After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 124 Plot Radiation


Overturning the seafood porridge handed to her, Mother Shen leaned against the bedside and shouted hysterically: “Get out! I don’t want to see you, you cuckoo occupying the magpie’s nest! You return my son to me!”

“Mom!” Being scalded by the hot seafood porridge on the back of his hand, Shen Yu subconsciously clutched his hand and took two steps back: “Mom——”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Don’t call me mom!” Mother Shen shook her head, more and more on the verge of mental collapse: “I’m not your mother. You’re not my son, you damned bastard who stole my son. Get out of here! Get out of the Shen family! I don’t want to see you anymore. Get out!”

Mother Shen shouted frantically, and suddenly reached out and grabbed the family photo frame on the bedside table, smashing it hard at Shen Yu. Shen Yu couldn’t avoid it, and the edge of the photo frame severely clipped a wound on his forehead. Blood flowed down from the wound, slid across the brow bone, and fell into his eyes. Immediately his eyes turned bloody.

Shen Yu’s lips trembled, he touched his forehead in disbelief, and looked at the blood on his hands, only to feel that his heart hurt more than his head: “Mom…..”

“Mom, don’t do this anymore!” Shen Yan, who had been hiding silently, couldn’t take it anymore, and rushed out to hug her younger brother, crying and saying, “Mom, don’t blame my little brother. It’s my fault, It’s all my fault. I was naughty back then, so I replaced my little brother. It had nothing to do with Xiao Yu, so stop scolding XiaoYu. He is innocent too!”

When these words came out, everyone was shocked. Even Father Shen looked at his daughter in disbelief: “Yan’er, what did you say?”

“It’s me! I replaced my little brother.” Shen Yan burst into tears, hugging Shen Yu tightly and not letting go: “When Mother gave birth to little brother, you were all good to little brother, and your eyes only saw little brother, and no one cared about me anymore. But little brother was not cute at all…..”

Shen Yan, who was only five years old, was neglected at home because her mother gave birth to a younger brother, and the whole family’s attention was on the younger brother. When she went to the hospital to see her little brother, the little brother only knew how to sleep and ignored her completely. There was none of the cuteness of the baby crying and laughing on the bed next to him.

I don’t like this little brother!

Just like I don’t like this toy, five-year-old Shen Yan secretly switched the two children’s name tag when the medical staff were not paying attention. Because she had heard nurses say that the way they identified babies was by the little hand card on their wrist.

So as long as I change the hand card, I could get a little brother I like.

At that time, Shen Yan didn’t understand anything, and even took this as a prank. She also thought that when her parents saw the new little brother and fell in love with the new little brother, she would jump out and tell everyone that their little brother was not so cute at all, it was someone else’s little brother. Just like when her parents always complimented other people’s children.

But Shen Yan didn’t expect that on the night when she quietly changed the name tags, her little brother in the bed was taken away. Shen Yan, who knew that she was in trouble, was terrified and didn’t dare to tell her parents the truth.

Over the years, Shen Yan had always been very kind to Shen Yu, just to hypnotize herself. Shen Yu was her little brother. He was her favorite, the little brother she replaced with her own hands.

“It’s all my fault. If you want to blame someone, you can blame me. Don’t blame Xiao Yu. It’s also because of me that Xiao Yu didn’t grow up with his biological parents.” Shen Yan sobbed out the truth.

Mother Shen just collapsed. She had been having conspiracy theories for so long, always thinking that the woman did not want her own son to suffer, so she deliberately switched the two children. She never thought that all of this was caused by her own daughter out of playfulness.

“What sin have I committed!” Mother Shen clutched her chest and cried out in pain, “My son!”

Mother Shen didn’t catch her next breath, she rolled her eyes and fainted suddenly.

“Mother——” Everyone in the Shen family panicked, and Shen Yan scrambled to the side of the bed, shaking her mother vigorously: “Mother, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me?”

“Mom!” Shen Yu, with blood all over his face, also rushed to the bed. Drops of blood fell on the pure white quilt, which created a shocking contrast.

Shen Chen looked at his little brother, frowning slightly, and called the family doctor to come up, first to bandage Shen Yu’s wound, and then see what happened to Mother Shen.

“Mrs. Shen does not have any serious problem, but she was too excited that she fainted for a while. As long as she is taken good care of, it will be fine.”

“However, the situation of the young master is a little troublesome.” Shen Yu’s character was originally timid and obedient, just like a rare and expensive flower kept in a greenhouse. Although it was elegant in appearance, it also needed to be carefully cared for.

But now, due to the exposure of his true birth background, he was unable to get Mrs. Shen’s acknowledgement. Shen Yu’s vitality was originally severely damaged by his operation, and now he couldn’t recuperate in peace either. He was in a state of panic and fear all day long, just like when a pampered greenhouse treasure flower was suddenly exposed to the storm. If he wasn’t taken care of carefully, there might be lingering side-effects to his health.

This family doctor had been serving the Shen family for many years. Shen Yu could be regarded as a child he had watched grow up. He liked this innocent, kind and soft-natured young master very much. Even though this young master was raised by his family to be too ignorant of the world, and occasionally embarrass himself due to not knowing the sufferings of the world.

It would be fine if Shen Yu had always been the son of the Shen family. With Chairman Shen and CEO Shen protecting him, his character would not be a problem. But now…..the family doctor shook his head sighing, not knowing how the Shen family would treat this young master whose true birth background was exposed.

Finally, the family doctor gave Mrs. Shen, who had passed out, a sedative, and left a doctor’s order for post-operative recuperation before leaving.

After sending the family doctor away, Father Shen and Shen Chen called Shen Yu, who had white gauze wrapped around his head, to the study: “…..You also heard what the doctor said. Your mother’s mental state is very unstable. You also need to recuperate in peace. So Dad wants to separate the two of you for now. Pack your bags and go live in the apartment for now.”

Was he going to be kicked out by his Dad?

The hands hanging by his side clenched tightly, Shen Yu’s big eyes filled with tears, like a chick that was about to be driven out of the nest by his parents, he whispered, “Dad, Brother, don’t drive me away.”

“It’s not to drive you away.” Shen Chen explained patiently: “It’s just that Mother is weak mentally, suddenly finding out that you are not a child of the Shen family, it is difficult for her to accept this fact for a while. You can also see that if you were to stay at home, Mother would only scold you. You will be walking on eggshells at home, so you might as well leave for a while. I will have Mrs. Liu accompany you to the apartment. With her taking care of you, you can recuperate more peacefully. “

“But I…..” I don’t want to leave you!

“Be good.” Shen Chen walked over from the floor-to-ceiling window and patted Shen Yu’s thin shoulder: “It’s not that we don’t want you anymore. It’s just to have you go live for a while outside, and it’s also convenient for your recuperation. We can also persuade Mother. No matter what, you are also the son that Mother had raised for 19 years. After so many years of love, she would not really be cruel to you. It’s just that she can’t think it through for a while.”

Was that right?

Shen Yu looked at his father and brother in a daze. His headache was terrible, and he really couldn’t think. Since Dad and Big Brother said so, it must be like this.

Shen Yu hesitated for a while, then nodded obediently and agreed to such an arrangement. He looked at his father and elder brother with a look of hope: “…..You will definitely be able to find the real younger son of the Shen family, right? As long as you find him, Mom will forgive me, right?”

The father and son of the Shen family looked at Shen Yu, who was shivering like a newborn cat, but still tried to open his eyes wide and looked at them expectantly, and their hearts softened slightly. Two big hands landed on Shen Yu’s head and rubbed, and replied warmly, “It should be like this.”

When the three came out of the study, Shen Yan, who had been guarding in the corridor, hurried up to meet them, and asked nervously, “Father, Big Brother, what were you talking about when you called Xiao Yu into the study alone? Was there anything you can’t tell me?”

“It’s not that we can’t tell you. We just want Xiao Yu to live in an apartment outside for a few days.”

“What?” Shen Yan was shocked: “No, I don’t agree. Father, Big Brother, you can’t be so cruel. Even if Xiao Yu is not the Shen family’s own flesh and blood, he is also our little brother who had been raised in the Shen family for 19 years! How could you kick him out! He’s just had surgery and isn’t recovered yet!”

Shen Yan really felt distress for Shen Yu. So at that moment, she hugged the slender Shen Yu and cried.

“Enough! Stop making a fuss!” Facing Shen Yan’s unreasonable behavior, the Shen family father and son had another attitude. Father Shen sternly reprimanded: “If you have the energy to intercede for Xiao Yu, you might as well think about what you should do yourself. If you hadn’t caused such a big disaster back then, your little brother wouldn’t have been missing for nineteen years!” The Shen family would not have raised another’s son for nineteen years for nothing!

When Father Shen thought about this, his expression darkened.

“I know it’s my fault. But it has already happened, what can I do?” Shen Yan cried loudly, “You can just find him back. Why do you have to drive Xiao Yu away? Can’t both little brothers stay?”

“You say it lightly. The sea of ​​people is vast, and he has been missing for nineteen years. Where can we find him?” Shen Chen frowned and scolded: “Enough. Don’t make trouble anymore. The reason why Xiao Yu is moving out is for his own good. You have heard what the doctor said. Xiao Yu has just finished surgery and needs to recuperate peacefully. Mother is so troubled now that Xiao Yu can’t live in peace at home at all. Instead of walking on eggshells everyday and worrying whether Mother would have another attack, it’s better to avoid this outside and recuperate peacefully. Mother won’t be so excited when she can’t see Xiao Yu. After awhile, maybe she will miss Xiao Yu, and she may ask to see Xiao Yu.” No matter what, this was a child she had raised for nineteen years.

When Shen Yan heard this explanation, she didn’t say anything anymore. After a long silence: “I want to send Xiao Yu to live outside personally. Otherwise, outsiders will see Xiao Yu and think that Xiao Yu was kicked out by our Shen family. What if others bully him?”

The father and son of the Shen family looked at each other, and Shen Chen nodded in response: “This is no problem. I will ask old Zhou to take you there.”

The news that Shen Yu moved out of the Shen family’s mansion was the same as in the previous life, causing an uproar in Shanghai and the entertainment circle.

After Tao Mu, who had already returned to the capital, got this news, he couldn’t help but feel a little surprised——he didn’t expect that Shen Yu in this life was actually kicked out of the Shen family by Mother Shen.

But it was also logical when thinking about it. In his last life, he and Shen Yu had the wire accident together. After being sent to the hospital, his birth background was directly exposed because of the blood transfusion. He took advantage of the situation to return to the Shen family, and because of resentment in his heart, he made a fuss to expel Shen Yu from the Shen family.

At that time, although the Shen family was surprised by Shen Yu’s birth background, but their own son had appeared, naturally there would be no more heartache of losing one’s child. Those with a darker mind, would likely even speculate about him because of this coincidence. Facts have proved that as soon as he returned to the Shen family’s house, he was seen as a scheming profiteer desperate for quick success and instant profit, trying to compete with Shen Chen for family inheritance. Everyone looked down on him.

But in this life, he was too lazy to get involved with the Shen family’s lame business. When Shen Yu was involved in the wire accident, in order to determine the bloodline, the Shen family had to find the families who conceived and gave birth at the same time Mother Shen did for a DNA test. Finally, the Tan family and the surrogate mother were found. It was preconceived that the surrogate mother had ulterior motives. Therefore, affected by the halo of the plot, Mother Shen, who lost the son of her own flesh and blood, replaced the role of Tao Mu in the previous life, and she drove Shen Yu out of the Shen family to complete that part of the plot.

As for Shen Yan’s initiative to reveal the secret of her switching them back then——

To tell the truth, because Tao Mu and Shen Yu returned to the Shen family at the same time in the previous life, don’t know if it was because of the negligence of the plot or other reasons, the Shen family did not take the initiative to investigate Shen Yu’s birth background. Therefore, the plot detail involving the Tan family and the surrogate mother did not exist in the previous life. Since Shen Yu’s status in the Shen family was not threatened, of course Shen Yan, the culprit, would not take the initiative to expose herself.

However, in this life, because of Mother Shen’s preconceived ideas. She determined that Shen Yu’s biological mother had a bad heart. If this guess was accepted by others, it was conceivable that Shen Yu’s situation in the Shen family would be even worse. After all, the nature of a cuckoo occupying a magpie’s nest and innocent involvement were different. Of course Shen Yan, who really regarded Shen Yu as her true little brother, couldn’t bear this kind of speculation. So she took the initiative to reveal the secret that even Tao Mu didn’t know, just to make Shen Yu’s living environment in the Shen family a little better.

After all, in the previous life, Shen Yu was the protagonist of a sweet pampering novel. Shen Yu’s biggest backer was the Shen family. If the Shen family no longer supported him because of Shen Yu’s birth background, and thinking back to the fact that after Shen Yu was kicked out of the Shen family by him in his previous life Shen Yu would always inexplicably provoke all kinds of villains… was likely that the sweet pampering novel would turn into an angst novel. He imagined that the God of Plot would not want this to happen.

——And combined with Shen Yan’s revelations, Tao Mu could also understand why Shen Yan hated him so much in his previous life. There were two kinds of people in this world. One kind of person feels guilty and wants to make up for it the more they owe others; another kind of person feels bold and confident that they are in the right the more they owe others. Thinking about it, Shen Yan was the latter type of person.

Perhaps after Tao Mu returned to the Shen family, Shen Yan even complained about him in private, complaining that his appearance had made the ever-happy Shen family become tense, and maybe she even secretly hoped that he would disappear again, so that the Shen family could return to their former happiness and tranquility.

“So just what the hell kind of family I was looking forward to in my last life!” Tao Mu rubbed his chin and pondered to himself.

A father and brother, who were always indifferent and put their interests first. A mother, who was affected by the halo of the plot and existed purely for the sake of the plot. If she was asked to provide protection brainlessly, she would provide protection brainlessly, and if she was asked to slander brainlessly, she would slander brainlessly. And a sister who clearly committed a wrong but wanted nothing more than for the victim to go die.

Putting aside the Shen family’s father and son, Tao Mu always felt that the existence of Mother Shen and Shen Yan once again proved the importance of IQ and ability.

——Those with strong will could do their best to minimize the damage of the plot halo even if they were at the center of its radiation; the same was true for people with strong and far-reaching influence. As for those ordinary people with low IQ who were easily incited, it was best to stay as far away from the center of the whirlpool as possible.

So the reason why Mother Shen had shown such obvious changes in the two lifetimes was because her IQ was too low? Being manipulated by the plot and cooperating with the hero to carry out the plot, sure enough, the earth would still turn no matter who was missing. The dog blood drama would still continue no matter what character was missing!

Tao Mu chuckled and decided again to “cherish one’s IQ and stay away from Shanghai”, protecting his sock puppet in this life at all costs.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

For things like 8pm dog-blood idol dramas, he should just be a loyal audience. As for the important task of carrying on the plot, he’ll leave it to someone else.

“What are you thinking about that is making you so happy?” Li Xiaoheng, who was looking through the documents on hand, heard Tao Mu’s laughter, and couldn’t help raising his head and asking.

“It’s nothing, just eating melons and watching a show!” Tao Mu said, and really did pick up a piece of watermelon from the coffee table, eating it leisurely.

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