After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 128 Signing Contract & Big News

Tao Mu sneered, he didn’t believe a word of what the Shen family father and son said.

However, what Shen Chen said was right. The establishment of the Gene Bank for Lost Children and the Anti-Trafficking Fund was a good deed with boundless merit. It was also very helpful in enhancing the corporate image. Now that the Shen Group had set up a gene bank with great fanfare, outsiders didn’t know the truth and would only think that the Shen family had done everything they could to find the child who had been lost for 19 years.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

If there was such a preconceived idea, then one day, when Tao Mu’s birth background was exposed, it was not difficult to imagine what netizens who have paid attention to this matter would say. It was not difficult to imagine what the Shen family would make of this matter.

Therefore, even if Tao Mu did not want to recognize his birth family, he must stand on the moral high ground. Only by occupying the high ground of public opinion and allowing netizens to fully understand his current situation could he have full room for development after the truth was revealed. At least he should not let the Shen family have all the say in this matter.

But forget about being the spokesperson. Tao Mu didn’t want to have too much involvement with the Shen family, lest after the truth surfaced, the Shen family hired the water army to spread disgusting remarks like “coincidence of fate” or “familial bonds will always shine true” and so on on the Internet to lead the public astray.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu smiled calmly and said, “I think words like kindness and universal love would be more appropriate to describe the young son of the Shen family. Since the two of you are looking for promotion ambassadors, why not ask the youngest Shen family son to play this role? In order to find the child who had been lost for 19 years, the Shen family had set up a gene bank and anti-trafficking fund with such a huge momentum, wanting to also benefit the parents and orphans all over the world. It really achieves the phrase: promoting social welfare when one has the means. This is originally a good thing, and if you have your youngest son serve as a promotion ambassador, the whole family working together to find the lost child, wouldn’t that make an even more wonderful story?”

“Also, the young master Shen is an actor. This profession naturally possesses the ability to focus attention. Having young master Shen as the promotion ambassador would not only promote the gene bank smoothly, but also create a harmonious atmosphere in the Shen family, and it would also make young master Shen’s image a positive one that is accepted by netizens. Three birds with one stone. Isn’t that great?”

The father and son pair of the Shen family looked at each other and smiled. Chairman Shen couldn’t help but say: “Outsiders think that Mr. Tao hates our Xiao Yu. Now it seems that Mr. Tao is also very considerate of Xiao Yu. Your good intentions, after I go back, I will definitely tell Xiao Yu. I believe that Xiao Yu will be very happy when he knows about Mr. Tao’s attitude.”

Tao Mu frowned. The Shen family was not stupid, so they could naturally see his attitude towards Shen Yu. So there was no need for him to dismantle such polite chit chat and social niceties to their face.

Tao Mu didn’t answer, and said: “…..As for helping to promote the gene bank, the two of you don’t need to worry, is a conscientious company, and it will naturally accept the responsibility of this kind of public welfare activities. We will definitely do our best. For the sake of orphans and parents who have lost their children all over the world.”

Tao Mu said this with true feelings. He grew up in an orphanage and was used to seeing children who were abandoned for various reasons. Among these children, some were abandoned by their biological parents because they were seriously ill, some were girls who were abandoned at birth because of their parents’ preference for sons, some were sent to orphanages by relatives and friends after both parents died, and some were abducted and sold by human traffickers. After solving the case, the police could not find their families and so they had to be sent to an orphanage. There were children abandoned for all kinds of reasons.

So what Tao Mu hated most were those irresponsible parents, and the traffickers who kidnapped other people’s children for profit.

No matter what the Shen family’s plans were. This time, the lost children gene bank and anti-trafficking fund jointly established by the Shen Group and the Shanghai police could indeed help many families with difficult finances to continue to find their lost children, and could also help those adopted children find their biological parents. Even if the hope was slim.

Tao Mu had always done things regardless of the original intention, and only concerned himself with the results. So in the promotion of the lost children website, he would definitely spare no effort to help the gene bank. Not only for those parents and children who were sincerely looking for their families, but also for the image of

Having had the experience of his previous life, although Tao Mu was heavily vigilant against the Shen family, he was not so naive that he would directly push these people he hated thousands of miles away. It was all business after all, of course, one must talk about interests and nothing else. With Tao Mu’s character of “profit first”, facing the Shen Group’s sincere invitation, and knowing that it was obviously a win-win cooperation project, if he still blindly refused, he would only end up drawing suspicion to himself.

So if it was time to eat meat then eat meat, and if it was time to drink soup then drink soup. So long as he just spit out the bones that would choke in his throat then all was fine.

Of course, the father and son pair of the Shen family could also hear the underlying meaning in Tao Mu’s words that Tao Mu was really not very interested in this promotion ambassador position. It was also not that surprising as the gene bank for lost children established by the Shen Group and the Shanghai police was to help parents find their lost children, or help children find their biological parents. But in Tao Mu’s case, he was afraid that his biological parents would indeed find him.

The interests of the two were not the same. Forcing Tao Mu to serve as the promotion ambassador of the gene bank would indeed lead to a case of deception. It was not like Tao Mu could be the promotion ambassador of the gene bank while also publicly telling the world that he didn’t want to recognize his biological parents at all.

According to Tao Mu’s consistent behavior, the Shen family had no doubt that Tao Mu would definitely reveal his true attitude on the matter in an interview. Then things would indeed get a little awkward. While Tao Mu was helping others find their children and parents, he was afraid that his own parents would find him. He also swore that once he was found, he would definitely sue the other party for abandonment or even intentional homicide.

Putting these two together, the picture was really too ‘beautiful’ to look at. The Shen family father and son pair could not even imagine what that would be like.

So the matter of asking Tao Mu to be the promotion ambassador was of course brushed to the side. Fortunately, the Shen family father and son pair’s visit was not in vain, and Tao Mu finally agreed to help promote the gene bank nationwide.

According to the original thoughts of the Shen family father and son pair, of course, they hoped that could open the data interface and directly convert users into registered users of the gene bank. In this way, the Shen Group could not only successfully spread the gene bank to all parts of the country, but also convert more than 110 million registered users of to their own use. Therefore, even if a certain price had to be paid in exchange for such benefits, the Shen family still preferred this kind of cooperation.

But Tao Mu was not interested in this kind of cooperation. He only agreed to help promote the gene bank on the homepage of, and he could even do pop-up promotions after each user logged in to their FlyNews account. Call on more people to join the fight against child abduction and human trafficking.

Although the cooperation model that maximized the benefits had not been realized, the promotion done by had indeed helped the gene bank spread to the whole country in the shortest time. Although the Shen family felt that the outcome was not as perfect as they hoped, to be honest, they never thought that Tao Mu would agree to the first set of cooperation plans. So at present, the follow-up cooperation plan was still negotiated with satisfaction.

But they didn’t expect that after the cooperation plan between the Shen Group and was announced, the first person to come knocking at the door was actually Shen Yan, the unfilial daughter with a confused mind.

“Father, Big Brother, why do you have to work with someone like Tao Mu? You clearly know that Tao Mu doesn’t like Xiao Yu the most, and he even hurt Xiao Yu so many times. Our Shen family not only doesn’t help Xiaoy Yu to get revenge and vent this anger, you even looked for the enemy to cooperate. Is it because Xiao Yu is not the blood of the Shen family, so you don’t care about Xiao Yu’s feelings?”

Because the headquarters of was located in Beijing, the contract signing ceremony of the cooperation between the Shen Group and to promote the gene bank of lost children was set at the headquarters of It could also be regarded as a moment of publicity for

At the contract signing ceremony, Tao Mu also invited a number of media including FlyNews Entertainment. However, he didn’t expect that the contract signing ceremony had not yet even started and there was already a problem. Having learned that the Shen Group had actually approached to cooperate, and was even interested in inviting Tao Mu to be the promotion ambassador of the gene bank, Shen Yan crashed the ceremony, kicking up a stink and causing quite the scene.

Under the guidance of the staff of’s administrative department, the eyes of the media reporters who were preparing to take their positions lit up. They did not expect that they would still be able to eat such a big melon when they were invited to participate in just a contract signing ceremony, so with conditioned reflexes voice recorders, camcorders and cameras began shooting the scene all at once.

Noticing the flickering and flashing lights, the Shen family father and son pair’s expressions darkened, and they reprimanded sternly: “Yanyan, what kind of occasion is this, how can you talk such nonsense. It seems that I dote on you too much, actually spoiling you to the extent of forgetting the most basic manners. Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Tao.”

“I won’t apologize to this kind of person who only angles for fame.” Shen Yan gave Tao Mu a vicious look: “All in all, I will never accept this kind of person to cooperate with our Shen family.”

Originally, he didn’t want to get involved in the quarrel of the three Shen family members, but Shen Yan actually pointed at his nose and scolded him to his face. Tao Mu had never been a timid person so hearing this, he immediately sneered and said: “Angling for fame? As we all know, when Miss Shen was five years old, she could swap her younger brother with other people’s children because of her likes and dislikes, and she kept the secret for nineteen years. I think it’s better to be a person who angles for fame than a ‘sincere’ person like Miss Shen.”

After a pause, Tao Mu added: “At least people who angle for fame know to have some shame.”

“What did you say?” Shen Yan’s face flushed from Tao Mu’s words. Feeling guilty and angry, she even rushed up and raised her hand to slap Tao Mu: “I’ll let you talk nonsense——”

“Miss Shen!” Brother Da Hui, who was standing behind Tao Mu, rushed to Tao Mu with quick eyes and feet, raising his hand to grasp Shen Yan’s arm, and exerting a little force: “This is the public eye, Miss Shen, please have some respect for yourself.”

“It hurts, let me go.”

Da Hui sneered and pushed Shen Yan away.

Shen Yan clutched her red and swollen wrist and took several steps back before she stood up straight. She looked at Da Hui in shock and anger: “How dare you do anything to me?”

“Miss Shen went to the headquarters of to cause a scene and even want to commit assault. The only reason I didn’t call the police and kicked you out was because of the two Mr. Shen’s.” Tao Mu said coldly: “Also, so many people are watching. Miss Shen should restrain yourself and think before you slander people. You clearly raised a hand first, my people just stopped Miss Shen from assaulting others casually.”

Before Tao Mu could finish speaking, a reporter from FlyNews Entertainment immediately answered: “That’s right. We have surveillance video and cameras. If Miss Shen insists on lying, we will release the video.”

They still remember that time the mother and daughter of the Shen family brought Shen Yu and Yao Wenxiao to the headquarters of to make trouble, and in the end, even slandered for oppressing people.

Shen Yan was furious when she heard the words, and was about to speak, but was stopped by Shen Chen.

Noticing her older brother’s cold eyes that resembled ice, Shen Yan’s heart sank, and she finally stopped making trouble.

Shen Chen’s expression warmed slightly, he nodded at Tao Mu, and apologized: “I’m very sorry. Our Shen family’s family education was not strict, Mr. Tao has seen something ridiculous.”

“If the family education was not strict, you should lock her up at home and discipline her well then. With all due respect, this is the second time your sister has come to my place to make a scene. I can let it slide after once or even twice but not a third or fourth time. If this kind of thing happens again, then don’t blame me for not being polite anymore.” Tao Mu said coldly.

The faces of the Shen family’s father and son darkened, but it was their fault in this matter, and they couldn’t say anything else.

Chairman Shen had a fatherly look on his face, and even explained patiently to Shen Yan: “Don’t misunderstand Mr. Tao. This time we asked Mr. Tao to be the promotion ambassador of the lost children’s gene bank. Mr. Tao thought over his own situation and felt that it was not quite suitable, so he refused. He also recommended Xiao Yu as the promotion ambassador. He felt that Xiao Yu’s kindness and universal love are invaluable. It could be seen that Mr. Tao’s impression of Xiao Yu is still very good. It was just some misunderstanding before. It’s not too late to solve this misunderstanding.”

When Shen Yan heard the words, she looked at Tao Mu in shock and suspicion: “Does he even have such a good heart?”

Tao Mu was too lazy to bother with the self-absorbed Shen family. In front of the media reporters, he explained the reason why he didn’t want to be the promotion ambassador——he was an orphan who was abandoned by his biological parents, and now he had a very harmonious family in his adoptive fathers and family, so he didn’t want to find his biological parents, and he didn’t want his biological parents to look for him either when they saw that he had made a name and fortune for himself. It was best for everyone to find their own happiness in life and to not ever meet up again, otherwise he would really pursue the other party’s crime of abandonment and intentional homicide.

So his situation was completely opposite to the original intention of the lost children’s gene bank. As for why Shen Yu was recommended as the promotion ambassador——

“That’s because young master Shen’s image in the entertainment circle had always been that of a kind and innocent little prince. I think his image and birth situation are very consistent with the original intention of the Lost Children’s Gene Bank. Letting young master Shen be the promotion ambassador is just the right thing to do. If the biological son of the Shen family is found because of this, I believe it would also make for a wonderful story.”

“ will do its best to support the promotion activities of the gene bank nationwide. In addition,” When Tao Mu spoke up to here, he paused slightly, and then immediately announced to all the media: “ has decided to cooperate with Xiaoheng Capital, Skynet Technology, and Beijing Police in joining forces to implement the Skynet system nationwide. That is, a system in which street surveillance cameras are networked with computers across the country and can perform automatic face recognition at the same time. The so-called Skynet is thrown wide and nothing will slip past. We hope that under the coverage of Skynet, all criminal activities will no longer be able to remain out of sight.”

As soon as Tao Mu said these words, it immediately caused an uproar throughout the venue of the contract signing ceremony. Working with the police to promote street surveillance cameras across the country, and even connecting to the computer network nationwide for face recognition. This kind of project, which sounded very high-end and technical, was definitely beyond the level the gene bank of lost children that the Shen Group was going to set up was on.

The former fought against all criminal activities nationwide, and the impact of the project would be immediate once it was launched; the latter only fought against abduction activities, and the establishment and promotion of gene bank data would also be a long process. To be realistic, under the large base of nearly 200,000 children being lost every year across the country, the probability that parents could really find their children through the gene bank was limited. It could be said that hope was extremely slim.

The most important thing was that in order to assist the police in developing the Skynet system, it would cost countless funds just to install a large number of cameras across the country. Even if most of the money would be allocated by the state, FlyNews also would have to fork out a large amount.

This was really parting with capital that arose from one’s blood and sweat.

And what was the Skynet technology mentioned by Tao Mu? Why haven’t they heard of it at all?

There was an uproar at the scene for a while. All the reporters stood up excitedly and raised their hands to ask Tao Mu a question. The Shen family, who was originally the other main character, was now treated coldly and ignored. Even the gossip reporter who wanted to ask Shen Yan what she thought about her replacing her biological brother didn’t bother to ask any further. If it wasn’t for’s employees who had been presiding over the order, all the reporters would have wanted to swarm Tao Mu.

It was simply that Tao Mu’s sudden reveal about this upcoming cooperation project was just too surprising. There was no wind at all. It seemed like Shen Yan causing a scene made Tao Mu so angry that CEO Tao, who had always been unwilling to suffer losses and be bullied, would come up with such a project to slap the Shen Group in the face in a fit of anger.

It was not just some media reporters who got this idea, even the Shen family father and son pair vaguely got the same idea. The two glanced subtly at Shen Yan, the fool that always pulled on the back leg of the Shen family.

Originally, they had wanted to take this opportunity to make friends with and Xiaoheng Capital. But they didn’t expect that even Tao Mu himself had compromised, only for their Shen family to mess it up in the end.

Noticing the dissatisfaction of her father and brother, Shen Yan’s face changed slightly. Yet she had no regrets. She just hated Tao Mu, and she must not let Tao Mu have any chance to cooperate with the Shen family, or even curry favor with the Shen family.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

She absolutely would not allow the relationship between surnamed Tao and the Shen family to be eased in the slightest. Even if Tao Mu tried his best to please Xiao Yu, it was useless.

He was just an urchin who grew up in an orphanage without a father or mother since childhood. What right did he have to want to get close to the Shen family, and even get the favor of her father and brother? She absolutely wouldn’t allow it.

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