These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 008 Mistaken Berries

The skin of the fish was golden, crispy and shiny. The flesh of the fish was white and tender. Although there was no seasoning, it had a sweet and sour taste from the berries. When the spine was removed, there were almost no bones left, and the flesh of the fish melted in the mouth. Compared to modern artificially raised fish, don’t know how much fresher it was.

Lei Jin and Mingya feasted fiercely.

Naturally, they didn’t notice the two hungry eyes glowing green on the tree not far away.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin caught a total of eight fish. He wanted to save a little to eat at night, but in the end while he ate two, this little guy ate six by himself, and even licked his paws as if he didn’t have enough.

“I really can’t tell, Furball, you’re not that big, but you eat a lot.” Lei Jin curiously reached out to Mingya’s belly and touched it twice.

“Mingya’s female’s grilled fish is really delicious. It’s the first time I’ve eaten such delicious grilled fish.” Mingya turned over obediently, belly up, and stretched out his four claws in the air, letting Lei Jin rub his belly.

“You can eat so much, won’t your owner be eaten into poverty by you?” This little guy could really eat, how could ordinary people afford it?

“What owner? Do you mean my family? No, the males in the tribe can eat more than me.” Mingya felt comfortable from the belly rub, and squinted his eyes in the sun.

Lei Jin didn’t care what he said, squeezed him and said, “Don’t go to sleep, raise your head and let me tie this flint rock to your neck.” Lei Jin found that it was really a good place. The fur around the little guy’s neck was thin but dense that anything hiding there couldn’t be seen at all. There was no need to be afraid of being robbed, or of getting drenched in the rain. One must know that in such a desolate place, being able to make fire to eat cooked food was a blessing.

He fastened it, smoothed the fur on the neck and covered it.

The weather was so nice today!

The sky was blue as if it had been dyed, the surroundings were so quiet, only the calls of unknown birds and buzzing of insects, the sun was warm, and even the wind seemed to be gentle.

It felt good to sunbathe when you’re full.

Lei Jin thought sleepily as he lay on the warm rock with his limbs thrown wide open.

“Little guy, pay attention to what’s going on around us, I’ll go to sleep first.” Lei Jin mumbled a few words, covered his eyes with his arms, and fell asleep.

“Mingya’s female, are you asleep?” Mingya turned over and faced his female.

“Hmmm…..don’t be noisy…..”

Seeing that he hadn’t opened his eyes, Mingya tentatively stuck out his tongue and licked his female face, it was so smooth.

Lei Jin didn’t sleep very well. He felt a wet heat on his face. He knew that the little guy was taking advantage of him again, but he didn’t want to bother.

Mingya didn’t get beaten this time, and he was so happy in his heart that he wanted to take it further. Then he saw the scars on Lei Jin’s back. The light-colored areas should be traces of the previous scars, and there also some new scratches, even some that bled.

Mingya’s female must have suffered a lot before. He was beaten all over and his body was covered in injuries. He really didn’t know who would have the heart to do this.

Mingya naturally didn’t know that these new scars were actually caused by him jumping through the trees yesterday with Lei Jin wrapped in his tail, the tree branches scratching at his unprotected skin. There were also some scratches from today while they made their way through the dense and tall grass.

Lei Jin’s injuries in the past were much heavier than this. So although he also felt pain from the scratches, he didn’t really care too much about it.

“By the way, Mingya’s Dad said that there is a kind of berry growing in the woods by the river, and it won’t hurt after rubbing it on the wound.” Mingya’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly remembered what his Dad had instructed before leaving.

In their tribe, when males reached adulthood, they had to go out to hunt alone and bring back their prey before they could be recognized by the tribe.

Before he left, Dad, Ah Ma, Eldest Brother and Second Brother had all explained a lot of things to him, and this berry that could heal wounds was one of them.

That’s right, what did that berry look like?

Mingya scratched the fur on the top of his head.

It might have been white, and it might have been red. Argh, forget it, how about picking both.

“Mingya’s female, wait for me, I’ll go pick berries for you.” Mingya licked his female’s face and then quickly ran to the woods on the other side of the river.

“Moya, look, what is Youngest Brother doing leaving our female behind.” Xiya looked at their younger brother suspiciously as he quickly flashed into the back of woods.

“Don’t know.” In Moya’s dark green eyes, there was only their female sleeping naked on a rock.

“You stay guarding our female here, don’t let other males take the opportunity to take him away, I’m going to see our younger brother, what a worrying fellow.” Xiya shook his head, although he also wanted to watch the female here, but the responsibility of being the big brother made him have to protect his little brother.

“By the way, don’t get close to him, our female is quite vigilant. If we hadn’t been fast this morning, we would have been discovered by him.” Xiya looked back and reminded again worriedly.

“En, I know.” Moya’s eyes flickered, but he nodded. He also knew that now was not the time, even though he wanted to rush over and hug their female right now. He hadn’t even touched a single finger yet after all this time.

Mingya walked around in the woods, and finally found the kind of tree Dad mentioned, with a straight trunk and feather-like leaves, with the side facing the sun laden with vermilion berries, and the shady side laden with snow-white fruits.

Mingya clambered up, picked a few of the red and white berries with his mouth, put them in his mouth, and kept it open with puffed cheeks, for fear of crushing the berries.

Mingya thought of his female who was still sleeping, so he had to go back soon. In the next instant, the little animals in the forest only felt a gust of wind blowing past.

Xiya quietly followed behind. It was the first time that he saw their little brother with such speed. Sure enough, as Ah Ma said, a male werebeast who had a female was different.

Thinking of their female, Xiya’s feet also couldn’t help but accelerate a bit.

Mingya spat the picked berries on the stone. He tilted his head and thought about it, just which one had Dad talked about?

“Ah, I remember!” Mingya patted the stone with his paw, “Dad said that eating the white fruit will lead to no longer feeling pain, and the red fruit should be smeared on the wound.”

Mingya carefully held a white fruit in his mouth and brought it to his female’s mouth, fearing that his sharp teeth would hurt his female, Mingya put the fruit on his tongue, and the tip of his tongue touched Lei Jin’s slightly parted mouth.

Lei Jin felt that his breathing was a little difficult, so he couldn’t help opening his mouth wider, and the fruit slipped into Lei Jin’s mouth along with Mingya’s tongue.

Lei Jin woke up at once, his teeth hit the thin skin of the fruit, and the sour and bitter taste spread in his mouth in an instant.

“Cough cough…..Furball…..what did you give me…..cough cough…..” Lei Jin half sat up, clasped his throat and wanted to spit it out, seriously he was really going to be killed by this little guy. He didn’t expect that in the end, it was not in a gang fight or a lover’s bed he would die in, nor even in this inexplicable place under the jaws of a wild beast, but in the hands of his little pet.

His head became more and more dizzy, the sunlight slowly turned black in front of him, Lei Jin’s body softened, and he lay on the stone and did not move.

Mingya was stunned, and it took a while to come back to his senses, and he threw himself in front of Lei Jin.

He stretched out his paws and touched his female’s hair, and shouted, “Mingya’s female, what’s wrong with you?”

Lei Jin still didn’t move at all.

Mingya’s tears fell in big, anxious drops: “Wu wu wu, Mingya’s female, what’s wrong with you? Dad said that it won’t hurt after eating the white fruit, and Mingya really saw other werebeasts eating it. What happened to you?”

At this time, Xiya and Moya, who were hiding in the tree, couldn’t bother to hide their presence any longer. They glanced at each other and ran over in unison.

“Mingya, what’s wrong?” Xiya asked as soon as he landed.

Moya went over and propped their female up and held him in his arms.

“Eldest Brother, Second Brother, I killed our female!”

Mingya didn’t even bother to ask why Eldest Brother and Second Brother suddenly appeared here, he jumped into his female’s arms with a “wahh” and burst into tears: “Mingya’s female, Mingya killed you, and Mingya no longer want to live either, Mingya want to be with you forever.”

“Too noisy.” Moya frowned, slapped him on the head, and continued: “He just passed out, he’s not dead yet, he is still breathing.”

“Uh?” Mingya stopped crying, raised his head with big tearful eyes, and confirmed, “Really not dead?”

“Touch for yourself.” Moya took his paws and placed them on the warm and moving chest of their female.

“That’s wonderful, he’s really not dead, our female is really not dead.” Mingya grinned.

“Alright already, look at how you cry.” Xiya grabbed the towel on the side and wiped his face.

“What did you feed him?” Moya asked.

“That kind of white berries, the one that makes you no longer hurt after eating it.” Xiya followed his line of sight to see the white and red berries scattered on the stones.

“Idiot Mingya, this white fruit is fine for werebeasts to eat. But if you give it to such a weak female, you have to add just a drop and mix it with water before they can drink it. Such a whole fruit can only be given to them when they are seriously injured. If they eat it, they will faint immediately.” Xiya couldn’t help knocking at his head with his knuckles.

Seeing that his tears were about to come out again, he took the towel and directly covered his face.

“What should we do?” Mingya grabbed the towel.

“It’s alright, it’ll be fine after a while.” There was nothing wrong originally, but he was almost scared to death by his own little brother. “By the way, this is our female’s clothes?” Xiya took the small bath towel and examined it, which tribe’s clothes were these, giving such a small piece of clothing for females to wear, wasn’t it just asking for someone to snatch him away?

“But it’s really soft and fragrant,” Xiya sniffed it under his nose and came to a conclusion.

“Our female is more fragrant, and that place is pink and tender.” Mingya said proudly. Crawling over to part their female’s legs, the small bud in the middle was then exposed under three pairs of staring, heated eyes.

Seeing such a sight, flames immediately burned in the eyes of Xiya and Moya.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mingya looked over his female cautiously, and confirming that their female hadn’t woken up yet, lay between his legs, stuck out his tongue and licked into the place he had been yearning for.

Moya also couldn’t help but lower his head to kiss the female’s lips, parting his lips and sucking deeply. Seeing this, Xiya reached out and touched the little red beans on his chest, rubbing it.

In the dream, Lei Jin felt that he was being held down by many hands, and he couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t help opening his mouth and moaning in a low voice…..

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