After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 131 Shen Yu’s Bitter Experience

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Shen Yu was having a hard time recently.

Since his birth background was exposed, and Mother Shen had kicked him out of the Shen family mansion. Although his father and older brother did not intend to cut off their relationship with him, and his sister often came to visit him, Shen Yu was still keenly aware of the changes in the people around him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

First of all, were the classmates who he went to school with. In the past, they were always on call to listen to him. But now, whenever Shen Yu was bored and wanted to talk to someone, everyone was always very busy. Part-time work, studying, it seemed that everyone had a busy life every day, which made it look like he was particularly idle.

He felt very sad that he was kicked out of the house by his mother, and felt particularly aggrieved——could it be that because he was not the blood of the Shen family, Mom really didn’t even want the relationship they had over nineteen years. But what wrong did he commit? What happened back then was an accident, and no one thought it would turn out like this. But Mom thought everything was his fault. It was him who was the cuckoo that occupied the magpie’s nest and seized the life that should have belonged to the young master of the Shen family.

But he clearly didn’t want to. He also hoped that the Shen family could find the real Shen Yu as soon as possible and have a family reunion. He also hoped to be by his family’s side at this time and accompany everyone to get through this difficult time. But Mom didn’t give him the chance at all.

He couldn’t figure it out, so he could only talk to his classmates. His best friends understood him very well. They know that he missed his family. But there were still many classmates who not only didn’t understand him, but instead talked sarcastically everywhere.

“The Shen family is already very good to you. You’re clearly an outsider who has nothing to do with the Shen family, but even if the birth background of the Shen family was exposed, the Shen family is still willing to spend money to support you. I heard that Chairman Shen also put a luxurious three-bedroom apartment on the Bund under your name. Do you know how much a house of nearly 200 square meters on the Bund is worth? You are a cuckoo occupying a magpie’s nest, a fake young master occupying a mansion that we will never be able to afford in this life. The Shen family did not hold you accountable, and even settled you well, it can be considered to be quite benevolent and righteous already. Could it be that you really think you can stay with the Shen family all your life, and wait for Chairman Shen to die so that you can inherit the Shen family’s family business?”

But he never thought about this.

Shen Yu defended himself sorrowfully. He just didn’t want to leave the home where he had lived for nineteen years, the family that had been so good to him. He never thought about inheriting the Shen family’s family business. Even when his birth background was not revealed, he never thought of such a thing.

Shen Yu’s friends naturally knew that he was innocent and kind and did not have a manipulative bone in his body. But many people didn’t understand him. They have long been envious of Shen Yu’s family background, because of the power of the Shen family, those people did not dare to do anything before and could only blindly flatter Shen Yu. Now Shen Yu’s birth background had been exposed——it turned out that the little prince who used to be so high above them was not a prince of pure blood at all.

Nineteen years of pampering, when he clearly was not a child of the Shen family. But because the Shen family was rich and soft-hearted, even if he was kicked out, he would have everything arranged clearly for him. Thinking about it again, the Shen family also opened a film and television company for Shen Yu. Over the past year, they had invested in filming to support Shen Yu as the male lead, to ensure that even if Shen Yu left the Shen family, he could continue to live a glorious and comfortable life as an actor.

But what about them! Just because of their mediocre family background. Studying hard for so many years, just to snag a job in a big company like the Shen Group after graduation. Only earning a few thousand yuan a month, and spending frugally many years, just so they could save the down payment for a small dwelling on the outskirts of Shanghai. After that, it was likely that they would have to pay off the mortgage for 20 to 30 years.

——What other people have so casually, they might not be able to get it even with their hard work all their lives. And yet Shen Yu still felt dissatisfied and still felt aggrieved. Damn you, what are you aggrieved for! Do you really think of yourself as the little prince of the Shen family?

Not fated to be a prince, yet coming down with the prince’s syndrome instead.

Around Shen Yu, there were just as many people who hated him from the bottom of their hearts as there were people who truly supported and loved him. It was just that because of the power of the Shen family, those people did not dare to offend him, but instead tried their best to curry favor with Shen Yu. But now that Shen Yu was no longer the little prince of the Shen family. Although they dared not do too much, gossip was indispensable.

“I really don’t know if you are reluctant to part with the Shen family because of them or because of the Shen family’s money?”

“I would be reluctant as well if it was me. What a great feeling it is to be the young master of the Shen family. Everyone is pampering and coaxing me, and if something doesn’t go my way, I can force others to apologize. Now the prince has turned into a frog, and the gap in lifestyle is too great. Of course he can’t take it.”

“If you really care about family, why don’t you go back to your own father’s house. Is it possible that only the adoptive parents are important, and the biological parents don’t matter at all?”

“You can’t say it like that. After all, the Shen family and the Tan family are incomparable.”

The Shen family was one of the richest families in Shanghai. Although the Tan family had some assets, they have also fallen into decline over these many years. Compared with the Shen family, they were only middle class. It was likely that they don’t even have the ability to buy a luxury apartment for Shen Yu on the Bund. Therefore, the familial love of the biological father and stepmother was naturally not better than that of the adoptive parents.

Many people made malicious speculations to his face and behind his back. But they didn’t know that Shen Yu was also very aggrieved in this matter. After he knew his birth background, he also secretly went to see Mr. Tan. At that time, Shen Yan hadn’t revealed that she had secretly exchanged the two children. Everyone thought it was Shen Yu’s surrogate mother, who exchanged the children with a vicious heart. The Tan family thought so too. Because of their fear of the Shen family’s revenge, they simply refused to accept Shen Yu as a surrogate child. The younger brother of the Tan family who was only a few months younger than Shen Yu, because he was a die-hard fan of Tao Mu, even more disliked Shen Yu in every possible way.

Shen Yu only stayed at the Tan house for less than an hour, and he didn’t even eat lunch before being kicked out by his half-brother. When he was leaving, Mr. Tan gave him a bank card with one million yuan in it, and begged Shen Yu not to pester their family, lest the Shen family take their anger out on the Tan family.

Compared with the big and influential Shen family, the Tan family today was just a well-off family. They really couldn’t afford making such powerful enemies. This million yuan was the only thing Mr. Tan could compensate Shen Yu——he was Shen Yu’s biological father, but he was also the breadwinner of the Tan family. Shen Yu was nineteen years old and had never known the Tan family before. He hoped that they would continue to never have the opportunity to know each other again in the future. Although this million yuan was not much, in 2009, it was enough for the down payment to buy a two-bedroom apartment in Shanghai.

So many parents couldn’t afford a house in a first-tier city after their child went to college. Shen Yu and the Tan family have never spent time together, and just because of this blood relationship, the Tan family was willing to give one million yuan to Shen Yu. Both Mr. Tan and Mrs. Tan believed that they had done their best.

However, this kind of attitude of shooing poor relatives away with charity and generally avoiding him as if he was a plague, completely hurt Shen Yu.

Shen Yu grew up in the Shen family, and had been pampered and spoiled for so many years. Although he had a soft personality, he was actually very proud down to his bones. He went to the Tan family just to see what kind of person his biological father was. And on the way, ask them about his biological mother. He even wanted to ask what the real young master of the Shen family was like when he was a baby. Only for Mr. Tan and Mrs. Tan to try and get rid of him with money.

To tell the truth, no matter whether the Shen family still recognized Shen Yu as their child, Shen Yu had been raised by the Shen family for so many years, and he was not short of money. And he had no concept of money either. So he didn’t take the Tan family’s money, but left in a very sad state.

Now, when those classmates who were jealous of him slandered him behind his back for being greedy for money and profits, Shen Yu would not admit to such falsity. Shen Yu’s friends and fans were even less convinced. The two sides held their own opinions, and they wanted nothing more than to fight face to face. They practically turned Shanghai University into a debate arena.

However, if the students of Shanghai City University were still in the primary battle of just exchanging insults, then outside the ivory tower of the university, on the set symbolizing fame and fortune, some attitudes were exposed in more and more naked and hideous ways.

When Shen Yu’s birth background was exposed, he happened to be filming a movie. The male lead was the actor Yan Sheng, while he played the second male lead. Because it was a martial arts movie, there were many fighting scenes in it.

Before that, Shen Yu’s fight scenes had always been done by a body double. Even for some scenes that do not require a body double, if the difficulty factor was too high, the Shen family would insist on using a body double. Moreover, Shen Yu not only had a body double for action scenes, he also had many body doubles to say his lines. When Shen Yu was still the young master of the Shen family, Mother Shen and Shen Yan always doted on Shen Yu and refused to let Shen Yu suffer even a little. This led to a lot of body doubles for Shen Yu.

This was actually what Shen Yu was most criticized for when he was filming——he couldn’t endure hardship. So many scenes that required jumping into the river, hanging on the wires, fighting in the snow, and even getting slapped in the face, he used a stand-in. This also caused the parts with Shen Yu in them to be filmed in a manner that did not link up.

In fact, the director and many actors have always had opinions and complaints in their hearts. However, there was nothing they could do. Who let the Shen family’s film and television company be the largest investor in this movie? The young son of the Shen family was willing to come to act as a hobby, so they could only accompany him and coax him. Wasn’t even the biggest actor Yan Sheng also willing to follow in NG-ing more than a dozen times, and still remained patient as if nothing was happening. So what else could little shrimps like themselves say about this?

In order to curry favor with Shen Yu, some actors would deliberately be more friendly with Shen Yu in their spare time during filming. This was actually human nature. But once, it was discovered by Shen Yan who came to visit the set. The eldest miss of the Shen family lost her temper and thought that the actress was trying to seduce her younger brother. While Shen Yu went to the bathroom, she slapped the actress in front of everyone. The actress who was slapped played the female No. 2 in the movie, and she was also a popular little flower in the entertainment industry in the past two years. According to rumors, there was also a bankroller behind her. So she didn’t have any intentions towards Shen Yu at all, she just wanted to make a connection by establishing a good relationship. But in the end, she was slapped indiscriminately by the eldest miss of the Shen family.

Not only that, but even the young male actors who had a good relationship with Shen Yu were also rectified by Yao Wenxiao behind the scenes. At first, everyone didn’t know it, but unfortunately there was no airtight wall in this world. Later, when everyone knew of this, due to the power of the Shen family and the Yao family, these young actors could only swallow their anger. Now that they knew that Shen Yu was not actually the blood of the Shen family, and was even kicked out of the Shen family by Mother Shen, these people naturally took revenge.

So when Shen Yu returned to the crew to film, a wire scene that was supposed to be done by his stand-in was instead forced on Shen Yu to do it personally under everyone’s deliberate instigation.

“But I’m afraid of heights! I don’t dare.” Shen Yu didn’t know that these people were deliberately harassing him, and still wanted to do the same as before: “Wasn’t it done by my body doubles before——”

“Are you filming or is your body double filming?” The second female lead who was to act with Shen Yu unceremoniously interrupted Shen Yu’s words: “Do you know that this next scene has many closeups? If you don’t do it yourself, it will be very troublesome for the director to edit. The post production crew will have to cut out pictures later. Because of you alone, making trouble for us all. The most important thing is that it will reduce the quality of the finished film, don’t you have any shame?”

“If you can’t endure hardship, why be an actor! Why don’t you just go back and be your young master? Oh, right, I remember. You are no longer the young master of the Shen family. Since you don’t have that young master’s life, then don’t act as spoiled as one. You are just going to hang on a wire and make a few moves, do you have to drag your feet as if you are going to the execution ground?”

“Speaking of which, both are also actors. In order to film well a small supporting role with few scenes, Mr. Tao of actually came down with a high fever of 39.3 degrees celsius. He even went to the drug rehab center to experience it himself, and filmed several days with a high fever. He didn’t even take medicine or sleep. Just to find the right state for the last scene. Now this is the attitude of one who sincerely wants to be an actor and actually likes this line of work.”

“It’s not like we are asking young master Shen to have this heart and professional ethics. You just have to hang on the wires and make a few moves. It’s not like you can’t even do this, right?”

Shen Yu originally wanted to say something, but when he heard the second female lead mention Tao Mu, he immediately stopped: “I’ll go.”

Shen Yu had a bone to pick, he just didn’t want people to say that he was much worse than Tao Mu. Although many people said so.

Hearing Shen Yu’s words, several actors looked at each other, and ticked up the corners of their mouths very subtly.

Female No. 2 gave the props master a wink. When the prop master who had prepared for a long time was putting on the wire suit for Shen Yu, he deliberately tightened it very tightly. Shen Yu felt uncomfortable, but the props master justified: “When filming, you have to hang up very high. If it is loose, you will fall off. Aren’t you afraid, young master?”

Of course Shen Yu would be afraid. So he didn’t make a sound. However, it was very uncomfortable when he was hung up, and his whole body, especially the inside of his thigh, was very painful. It was so painful Shen Yu cried, and was simply unable to make the requested moves of the scene at all.

The director NG-ed dozens of times, and finally got impatient and called cut directly. Letting everyone go to lunch break and rest.

Shen Yu breathed a sigh of relief. He thought the hardest time was over. But it turned out that everyone went to eat, and no one put him down at all.

He stayed out in the winter of minus ten degrees, wearing a thin costume, and hung midair by the wires for more than two hours. In the end, best actor Yan Sheng, who took a half-day leave to catch another job, came back and asked his assistant to call the props master. When he was finally down, Shen Yu’s whole body was frozen stiff.

When he got back to the dressing room, he started to have a fever. However, the crew still disliked him for being useless. It took a whole afternoon to film a scene and it was not done well, which was a waste of film. And even said that it was a good thing that it was all digital now. If it was filmed like in the past, who knows how much film would be wasted on this day.

Finicky and useless, crying at every turn. Compared to Tao Mu, whose acting skills were so superb that even Teacher Zhan Bin praised him, and even his filming attitude was astounding, Shen Yu was so much more lacking.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Not comparable to Tao Mu at all!

Shen Yu, who was leaning against the door of the dressing room, slid weakly down to the ground. Listening to the discussions of the people outside, he only felt pain and cold all over his body.

He just didn’t understand why those people treated him like this.

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  2. ok, Shen Yu is pitiful. Period. He’s as dumb as a rock and spoiled rotten, but this doesn’t justify all the bullying. Will we see him blackening at this rate?
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  3. It’s not shen yu, it’s the people around him: family who didn’t treat him properly and only pampered him, classmates who only knows how to hug a thigh, and people who would willingly succumb to power instead of trying to criticize shen yu’s behavior and correct it that made him like that. He have no concept of money, the real world, is sensitive, lived very conveniently. It’s not because of him, it’s because of the people around him. Poor boy was even blamed by what the people around him made him to be. Or maybe I’m also experiencing a short circuit but he’s pitiful in this state. Although at least he still have his friends who seems..real

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    Though it’s not his fault i still want him to learn from these experiences and learn how to be angry, and to hate and dislike people. Because being too kind and forgiving really is a form of ignorance and foolishness that is dangerous not only to him but the people around him

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  6. I want to enjoy watching Shen Yu’s torment, but unless he’s hidden his black lotus heart ridiculously deeply, then he’s just an idiot prince with no redeeming qualities aside from his appearance and his innocence. He’s not intentionally malicious and he didn’t personally do anything to anyone else, so it’s hard to feel good about watching someone like that suffer.


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