After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 129 Tao Mu’s Response & The Li Family’s Reaction

Due to Shen Yan’s scene and Tao Mu’s sudden revelation, and the Shen Group’s cooperation promotion signing ceremony for the Lost Children’s Gene Bank ended in a noisy state of chaos.

However, the impact was far-reaching and lasting.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

First of all, was the news that Tao Mu revealed during the signing ceremony, in which would cooperate with Xiaoheng Capital, Skynet Technology, and the Beijing Police to implement the Skynet system nationwide. Especially since as soon as the news was exposed, the Beijing police responded with a confirmation.

In fact, after seeing the news that the Shen Group and the Shanghai police had jointly established a gene bank for lost children and established an anti-trafficking fund, Tao Mu thought of the Skynet system developed in his previous life, which was also developed to curb the crime of human trafficking.

That was a smart system developed by China’s future richest man himself that covered the whole country with automatic networking of monitoring equipment and face recognition. Whether in terms of technicality or practicality, the former was obviously more valuable than the lost children gene bank prepared by the Shen Group. Of course, once the project was established, the capital that needed to be invested in the early stage was also a huge sum that was unimaginable for ordinary people. However, it was obvious that once this project was implemented, the effect it could play was absolutely huge.

——At least it could be guaranteed that within the scope of monitoring, all criminal acts would never remain out of sight. It allowed the police to get first-hand on-the-spot information when investigating a case. And then follow the clues of the suspect. This alone could at least deter some less timid offenders, and they would not dare to carry out atrocities within the monitoring range in the future.

Under the writings of some optimistic media and special reporters from FlyNews Entertainment, the Skynet system that had not yet been implemented was praised to the skies. However, these were not just blind praising and flattery. At least in Tao Mu’s memory, after the Skynet system was implemented nationwide in his previous life, the crime rate in the country was indeed much lower than before, and the success rate of case detection was also greatly increased.

However, the important reason that prompted Tao Mu to join forces with various allies and the police to insist on implementing the Skynet system was because the actual benefits that could be obtained during the implementation of the entire project were very rich indeed——not mentioning anything else, only just the monitoring equipment needed to be installed nationwide, if they could sign this order, even if it was signed at the cost price, the profit obtained was unimaginable. Not to mention the huge fame that promoting the project itself could bring to the company.

In the previous life, the main ones who implemented the Skynet system were the China Police, Xiaoheng Capital and Skynet Technology. Now Tao Mu happened to know people from all three parties. Although under the butterfly effect of this life, Yun Yi was not very interested in the IT industry at first, but under Tao Mu’s persistent edification and temptation, China’s richest man in his previous life finally stepped back on to the path of fate——

It was worth mentioning that a bigwig was worthy of being a bigwig. Even if Yun Yi became a programmer halfway through his life, with Tao Mu’s careful advice, the bigwig absorbed the basic knowledge of IT programming as quickly as possible, and it took less than half a year for the Skynet system’s  prototype code to come out——that was, the code regarding monitoring equipment and the national Internet network. Of course, this was also due to the good product planning plan given by Tao Mu, the product manager.

As for the higher-end technology of face recognition, Yun Yi was still in the process of experimenting. Li Xiaoheng, who had listened to Tao Mu discussing this information before, had already been looking for similar technologies in Silicon Valley and other high-tech industrial areas around the world.

In the end, what Li Xiaoheng got was not the dynamic face recognition function that Tao Mu had in mind. It was similar to the screening and comparison of pictures in the database. To put it simply, it was assumed that after the case occurred, the police could take screenshots of the suspects based on the surveillance video of the crime scene, and then put the pictures into the national online archives for comparison, so as to screen out the criminals’ identities and background in the fastest time.

Of course, the disadvantage of this function was that you must take a screenshot of the criminal’s face or profile.

It was naturally incomparable with the powerful functions of the Skynet system in later years, which could even be compared to sci-fi high-tech. However, compared with the old mode of handling cases, which basically relied on investigation, experience and inference, it could be regarded as a breakthrough and innovation.

Tao Mu intended to launch this project, in addition to wanting to compete with the Shen Group, so as to be prepared, but also because he sincerely wanted more people to benefit from it.

In the last life, Yun Yi achieved the height of being the richest man in China with only this project. Xiaoheng Capital had more than doubled the company’s market value because of its investment in Skynet Technology. Ordinary melon eaters could also get a safer living environment.

This was a good thing that benefited more than just one group of people. For the Beijing police, this was also an absolutely glorious achievement that could not be ignored. Speaking of which, they were envious of their colleagues in Shanghai City for launching such a good public welfare project as the Lost Children’s Gene Bank with the support of the Shen Group. But unexpectedly, a few days after feeling such a feeling of envy, a better cooperation project landed in their laps.

Even the media reporters who have been paying attention to news hotspots were eager to make follow-up reports on this project. It could be foreseen that for a long time, they would not be short of reporting topics.

It was indeed a real joy for everyone involved.

After the contract signing ceremony with the Shen Group, Tao Mu also specially held another press conference. He was interviewed by the media along with Xiaoheng Capital, Skynet Technology and the Beijing Police. The main purpose was to introduce the important functions of the Skynet system to the public, as well as details such as when the project was expected to be implemented.

Among them, Tao Mu’s was really just responsible for taking the lead. Most of the remaining specific matters were handed over to Xiaoheng Capital and Skynet Technology for implementation, and the local police were responsible for cooperating with the installation.

The reason for this division of labor was mainly because Tao Mu’s energy was limited. Moreover, this should have been the project of Li Xiaoheng and Yun Yi. Tao Mu had already benefited a lot from the opportunity of rebirth. He didn’t want to take away his friend’s career because of it. In particular, the Skynet system was very important to Yun Yi.

In contrast, Li Xiaoheng and Yun Yi were more than happy to bring in Tao Mu, a resourceful and intelligent friend who could really be called a sage who could touch base matter and turn it to gold, to carry out the project together. But Tao Mu’s thinking was very righteous, and the things he decided on would basically not change. Therefore, in this project, Tao Mu only had promote it, and he gained some fame himself. As for interests side of things, he really didn’t get involved.

However, Tao Mu suggested that Li Xiaoheng could pull the Li family in. He could remember that the Fengxing Group, which the Li family was in charge of, was not only in the real estate business, but also invested in department stores, supermarkets and electronic equipment. Therefore, the monitoring equipment could completely be given to the Fengxing Group to be responsible for.

Li Xiaoheng never thought that Tao Mu would think so thoughtfully for him. With his normal disposition, he had always been too lazy to participate in the daily management of the family business. Otherwise, Li Xiaoheng would not have preferred to create Xiaoheng Capital himself rather than go home to take over the business when he was studying abroad. It was not that Li Xiaoheng was not interested in running a family business, he just hated being constrained by others. The Fengxing Group was a big family business, and especially in this kind of family business, most of the shareholders were relatives, friends and elders within the family. Relying on seniority and age, they lectured and bossed the younger members daily.

Li Xiaoheng was domineering by nature. When he was dragged by his father to manage the family business, he often had conflicts with his elders because of different ideas. The elders of the family believed themselves to be experienced, and no matter how much of a prodigy Li Xiaoheng might be, how outstanding his vision was or how he acted decisively since he was a child, no one was willing to listen to him when he was still a child.

Later, Li Xiaoheng founded Xiaoheng Capital, and he even managed to be more successful and prosperous than that of the family group. And Fengxing Group, which had always been focusing on industry, had to rely on Li Xiaoheng’s investment vision instead. The positions of the two sides were immediately reversed. This time, it was the elders of the family who begged Li Xiaoheng to return to the group to take care of the family business, but unfortunately for them, Li Xiaoheng had no eyes for the family business. After a few years of tossing about outside, especially after getting to know Tao Mu, an investment consultant with a big golden finger, he was even more out of control. Taking advantage of the unfavorable global situation, the market value of Xiaoheng Capital had exceeded that of even Fengxing Group, which had been operating for decades.

Now, Li Xiaoheng’s position in the Li family was even more special. The elders of the family were greedy for the powerful capital-absorbing ability of Xiaoheng Capital, and have always wanted to share a piece of the pie. However, although Li Xiaoheng didn’t care much about the management rights of Fengxing Group, he would never allow others to meddle in his business. Not even his own father. Let alone those elders who relied on their seniority to boss people around.

After several rounds of fights, those elders who once underestimated Li Xiaoheng finally became obedient.

However, as Tao Mu said, he was part of the Li family, so after teaching them a lesson, he would still have to share some profits that should be shared. If Xiaoheng Capital ate meat, then he at least could ensure that Fengxing Group could also drink some soup.

In fact, since Tao Mu held a press conference to announce the start of this cooperation project, the elders of the Li family were quite eager as well. After all, anyone with a discerning eye could see the fame and fortune to be found in this project. It was just that Li Xiaoheng had hit them hard enough for them to remember, and the elders who had been hit were still recovering. Although their hearts coveted, no one dared to mention it in front of Li Xiaoheng.

In the end, it was Li Xiaoheng who took the initiative to invite the electronics company under Fengxing Group to take over the monitoring equipment when he went home for dinner.

This was changing a bit fast. It just didn’t fit the character of Li Xiaoheng. The group of old fellows didn’t say anything on the surface, but they did go back to inquire secretly, and learned that it was the idea given by the business consultant hired by Li Xiaoheng. And Li Xiaoheng actually agreed.

It seemed that that business partner, who was always stirring up waves, was really highly valued by Li Xiaoheng. Li Xiaoheng even listened to suggestions that had nothing to do with finance.

Therefore, Tao Mu, who thought that the matter had nothing to do with him any longer, was stunned to find that there were a lot of companies willing to show goodwill to recently. All of them were in a hurry to send money and ask to help with publicity and promotion. There were even people who came waving cheques to ask to help shoot advertisements.

As everyone knew, the most revenue of and now was in advertising and publicity expenses. However, due to various restrictions,’s previous business model could only be said to barely reach a balance of payments. After all, purchased the server itself, and after the registered users exceeded the 100 million mark, Tao Mu also had add the functions of online video calls and uploading small videos. This had led to increase capital investment in server and background operations in order to ensure smoothness and quality when watching videos.

It could be said that if Tao Mu himself was not a business partner of Xiaoheng Capital, often able to provide a large amount of funds to support the operation of and These two websites would have faced the embarrassing situation of going bankrupt because they could not make ends meet a long time ago.

Now, a lot of companies were waving cheques to ask for publicity and advertising. Although the final result was mutually beneficial, it was definitely a good thing that money flowed into at this juncture.

Tao Mu went back and asked his Yao Dad to check, and found that most of those companies were suppliers who had close ties with Fengxing Group and largely figured out what was going on.

——He was actually secretly shown goodwill by the Li family.

Tao Mu told Li Xiaoheng about this. And Li Xiaoheng just laughed and told Tao Mu not to pay attention to those people. Tao Mu was of the same thinking. Since they came with cheques for his publicity service, then he would have do a good job of online publicity for those companies. Especially as Xiaoheng Capital was still preparing to build an online shopping platform. He could take this opportunity to get in touch with these product suppliers. So long as their goods were guaranteed to be real and authentic, even if it was not an internationally famous brand, he was willing to sign a contract. At that time he would then create another propaganda slogan that stated something along the lines of supporting domestic products. After all, it was not like he could let the website suffer losses.

Li Xiaoheng had long known that Tao Mu always liked the habit of maximizing profits in everything. So of course he was not surprised and let Tao Mu toss about to his heart’s content.

At the same time, when Tao Mu was helping the Lost Children’s Gene Bank to promote nationwide, he also launched a public welfare activity called “Just Snap A Photo” on, which was to take pictures of disabled children begging on the streets with one’s mobile phone and upload them online, and with the cooperation of the police in various places, find a way to get their DNA to input into the gene bank, so that parents who have lost their children could conduct DNA comparisons. See if these children were kidnapped and trafficked by bad guys.

Tao Mu also specially asked the production team of to produce a program in conjunction with the Beijing police, in order to popularize the various methods and routines used by human traffickers to abduct and sell children to the general public. One of the most worthy of attention was the case of children begging on the streets.

“You could save a child’s life and a family’s happiness with a single photo.”

With such a slogan, once this public welfare activity was promoted, it immediately aroused a response on the Internet. For the safety of the majority of netizens, Tao Mu also specially urged netizens to try not to be too obvious when taking pictures, and to avoid attracting the attention of interested people.

At first, no one took this activity to heart, just following along out of a herd mentality, and of course’s call to action, when they took a few photos. However, just after a certain netizen recognized that one of the begging children was probably a child abducted by traffickers in their neighborhood a few years ago, and notified the parents of the child to report to the local police, and really cracked down on a criminal gang that used disabled children for begging. Successfully rescuing their own child and more innocent victims. With the reporting of this news, the entire Internet instantly exploded.

However, what the excited netizens didn’t know was that just when they were excited about this matter and were delighted that a photo they took casually might really save a child or even a family, some people were not so happy.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Chairman Shen, who first led the two activities of the Lost Children’s Gene Bank and the Anti-Trafficking Fund, looked at and Tao Mu, who were the most prominent names among all the news reports, and turned off the TV with a displeased face.

Then, he looked at Shen Yan who was sitting on the side with an impatient face, and scolded: “Look at what you have done!”

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  1. That shen yan is a complete utter bitch that need to get off her high horse, really a complete dumbass

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  2. Xiao Mu is such a good partner. Be it familial or friendship or purely business, but when he acknowledge relationship between him and someone, he will take it seriously. He will always look out for his partner’s best interest and will not take his partner for granted. His fundamental concept of relationship is ‘what can we do for each other?’ and go form there. He doesn’t focus only on ‘what can my partner do for me?’ and then completely ignore about ‘what can I do for my partner?’.

    Relationship with Xiao Mu is such a satisfactory relationship. Because you can guarantee that you will have a mutual benefit at the very least. (I mean, look at Shen family’s gene bank projet. Even after Shen Yan unreasonably attack him verbally and even try to attack him physically, but since Xiao Mu already agree to do business with Shen father and son, he still diligently promote their project according to their agreement. Well, it might quite lacking passion, but after all those harm Shen family inflict on him, can we really blame Xiao Mu here?)

    I think with this characteristic of his, it is no wonder that he attract a lot of great allies(outside effective area of protagonist halo’s curse, of course😂). And these allies are so loyal to him to the point of even when, Tao Mu being bullied outside the scope of their agreed business, they still willing to go to great lengths to help him.

    Because with Tao Mu, even when they work tirelessly to gain profits for Tao Mu, they never feel used. Because Tao Mu already make it clear that he will do the same, if not more, for them too.

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