After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 130 The Shen Family’s Brain Circuit

The Shen Group took the lead in establishing the Lost Children Gene Bank, which they originally wanted to use as an opportunity to create a good corporate image and family image. In the end, while they spent all the money and the energy, it was and Xiaoheng Capital who made the most of their money. In fact, even the Li family’s Fengxing Group got a share of the huge profits.

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This result made Chairman Shen very uncomfortable. In his opinion, the Shen Group was the one that cooperated with, and it was the Shen Group who led the creation of this project, so these limelights should have belonged to the Shen Group.

But now, because of Shen Yan’s noisy tantrum, the Shen Group lost the opportunity to make friends with and Xiaoheng Capital. There were also some rumors floating around about Shen Yan in the outside world, which were very detrimental to the image of the Shen Group and the Shen family.

“It’s all my fault. I usually spoiled you too much and condoned your deplorable behavior. That’s why you have such an ignorant character. From today onwards, you are not allowed to go out. Stay at home and accompany your mother, as well as reflect on your behavior.” Chairman Shen’s face was dark. He felt that his punishment to Shen Yan was very light.

However, Shen Yan was still dissatisfied: “I don’t agree.”

“Father, Big Brother, I don’t understand, that Tao Mu is just an orphan with no father and no mother. He used to be a body double for our Xiao Yu back then. Why do you value him so much? He just has a good-looking face. He’s just an actor. What kind of charm does he even have that our Shen family need to rush to cooperate with him?”

“Also, at the contract signing ceremony between and the Shen Group, Tao Mu publicly announced the news about the Skynet system that and Xiaoheng Capital will be cooperating on. It can be seen that he did not care about our Shen family or take the Shen Group seriously at all. Even without me, he still won’t cooperate sincerely with the Shen family. That person is hostile to our Shen family.”

Although Shen Yan’s brain was not very good, her sixth sense was still very keen. From the first time she saw Tao Mu, Shen Yan didn’t like that young man at all. Especially since the other was the same age as Shen Yu and had the same birthday, his facial features and even his temperament were very similar to those of her older brother. These similarities always reminded Shen Yan of the younger brother she secretly replaced nineteen years ago.

So every time she saw Tao Mu, Shen Yan always felt guilty and scared, and subconsciously didn’t want the Shen family to have anything to do with that Tao Mu.

“Dad, Big Brother, don’t place any more hopes on that surnamed Tao. He doesn’t like our Shen family at all. Have you forgotten how he treated Xiao Yu at the beginning——”

“Shut up!” Before she could finish her sentence, Mother Shen, who had been hugging a pillow and didn’t say much, suddenly became furious: “What kind of Shen family member is Shen Yu? His father’s surname is Tan not Shen. A little bastard who stole my real son’s spot and occupied the resources of our Shen family, but made my real son suffer outside. How dare you mention his name in front of me?”

“Mom!” Shen Yan frowned at Mother Shen and shouted in disapproval, “Don’t say that about Xiao Yu, he will be sad too——”

“Sad? What right does he have to be sad!” Mother Shen sneered: “It’s because of him that my biological son had not been known until now, all the while he had been pampered in the Shen family for so many years, and was called “young master” wherever he went. If he had any conscience, he should hope that our Shen family would find the real young master soon. Instead of pretending to be sad. Oh, my mistake, he is truly sad, sad that he will not be treated as the young master of the Shen family in the future.”


“And you!” Mother Shen stared at her daughter with hatred on her face: “You replaced your brother back then. For so many years, you clearly knew that that little cuckoo who occupied the magpie’s nest was not the blood of the Shen family, was not your real younger brother, yet you still watched everyone in the Shen family raise that little bastard and spoil that little bastard——”

“Mom!” Shen Yan couldn’t take it anymore, and interrupted Mother Shen’s scolding loudly: “Don’t do this. I’ve said it before, this had nothing to do with Xiao Yu. It’s all my fault. It’s me——”

“Slap!” Shen Yan covered her cheeks in astonishment: “Mom, you actually hit me?”

“That’s right, I hit you.” Mother Shen’s face was indifferent, staring at her daughter with red eyes: “I want to see if I can beat some clarity in you. Your little brother, because of you, who knows where he is suffering now. Yet you still have the heart to yell at me for a little bastard. I’m curious, what kind of drug did he give you that you can’t even care about your own blood brother.”

“You actually hit me.” Shen Yan looked at Mother Shen in disbelief, and said in a choked voice, “Growing up, you haven’t ever slapped me before. Now it’s for a stranger who we haven’t even met. Mom, you actually hit me?”

“That’s not a stranger, he’s your little brother.” Mother Shen also didn’t understand why her always obedient and filial daughter became so cold and heartless: “Because of you, who knows where your little brother is now, and whether he’s doing well or not. Don’t you feel any guilt?”

“No.” Shen Yan cried and shouted: “I don’t admit that that stranger is my little brother. I only know that Xiao Yu has been raised in our family for nineteen years, and he is my little brother. I hate that person!”

With that, Shen Yan ran upstairs crying. After a few minutes, she came back downstairs with a suitcase.

Mother Shen was shocked and angry: “What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving here!” Shen Yan carried her suitcase and walked out: “You don’t like me. Well then, I’ll leave the Shen house, and I’m going to move in with Xiao Yu. From now on, us siblings will depend on each other. Just look for that stranger all over the world. He is your Shen family!”

“Miss!” The Shen family’s housekeeper and servants all gathered around to dissuade Shen Yan: “Don’t make trouble with Madam. She is not feeling well, you should be considerate of her.”

The Shen family servants didn’t know what the eldest miss was thinking. Making such a fuss with the whole family for the sake of the young master. Although when the madam first drove the young master away, everyone felt that she was being too cruel. After all, the young master had been raised in the Shen family for nineteen years, whether he was biological or not, the feelings developed over these nineteen years were still there. Besides, the young master was well-behaved, filial, kind and lovely since he was a child. They all liked the young master very much. Knowing that the young master was going to be kicked out of the Shen family, everyone was very worried. And even secretly complained that the madam was too cold-blooded.

But it had been a long time, and seeing how the madam would sit in the nursery and wash her face in tears every day. Everyone gradually understood. A child was a piece of flesh that fell from a mother’s body. The baby who was born after 10 months and a night of painful laboring. Only to be replaced by her own daughter, tricking her to raise a child who was not related by blood for nineteen years.

Now that the truth had been exposed, as soon as the madam saw the young master, she would think of the real young master. Seeing the young master being pampered and loved in the Shen family, she would think about whether her own son would be mistreated by others. After thinking about this every day, who knew how much her heart had bled. Therefore, when she expelled the young master from the Shen family, it was just so she wouldn’t be reminded of painful things.

Speaking of which, although the young master moved out of the Shen family’s mansion, the chairman and the eldest young master did not leave him alone. He now lived in a high-end apartment on the Bund, and he also carried his debit card with him. Even the things that the young master usually used, the clothes and shoes he liked to wear, they also had the servants send them to him.

They heard that the chairman also made the decision to put the house in the name of the young master. Needless to say, the Shen family had done their best for the young master.

Now, the eldest miss was still making trouble with the madam for the sake of the young master. Nobody said anything, but they all had some thoughts in their hearts. They felt that the young master was too insatiable. Although he was not from the Shen family, he had been raised by the Shen family for so many years. Now that his birth background had been exposed, he didn’t know to persuade the family to be considerate of the madam, and instead urged the eldest miss to go home and make trouble. They didn’t want to think so badly of the kind and well-behaved young master. But who let Shen Yan come back home to make a fuss every time she went to see the young master.

The young master clearly knew that the eldest miss liked him the most. If the young master was willing to persuade the eldest miss to be more considerate of the madam, would the eldest miss not listen?

“Don’t stop me. Didn’t you see it? My parents and older brother don’t like me anymore. Dad thinks I’m useless and will only cause trouble for the family. Mom thinks it’s me who lost us little brother and should apologize with my death. They don’t even treat me as a daughter anymore, so why should I still stay at home and beg for their forgiveness?”

Shen Yan was truly sad this time. From childhood to adulthood, no matter how noisy she was, no one in the family touched a single finger on her. Now, for a little brother who they had never met, Mom actually slapped her. Dad and Big Brother also reprimanded her for that Tao Mu. Shen Yan’s face was covered with a red handprint, and she felt that she had no face to see others with. She didn’t want to stay at home anymore.

Chairman Shen watched with cold eyes as Shen Yan was making a fuss under the obstruction of the servants at home, and couldn’t help but get angry: “Let her go. She has been living too leisurely. Not knowing the suffering of the world at all.”

“Shen Yan!” Chairman Shen looked at his daughter angrily, and even called out her full name: “You can leave today. But let me remind you, if you walk out of this door, I will stop all your cards. You are twenty-three this year, and you have been sitting at home doing nothing since graduating from college. I was originally being considerate as you are a girl, and you will eventually get married in the future. And when you arrive at your in-law’s house, you will no longer be as free as you are at home, so I condoned you. Let you do whatever you want. But I didn’t expect you to be so spoiled and unreasonable.”

Chairman Shen became more and more angry. He originally wanted to leave his daughter at home to accompany his wife. But he didn’t expect that Shen Yan not only didn’t know how to be considerate of her mother’s mood, she even caused such unrest at home: “You want to live with Shen Yu, right? Well, I’ll give you this chance. From today, I will stop all your cards. Go out and find a job yourself. You’re a college graduate too. Go out and see how many girls your age make in a month and what kind of lives they lead. Then you’ll know just how well your parents treated you.”


In the past, every time Shen Yan was reprimanded by her family for making trouble, she would throw a tantrum, until her parents softened and bowed their heads first. Then she would go down the steps offered. As for the reprimands, of course, it was all forgotten. So Shen Yan was used to making a fuss every time she got into trouble. As if this way she could get out of any trouble just with the sheer power of her tantrums.

However, what she didn’t expect was that this time, neither of her parents would cave in. She had even raised the fuss to the level of running away from home, but Father Shen not only didn’t stop her, but even went so far as to stop her bank cards and forcing her to go out and find a job.

Shen Yan, who was just acting originally, now truly didn’t have any stairs to go down from. She looked at the Shen family anxiously and angrily, her eyes red with anger: “You really don’t want me anymore? Fine, I will do as you wish. I will leave the Shen family now, and I will never come back in this life.”

After speaking, Shen Yan left the Shen family mansion angrily carrying her suitcase. She also didn’t forget to call the Shen family driver over to take her to Shen Yu’s house.



The housekeeper, old Chen, who had been working at the Shen family for many years, and Mother Shen looked at Shen Shiyuan worriedly: “Just letting her leave, is that really a good idea?”

Although Mother Shen was angry that Shen Yan didn’t feel any guilt over the matter of replacing her little brother, Shen Yan was her daughter after all. No matter how angry Mother Shen was, she would never really be angry with her daughter. Even if she was angry, when something really happened, she would be more worried than angry. This was the heart of a parent.

“This is Shanghai City. What’s there to worry about.” Shen Shiyuan frowned tightly. If it weren’t for the recent incidents, he would never have thought that the clever daughter in his original impression had such a recalcitrant and ruthless side to her.

“But…..” Mother Shen thought for a while: “With you stopping her bank cards, how will she live?”

“For a girl as old as her, who doesn’t go out to work and earn money to support herself? Compared with those female employees in our company who come from other provinces, having to pay rent, water and electricity every month on just a several thousand yuan salary. I just stopped her bank cards.” Although Chairman Shen was the chairman of the Shen Group, he had always been known for caring about his subordinates and caring for employees. He naturally knew how most of the employees in the company lived: “Even if there is no bank card, she is still living in an apartment on the Bund. She just needs to find a job to support herself. If she doesn’t even have such an ability, and only knows how to eat her parents’ food and use her parents’ money, then she should learn to not throw tantrums at her parents.”

“Chenchen…..” Mother Shen couldn’t win against her husband, so she could only look to her eldest son who had been reading the documents in his hands and said nothing the whole time the “war” was breaking out in his home.

“I think what Dad said is right. Shen Yan really should learn some lessons. Otherwise, with her current temper, our family can endure her, but when she marries into her in-law’s family in the future, should we let her in-law’s family endure her too?”

As the CEO of the Shen Group, Shen Chen was actually busier than Chairman Shen. So he seldom took care of family affairs. For, once he actually said so many words this year, and it was also because Shen Yan was too unreasonable, and even Shen Chen, who had never cared much about his family’s daily life, couldn’t stand it.

After all, in Shen Chen’s view, it didn’t matter how the family made a fuss at home, but if it affected the interests of the Shen Group, they needed to be taught a lesson.

However, Shen Chen’s thoughts were nothing more than that. The Shen family had always believed in the old tradition of men being in charge outside and women being in charge at home, and if Shen Yan was the son of the Shen family, then Shen Chen would have the heart to discipline her. But she was just the daughter of the Shen family, destined to marry into another family in the future. She would be other people’s wife and mother, and whether her attitude was good or bad, it was naturally up to the in-laws to take care of. Anyway, as long as the Shen family did not collapse, even if Shen Yan poked a hole in the sky, her husband’s family would still naturally endure it for the sake of the Shen family’s power and influence.

So Shen Chen didn’t care much about Shen Yan’s IQ. It was like when he asked Shen Yan and Shen Yu to apologize to Tao Mu. He would patiently and meticulously reason with Shen Yu——though Shen Yu’s brain circuits were not very understandable——of course, it turned out that the ultimate reason why Shen Yu could not understand was that he was not a man of the Shen family and not because there was something wrong with Shen Chen’s teaching method. And when it was Shen Yan’s turn, Shen Chen simply and crudely threw a bank card over. Shen Yan would naturally be obedient.

In the eyes of the Shen family, as a woman of the Shen family, so long as she was obedient and docile, she would naturally enjoy endless prosperity and wealth. It was a pity that Shen Yan couldn’t even be obedient and docile now. Naturally, a lesson was required.

However, in the eyes of the Shen family, the so-called “severe lesson” was just to stop the bank cards. After all, the economic base determines the superstructure. If a person wants to throw a temper tantrum, they must first achieve economic independence. If she couldn’t even do this, then Shen Yan should just obediently be the eldest miss of the Shen family and stop making trouble for the family.

After consciously believing he had solved Shen Yan’s matter, Shen Chen picked up the phone and called his assistant, and asked the public relations department of the Shen Group to publicize the existence and importance of the gene bank as soon as possible in conjunction with’s “Just Snap A Photo” public welfare activity——After all, all the photos taken for the “Just Snap A Photo” promoted by were uploaded to the website of the “Lost Children Gene Bank”, and the gene bank was also used in the final DNA identification.

And in addition, bring some attention to the original intention of the Shen Group to establish a gene bank in order to find the Shen family’s biological son. Shen Chen decided to take advantage of the popularity of’s “Just Snap A Photo”, and also set up a reward, directly posting the information of the surrogate mother to the Internet. Setting up a raffle with prizes system for those who shared the post and awarding cash to those who provided news and tips.

Tao Mu, who was far away in Beijing, did not expect that Shen Chen would actually learn the publicity stunt that was the FlyNews lottery. And laughed out loud involuntarily.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

On the other side, Shen Yan, who was standing at the door of the apartment waiting for her little brother to come back, looked at Shen Yu who was covered in bruises in shock, and asked: “Xiao Yu, you, why did you become like this? Did someone bully you?”

AN: Small Skit——

Shen Yan: Although I play the role of the vicious female supporting character, a brain-dead NPC who is used to facilitate the plot, I want to say that people with the blood of the Shen family are all big pigs’ feet. Do you agree with me! ! ! !

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  1. For once I was praising the Shen family education methods, but then they properly shared their opinion on women’s behavior and all the satisfaction was blown away…

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  2. I’ve been wondering this for a while, If the brother-dad duo can recognize Shen Yan’s ability to attract people, how long until they knock off Tao Mu’s repulsion ability and connect the dots? Seeing as Tao Mu rightly refuses to let them have any physical leads.


  3. honestly whats wrong with these people… i actually agree with shen yan a little despite also thinking she should learn how to be a decent person, but honestly shen chen’s brain circuit is even more twisted. why are you like this? why are you such a prick? misogynistic and thinks that shen yu is like this because he isnt blood related. obviously hes like this because you taught him to be that way. pick a struggle. the whole obsession with being blood related is so weird too. im so over the shen family 😮‍💨


  4. Still don’t understand why they’d let their daughter and younger son to grow up this stupidly to this point. Even if they’re twisted, even if they’re beyond saving in EQ, they’d need some street smarts to defend themselves. The castle won’t hold forever. Who knows if they’d accidentally die, their empire crash, or some other form of accident would happen that requires at least the two younger siblings be smart enough not to drag them down even further. For Shen Yu, you can say that he at least can carry his own weight and is an established celebrity but Shen Yan is absolutely useless.


  5. Ay ay ay, Shen Yan is an idiot whose brain has been fried due to Shen Yu’s halo. But her idiocy saved Tao Mu. If she hadn’t changed the name plates, Tao Mu would have been the one raised as a useless princeling. Perhaps they wouldn’t have pimped him out, but they would still keep him like a bird in a gilded cage.


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