After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 122 Reason & ABO

Tao Mu browsed the Internet for several hours, and finally sorted out the shocking melon of the Shen family.

The whole thing started a few days ago.

After the publicity footage of Tao Mu acting as a body double stand-in on the set was released from the crew of “Purple Clouds”, as expected, the fans of the two persons involved and the melon-eating crowd both had a collective climax.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Especially Chen Yiqian, he knew deeply that Tao Mu was a very vicious person. When he was a body double stand-in, he was already ruthless. Now that he had capital to back him up, he was afraid that he would act even more ruthless than before. Chen Yiqian was also worried that when he used Tao Mu as a body double stand-in to promote the crew, he would anger Tao Mu——although Tao Mu said it didn’t matter, but no one truly knew what another person thought. What if Tao Mu was just being generous on the surface, but already had a grudge in his heart? After all, the entertainment industry had never lacked such people.

So after thinking about it, Chen Yiqian not only released the filming footage, but even the most beautiful sets of martial arts movements Tao Mu performed when acting as a body double stand-in were edited into the video and released——especially the fight scene that involved the water hose turned on high power. At that time when Tao Mu finally succeeded against all odds, the entire crew was amazed. Although Chen Yiqian knew that Tao Mu was a body double stand-in, he was still reluctant to edit the close-ups of eyes and face that were captured on camera. Now that there was a chance, it would be released directly in the form of behind-the-scenes, which would not bury Tao Mu’s original efforts.

Of course, the most important thing was to befriend Tao Mu.

However, while Chen Yiqian made a lot of calculations, in the end he overlooked one thing.

After the video was released, most superficial people only knew to lick their computer screens, and the screenshots were saved and filed away at the speed of light. All the while shouting out “666” (TN: Chinese Internet slang for cool, smooth). They all especially enjoyed this visual feast and looked forward to the TV series “Purple Clouds”.

However, Shen Yu’s fans were not happy.

Even if they were unreasonably confident in their idol, they knew that Shen Yu’s fighting scenes wouldn’t be able to compare to Tao Mu, a professional body double stand-in. In addition, Tao Mu was handsome and tall. Although he was the same age as Shen Yu, the powerful aura surrounding him made Tao Mu appear more mature than his peers. In addition, Tao Mu founded during his freshman year, and then he managed to hug Li Xiaoheng’s thigh and became a partner of Xiaoheng Capital. After all of this, he could be regarded as very successful indeed.

In contrast, Shen Yu, who had been selling his little prince image, had a delicate appearance, soft temperament as well as naivety and ignorance of world affairs due to being spoiled and protected by his family. It was natural that he would be a bit dwarfed by comparison. Compared with the pampered, innocent and weak prince, of course, the self-made, iron-fisted and decisive king was more charismatic and awe-inspiring.

Moreover, when playing with the king one could take the opportunity to get some of the king’s resources——for example, Guo Yaning who played well with Tao Mu made several rounds of publicity through before the release of her album. After the new album was released, because of the unfortunate incident of being swept away by the storm that was Tao Mu’s crossdress dance video, she simply got another video of Tao Mu dancing to use as an MV for one of her album songs. As a result, the popularity of the new album skyrocketed by tens of thousands on that day, especially the new video uploaded on, which had more than 30 million views in just 24 hours.

The fellow peers in the entertainment circle who watched this were both envious and jealous.

But what about the people who played well with Shen Yu? First of all, Shen Yu was spoiled and raised by the Shen family since childhood. He was a veritable prince, and he naturally possessed a hefty case of the prince syndrome. As a result, the people around Shen Yu always had to accommodate him, praising him consciously or unintentionally. In fact, this didn’t matter to most, after all, Shen Yu was good-looking, innocent and soft-spoken, and the Shen family was a wealthy family in Shanghai. This kind of person should be the center of all attention and loved by everyone.

But Shen Yu’s fans were a bit annoying. Towards those who got close to Shen Yu, they would accuse them for wanting to hug Shen Yu’s golden thigh and rub off on Shen Yu’s popularity. And towards those who distance themselves from Shen Yu, they would accuse them for being ungrateful, feeling distress for Shen Yu’s mistaken friendship. Anyway, no matter what it was always everyone else’s fault. Shen Yu was also the kind of spoiled character that would feel wronged and cry about you neglecting him if you don’t play with him everyday.

Fortunately, Shen Yu’s family and agent were much more reasonable. Knowing that they also have their own things to do, those who were in the entertainment industry would be given some resources in return, and those who were studying in college would be provided internship positions in the Shen Group as compensation. When everyone saw the benefits, they would naturally be happy to play with Shen Yu. But occasionally, they would also mutter to themselves. They just felt that Shen Yu and Tao Mu were both born in the same year, but the difference in how they behave was so big, as expected of poor children maturing earlier than rich children.

Shen Yu was just a Silly White Sweet, and not truly stupid. After hearing this comparison for a long time, Shen Yu also began to feel something. He didn’t feel angry at all, just more and more inferior. Especially when Yan Sheng, the male god he had admired for a long time, also inadvertently sighed that he wanted to test his acting chops against Tao Mu during filming, Shen Yu became more and more anxious.

He also wanted Yan Sheng to praise him like that. But he was so useless himself. Afraid of heights and the cold, he didn’t even dare to hang on the wires, let alone test acting chops against a film king.

It just so happened that at this juncture, the crew of “Purple Clouds” released the filming behind-the-scenes video clip of Tao Mu acting as a body double stand-in on the set. Everyone started licking the screen excitedly after seeing Tao Mu’s fight scenes. Even Yan Sheng showed a look of delight when he saw the video.

Shen Yu was even more anxious. Especially after his fans saw Tao Mu’s fight scenes, not only did they not fawn and blow rainbow fart, they even dared to deride Tao Mu’s humble status as a body double stand-in for Shen Yu and claimed that he was not worthy of being compared with Shen Yu——please, the Qing Dynasty had ended for so many years and yet they still say such things, it only comes across as embarrassing, honestly.

Shen Yu was anxious, angry, and humiliated. He had yet to figure out how to persuade his fans not to talk about Tao Mu like this when someone actually broke the news that Tao Mu was bullied by Luo Yang with a water hose in the crew. Somehow, someone had managed to get the photo of Tao Mu’s embarrassing state looking like a wet dog while being sprayed with a high pressure water hose——

This time, Shen Yu really exploded. It was rare for a person who was never angry to erupt like a small volcano, and he directly scolded his fans. He also @ Tao Mu and kept apologizing on the Internet as well——he knew that Tao Mu didn’t like him and had already blocked his phone number. And he was also embarrassed to call Tao Mu from someone else’s phone——no matter how stupid Shen Yu was, he was also capable of being afraid that Tao Mu would scold him. So he could only apologize on the Internet.

But it was too late. Tao Mu’s fans exploded when Shen Yu’s fans slandered Tao Mu’s life experience and used the old story of being bullied when Tao Mu was a body double stand-in.

Tao Mu’s fans varied in attributes. There were all kinds of martial arts group extras that he knew when he was filming in H Town, and they all regard Tao Mu as an idol; there were also website fans that Tao Mu attracted after he founded; and some fans belonging to various stars. Because their idol played well with Tao Mu, they had also become a friendly fan of Tao Mu; more of them were fans who valued Tao Mu’s face, and a small group of fans who valued Tao Mu’s poisonous tongue, called scold war fans.

The last type was relatively small, but in terms of combat effectiveness, it was definitely at the level of the front-line combat troops.

The mindless actions and mindless protection of Shen Yu’s fans directly angered fans of these varying attributes. Especially after Shen Yu’s fans posted a photo of Tao Mu being bullied on set, and scolded Tao Mu as a pathetic wet dog. As a result, Tao Mu’s fans, who were originally quite Zen, exploded.

So Shen Yu’s FlyNews account was bombed by these fans. Especially under the FlyNews thread that apologized to Tao Mu, a large group of Tao Mu fans swarmed and scolded Shen Yu for being hypocritical and two-face, and said that Shen Yu, a spoiled, brain-dead prince syndrome patient, could not compare to even Tao Mu’s toenails.

“My Mu used to be weak and bullied by others, but he was able to create from scratch despite all the pressure. Let’s see if that bastard from the Luo family dares to bully him now?”

“A good birth is not called skills, living well is. You are just good at choosing a rich family to reincarnate in, and you are far worse than my Mu in terms of ability. How can you have the face to compare with my Mu?”

“You don’t even dare to hang on wires despite being an actor and have to find a stand-in even just to shoot a rooftop scene. Why come out to work if you are so delicate and pampered? Why don’t you go home and be your Pea Prince?”

Even the Luo Group, which was used to keeping under the radar, was scolded. But fortunately, Luo Xi had a sense of crisis, came out in time for public relations, and even brought out Luo Yang, who had been detained at home by Chairman Luo to recuperate after his broken leg, to apologize in person.

However, Luo Yang, who had been lying at home the whole time, was quite unlucky. After Chairman Luo found out that he used his family background to bully the weak outside, and most importantly that the one who he bullied was Li Xiaoheng’s business partner, the most important business partner of Longteng Entertainment, the old man directly took his cane and broke Luo Yang’s other leg. After finishing this matter, he sent an apology on FlyNews in person on the Internet, saying that he did not teach his son well, and he would definitely discipline him in the future. Chairman Luo originally wanted to call Tao Mu, but then news broke out on the Internet that Tao Mu was arrested for taking drugs and was taken to a drug rehab center. There were photos to prove it, and there were quite a few people who believed it.

Chairman Luo was in the army, and some of his old comrades in arms joined the anti-drug service after they were discharged from the army. In order to catch drug dealers, there were quite a few who have sacrificed their lives in service over the years. Therefore, Chairman Luo hated people who had relations to drugs the most. When he saw this news, he didn’t even make a phone call and just cursed “they are all just as bad as each other”, and even warned the Luo family siblings to stop interacting with such people.

The news that Tao Mu was arrested for taking drugs and was admitted to a drug rehab center definitely caused an uproar on the Internet. Especially after the good news that had just exceeded 100 million registered users. Almost all the people who could go online in China were the first to pay attention to this news. It was no exaggeration to say that if was a listed company at this time, then within a few days,’s stock price would definitely enjoy the roller coaster treatment of going from daily limit to the limit down.

Fortunately, had not yet been listed, Tao Mu’s relatives believed more in Tao Mu’s character, and “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” crew and Gou Rixin testified together. However, the characteristic of fan vs. anti wars was that no matter how conclusive your evidence was, those who didn’t want to believe would still pretend to be blind with their eyes open.

This was especially exemplified in the fans of Shen Yu——this scolding war, which had Tao Mu’s fans beating them to the extent that they were powerless to resist, lasted for so long, and even passers-by who ate melons didn’t stand on their side. So now, when Shen Yu’s fans finally caught Tao Mu’s “weakness”, how could they easily let go.

So disregarding the clarification of the facts put forward by the crew of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, all kinds of rumors flew. There were even those who firmly claimed that the “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” crew and Tao Mu’s assistant must have been paid money to help Tao Mu cover up. As a result, the people who ate melons and who didn’t know the truth saw this and thought that Tao Mu really did take drugs and was arrested in a drug rehab center.

The impact of this was huge. After all, Tao Mu was not just himself. Behind him were,, and even Xiaoheng Capital. Since good words and persuasion didn’t work, the final result was that the weak and helpless Lawyer Zhou appeared again, together with the top team of lawyers who earned $2,000 per hour from Xiaoheng Capital. Clarification announcement and lawyer letter indictment were issued more than 100 times, which finally stopped this evil wind.

They also didn’t expect that Shen Yu’s brain-dead fans would be so powerful in combat, each and every one of them was like a professional water army who received money.

Up to here, to be precise, after receiving the lawyer’s letter from and Xiaoheng Capital, and even after the court’s subpoena, those Shen Yu fans who wantonly spread rumors on the Internet finally know to start panicking.

They finally remembered that this was not just an ordinary fan vs. anti war, they were smearing an Internet company and a financial institution. And as we all know, these two industries were actually the most concerned about personal image and reputation issues.

Therefore, and Xiaoheng Capital’s lawsuits were all based on the fact that the rumors on the Internet caused serious economic losses to the company——if they were investigated, it was definitely not as simple as an apology. They would have to be fined, and if they couldn’t pay the fines they would go to jail.

Of course, neither nor Xiaoheng Capital actually wanted this group of little brain-dead idiots to go to jail. But teaching them a good lesson was still necessary. Since you can surf the Internet, you should know that you must be responsible for your own words.

However, what they didn’t expect was that this group of panic-stricken fans really knew to be afraid. However, they did not apologize directly, but went to find the little prince in their hearts, Shen Yu. Shen Yu’s title, the brain-dead little prince, was also well-deserved. After receiving his fans’ cries, his cerebral cortex didn’t even tremble, and he directly called Li Xiaoheng. And he didn’t apologize properly either, just spouted some self-righteous nonsense “they are still children, you can’t be so unkind”, which directly pissed off Li Xiaoheng that he laughed angrily.

Although he didn’t know why the Shen family, who was a business family, would raise their son to have such serious cerebral palsy (in the eyes of CEO Li, this was no longer the level of cerebral disability. Cerebral disability meant that some functions could still function normally. Cerebral palsy meant that all functions were paralyzed, and they don’t even move at all), but Li Xiaoheng still communicated cordially with the Shen family patriarch in his own way——specifically, he greeted the Shen Group’s rising stock in the stock market.

Then the Shen family father and son really understood. Li Xiaoheng didn’t care how the father and son of the Shen family communicated with Shen Yu. In any case, when he received Shen Yu’s apology call again, the style on the opposite side was much more normal.

——From this, it could be seen that a certain someone may not be really brainless. It was just that he subconsciously felt that the whole world was his daddy. But the problem was that while a certain someone may be willing to take the whole world as his parents, Li Xiaoheng was not willing to have such a troublesome son out of thin air. Therefore, it was best to communicate normally with the attitude of ordinary people.

But what Li Xiaoheng didn’t know was that after being educated by the Shen family’s father and son, Shen Yu was quite on the verge of extreme mental collapse. Especially when Father Shen and Shen Chen were educating Shen Yu, they always liked to take Tao Mu as an example. They felt that Shen Yu was not as mature as Tao Mu, as able to make good friends as Tao Mu, as able to handle affairs as Tao Mu and so on. Originally, netizens used Tao Mu’s former status as a body double stand-in for Shen Yu to ridicule Shen Yu for not being able to do anything, so Shen Yu was already a little depressed. Now that his family also said something similar, the brain-dead little prince was not happy at all.

Shen Yu wanted to prove himself to his family and fans. Of course, with Shen Yu’s brain capacity, he couldn’t think of too high-end face slaps. He could only make a fuss about hanging on wires himself while filming——he wanted to prove to his family and netizens that what Tao Mu could do, he could do too. Even if his fight scenes were not as beautiful as Tao Mu’s. But he could learn and practice, and now he had the courage to hang on wires, which was progress.

When the brain-dead little prince put on his wire suit, he was still imagining that after he had finished filming today’s scenes, and when he returned home he could act like a spoiled child with his parents and siblings, and how everyone would kiss him and cheer him up.

But Shen Yu didn’t think that, in fact, the danger of hanging on wires when filming was very high, and even a professionally trained martial arts stand-in might not be able to guarantee certain safety. What was more, as the male protagonist of the original book, who was not very coordinated with his motor skills, had little courage and was afraid of heights, and who did whatever he did under the halo of the plot——

Tao Mu had reminded Shen Yu of this at the beginning. It was a pity that it was too long ago, and Shen Yu had long forgotten it. Of course, even if he remembered, in Shen Yu’s current state, it was likely that he wouldn’t take it to heart. So at the first moment when Shen Yu was arguing about hanging on the wires personally, the God of Plot was still doing their due diligence. Even without the objective factor of Tao Mu, the God of Plot still adhered to the principle that they could be late but must not be absent, and therefore the perfectly fine wires of a moment ago had an accident, and then Shen Yu fell from the wires as was always planned.

Like the plot of the original book, Shen Yu, who fell from several meters high, went into a coma with serious injuries and needed surgery. Blood transfusion was required during the operation. After the blood type test, the nurse shouted wildly to ask the blood bank to send a blood bag of type B——

As a result, everyone in the Shen family who was guarding outside the operating room was immediately stunned. In the whole family, Father Shen was ALPHA, Mother Shen was OMEGA, their elder son was ALPHA, and their daughter was OMEGA. Everybody always thought that Shen Yu was also a cute and delicate OMEGA. So now the question was, where did the BETA lying in the operating room come from?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this moment, Father Shen, who had always been doting on his wife, couldn’t help but feel angry and couldn’t help but turn around and b*tch-slap Mother Shen, who was frozen in shock.

After getting the news of Shen Yu’s injury, the paparazzi reporter who had secretly followed over from the studio and even managed to sneak into the hospital took such a photo at just the right time.

And that was the breaking news that Tao Mu saw.

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  1. Even if i want to blame Shen Yu, I don’t know how to blame. He was raised to be stupid and pampered and due to plot halo, everyone treated him well blindly, not giving him any sort of reality check.
    I feel like this Shen Yu will have a really tragic end >.<
    Lighting a candle for the poor kid

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  2. The God of Plot is really powerful, I’d be as paranoid as Tao Mu at this point. But it seems like Li Xiaoheng really isn’t affected by the plot/protagonist halo so it should be fine


  3. This Shen Yu literaly created just to become a punching bag. So far, I can’t blame him for his character, because he was raised to be like that. I can’t blame him for his pitting mouth, because not everyone has slick or comforting mouth (because I also have pitting mouth like him, that’s why I become a silent person, so that I don’t offend anyone left and right). I can’t blame hin for the brainless people around him, because it’s not his fault to have born with protagonist halo who can reduce everyone’s IQ by 70%, it’s the fault of the mighty author. In the end, I can’t find anything that make me think that Shen Yu is a villain or cannon fodder of this novel, only a victim of the author’s cruelty.


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