After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 132 Shen Yu’s Reaction & Film And Television Company

“Hey, is it really okay for us to do this?”

“He locked himself in the dressing room for over an hour and didn’t come out…..”

“Was it too much?”

“We can’t be blamed for that. Who knew he would be so useless. It took so long to shoot one scene…..”

After Yan Sheng finished putting on his makeup and costume in his exclusive lounge, he felt a little uneasy when he thought of Shen Yu who was almost unconscious when the props master put him down from the wires. Just as he was about to visit Shen Yu’s dressing room, he ran into a group of whispering staff.

After seeing Yan Sheng, most people left in guilt. A small group of people greeted him with awkward smiles: “Mr. Yan, are you here to see Shen Yu?”

“Don’t misunderstand. We didn’t bully him. It’s because he’s not in a good state. There were dozens of NGs in just one scene. Everyone was getting impatient.”

Yan Sheng was humble and had superb acting skills. He liked to support newcomers, and he would not act like a bigshot on the set just because he was a big celebrity. Therefore, his reputation in the industry had always been very good. These cast members didn’t want to affect their image in Yan Sheng’s eyes because of such a trivial matter——you must know that Yan Sheng’s next movie was a police and gangster film co-produced with Hong Kong. Two male lead roles, and the other male lead was Hong Kong superstar Zhou Yanqing. Even the main supporting roles were casted with A-list big names in Hong Kong and the mainland. According to rumors, the crew also wanted to select several young actors in the mainland at the request of mainland investors. As one of the male leads, Yan Sheng had always liked to help newcomers. If he was willing to recommend them to the crew, then the success rate would be much higher than if they auditioned themselves.

In this case, these actors certainly didn’t want Yan Sheng to have bad impressions about them. What was more, they didn’t really think they’d done anything wrong. When it came to filming, everyone had gone through the same thing. Who had not ever felt aggrieved. So why was it such a big commotion when it happened to Shen Yu?

Relying on the fact that her godfather was one of the crew’s investors, the female second lead who deliberately forced Shen Yu to hang on the wires himself, and hinted at the props master to tamper with Shen Yu’s wire suit, just to retaliate against Shen Yu offending her before, looked at Yan Sheng nervously. Mr. Yan wouldn’t think she was the kind of vicious woman who deliberately bullied others, would he?

“Mr. Yan, did Shen Yu cry to you again that we were bullying him? Don’t believe him. I just wanted to act the scene with him normally. You also know that since the filming of this film, I have almost always acted with a stand-in. This has made it hard for me to act. I want Shen Yu to act himself, and it’s also for the good of the crew.”

Yan Sheng smiled but said nothing. The actress who played the second female lead in the movie was Liang Xiao. She was not a bad actress and had some talent. Before, she had filmed two costume dramas with ratings breaking 3, so now her limelight in the entertainment circle was quite bright. In fact, the young lady had a good personality. Although she would occasionally act arrogant due to the reason of being backed by investors. But when filming, she was willing to endure hardship, and she also treated acting very seriously. In fact, this movie was Liang Xiao’s first film, and the young lady really wanted to film it well. Only to be met with Shen Yu, a spoiled young master who was only playing in the entertainment industry and was as delicate as glass. She at first wanted to flatter and form a good relationship, but in front of everyone’s eyes, she was scolded and accused of being a vixen by the eldest miss of the Shen family, and even slapped on the face.

Everyone has tempers. What was more, on this matter it was originally the Shen family in the wrong. Liang Xiao suffered a disaster because of Shen Yu. So it was quite understandable to want revenge.

But it was done in such a stupid way.

Even if Shen Yu was kicked out of the Shen family’s mansion by Mrs. Shen, Chairman Shen did not intend to cut off the relationship with this adoptive son. As far as he knew, the Shen family also arranged an apartment on the Bund for Shen Yu, and even the film and television company under the Shen Group also operated around Shen Yu as usual. Although due to Mrs. Shen’s anger, all the assistants originally allocated to Shen Yu were withdrawn. But so long as Shen Yu was not removed from the household registration book by the Shen family, he would still be a member of the Shen family and protected by the Shen family.

As the saying goes, one must see who the owner was before beating a dog. Shen Yu was raised by the Shen family for nineteen years. Even if his birth background was exposed, there were still the familial bonds that come from raising him for nineteen years. What was more, at the contract signing ceremony between the Shen Group and, Tao Mu also personally recommended Shen Yu as the promotion ambassador of the Lost Children’s Gene Bank.

Yan Sheng believed that with the normal behavior of the Shen family, they should be able to respond quickly. At that time, Shen Yu would definitely return to the Shen family again. He just wondered how Liang Xiao would react at that time.

Yan Sheng could see clearly, he knew that the young lady was still too young and was not patient enough. But he didn’t say anything, just nodded at Liang Xiao, walked to Shen Yu’s exclusive dressing room, and knocked on the door.

For a long time, there was no response.

Yan Sheng frowned slightly and motioned for his assistant to knock the door open. Only then did he realize that Shen Yu was leaning against the door, tear tracks all over his face from having cried himself unconscious. His face was abnormally flushed, and he was still holding a mobile phone. On the phone screen was a news report from about Tao Mu forcing himself into a state of high fever for filming.

Yan Sheng reached out and touched his forehead, it was quite hot. He quickly picked up the person and took him to the hospital.

In truth, Shen Yu’s illness was actually not a big deal. It was just that his body had always been delicate, and had never suffered like this before, so he caught a cold. Along with the little fever, he didn’t eat at noon as well, so he fainted from hunger.

After being given an IV drip, he woke up quickly. Looking at Yan Sheng, who was sitting beside the hospital bed, and the bowl of white porridge that Yan Sheng specially bought for him. Immediately, he burst into aggrieved tears.

“Brother Yan, why did they treat me like this!”

Originally an elegant and slender Persian cat, after being tossed around, he immediately turned into a small tabby cat. Yan Sheng chuckled, but patiently persuaded Shen Yu with a few words. On the way, he also explained why Liang Xiao targeted him like this.

Only then did Shen Yu know that Shen Yan had actually slapped Liang Xiao on the set. He was immediately shocked: “Why did Sister do this? Liang Xiao and I were just good friends!”

“So, Liang Xiao was also very angry. Think of it in her shoes, as a young lady scolded and slapped by your sister while being accused of being a vixen in public. She is also very pitiful, so can you forgive her once?”

Although he had not been in contact with Shen Yu for a long time, Yan Sheng, who had seen much in his life, could understand Shen Yu’s brain circuit. Sure enough, when Yan Sheng said this, Shen Yu nodded immediately and said: “Actually, nothing much happened to me. I just filmed a wire scene. Mu Mu forced himself into a fever for the sake of filming well. I just hung on wires, but I was so useless I actually got a fever.”

Yan Sheng found that Shen Yu seemed to be particularly interested in Tao Mu: “You seem to be particularly interested in Mr. Tao from”

Shen Yu hesitated for a while, but still said: “I think Mu Mu is very amazing. I want to be like Mu Mu.”

Yan Sheng remembered that there were rumors in the entertainment industry that the young son of the Shen Group was Tao Mu’s brainless anti. He didn’t disagree at first, thinking that either it was Shen Yu putting on an image and wanted to rub off on Tao Mu’s popularity; or Shen Yu actually hated Tao Mu, and the reason why he acted like a brainless anti was just for the sake of hating on the other.

However, based on his recent observation of Shen Yu, Yan Sheng was stunned to find that Shen Yu seemed to be Tao Mu’s brainless super fan. Not to mention that Shen Yu always paid special attention to Tao Mu’s news. Before, when some of Shen Yu’s fans exposed ugly photos of Tao Mu hanging on the wire and being shot at by a water hose for the sake of hating on Tao Mu. Shen Yu, who had always been soft and pleasant like glutinous rice, was so angry that he even scolded his fans for this kind of thing, @-ing Tao Mu and kept apologizing.

Yan Sheng originally thought that Shen Yu was pretending. However, at this moment, seeing Shen Yu’s attitude when mentioning Tao Mu——if Shen Yu was really pretending, then Yan Sheng had to admit that Shen Yu’s acting skills were really good. Even he couldn’t see any flaws and cracks in the mask.

“Since you like Tao Mu so much, you should have also seen the news that Tao Mu recommended you to be the promotion ambassador of the Lost Children’s Gene Bank, right?” Yan Sheng said casually. And then saw Shen Yu, who was like a pitiful cat soaked in water, raise his head quickly.

“Mu Mu recommended me to be the promotion ambassador? Why don’t I know what happened?” Shen Yu’s eyes were bright, like dusty black pearls with the dust washed away, the light dazzling and brilliant.

Yan Sheng looked slightly speechless at Shen Yu, who was now acting like a brainless fan seeing an idol: “The news came out this afternoon. Maybe you didn’t notice it.”

Without saying a word, Shen Yu immediately grabbed the phone from the bedside table to search for the news. Probably due to Tao Mu breaking the news at the contract signing ceremony that he was going to promote the Skynet system with Xiaoheng Capital, Skynet Technology and the Beijing Police was too shocking. Even the news of’s “Just Take A Snap” public welfare activity had become a hot topic of current affairs. So much so that most of the media were chasing these two news stories. The few gossip magazines also focused on the news that Shen Yan made a big scene at the signing ceremony only to be slapped back by Tao Mu.

At the signing ceremony, Tao Mu proposed that Shen Yu should be the promotion ambassador for the Lost Children’s Gene Bank, but no one reported it at all.

But even so, Shen Yu was still satisfied. He felt as if he was recognized by Tao Mu.

Yan Sheng looked at the excited Shen Yu with some curiosity. He was delighted to discover that Shen Yu was really the same person as he presented on the outside. Such people were rare in this circle.

Tao Mu, who was far away in the capital, sneezed several times.

“Is your cold still not completely gone?” Meng Qi handed the tissue box to Tao Mu and asked with concern, “I heard that Mr. Li has been making medicinal soup for you recently. How are you eating?”

Tao Mu felt a headache when he thought of the soups that Li Xiaoheng kept preparing for him.

“I didn’t let him make it anymore. CEO Li’s work is too busy. Not only is he busy preparing for the online shopping platform and electronic payment project, but now he has to keep an eye on the Skynet system as well. Although capable people work a lot, I’m too embarrassed to let him add to his workload.”

Having said that, Tao Mu still felt that Li Xiaoheng’s enthusiasm was something he had a little trouble holding with.

Liu Yao and Meng Qi laughed. But they didn’t intend to comment on the children’s relationship problems. Meng Qi said, “By the way, there are many crews and directors who have come to with their scripts. They want to invite you to be the leading actor and invest in the crew. I’ve brought back all those scripts for you. You can read them yourself.”

Tao Mu was speechless when he saw the scripts that were piled up like a hill. Since he invested 14 million yuan in the crew of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, and also made a cameo role as a cannon fodder in it. After the news spread that he had forced himself into a high fever and even got a “drug addiction” in order to interpret the role, a lot of crews and directors came to the door with their scripts like sharks smelling blood in the waters.

At first, Tao Mu looked it over seriously, but most of the scripts that threw themselves at him asking for investment were mostly incoherent bad scripts. The clichéd idol dramas, the school dramas that follow the current trend, and illogical anti-Japanese war dramas. It all made Tao Mu’s head hurt. Eighty percent of them were rotten scripts that he had never even heard of.

Tao Mu estimated that these people took him as a fool, “a foolish person who throws away his money quickly”. It was a pity that he was not interested in acting in bad films. After several times of this, he simply refused all the scripts.

Those people couldn’t find Tao Mu, so they turned around and sent the scripts to headquarters. Especially the FlyNews Entertainment department headed by Meng Qi. However, the scope of work of the FlyNews Entertainment department was mainly news media, and it had nothing to do with artist agency. Therefore, Meng Qi also had a headache.

“I think you should find an agent as soon as possible. You are also an actor now, and you will be filming in the future. Without an agent, and we laymen don’t understand either, what if there was a delay in business matters?”

Liu Yao also said: “Otherwise, you can simply set up a film and television company. Anyway, is now cooperating with Summer Star Entertainment and Longteng Entertainment, but it also needs to invest in filming by itself. When you directly set up a film and television company, we can get everything ready, and it will be easier in the future.”

“Okay.” Tao Mu lazily slumped on the sofa and ate watermelon. Hearing his Yao Dad’s words, he replied with a smile: “Yao Dad, let’s work together to set up a film and television company. How about you be the boss and I’ll be the no. 1 male artist?”

What the hell?

Liu Yao glared at Tao Mu: “Are you mental. I open nightclubs, what do I do with a film and television company!”

“Isn’t that just perfect.” Tao Mu said with a smile: “Everyone is in the entertainment industry. Knowing one part of the industry, knowing all parts of the industry. It’s decided.”

Tao Mu remembered that in the previous life, when the entertainment industry was in its most blooming years, Liu Yao did actually want to start a film and television company. He also invested in a few films. Although they were all indie films produced at a low cost, the box office and ratings were not bad. Liu Yao had always relied on intuition when it came to doing business, and Meng Qi had been a serious student in business management of a prestigious university. One of them was responsible for finding projects and the other was responsible for specific management. They cooperated tacitly, and they really made a reputation for themselves in the circle.

It was a pity that they were implicated by him and targeted by Shen Yu’s admirers. Even Night was not left unscathed, let alone their business in the entertainment circle which was Shen Yu’s home court.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In this second chance at life, Tao Mu didn’t think too much. He just felt that since he had the ability, he should try his best to make it so that the people around him could have a better life.

As Liu Yao said, he was going to set up a film and television company anyway. Rather than leave it to outsiders to take care of it, it was better to cooperate with his Yao Dad. After all, his Yao Dad wouldn’t stab him in the back.

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  1. I feel a little bad for shen yu, the little Prince who is ignorant and naive. He really doesn’t have much brains nor scheming in him. though he is a character I dislike, his abuse is a little saddening
    I feel that shen yan should get a good waking up punishment. she’s pretty selfish and unrepentant.
    was yan sheng the one who married shen yu initially? I hope he treats him well.

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  2. [He just felt that since he had the ability, he should try his best to make it so that the people around him could have a better life]

    Yup, like I always said, Xiao Mu is the kind of person who won’t take his relationship for granted. When in relationship he won’t let you be a unilateral provider while he just take and take and never give. When he decide to establish any kind of bond, he will do his best to get his partner satisfactory benefits too.

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