin closed his eyes, but the feeling of falling never reached him. Opening his eyes, he found that his waist was actually wrapped around by a fluffy tail. His body was currently hanging in the air like a swing.

Mingya exclaimed silently at the close call, and raised his claws to scratch his head. His fragile female almost fell directly off the tree because he was too excited. No wonder Ah Ma and Dad praised him for being too cute. It seemed that his female must also like him too much.

It seemed that he couldn’t let his female stay in such a dangerous place any longer. He should take his female to their tribe as soon as possible. There were large grasslands there, and his female would definitely like it them.

“Damn it, let me down.” Lei Jin looked at this little guy with a pale face. It was just the size of a grown dog but had him wrapped in its tail as it jumped nimbly between the trees. And it truly did hurt when the branches hit his face.

When it paused, Lei Jin grabbed the fur on its tail and tugged hard, Mingya let out an “Aaaooo” in pain, but he still didn’t let go, because he didn’t forget that this was a female he couldn’t get easily. But it really hurts. Mingya looked back at his female with tears in his eyes, and said silently, “Why are you pulling my fur?”

Lei Jin shuddered in disgust, was this little guy trying to act coquettish? There was an 80 percent chance it regarded him as its owner, right? By the way, what the hell was this place? This little guy ran with him for so long, but he still didn’t see the edge of the forest.

And there were animals and plants that he had never seen before. Just now they passed a vine, and those vines actually had a lot of small suckers growing out of them. The insects that flew by would get stuck on the suckers and he even made out a fairly big rabbit and a pheasant stuck on it as well. There were huge strange birds flying overhead, the wingspan two to three meters long, but Lei Jin could see clearly that there were no feathers on the wings at all. Although he was not an animal or plant scientist, and he didn’t get much schooling, he still had basic common sense. Was this really a primitive forest on earth? Why did he push the door open and arrive at this primitive forest, a different dimensional space? Could he go back then?

Lei Jin was really disheartened for a while. He thought of many ways that he would die. The most likely way was to be killed by other gangs, and the most likely place to die was on the bed, because his vices were quite well-known. Of course he couldn’t really be called lecherous, everyone had a love for beauty.

He had a chance to enjoy it more than others, so why not? But where was his beauty now?

Lei Jin hadn’t finished sighing when he was interrupted by the little guy’s hairy face leaning in close to his own.

“Go away, no matter how short I am of bed partners, it’s not like I can f**k a big cat like you, right? I don’t have any beastiality kinks either. Maybe one day when you become a strong man, then I might give you my favor. But then again, that should be impossible.” Lei Jin glanced at its lower half, smiled wickedly, touched its private parts mischievously, and spat, “Little match.”

Mingya naturally didn’t know what the female was talking about, but he understood the contemptuous look in his eyes. Wu wu wu, he was despised, despised by his own female. But he had just become an adult, and just learned to shift. He would grow up, he could satisfy his own female, even if he couldn’t, there were also Eldest Brother and Second Brother.

“Okay, don’t pretend to be pitiful here, I think it’s getting dark, let’s find a place to rest.” Lei Jin grabbed the two claws covering its eyes, really, this little guy couldn’t really understand what he said, and was sad about his contempt? Tsk, Lei Jin, stop thinking nonsense. You can’t possibly prepare to take the company of beasts just because you fell into this bizarre place, desolate of any other humans.

What was this female talking about? Mingya only saw his mouth open and close, and found that he couldn’t understand anything that came out at all.

The two chatted as they jumped through the jungle, completely without any understanding of each other, and after a long time of making gestures, they finally reached the edge of the forest. The sun gradually set, and the distant sky and the nearby forest were covered with a soft orange-red light. The endless wilderness, the wind blowing in the distance, it all seemed to bring an ancient atmosphere of emptiness. Even Lei Jin, who did not have a romantic or poetic bone in his body, was shocked by the beauty of nature.

But suddenly thinking of something, Lei Jin suddenly widened his eyes, wilderness? Lei Jin finally couldn’t help but stick out his middle finger and gestured towards the sky, yelling, “Motherf**ker, where the hell did you send me to?”

He thought that even if he was really sent to a different dimension, with his skills and smarts, he was not afraid that he would not be able to create another empire in this world. He had countless subordinates to feed, but he was still able to eat and drink the best, not to mention sleep with any beauty he wanted.

But now, don’t even mention beauties, there was not even another person in sight. Out of the forest was endless grassland, if he had to walk across this endless grassland just by his two legs, it was very likely that he would not be able to make it out.

“Hey, Furball, what should we do now?” Lei Jin lifted him by his tail, called it by a new name, and asked it face to face. He didn’t know anything about this world, so he could only ask for help from the only companion around. Wasn’t it said that wild animals have the strongest ability to survive? Now, he could only rely on the other.

The wind at night was really cold. Lei Jin looked at the bath towel on his body, and then looked at the little guy’s white fur that shone a silver gleam. It looked quite warm, if he skinned it, it would make a somewhat satisfactory blanket.

Mingya’s fur stood on end under that scrutinizing gaze, and his four claws quietly took a step back. Seeing that the female didn’t seem to pay attention, he stepped back lightly again. Lei Jin snorted lightly, and Mingya whimpered. With his head resting on his front paws, he didn’t dare to move anymore.

Lei Jin smiled when he saw this: “It turns out that this little guy is also the kind to bully the soft and fear the strong. You dared to bully me on the branch just now.” Lei Jin picked it up, grabbed the little guy’s head and pressed it into his arms, rubbing it fiercely. No matter how ruthless Lei Jin was, he wouldn’t do anything bad to a little guy like this, he was just scaring him so that he knew who was the master here.

Finding that it was quite warm with him in his arms, Lei Jin continued to keep hugging it, preparing to find a cave for the night.

Mingya, who was held in this female’s arms, suddenly felt that this female was not bad, no wonder as he was the female he personally found. The two little red beans on the chest looked quite delicious, so Mingya opened his mouth, leaned closer, gently licked twice with a pink tongue, and then sucked hard.

Lei Jin’s whole body shook, and he pulled it by its tail to hang midair, slapping its head twice, threatening: “I’m not your wet nurse, if you dare to lick and suck again, I will…..” Lei Jin’s eyes flickered. Thinking of what happened just now, he sneered twice, grabbed its private parts and said, “I will castrate you and let you be a little castrated cat.”

He made a slashing gesture with his hand, and was satisfied to see this little guy shrinking in his arms and shivering.

Dad, Ah Ma, Elder Brother, Second Brother, help, this female is too scary.

The two people, no, the figure of a person and a “big cat” gradually drifted away, and finally disappeared into the night.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“How interesting.” Not far behind them, a golden haired young man touched his chin and smiled at the equally tall black-haired young man standing beside him.

The black-haired youth looked indifferent and did not answer.

And thus, the story that belonged to them was slowly unfolding on this continent.

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