These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 009 Water Everywhere

When Lei Jin woke up again, the sun was already in the west, and he was lying in a shallow cave not far from the river bank. The fallen leaves made the bed he was lying on, which made a rustling sound when he moved.

He kept feeling like he had forgotten something. He seemed to have had a very long dream, the dream was very heavy, in that dream, he was pressed down by many hands, his upper half was lying in the arms of a tall man, the man’s aura was a little cold, following along the back of his neck as he bit down all the way, but the breath sprayed on his face was hot. He kept saying something in his ear, but he couldn’t understand a word. There was also another pair of big hands wandering over him, separating his legs and a third person pierced through him fiercely. He wanted to open his mouth to call for help, but his mouth was caught in a kiss and the words were swallowed together.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He wanted to open his eyes and see just who it was? But the eyelids were too heavy to open.

Later, his body slowly came to feel…..

“Damn it!” Lei Jin hammered the ground heavily, the hard stone ground making his fist hurt. How could he have such a dream for no reason? Even if he hadn’t gotten relief for two days, was sexually dissatisfied, and had a wet dream or something, he should be the one pressing the man down, not the man pressing him down, let alone being pressed down by several men at the same time.

Lei Jin touched his lower half, and it was indeed a little sticky, even in the back. Lei Jin’s face turned pale, could it be that someone really did do him while he was in a coma?

No, there was no sore feeling of being stretched open in the back. Could it be that it’s his own fluids that dripped down there? It should be, Lei Jin tried his best to comfort himself, not to mention that there were no people here, and even if there were people, they would not make a move on a grown man like himself. It was not like he was some unparalleled beauty, and besides the gay men in the world were still in the minority after all. How could there be the possibility that he would meet one, let alone three at once who took advantage of him when he was in a coma, but disappeared when he woke up.

It must be like this. If he didn’t think this way, Lei Jin couldn’t convince himself to explain the current situation.

Speaking of being in a coma, he remembered. That little guy had put something in his mouth, it was sour and bitter. Lei Jin smacked hisnlips, and it seemed that the taste had faded.

“That’s right, where did that little guy go? Why am I in this place now? Wasn’t I on the rocks at the time, Furball…..Furball…..” Lei Jin raised his voice and called out to the entrance of the cave.

No movement? Lei Jin frowned, thinking, it wouldn’t happen to have run away while he was in a coma, would it? It had been so clingy towards him before, and it would not leave even if it was beaten. He thought that this time he finally found a companion who would always be by his side, but in the end, he still had nothing by his side, not even a pet.

Lei Jin suddenly thought of his mother. For many years, he hadn’t thought of this woman.

He was born in a small county town in the north. His mother gave birth to him out of wedlock, but his father died in an accident. He lived with his mother in a small courtyard house. When his mother went to work every day, he was locked every day at home. He would watch the neighbor’s children run and play in the street through the crack of the door.

Later, one day his mother finally said that she was going to take him out to play and asked him what he wanted to eat.

He said he just wanted to eat fish meatballs, like the kind eaten by the neighbor’s child.

Mother hugged him and cried the whole time, and later ordered a large plate of grilled fish meatballs for him to eat at the fish meatball stall.

He still remembered that his mother said to him, “Xiao Jin, eat slowly, Mother is going to go pay.” He was very obedient, sitting there obediently and waiting. Although he really wanted to eat, he resisted, wanting to eat together when his mother came back.

But until it was dark, and even the fish meatball stall had already closed, his mother still didn’t come back.

The people next to him looked at him with pitying eyes, shook their heads and sighed, “Such a pity, such a beautiful boy, just abandoned by his mother.”

He still remembered the way back home. Holding the fish meatballs left for his mother in his hand, he walked for a long time to get home, but the door of the house was locked, and the neighbor said that his mother had moved out with a man in the afternoon.

He waited at the door for a long time. The wind was very cold in the summer night, just like today.

Later, he became the mob boss of the Qingyan Gang, and he had once looked for her. She was in another city and lived very well. She lived a prosperous life and had no worries about food and clothing. She also had a son, who was six years younger than him. He had a very fair and refined appearance, a student of a prestigious university.

He just wanted to ask her if she remembered the child who was thrown away at the fish meatball stall back then.

But she cried and knelt down and begged him not to disturb her current life.

He hadn’t seen her since.

She likely did not know even now that the child she had always feared was no longer in that world.

Lei Jin wanted to get up. No matter what, he had to get up to take a bath first, then find something to eat and fill his stomach. Even if there was only himself left, he still had to live well, because he knew that no one would feel distress for him except for himself.

There was a burst of soreness in his limbs, and he fell back to the ground heavily, it seemed that the residual medicinal properties were still lingering.

“Damn.” It had been an afternoon, and he still had no energy at all. What the hell did that damn little furball give him to eat?

Lei Jin, who was immersed in his own thoughts, didn’t see…..

Mingya was gently entering the cave with a fish in his mouth.

Mingya put the fish beside the fire, lay beside his female, and blinked his big round blue eyes: “Why is Mingya’s female still not awake, the sun is setting already. Second Brother clearly said that he’ll wake up before the sun sets.”

Mingya’s wet head rubbed against Lei Jin’s body and said, “Mingya’s female, wake up, Mingya has returned from catching fish.”

Lei Jin actually noticed its presence when it  approached him. Knowing that it hadn’t left, his thoughts were in a mess, and he didn’t know what to think. If he really had to pinpoint it, he might be a little relieved.

Seeing it coming over at this time, he gave it a heavy slap in exasperation and shouted, “I called you just now, where did you go?”

The medicinal properties in Lei Jin’s body hadn’t dissipated yet, his hands and feet were weak, so even if he appeared quite fierce, it was only just thunder and no rain.

Mingya did not move away from the slaps as it didn’t hurt or itch, and instead he leaned forward and buried his head on the edge of Lei Jin’s neck and said coquettishly, “Mingya’s female, Mingya went to catch fish just now, look, the fur on Mingya’s body is still wet.”

Lei Jin got water rubbed on him, pushed the other away angrily, and said, “Stay away from me, you’re getting water everywhere, it’s so sticky and uncomfortable.”

“Wu wu…..then Mingya will lick it clean for you.”

Lei Jin didn’t know what the other was going to do at first. It wasn’t until he stretched out his tongue and licked the water droplets on his chest that he suddenly realized, and his face sank immediately. He said, “Little Furball, go away. Go get some water, and I’ll wipe it myself.”

“No, Mingya’s female, Mingya will lick clean.” For once, Mingya didn’t obey.

“Don’t…..go away…..ngh…..” Lei Jin had no strength in his limbs, so he could only lie there and let Mingya’s tongue lick down his back, not even missing the gap between his cheeks, two claws spreading it and licking it clean.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mingya finished licking the front, and then helped Lei Jin turn over, and continued licking slowly and patiently.

Seen from a distance, beside the burning bonfire, a pair of bare and slender legs were propped on the shoulders of a snow-white silver leopard, and the sound of low-pitched panting breaths drifted far away in the wind…..

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