These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 011 The Road

Last night, in the first half of the night, there was still a bright moon in the sky and a sky full of stars. Who knew that in the second half of the night, a sudden torrential rain came. The south wind came with the rain and blew straight into the cave. Fortunately, the cave was high, so there was no problem of rainwater backflow, but the cave was very shallow, and it didn’t take long for half of the cave floor to become wet. It was not possible to lie down and sleep, so Lei Jin had to hold the little guy and sit on the inside of the cave against the rock wall to rest for the rest of the night.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After all the tossing about last night, neither Lei Jin nor Mingya slept well. Lei Jin was awakened by the sound of birds chirping in the early morning. He covered his mouth and yawned loudly, pushing the contently sleeping little guy in his arms to the ground.

Picking up the towel that had been dried by the campfire and hanging it around his neck, he left the cave.

The fresh air was mixed with the earthy fragrance of nature, blowing at the face and making people feel refreshed. After the rain, the green of the leaves of the trees and grass by the river seemed even greener.

Lei Jin took a deep breath, stretched out his arms, kicked his legs, and moved his wrists.

Mingya was pushed to the ground and woke up in a daze. He rubbed his eyes and saw his female standing at the entrance of the cave. The morning sunlight shone in from the outside and enveloped his fair and naked body. Painting him with a halo of soft golden light that made people unable to take their eyes away.

It rained heavily last night, and the ground was a little muddy, but fortunately there were many stones by the river, so the road was not difficult to walk. Lei Jin walked to the river and squatted down. Cupping some water, he washed his face, rinsed his mouth, the water tasting cool and sweet.

When he looked down, he saw dry white marks on the inside of his thighs, and his attractive eyebrows wrinkled. Yesterday, he was busy with beating up the little guy just after he was able to move. The little guy didn’t have time to lick off the traces, and he also forgot to clean it. Wetting the bath towel in the river water he wiped it vigorously. When he thought of the feeling of being pressed down and licked, Lei Jin put more pressure in his hands. The skin on the inner thighs were soft and quickly turned red by his rubbing, burning slightly. Lei Jin still felt unclean, and he didn’t care about the cold water in the early morning. With a savage jump he went down, the cold river water rushed over him, so cold even the pores could not help shrinking.

Lei Jin swam back and forth in the river a few times before his body gradually recovered and his spirit relaxed.

When Mingya came out, Lei Jin had already gone ashore and was sitting on a large rock with one leg flat and the other bent naturally, wiping the water droplets from his body with the bath towel. Lei Jin’s hand paused when he wiped down to his wrist, and after fumbling around with his hand, he glanced at the little guy inexplicably.

Mingya swallowed his saliva and wanted nothing more than to become the drops of water on Lei Jin’s body.

When Lei Jin turned his head, Mingya was already lying down, obediently looking at his paw, his eyes so pure and innocent as if a flower could be born out of thin air from his furry paw in the next quarter of an hour.

After these two days of getting along, especially after yesterday’s beating, Mingya knew that no matter how dumb he was, he knew that his female didn’t like that kind of thing now. Females always have thin skin. They had only known each other for two days so it was natural he would still feel embarrassed. He couldn’t think of doing that thing every time he saw his female. Ah Ma said that females should be more reserved. Those who took advantage of the scarcity of females and went around seducing and hooking up with werebeasts were the worst and not upright at all. It seemed that this female was the kind of person Ah Ma mentioned who was very upright and ethical. Mingya came to this terrifying conclusion on his own.

And Eldest Brother and Second Brother also said that this matter should not be done in a hurry, at least wait until they returned to the tribe, held a ceremony, and officially brought their female home.

Lei Jin naturally didn’t know what Mingya was thinking about now. If he knew, he would probably fall to the ground in uncontrollable laughter. Since Lei Jin became an adult, he didn’t know what morals and ethics were anymore.

Taking advantage of the good weather now, Lei Jin decided to quickly finish his meal and go on the road, walking down the river to see if he could find any people. They had been lucky these two days, and didn’t encounter any large wild beasts, but in such a dense jungle, even if Lei Jin had no common sense he still knew that it was impossible for such a place to be without large carnivores. Lei Jin had no interest at all in fighting wild beasts, and since he had no weapons at all, plus a little guy who didn’t seem to have much physical strength, it was better to leave as soon as possible.

“Little Furball, let’s go, let’s have breakfast.” Lei Jin passed by and patted his head, the towel already wrapped around his waist. But Mingya’s field of view was lower, so while Lei Jin was walking, Mingya could still see clearly.

Mingya followed closely behind, the scenery was great, he couldn’t touch, but it was still good to be able to watch. Mingya licked his mouth and thought contentedly.

The two returned to the cave, the wood had all burned out, and the bonfire was extinguished.

Lei Jin broke some branches from the outside. It rained heavily last night, and now the sun had just risen. The branches were still wet and was perfect for scraping away the remaining ashes as it would not raise up too much dust.

As the soil was dug away, the strong aroma of fish spread rapidly in this small cave. The fish was fully cooked under the bonfire overnight, and the wrapped leaves were browned. Because it was baked underground, the aroma of the fish didn’t escape at all, and instead it seemed to have a stronger flavor than yesterday’s grilled fish.

When he woke up in the morning, he had no appetite. But thinking that they still had a long way to go today, Lei Jin forced himself to eat one. On the other hand, Mingya was quite interested in eating. After Lei Jin saw that he had eaten five fish, regardless of his pitiful and coquettish eyes, he decisively put away the remaining three fish.

The little guy had eaten too much. They still had to save some in case they needed to eat. No matter what, he couldn’t let the little guy finish it all in one meal.

Lei Jin pulled a bright green vine, tied the three fish firmly together, stuffed it into the little guy’s embrace, knocked on his head with a knuckle, and warned: “These are not allowed to be eaten for now, if you eat them, I’ll grill and eat you.”

Seeing the little guy nodding, Lei Jin picked him up and left the cave, walking along the river.

During the day, the owl was sleeping on the branch of the tree. Hearing the movement, it opened its eyes slightly, and then seemed to be frightened by something. It suddenly stared with wide eyes, and cried out hoarsely: “Damn, damn, damn, I haven’t woken up yet, right? Why do I see a female holding a leopard werebeast? This world is too crazy. No, this is big news, I have to spread it.” The owl flapped its wings and flew off. It didn’t take long, so long as the animals had ears they all knew that the werebeasts of the Leopard Tribe were weak enough to let their females carry them in their arms. The thousand year long mighty image of the Leopard Tribe crumbled apart completely, the image falling apart again and again, falling into the valley and even being buried three feet deeper.

For many years after that, the werebeasts of the Leopard Tribe didn’t understand why the prey they could capture suddenly increased. The wild beasts didn’t hide when they saw them, in fact, they didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

As the saying goes, there would be losses, and there would be gains. If the werebeasts of the Leopard Tribe knew the truth, don’t know whether they would feel fortunate or violently angry, whether to thank Mingya, or gang up and beat him together. Of course, all of this was impossible, because who let them not have the ability to understand the language of other species?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this time, Mingya couldn’t care about those things. The refreshing scent from the female made him take a deep breath quietly and lie down obediently in his female’s arms. Completely intoxicated and limp, not a bit of awareness that a werebeast should have in him.

However, the good times did not last long. This sweet period of time was soon interrupted by the footsteps of several tall men.

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