These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 007 Grilled Fish

Lei Jin finished bathing the little guy and saw that his snow-white fur was all wet and sticking to his body, the small water droplets reflecting a silver light in the sun. Lei Jin couldn’t help but rub him twice and put him aside to bask on a stone. He then jumped into the river again, stretched his limbs, and swam back and forth in the cool water. Mingya lay on the stone and looked at his female proudly, the more he looked. The more he adored him, the more beautiful he looked in his eyes, this was simply the most beautiful female.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Ai——where did he disappear?” Mingya just came back to his senses when he looked up and saw that the object of his thoughts had disappeared. He couldn’t have sunk into the water and drowned, could he? Mingya got up without hesitation and was about to jump into the water as well.

With a “splash!” Lei Jin emerged from underwater, wiped the water on his face, and threw something at Mingya with a big laugh: “Catch.”

Mingya was facing the sun so he didn’t see clearly what was being thrown at him.

Mingya jumped up and caught it in his mouth, and he also fell into the water with a splash.

Lei Jin was stunned for a moment. Seeing that Mingya was about to swim over to him with a fish in his mouth, he said with a hearty laugh, “Idiot, don’t come here, just put it on the shore.”

Mingya heard the words, turned around again, paddled the water with his four claws, and returned to the shore with the fish in his mouth.

It seemed that this little guy could really understand what he said. Had he been domesticated by other people before? Lei Jin stood in the water, frowned and thought about it for a while. He then put it aside for now as he saw that it was almost noon, deciding to catch a few more fish. He still didn’t know if there would be a place to rest tonight so it was best to first make sure he could fill his stomach first.

Thinking of this, Lei Jin plunged into the water again, and after a time, he caught seven or eight fish. This place was big but with little people, and the fish were all fat and big. He didn’t specifically choose the bigger and fatter fish to catch but of those he threw up onto the shore, each of them was at least forty or fifty centimeters long.

Lei Jin planned to grill it all, and eat it slowly on the way.

The little guy’s claws were sharp, and it first made a slit in the fish’s stomach. Lei Jin took out the internal organs, washed the fish in the river water, and prepared the fish. Then he remembered that fire was a big problem.

But Lei Jin had heard of the story of drilling wood to make fire. Lei Jin put the washed fish on the stone to dry, and took the little guy to the woods on the other side of the river to pick up some dead branches and dry leaves.

He saw small green bushes at the edge of the woods. It was covered with small berries the size of purple jujubes. Lei Jin saw that there were birds pecking at them, and there were traces of insects as well. The wild berries were likely edible so he picked some and wrapped them in large leaves.

Two tree branches were propped up, with a wooden stick in the middle, and a simple barbecue grill was built.

The dead leaves were spread on the ground, and a thicker tree branch was placed on it. A sharp stone was used to sharpen the end of a small wooden stick, and the tree branch was then drilled hard, hoping that some sparks would come out to ignite the dead leaves.

Lei Jin exerted his strength, sweating all over himself, and finally came to a conclusion, drilling wood to make fire was f**king nonsense.

Lei Jin was so angry that he threw away the broken wooden stick from his hand, and slumped on the ground tired.

“Mingya’s female, what’s wrong? What were you doing just now?” Mingya came over and nudged him with his head.

“Little guy, it looks like if we don’t meet anyone again, the two of us can only eat raw food these days.” Lei Jin touched its head and said with a long sigh.

Mingya heard the words, raised his neck and leaned in front of Lei Jin’s face.

Lei Jin put a palm on the little guy’s hairy face and pushed away: “Furball, stop making trouble, I’m tired.”

“Mingya’s female, look at Mingya’s neck…..” Mingya cried out.

“What are you even saying?” Lei Jin frowned.

Mingya took a few steps closer and raised his neck vigorously. Only then did Lei Jin realize that there was a small bag hanging from the thick fur under the little guy’s neck.

Lei Jin pointed to the bag and said, “Did you mean to have me take it down?”

Mingya nodded.

Lei Jin grabbed it and searched for a long time in the soft and thin fur before finding the connector and untied it.

There was nothing else in the small bag, only two small brownish-yellow stones the size of a matchbox. Lei Jin thought, could this be flint?

Lei Jin glanced at the little guy with a complicated look. It seemed that this little guy really had a master. Otherwise, who would tie this to its neck. When they find a place where there are people, maybe this little guy would also find its master, and then follow its master away.

“Mingya’s female, why are you looking at Mingya?” Mingya lowered his head shyly, being stared at by his own female was quite embarrassing.

What was this little guy doing? Lei Jin rolled his eyes, no matter how much was on his mind, he was always distracted from it by this little guy. He patted its head and said, “Go away, I want to make a fire, don’t let sparks get on you.”

Mingya obediently went to a far place to lie down.

Lei Jin rubbed the two stones together. Soon there were sparks igniting the withered leaves. Because the bath towel was still drying on the stone, Lei Jin was naked at the moment. He blew at the sparks of fire while adding the thin branches. Once they were all on fire, he began adding thicker branches.

Mingya crawled to the back of Lei Jin while hunching low against the ground. He watched without blinking. It turned out that he was not mistaken. Mingya’s female’s body had many small scars, which must be very painful. Who would have the heart to hurt a precious female?

When the fire was completely lit, Lei Jin skewered two fish on each wooden stick, put them on the fire and turned them back and forth to grill. After a while, the rich aroma of grilled fish permeated the air.

Lei Jin was not very hungry at first, but now he was a little hungry. He put the grilled fish on the big tree leaf that had picked on the way, and put it in front of Mingya: “Furball, you eat it first, I finally got a fire so I’ll grill the rest first.”

The food that Mingya’s female made for Mingya for the first time was so fragrant. Mingya sniffed around the grilled fish before lying down. Not caring about burning his mouth, he ate it in big mouthfuls.

“Be careful, it’s still hot, and there’s no one here to fight you over it.” Lei Jin looked at its greedy expression, and reminded the other with amusement.

But looking at the little guy like this, his own stomach also felt really hungry, but with firewood in one hand and fish in the other, how could there be a third hand to eat fish, and the two grilled ones were already in the little guy’s mouth.

Thinking of the wild berries he had just picked, Lei Jin grabbed a few and put them in his mouth.

“It’s so sour…..” Lei Jin swallowed his saliva incited by the sourness. It looked quite ripe, but he didn’t expect it to be so sour, his teeth even felt numb from the sourness.

Lei Jin remembered eating grilled saury in a Japanese restaurant before, and that they used to pour fresh lemon juice on it. Anyway, these berries were too sour to eat. So why not just pour them on grilled fish and try it that way instead.

Having made the decision, Lei Jin flipped the grilled fish and freed his other hand. He squeezed these small purple berries and dripped the milky white juice onto the grilled fish. Soon the smell of the fish was mixed with the smell of the unknown berries, the fragrant scent permeating the air.

Mingya, who was lying on the ground and eating with gusto, also couldn’t resist the temptation of the fragrance. With half a grilled fish left in his mouth, he rubbed against Lei Jin’s side, rubbing his leg in an ingratiating manner.

“Wait a while, it hasn’t been grilled yet, eat the half in your mouth first, or you won’t get a share of this.”

Xiya chased away the nth number of wild beasts that smelled the delicious scents of grilled fish, and groaned, “Moya, what should I do, I’m hungry too? I want to eat grilled fish too.”

Moya slapped away the hand on his shoulder, and said coldly: “We still have what’s left from this morning in our bag.”

Xiya looked at the cold and hard grilled fish in the bag with disgust, and then looked at the fragrant grilled fish in the hands of their female, and said bitterly: “But I prefer to eat the ones in our female’s hand.”

Moya replied with annoyance, “And I want to eat it too.”

Xiya muttered: “He’s clearly the female belonging to the three of us, but now only Youngest Brother gets to enjoy everything.”

Moya secretly touched his stomach, damn, he was hungry too.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Following them along the way, neither the female nor their younger brother knew how dangerous it was for a female who had no self-protection ability to grill and eat food in the wild. The smell of the food could easily attract wild beasts to attack.

The two of them were happily eating fragrant grilled fish, while the two of them had to drive away the wild beasts on empty stomachs. This was a bit unfair, wasn’t it?

At least one of their female’s grilled fish should be left for them to eat, right?

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You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )


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