Recommendations & List Of Possible TL Projects III

BL 1v1

1) The Mer Effect/人鱼效应

By WhiteSockedBlackCat/黑猫白袜子

Rand Sivers named the little thing he accidentally brought back “Monster.” However, he didn’t know that what he kept was not a harmless pet, but a biological weapon secretly manufactured by the government…a real monster.

Synopsis Version 2 – As a former librarian, Rand feels like he has been living an ordinary life (escaping from death every day without knowing it). He’s been a little distressed recently, because the pet fish he accidentally picked up and kept at home seems to have undergone some strange changes…en, it’s turned into a merman. CP is Monster×Rand

TN: adorkable gong, ugly cute, mystery, horror

2) My Legends Still Exist In The World Of Cultivation/修真界依然有我的传说

By Li Siwei/李思危

The Jing Yuan Daoist of ten thousand years ago was struck to death by the thunder tribulation, only to be resurrected after ten thousand years, but found that the stars had moved and the blue seas had turned into mulberry fields.

Cultivator market: one strain of herbal medicine for ten coins, clearing away heat and detoxifying poisons, reducing swelling and relieving pain.

Jing Yue: Isn’t this the precious main medicine for refining the Foundation Establishment Pill?

Auction house: The starting price of Xuan Level Heart Sutra is 30,000 spirit stones!

Jing Yue: Isn’t this the most common heart sutra you can find in street stalls?

Gallery: “100 Important People of the Cultivation World”

Jing Yue: Isn’t this my friends ABCD and my old enemies I, II, III, and IV?

Bookstore: “Jing Yuan’s Biography”, “Jing Yuan’s Memoir”, “Into the Legendary Life of Grandmaster Jing Yuan”, “The Venerable Jing Yuan Teaches You to Condense Qi”, “The Seven Habits of Jing Yuan Patriarch”

Jing Yue : ? ? Isn’t this me? Wait, when did I have seven habits?

His fellow Daoists who once traveled with him have long since passed away, and the once glorious cultivation civilization has barely survived. However, without his cultivation world, there are still his legends. This feeling is a bit embarrassing…

TN: cultivation, ancient times, humor, faceslapping, disciple gong, aloof but seductive (towards shou) gong, bamf shou

3) Imperial Cuisine Family Business/御膳人家

By YuanHeGu/缘何故

The whole of Da Yao Dynasty knows that the chief director of the Imperial Culinary Department, who is extremely favored by his majesty, is a sly mental case with a temperament as uncertain as the weather.

As a mental case with rare culinary talents, Shao Yan has the power to do as he please.

He had originally thought that a nutjob like him sooner or later will meet a sticky end.

Unexpectedly, his eyes blink open once again, a thousand years gone in a dream. He actually became a chubby good-for-nothing!

When faced with all kinds of provacation from small fries with no self-awareness…

Shao Yan: “Hehe.”

This story is about a famous imperial chef of ancient times who time traveled to the modern age where he displays long lost culinary skills.

TN: transmigration, modern times, business, cuisine, psycho shou, gentle gong

BL NP/Harem

4) Romantic Character/风流人物

By JasperDivineSword/碧玉神剑

A beautiful fellow who thinks he is taking the aloof and noble route, but is actually quite stupid cute on the inside and meets bigwigs from all walks of life. Then started on a long and bent life path. The prime minister who dominates the imperial court; the emperor with lofty aspirations; the legendary jasper divine sword; the god-like, demon-like Sect Leader of Wanfu Sect; the nine-turn plum blossom needle who saves people with one thought and kills with another thought; the sword sect that is far away from the secular world.

The beauty is peerless, the character is romantic!

Protagonist: My life has been messed up by these life winners of this era.

Note: The protagonist is always shou and is either a transmigrator or reborn person.

TN: NP, psuedo-incest, transmigration, ancient times, first person pov, jianghu, gary stu shou

5) Sword Cultivation Alternative Crash Method/剑修另类速成法

By CaesarMoon/恺撒月

This is a story of a sword cultivator who embarked on the path of NP… Lin Fangsheng, an elite cultivator, accidentally encountered a monster on the way to cultivation, and since then he has embarked on a unique, fast and powerful path of cultivating immortality.

“Shizun, don’t be like this.”
“Senior brother, don’t be like this.”
“Beasts get out of the way!”
“It’s too deep…”

Basically, cultivating hard in this kind of torment.

TN: cultivation, ancient times, NP, bestiality, sword cultivator shou

6) Your Majesty, Accept Your Fate/陛下,认命吧

By WuSeLongZhang/五色龙章

“Zhen is brilliant and wise, firm and decisive, and with a domineering aura. Even if Zhen is reborn again, Zhen will be able to control the world and achieve hegemonic dominance. But… Zhen’s empress, concubine, maidservants, royal sister-in-law, and female confidantes… where have they all gone?”

Your Majesty, we are a BL fanfic, accept your fate.

TN: transmigration, ancient times, rebirth, humor, NP, emperor shou

BG 1v1

7) Full-level Green Tea B*tch Wins While Lying Down In An Era Novel/满级绿茶在年代文躺赢

By YunJiJinXiu/云吉锦绣

Tong Xuelu is nicknamed the Green Tea B*tch Queen. She has a beautiful appearance and a slender figure, and has countless admirers. When she had enough fun and was ready to be a “good wife and good mother”, retribution came! She transmigrated into a book set in the 1970s when there was material scarcity and poverty everywhere. And to make it worse, she transmigrated into a fake young lady! According to the plot, she will soon be pressed down to the dirt by the reborn real young lady, and then framed to marry an old secondhand married man, finally kicking the bucket in a case of domestic violence gone wrong.

Tong Xuelu: …I choose to continue to be a green tea b*tch.

Raising three future bosses, so that I can be a salted fish that will win by lying down √

Enter a state-run restaurant through trickery, and eat delicious food every day √

Through clever manuevers, let the real young lady fail at faceslapping √

For a full-level green tea b*tch, no matter how bad the script gets, it will eventually be as easy as getting a cheat sheet.

The physicist Wen Rugui is young and handsome, with a promising future, but because of his scientific research he has delayed his own personal question. The leaders are gearing up to turn this outstanding talent into their own son-in-law. But who knew that one day, Wen Rugui brought a pretty and flirtatious-looking girl to the scientific research center, with deep affection hidden in his eyes: “This is my partner, we have come over to report our marriage.”

Leaders: pupil earthquakes

Female comrades: heart shatters

Xuelu: I’m sorry, exuding charm is a passive skill.

TN: book transmigration, era novel, business, cooking, humor, kid raising, family, faceslapping, bamf FL

8) Ninefold Purple/九重紫

By ZhiZhi/吱吱

Dou Zhao has a feeling that she might not alive long.

These days, she always dreamed that she was back when she was a child, sitting under a flower stand full of wisteria flowers, swinging her two chubby calves, and being fed by her chubby wet nurse…

But when she really did go back to her childhood, how will life be different then?

TN: ancient times, rebirth, aristocracy, scheming, family, palace drama, younger ML, smart and cool-headed FL, bamf FL and ML


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