These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 006 Bathing By The River

Lei Jin thought that if there were people around here, they should be able to find them along the river. Furball seemed to know the way. Although Lei Jin didn’t have much confidence in this little guy’s intelligence, he watched him lead the way with his tail up high in front. Occasionally it would turn around to look at him, and then run back to rub against his leg if he did not follow. Lei Jin would then laugh and scold: “You little thing!” and then followed suit.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mingya jumped with every step, wanting nothing more than to fly upwards. Of course, he knew the river. Before every werebeast went out to hunt, he had to remember where the river was. There was clean water there, and he could find his way back to the tribe along the river.

The further they walked, the denser the grass grew. The grass on the edge of the forest only reached Lei Jin’s ankles. It was estimated that after walking for more than an hour, the grass now reached Lei Jin’s chest. The grass was getting hotter and wetter, and when he stepped on the ground, it was also very muddy, like stepping on a loach. Lei Jin, who was barefoot, almost fell a few times.

Although the leaves of the grass were soft, they kept hitting his exposed skin, drawing out red marks, which still stung a bit to Lei Jin.

“Furball, why haven’t we arrived yet? You’re not lost, are you?” Lei Jin shouted from behind. It wasn’t him being overly suspicious, it was just that the grass was so tall that even he couldn’t see clearly. If he wasn’t following so close behind the little guy, it would have long been buried in the grass and out of sight.

“Mingya’s female, Mingya didn’t get lost, you are walking too slowly, Mingya is waiting for you.” Mingya turned around, blinked and said.

Of course, Lei Jin still couldn’t understand what it was saying. He frowned and had no choice. Seeing how confident it looked, he decided to believe it again, so he said, “Okay, let’s go, it’s getting hot in here.”

It was just that the grass became taller and the ground became more muddy as he went further, and his entire feet almost sank into the mud. When he pulled out his feet the muddy water would splash over half of his body. Lei Jin, who always hated stickiness, looked at the muddy stains all over his body, with his brows furrowed so tight it could clamp to death two flies. If he hadn’t vaguely heard the sound of running water in front of him, he would have thought that the little guy had brought him into the swamp.

After walking like this for another ten minutes, the sound of the water flowing became more and more obvious. Lei Jin followed the little guy a few steps, and pushed aside the dense grass that was already as tall as a person in front of him. The view suddenly opened and a river with abundant water appeared in front of them. Under the sunlight, the river shimmered with refracting light. The two sides of the river were densely covered with large and small pebbles. In the gaps between the pebbles, wild grass and flowers sprung out, swaying with the wind. As the wind blew by, a dark fragrance that was refreshing to the senses reached his nose.

Lei Jin and Mingya cheered and jumped into the river. The slightly warm water also contained a hint of coolness, which made Lei Jin groan comfortably. He untied the bath towel around his waist and washed it in the waist-deep water. This was the only thing he brought out of his house. If he knew that he was going to such a goddamn place, he would have armed himself and brought some more things with him. Or he should at least be allowed a gun, which would be some form of protection in this unknown world. And not like he was now.

Lei Jin rubbed his eyes to stop his sudden melancholy. Forget it, he was an orphan since he was a child, and he had made it to this point step by step and by his own efforts. At most, he would start over from scratch. In that world, he didn’t have any close friends. His bedmates, subordinates in the gang, even without him, they would find a new lover. As for the boss’s seat, there would definitely be no shortage of people to fill it. He wondered how much chaos the gang was in now with his disappearance. Forget it, all of these things were no longer his business. Although he couldn’t be sure, Lei Jin still felt that there was an 80% chance that he was really not in his original world.

Lei Jin was distracted with his thinking, and did not notice when the bath towel in his hand was washed away by the water at some point.

“Mingya’s female’s clothing, without the clothing, Mingya’s female will be seen by others. Though this clothing can’t cover much.” Mingya looked at the direction of the bath towel, and paddled the water with four paws.

He might be a bit stupid, but male werebeasts were quite self-aware, and instinctively felt that their females could only be seen by themselves.

“Furball, come back.” Lei Jin came back to his senses and saw the little guy chasing the bath towel and rushing out far away along the water. He felt panic in his heart, and began shouting and chasing after the other.

Finally, before the first turn of the river, Mingya grabbed the corner of the bath towel in his mouth, and turned to paddle back, rubbing against Lei Jin’s waist ingratiatingly.

With a dark face, Lei Jin grabbed and pinched its ears as he carried it ashore. Mingya grimaced and wanted to cry out in pain, but he still had the bath towel in his mouth and didn’t dare to speak. He could only look at Lei Jin with big, wet eyes.

Seeing that he was still biting the bath towel at this time, Lei Jin couldn’t help feeling angry and amused. He went ashore, picked a field with lush grass, threw it down, and said, “Don’t you understand what I say? Didn’t I tell you not to? Don’t you normally look like you can understand everything I say? Why can’t you understand anything now?”

Mingya lay on the ground and didn’t dare to move, he pouted, “But Mingya’s female’s clothing…..” The bath towel in his mouth was still there, and anything he said became even more muffled and incomprehensible.

Lei Jin squatted down, pulled out the bath towel and threw it aside. He pointed and said, “If this thing is lost then it’s lost. You are not allowed to go pick it up in the future, are we clear?” In any case, there was even a shadow of a person here. Even if he remained naked  there were no people to see it. Even if there were people, he was a man and was not afraid of being seen.

But although he had just met this little guy, he still saw the other as a companion. Which was more important, he could clearly distinguish.

No matter how unwilling Mingya was, he had no choice but to nod his head obediently under his female’s cold gaze.

Only then did Lei Jin smile with satisfaction, watching this little guy just splashing in the water for a long time, the mud on its body not being washed away much. The black mud was particularly conspicuous on the snow-white fur, making it look like a spotted dog. He hugged it under its two front paws, patted its butt and said, “Little guy, I’ll give you a bath.”

Lei Jin picked it up, grabbed the bath towel over, picked a warm rock by the river and sat down. He spread his legs, and pressed the little guy between his legs with its head turned inward. One hand splashed water, and the other rubbed Mingya’s fur.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Although the water on his body was cold, Mingya still felt that he was about to catch on fire. That place was so close, it was like a small flower bud, very tender and soft. Mingya’s female had just taken a bath, and there were still water droplets there. He really wanted to lick it, but Mingya didn’t dare. In the moment of distraction, a spot of drool dripped down, trailing across the lower half of Mingya’s female, and flowing slowly down to the gap. Mingya felt that his face had suddenly exploded into hot flames.

Lei Jin felt that the little guy under his hand was getting hotter and hotter, and thought to himself, “Was the water too cold just now, did you catch a cold?”

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