After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 126 The Shen Family’s Reaction

“You can live here for now.” The Shen family father and son took Shen Yu, who had been crying all the way, to a luxury apartment purchased by the Shen family on the Shanghai Bund. Along with him were Shen Yan, and Mrs. Liu, who had been working in the Shen family house for decades.

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“You just finished the operation and need a good recuperation. Don’t think about it too much. Your sister will come to accompany you often. When your mother calms down, maybe then you can go back.” In the end they had raised the child for 19 years, even if he changed from a blood-related son to an adopted son. But so long as this adopted son was not born by Mrs. Shen through an affair, Father Shen still had the patience of being a loving father.

Shen Yu was holding the family portrait of the five Shen family members in his arms, his eyes swollen from crying. In Shen Yan’s arms, he nodded sobbingly: “Mom, will Mom really forgive me?”

“Of course.” Before waiting for the Shen family’s father and son to speak, Shen Yan spoke in a distressed voice: “Mom loves you so much, how could she have the heart to kick you out. She was just too angry now. Just wait for Mother to calm down, she will definitely miss you very much.”

“Then when will Mom calm down?” Shen Yu held the family portrait and looked at his father and elder brother with tears in his eyes: “If the real Shen Yu comes back, then Mom will calm down?”

These words silenced everyone. The Shen family’s father and son frowned, and their calm eyes swept over Shen Yan. Shen Yan pursed her lips in guilt and embarrassment, which only raised an unprovoked anger in her at the little brother whom she had never met.

“I want to stay here with Xiao Yu tonight.” Shen Yan hugged Shen Yu and said angrily: “Anyway, Mother only cares about that son now, and doesn’t want Xiao Yu, and even I am disliked. I don’t want to go home either——”

“Shut up!” Before Shen Yan could finish her words, she was interrupted by the furious Father Shen: “If it wasn’t for you, how could this have happened in the first place? That’s your own little brother, because of your prank he has been missing for 19 years, and who knows what kind of predicament he has encountered. Don’t you feel any guilt in your heart?”

“What’s the use of guilt? It’ll be fine to compensate him after you find him. We are the Shen family, for a poor boy struggling who knows where, if he knew that his biological parents are the Shen Group’s chairman and the daughter of the Ye family, I can just imagine how crazy happy he would be. But you should think about what to do if you really get him back. Dad and Big Brother should know best about the temperament of the men in the Shen family. I hope you don’t find a little brother who is obsessed with profit and wants to come back to fight for the family inheritance. At that time, the Shen family would not have any more peace. “

Hearing Father Shen’s angry scold, Shen Yan not only did not reflect on her own mistakes, but said confidently: “I really don’t understand. Why does Mother insist on getting that person back? Is our Shen family lacking a son? Xiao Yu is so good , so cute, and has lived with our family for nineteen years. He is already a part of our family. Instead of trying to find an outsider who we don’t know anything about, you might as well persuade Mother to accept Xiao Yu again. Anyway, China is so big. With so many people, a baby lost nineteen years ago has little hope of getting back. It’s better for Mother to accept reality than to let her dream that she can find her real son. I don’t understand, if that person can’t be found in this life, can Mother still make a fuss for a lifetime? Will our Shen family live in the shadow of not being able to find that person from now on?”

After coming out of the apartment, the Shen family father and son were silent all the way, and the atmosphere in the car was unusually quiet. As if one could even hear the sound of one’s chest rising and falling.

After a long silence, Father Shen finally coughed and broke the silence in the car: “Although Yanyan’s words are too extreme, some things are right. It has been nineteen years, and who knows what kind of person a baby who was still wrapped in blankets back then grew up to be, let alone find out where he is now. If we want to find him, I’m afraid there is little hope. “

Hearing this, Shen Chen smiled slightly. His eyelids drooped slightly, thick lashes forming two shadows under the lids.

“No matter what, we still have to try our best to find him. After all, he is the blood of our Shen family, how can he be left outside? If he lives well, that’s fine. If he doesn’t live well, maybe finding his relatives would give him the motivation to continue to live.”

“But what if the child is really like what Yanyan said and has a bad temperament?” Father Shen sighed. What were the temperaments of the Shen family men? Strong desire for control, strong aggressiveness, deep scheming minds, and ruthlessly decisive. In addition, personal interests always came first. Just as Shen Yan said, if the real Shen Yu was a useless trash who was ambitious and greedy for profit but without any talents to back up the ambition and greed, and even dared to fight for the family inheritance based on those few drops of blood in his body, insisting on making trouble in the family, they might as well raise a well-behaved adopted son.

—— Over the years, he spent a lot of effort to cultivate Shen Chen, and deliberately raised Shen Yu to have a naive character, just to avoid the two brothers turning into enemies due to competition.

Most importantly, he must consider Shen Chen’s attitude. For the Shen family, it was enough to have just one excellent heir.

Shen Chen twitched the corners of his mouth, half of his outline hidden in the night, and said indifferently: “Father, don’t worry. After all, he is the flesh and blood of our Shen family, as long as we get him back. As the elder brother, I will naturally teach him well.”

The men of the Shen family have a strong desire to control, and their interests always come first. But a man who could be the master of the Shen family was definitely not useless trash who could only fear his own blood. Shen Chen had followed his father in handling Group affairs since he was in junior high school, and was now the CEO of the Shen Group. He had seen a lot of wind and waves over the years and was almost thirty, how could he be worried about a child who had just reached legal age?

“Father, don’t worry. If I can be pulled from the heir position by a nineteen-year-old child, I will let him be the CEO of the Shen Group.” Shen Chen closed his eyes and rested, feeling the black Maybach gliding in the night. He asked indifferently: “Or, does Father have no confidence in the heir you taught yourself?”

“Of course not.” Father Shen’s frown smoothed out, and he knew that the son he taught himself would never disappoint him: “Since you are so confident, I will leave this to you. It is best to find him, but if you can’t find him, you have to be mentally prepared. After all, nineteen years have passed.”

Shen Chen didn’t say anything. Long fingers tapped casually on the door handle. Secretly pondering over his thoughts.

Father Shen was silent for a moment. Then he couldn’t help but ask again, “Where are you going to start?”

After all, he was his biological son. Father Shen said he didn’t care, but he was actually very concerned. After all, even the adopted son could live happily under the care of the Shen family, how could Father Shen have the heart to let his own son be exiled?

Whether the temperament was good or not, whether he would cause trouble for the family, those were all troublesome things that need to be bothered with after they met each other. But before finding him, as biological parents, all they wanted was the safe return of their child.

As the heir raised by Father Shen, Shen Chen certainly understood what his father was thinking. If it was said that in the entire Shen family, Father Shen, Mother Shen, and even Shen Yu were looking forward to the child’s return, and Shen Yan was the most unwilling for the child’s return, then Shen Chen was the one who was really indifferent on this matter.

It was fine if they could find him, but if not then that was also fine too. He would do his best to find him, but that was about it. In Shen Chen’s view, finding that child back was just a responsibility. After all, the eldest brother was like a father. Since he wanted to inherit the Shen family, he should guarantee the interests of everyone in the Shen family. Otherwise, there were so many decendants in the Shen family’s direct line, and there were also quite a few talented people. So why should he be the heir?

“I have already sent someone to contact the police. I plan to take this opportunity to cooperate with the police and build a DNA database for finding lost children to be funded by the Shen Group. At that time, the Father’s DNA will be the first to enter the gene bank. At the same time, a reward will be offered. Five million yuan would be rewarded to those who can provide clues. At that time, the Shen Group will hold a press conference together with the Shanghai police, and ask all enthusiastic people to help us find our lost child. At the same time, we will try our best to help other parents who have lost their children. Help them find their own children.”

“We can work with the police to set up an anti-trafficking fund. We can also organize several charity auctions and receptions hosted by the Shen Group. Every year, the Shen Group will donate 10 million yuan to the anti-trafficking fund to help parents who have lost their children to find their children for free.”

Shen Chen arranged in an orderly manner: “I have communicated with Mr. Tan. Although they don’t know the background of the surrogate mother, they still remember that the surrogate mother came to Shanghai to work as a part-time worker, and it seems she came with her fellow villagers. After those people came, most of them worked as female workers in factories, and some also served as nannies. I will try to contact these people. It is best to find the hometown of the surrogate mother. As long as this woman is found, at least the whereabouts of little brother will be known. It’s a pity that nineteen years ago, technology was not as developed, there were no surveillance cameras, and there was no way to get pictures of the surrogate mother.”

Father Shen nodded silently. He didn’t expect that his eldest son had already arranged so many things in just a few days. And arranged things so neatly. He could not help but feel proud.

“The idea of ​​cooperating with the police to establish a gene bank for lost children is really good. Not only can the police cooperate with us to find children, but also promote the positive image and social contribution of the Shen Group. If necessary, I can accept some interviews from reporters. I believe that most of the parents who have lost their children in the world feel the same way. Although it is a painful matter, if the Shen Group can help more people find their children, it will be a great virtue. “

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Hearing Father Shen’s words, which was only of the gene bank, Shen Chen smiled slightly.

This was the Shen family man.

AN: In reality, the DNA database for anti-trafficking was established by the Ministry of Public Security in May 2009. When I checked the information before, I really thought it was an incredible coincidence_(:з”∠)_

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  1. the temperaments of the Shen family men? Strong desire for control, strong aggressiveness, deep scheming minds, and ruthlessly decisive. In addition, personal interests always came first

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  3. Ah… I can’t wait to see their face when they find out that they’ve already met their lost son long ago, they even didn’t have good relationship with him. An indifferent and rival relatioship with the father-son, and hate and disgust relationship with the mother-daughter. Of course, what I very much want to see is their face when Tao Mu slammed the door right in front of their face.


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