These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 004 A Night In A Cave

Lei Jin just came to this world. Even if he had a lot of calculations and schemes in his head, it was useless in this uninhabited and wild land. As for Mingya, this was the first time he went out to hunt alone since he shifted, and back at home, there were his Ah Ma and Dad to spoil him as well as two older brothers who dote on him. Other than eating, drinking, sleeping, and hopping around, he didn’t have any serious skills. Who knew that he would meet Lei Jin as soon as he went out, and now these two inexplicably became companions. 

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This could only be explained as the blind cat meeting the dead mouse, and even lightning strikes weren’t so accurate. The two wandered around the edge of the jungle for a long time, but they still couldn’t find a cave to rest in. Lei Jin knew that wandering in such a wilderness at night was no different than washing up and putting oneself in some beast’s mouth.

Lei Jin was irritable, and even looked at Mingya, who was curled up comfortably in his arms with annoyance. He grabbed a furry ear and shook it: “Furball, you are a wild animal at least right? Even if you take a sniff with your nose, you should be able to find a place to sleep, right?”

Mingya expressed that he was very innocent. He didn’t know what this female was looking for?

Was he looking for a place to rest? But wasn’t it nice on the tree?

Mingya’s bright and clear blue eyes flickered towards the branches of a tree.

Lei Jin’s eyes followed, and his face darkened instantly, he didn’t forget the scene on the tree branch in the afternoon. In this life, no, in the next life. Next, next life. Don’t even think of getting him to go up the tree again even in the next life after.

Under Lei Jin’s sinister gaze, Mingya lowered his head sadly, hugged his ears with both claws, lay down obediently, and whimpered, “It hurts, it hurts, don’t pinch my ears again.”

Since Lei Jin lost his slippers, he was carried by Mingya’s tail all the way through most of the forest, almost without his feet touching the ground. At this time, he had walked barefoot for a long time, and the small stones and branches underneath his soles felt like pitchforks stabbing at his feet. He was a grown man, and he was not as delicate as a girl, but even so, the soles of his feet could not take such battering. On the contrary, he used to very diligently show up for foot washing and massage appointments for a while. There was a foot massager there whose hands were full of strength, and the kneading he did was very comfortable. The most important thing was that the little massager looked really pleasing to the eye indeed. He was 1.8 meters tall and every time he leaned down to massage his feet, his butt appeared really perky. At first, he didn’t agree no matter what, saying that he wasn’t gay, even so he still gave in obediently in the end. Now that he thought about it, that body was really a mine of ecstasy…..

Lei Jin’s foot was really hurting, and his thoughts wandered in an attempt to divert his attention. Suddenly, he jumped with a sound of “Ow!”. He had stepped on something that was soft and covered with thorns. Lei Jin glanced at it using the remaining light of the evening, and saw that it was a hedgehog.

Lei Jin was decisively angry, even a hedgehog came to bully him.

“Moya, the way I see it, they are just blindly wandering around like this, and when it gets dark, they still won’t find a place to sleep.” The golden-haired young man was looking helplessly at the female who was now instructing his youngest brother to catch the hedgehog, his eyes full of uncontrollable laughter.

The black-haired young man known as Moya looked indifferently as his younger brother was picked up into the female’s arms again and given a good noogie because he didn’t catch the damn hedgehog.

“Youngest Brother is so pitiful. Finding such a fierce female for us.” The golden-haired young man looked more and more happy, and although he said that, the plundering look in his lavender eyes became stronger and stronger.

Youngest Brother, since you have found such a beautiful female for us brothers, as the eldest brother I will gladly accept.

“Hmmph.” Moya snorted coldly and turned to leave.

With that bit of strength the female had, even ten more of him couldn’t hurt a single fur on Mingya, he didn’t see any feelings of grievances from Youngest Brother, he seemed to quite enjoy it in contrast.

“Hey, Moya, wait for me.”

The two quickly found a dry cave, spread some hay, picked up some dry wood, and randomly caught a few pheasants, roasting them on the fire.

The two of them prepared everything, and as soon as they exited the cave, they saw their Youngest Brother following the scent all the way, leading the female over.

After wandering blindly for a long time on the edge of the jungle, they finally found such a cave before it got dark. Lei Jin ate the roast chicken and found a jar of water on the side as well. After chugging down half of the jar of water, he licked the corners of his lips contentedly.

Mingya saw the drop of water on the female’s chin as it kept sliding down, trailing across his neck, and reaching his chest. Mingya swallowed and his face quietly turned red. Of course, it couldn’t be noticed on that furry face.

“Little guy, do you want to drink water too?” Lei Jin felt the direct gaze of the little guy who was lying not far away, with two front paws pressing against a big fat chicken, its whiskers greasy from the meat, and suddenly felt a little chill on his body.

Although Mingya couldn’t understand what he was saying, when the female talked to him, he still wagged his tail with joy and ran closer. Eyes on the water droplets on that chest, meow meow.

Lei Jin frowned and looked at the only jar of clear water with some difficulty. It was not that he begrudged this little water, but he couldn’t drink with this little guy, right?

Don’t give it a drink? But the little guy squatting in front of him already had its head raised, eyes shining up at him.

What was more, he hadn’t reached the point where he couldn’t get along with such a petite little thing.

“Hey.” Lei Jin’s eyes lit up, patted Mingya’s head, and thought of a good way.

“Little guy, open your mouth.”

Lei Jin looked at him, Mingya immediately turned his eyes away and blinked in confusion.

“Forget it, don’t understand the language.” Lei Jin stretched out his hand, grabbed its mouth and opened it.

Mingya didn’t know what this female was going to do, and he didn’t dare to resist, so he could only wait with his mouth open obediently.

Lei Jin took a sip of water himself, grabbed Mingya’s mouth, and fed him a sip midair.

Mingya’s eyes widened in surprise at first, he swallowed the first sip, and then slowly came back to his senses during the second sip, squinting his eyes comfortably. Voluntarily opening his mouth wide and waiting.

Although Lei Jin felt that this little guy’s attitude was a bit weird he didn’t think too much about it. Lei Jin took a sip, Mingya took a sip, and soon most of the water in the jar was empty between the two of them.

Lei Jin shook the empty jar, and he didn’t really care, at most he would find some more tomorrow.

There was firewood, fire, water, and roast chicken here, all of which showed that there were people here before they came, although he didn’t know why the people left again. But it didn’t matter, it was a good thing that there were people, people meant hope. He would take this little guy out to have a look tomorrow, maybe he could find the footprints of people, and he would be liberated. The best case scenario was of course to go back and continue his free and easy life. But if that wasn’t possible, he planned to become successful here too.

When the sun was shining during the day, Lei Jin didn’t feel any cold wrapped in a bath towel. Now that the sun had set, although there was a fire in the cave, when the wind outside blew over it was really cold.

Lei Jin slept on the hay with his arm resting under his head. He hooked a finger and said, Furball, come here.”

Mingya was sleeping next to him and when he saw this, he tucked in his head and got closer. Mingya’s female was really fragrant, and his lower half felt a little hot. He didn’t dare to get too close, afraid that the female would find out and beat him.

“Come over when I ask you to come over, what are you dawdling for?” Lei Jin rolled his eyes, stretched out his arm and hooked it over his chest.

Mingya twisted uncomfortably twice. Seeing that Lei Jin didn’t move, he also lay down obediently.

Mingya sniffed, but truly, the scent of the female was really fragrant.

Lei Jin was really tired today. Arriving at this bizarre place for the first time, he was shocked and frightened, and then he had walked for a long time as well. However, his years of fighting and career as a mob boss still kept him sober at all times.

It was this sobriety that made him feel the burning heat poking his lower abdomen.

Lei Jin narrowed his long and narrow peach blossom eyes, and pinched it fiercely.

The screams from Mingya startled the night birds three miles outside the cave, and they flew all over the sky.

“Caw caw, no morals, no morals, not letting the birds sleep even when it’s the middle of the night?”

“Tweet tweet, shameless, shameless, do you think this is your backyard?”

Lei Jin ignored it, turned over, and fell asleep this time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Behind him, the curled up little guy slowly stretched out his limbs, and soon a young man with silver hair, blue eyes, brown skin, and a naked body with animal patterns tattooed on it slowly sat up.

The young man blinked his cat-like eyes, stared at Lei Jin’s back, and bit his lower lip grievously.

Slowly scooching over, and when he was finally leaning against Lei Jin’s body, he carefully lay down again.

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