These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 005 Back to the Tribe

In the early morning in the jungle, the morning light passed through the thick fog and fell on the vast continent here. The sunlight shone on the eyes, warm, but a little too dazzling. Lei Jin stretched out his hand to block it and took a deep breath still with his eyes closed. Such fresh air. He stretched out with satisfaction, he had slept very comfortably this time. In fact, he hadn’t had such a good sleep in a long time, and it felt so good to wake up naturally.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Feeling a warmth next him, Lei Jin habitually lowered his head and kissed the other.

“Pei pei pei…..” He had kissed a mouthful of fur.

Mingya’s body was curled into a ball, with his head in the innermost position and his butt facing out. It seemed that he was going to be beaten again, so it was best to reveal only the place with a lot of fur.

“It must be said, the ball you make is quite round.” Lei Jin looked at it with admiration, and kicked it with bare feet twice, with a look of interest.

Mingya’s eyes lit up, ai, Mingya’s female liked him! Sweeping his long tail on the ground, he immediately raised his head and blinked large cat eyes in approval.

When Lei Jin saw this, the corners of his mouth curved upwards, and greeted it with a slap, growling: “What time is it, when are you planning on getting up? Do you want to starve me to death? Don’t you have the self-consciousness of being a pet? Don’t  you know to go find something to eat?”

Mingya hurriedly nodded excitedly, and trotted out. That’s right, Eldest Brother said that females were very weak, as their male werebeasts, they must protect their females well, hunt and find food for them, and only then at night, would the female let him go in that place and give birth to his baby. Mingya’s female asked Mingya to find food. Did that mean that Mingya’s female would let him go in that place tonight? He was so happy, he was the first one, even in front of Eldest Brother and Second Brother.

And what were pets? Was it the name the tribe where Mingya’s female belong to give to male werebeasts?

The more Mingya thought about it, the more his eyes lit up, so…..his head ended up colliding into a tree… he fainted…..

“Idiot…..” The golden-haired young man Xiya groaned and covered his eyes weakly, no wonder Ah Ma told him and Moya to follow him at all times.

Moya’s expression was still cold, he looked up at the gradually brightening sky, and said, “Blind.”

The corners of Xiya’s mouth twitched, and he also felt that God was blind. When he and Moya reached adulthood for the first time, he encountered a vulture beast, and Moya encountered a giant python. Both of them fought for a long time, and ended up having to crawl back. Who knew that when it was Youngest brother’s turn, he would encounter a half-sized dragon pig, and one that was as timid as a mouse. When it saw werebeasts it ran faster than the rabbits, and Mingya didn’t even have to  put in much effort for a female to drop into his lap. Although this female would belong to the three of them in the future, he and Moya never dreamed that their female would be found by Mingya.

Lei Jin waited in the cave for a long time, but he still didn’t see the little guy. He was a little regretful. Maybe he shouldn’t have asked it to find food? Although it was true that it was a wild animal, that little guy’s body did not seem strong enough. When it came to fighting larger beasts, it was not enough to even be a mouthful. The more Lei Jin thought about it, the more uneasy he got. Although that little guy always put its paws on him and had bad intentions, and it was even more daring last night, actually daring to go into heat with him as the target, after all, it hadn’t really hurt him. He still wanted to keep that little guy as a pet when he found other humans.

As soon as Lei Jin walked out of the cave, he saw a few grilled fish wrapped in leaves on the ground. Lei Jin frowned fiercely, what happened? He thought last night’s roast chicken was a coincidence, so why was there still roast fish this morning? In the original world, Lei Jin would have asked his subordinates to investigate, but here, he had nothing, and there was no reason for anyone to plot against him.

And he really needed these foods now, so no matter what, he should fill his stomach first.

Lei Jin bent over to pick up the grilled fish on the ground, the short bath towel sliding up and flashing his firm buttocks. The sight caused the eyes of the two people up the tree to shine, and they wanted nothing more than to drag him back to the cave immediately to satisfy their future female, lest he went about seducing people everywhere.

Lei Jin’s senses were immediately alerted to those two burning gazes.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously, and looked around, but found no suspicious traces. Of course, did you think your eldest husband and second husband were the same as the idiot third husband lying under the tree?

Although Lei Jin had some doubts in his heart, he didn’t find anyone after all, so the matter was put on hold for the time being. He walked forward with the few grilled fish in his hand, and found Mingya sleeping soundly under the tree.

Lei Jin didn’t expect that it would be this situation, and he was worried about what happened to it. After a long time, he realized that it was indeed just sleeping. Lei Jin rolled his eyes, smiled darkly, stepped on its tail with his foot and shouted: “Hey, Furball, get up.”

Mingya woke up in a daze, seeing his female beside him, his first reaction was to pounce on him, and say coquettishly, “Wu wu wu, Mingya’s female, Mingya was knocked out just now, so I didn’t fall asleep. Oww!…..” For many years after that, Mingya remembered that when he pounced on his female, he should remember to see where his tail was first.

The two shared the grilled fish under the tree. Lei Jin wiped his hands on the bath towel, stood up and looked around, and other than the jungle it was the grassland, and he didn’t see any trace of human activities at all.

But Lei Jin knew from the roast chicken and grilled fish that there must be human beings in this world. It was not like it could be wild animals hunting the food, then cleaning and cooking it.

“Furball, have you ever seen a human?” Lei Jin lowered his head, looked at the little guy who had just finished eating and was now rubbing against his feet, and gestured to himself: “En, humans like me. How should I put it, animals who walk on two legs.” Lei Jin also thought that there might be monkeys and orangutans in this world, so he untied the towel around his waist and added: “No hair all over the body.” The only part of himself Lei Jin was dissatisfied about was the sparse body hair on his body. Though he didn’t feel inferior because of this, because his ability in that area had always been recognized by many lovers. In order to prevent this pet who was not very smart at first sight, from leading him into a group of orangutans and monkeys, he felt the need to give it a demonstration in advance.

Mingya swore that he just secretly took one glance. He swallowed twice before hesitating: “Mingya’s female, are you talking about females? Of course I have seen them before, Ah Ma is one, and our tribe also has precious females.”

Lei Jin frowned, what was this little guy doing whimpering and whining?

However, he was probably going crazy, actually thinking of discussing issues with this little guy.

“Forget it, even if I say it, you won’t understand it. Let’s take a look at what rivers are nearby. Maybe we can walk along the river and find someone.” If he found a river, maybe he could take a bath first. He hadn’t taken a bath for a whole day.

Lei Jin thought to himself, and did not notice at all Mingya gesturing wildly in the back: “Mingya’s female, Mingya can understand clearly.”

Mingya had had a secret that only he and those close to him knew since he was born, that was, so long as Mingya had been in contact with a certain animal for a long time, he could understand the other’s language. Unfortunately, Lei Jin naturally did not have this ability, so the result was still miscommunication.

“Children, look, look, look at that idiot, last night that werebeast failed in asking to mate and ended up getting beaten by his female.” A group of fire red foxes poked out from behind the mother fox, whispering and discussing with each other.

“Caw caw. It turned out to be him. I didn’t sleep well all night and it’s all because of him.” The crow squatting on the tree jumped out of the nest after hearing this, circling around the top of Mingya’s head.

“Isn’t this the stupid werebeast who just slammed into our front door and passed out? Caw caw, the werebeasts are so stupid these days, how can we birds live?”

Mingya bared his sharp teeth.

“Caw caw, only knowing how to show your temper at us, if you have the ability then go push down your female, push down, push down…..”

Mingya looked at the female who was pushing through the grass and looking around in front of him, and hung his head weakly. Mingya’s female, when could you lie down obediently and let Mingya press you down?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Maybe Mingya’s eyes were too sad. Lei Jin, who was already a few steps ahead, looked back and said, “Furball, what are you doing back there?”

Mingya’s female still liked Mingya, Mingya’s depression was swept away just like that, wagging his tail and snuggling forward again.

“Caw caw, whipped! Whipped!” The crow screeched in the air, beating its wings.

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