Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 181 Children

The Princess Manor was brightly lit, the servants were rushing about, and the maids outside the delivery room came and went in a hurry with hot water basins.

Guo’er had never felt so much pain before, she was sweating profusely from it. She gritted her teeth, and shouted, “I don’t want to give birth anymore! I don’t want to give birth anymore!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The midwife grabbed Guo’er’s hand and said earnestly, “Princess, all women have to pass this obstacle, you have to use your strength and the child will come out soon.”

Guo’er wallowed in regret amidst the pain, she should not have gotten married, should not have gotten pregnant, should not have children.

The pain was unbearable.

The old maids lied to her, how was it easy to have a baby, it was obviously so painful.

Outside the door, Han Ling was waiting anxiously. He was an ordinary man. In addition to being named on the successful candidate list of the imperial palace examination, his top priority in this life was to marry a wife and have children. His obsession with descendants was engraved in his bones.

Hearing Guo’er’s screams in the delivery room, his heart clenched.

In an instant, many thoughts ran through Han Ling’s mind.

If Guo’er had an accident, then he would be finished…..

He had no doubt that if Guo’er died, he could forget about going any further in this life.

“The people from the palace have come.” Han Ling’s personal attendant trotted over. Han Ling turned around, and saw Er Liang who came with an old palace maid and a few imperial physicians. Er Liang hurriedly arranged for the old maid to go help the midwife first, and then had the imperial doctors go to the side room to wait.

Han Ling hurriedly stepped forward: “My lord, I…..”

Er Liang waved his hand: “You don’t need to greet me, I have already instructed, no matter whether the situation is good or bad, guarantee the life of the adult first.”

Han Ling said with unease: “I also thought so as well.”

When Han Ling heard the sound of hooves, he looked at Er Liang in astonishment: “My lord, this is?”

Er Liang said, “The Imperial Infantry has surrounded the Princess Manor.”

Of course Han Ling knew, but he just didn’t know why they were surrounded, he looked at Er Liang anxiously.

Er Liang smiled and said, “The Princess’s Consort, don’t worry, if the Princess is fine, everyone will be fine, if the Princess is not fine, then everyone can forget about being fine.”

Han Ling’s heart pounded in his chest.

What did that mean?

Was he implying that if the princess had an accident, then it was because someone secretly harmed her?

The entire Princess Manor was to be surrounded and controlled.

Han Ling swallowed.

Er Liang said again: “His Majesty said, since Her Highness is working hard in the delivery room, the Princess’s Consort should go in and accompany her, so that the Princess could feel at ease.”

Han Ling said in a daze: “The delivery room?”

Er Liang nodded: “Does the Princess’s Consort feel that the delivery room is dirty?”

Han Ling was speechless. He received this kind of education since he was a child. His mother gave birth to several children. Although the children died young, his father never went to the delivery room when they were being born.

A woman giving birth was inherently unclean.

Er Liang’s face turned dark: “The Princess’s Consort, do you still remember that you are the Princess’s Consort?”

Han Ling looked at Er Liang and felt that this person was so unfamiliar for the first time, when clearly it was not the first time they had met.

Er Liang sneered: “How noble is the Princess? And the Princess is also giving birth to the child of the Princess’s Consort. The Princess’s Consort, His Majesty will soon arrive.”

Han Ling lowered his head and said, “I’m going now, I’m going now.”

Han Ling walked into the delivery room.

As soon as he entered, he was startled by a basin of blood-stained hot water, and looked across the room nervously. Guo’er’s face was twisted, and she looked exhausted from the screaming. The veins on her forehead were popping and the old palace maids grabbed on her hands tightly, while her mouth was stuffed with a cloth to prevent her from biting her tongue in the severe pain.

Was this the princess?

All Han Ling’s nose could smell was the scent of blood. He looked at the woman lying on the bed. Was this woman with a hideous expression his wife?

She…..was she so ugly?

Guo’er also saw Han Ling, she wanted to call Han Ling’s name, but found that Han Ling turned his head.

He didn’t look at her, Guo’er’s eyes widened instantly——what right did he have to turn his eyes from her! She was having his baby! She was in so much pain!

However, Han Ling stood in the corner of the delivery room, neither stepping forward nor turning his head to look, as if he was being punished to stand facing the wall. Only when a maid walked by would he ask, “Is the Princess alright?”

The maid didn’t have the time to spare for him, she only said: “The Princess has an auspicious fate, and will naturally turn bad luck into good luck.”

Guo’er looked at the bed curtains above and then looked down at her big belly.

Why did she have to suffer this pain?

“Princess! Use your strength! I can see the head!” The midwife was overjoyed and said repeatedly, “The child is well!”

Child! Guo’er regained her sanity, yes, her child!

“Ah!” Guo’er held the old maid’s hand tightly, tears streaming from her eyes.

When Lin Yuan arrived, it was to hear the child’s first cry. He rushed in almost immediately, the midwife was wiping the child’s body and had just cut off the umbilical cord. Guo’er was collapsed on the bed exhausted, her head turned to look at the child held by the midwife.

“Guo’er.” Lin Yuan sat beside the bed and held Guo’er’s hand, “Brother has come late.”

Guo’er shook her head, her voice hoarse: “Brother is not late.”

Lin Yuan carefully observed Guo’er and asked the midwife, “Why is her belly still so big?”

The people in this room were almost scared to death by Lin Yuan.

How could the emperor rush into the delivery room?

The midwife was holding the child, not knowing whether to kneel or not. Lin Yuan said impatiently, “Speak.”

The midwife gave up kneeling and said quickly, “Women are like this. It will take some time for the stomach to subside.”

Lin Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

But Guo’er grabbed Lin Yuan’s hand and said with difficulty, “I think there is another one inside.”

The midwife walked over and checked carefully: “Yes, yes, the Princess is right! There is one more!”

“Bring ginseng soup to the Princess, so that the Princess can regenerate her strength.”

It was the first time that Lin Yuan knew of such an operation, drinking soup halfway through giving birth.

The ginseng soup was already prepared, and the maid came in and fed it into Guo’er’s mouth with a spoon.

Lin Yuan waited by the side, talking to Guo’er.

He came in a hurry and changed into clean robes on the carriage——but his robes were changed to different ones every day, and there were a dozen or twenty sets of dragon robes. He used to think that there was only one set of dragon robes. Only when he became the emperor did he find out that that was not the case.

Lin Yuan held Guo’er’s hand and comforted her in a soft voice: “It will be fine soon, the pain will stop soon, just bear with it a bit longer.”

Probably because there was someone who she could act like a spoiled child to, Guo’er cried: “Brother, I don’t want to give birth anymore, it hurts so much!”

“If you don’t want to give birth, then you won’t give birth, from now on you won’t have to give birth if you don’t want to.” Lin Yuan followed her words, “Guo’er will give birth if she wants to, won’t give birth if she doesn’t want to.”

It seemed that it was time he had someone get the condoms out, but he didn’t know if there were talents in this area, anyway, Lin Yuan himself didn’t know how.

After waiting for half an hour, Guo’er started giving birth again.

It was just that this one was easier than the last one.

The midwife smiled brightly. She was scared to death just now, but now that the child was out, she suddenly felt like her life was no longer in danger, and said with a smile, “Congratulations, Princess, congratulations, Princess, they are twins, a boy and a girl!”

Guo’er was also relieved, she finally gave birth to the children, no matter what the fetus was, so long as there was no third one in her belly, she would be thankful.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “I already thought of the names.”

Guo’er’s eyes lit up: “Imperial Brother, please bestow them their names.”

Lin Yuan said seriously: “The older one is called Lin De, and the younger one is called Lin Xuan.”

Guo’er said happily, “Many thanks to Imperial Brother.”

The two siblings were very happy, but everyone in the room looked down at their toes.

Who could remind His Majesty and the Princess that the child born by a princess should have the surname of the princess’s consort.

But the princess’s consort didn’t dare to speak, let alone others.

At this time, Han Ling was not feeling well. He was already a princess’s consort, but in front of the princess, he could never raise his head, and the emperor did not treat him differently because he was the princess’s consort. He was still in Hanlin Academy now, gaining seniority and had no real power in his hands.

Even his fellow candidate who scored second place in the list of successful candidates of the imperial palace examination was now doing well in the Court of Censors, and already held real power in his hands.


Was it because he didn’t do well somewhere, or because he was the princess’s consort, so he couldn’t hold too much power?

He wanted to say that even if Guo’er was a princess, the children’s blood was the blood of the Han family. Even if it was the imperial family, the children should not be allowed to take their mother’s surname.

But he couldn’t say it, he could only walk in front of Lin Yuan and saluted uneasily: “This official greets Your Majesty.”

Lin Yuan held a child in his arms and said, “Rise.”

Han Ling also looked at the child, Lin Yuan handed the child to the midwife: “Take care of the children.”

The midwife hurriedly said, “Yes.”

The children were taken by the midwife to find a wet nurse. Guo’er had not yet produced milk, and generally speaking, the female family members of high society families would not breastfeed by themselves, and they must take medicine to stop producing milk after giving birth.

Guo’er regained her composure at this time, her cheeks flushed as she asked, “Brother, why did you come in?”

She was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole in the ground to bury herself in.

Lin Yuan said seriously: “Don’t be shy, you were at the juncture of life and death, everything else is trivial.”

Probably because Lin Yuan was too serious, Guo’er was no longer embarrassed, and felt that what her brother said was very reasonable.

Yes, she just walked around the gate of the underworld, and her brother was her family, so what if he accompanied her?

Thinking of this, Guo’er looked at Han Ling again.

When she was giving birth, Han Ling was in the corner and didn’t want to look at her, nor came to accompany her.

Guo’er grabbed the hem of Lin Yuan’s robes, she wanted to take a gamble. If her brother loved her, she would win, but if her brother didn’t love her, she would think of another way to beg her mother, and her mother would definitely accept her request.

“Brother, I want to be divorced from him!” Guo’er pointed at Han Ling who was standing in front of Lin Yuan. Just now she was looking quite weak, but now she looked like a little rooster with a high fighting spirit. Her cheeks were flushed and she said, “He won’t accompany me or look at me after he came in!”

Guo’er’s temper had been cultivated over the years, and she said angrily: “Those are not my children alone, doesn’t he have a share?”

Lin Yuan looked at Han Ling, his eyes were indifferent, neither sad nor happy.

Under Lin Yuan’s gaze, cold sweat began to dot Han Ling’s forehead, and he quickly said, “This official, this official just didn’t know what to do, this was also the first time for this official…..”

Lin Yuan rubbed Guo’er’s head and said with a smile, “Guo’er have a good resting sleep. Your brother will help you handle this matter. When you wake up, I will definitely give you a satisfactory result, okay?”

Guo’er’s belief in Lin Yuan was more devout than her belief in Buddha. After Lin Yuan said this, Guo’er was relieved and soon closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She was really tired.

Lin Yuan asked Han Ling to follow him out, and then asked the servants to retreat.

Han Ling didn’t know what Lin Yuan would say. He was nervous and scared. He hadn’t felt this way for a long time.

Lin Yuan looked at Han Ling: “Zhen thought you were a smart person.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Han Ling didn’t dare to speak, bowed his head and said nothing, his legs were shaking.

Lin Yuan said with disappointment: “Zhen does not ask you to be very capable, but you can’t even coax the Princess, what else can you do?”

“You forget, a princess’s consort can only exist with a princess. Without a princess, a princess’s consort like you is worthless.”

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  1. Goodbye Hanling
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    1. At first I felt pity for him, but then he thought about how he will died if his wife died. He was never worried about his wife. He did not cherish her. He should not have accepted this marriage… but again, i understand that he could not clearly reject the emperor’s sister

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  3. “If Guo’er had an accident, then he would be finished…..
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  4. At first I felt pity for him, but then he thought about how he will died if his wife died. He was never worried about his wife. He did not cherish her. He should not have accepted this marriage… but again, i understand that he could not clearly reject the emperor’s sister


  5. i love lin yuan so much. in a BL set in a feudal society, it’s so easy for this novel to be misogynistic but LY proves himself as an ally again and again. even gay rights are inferior to women’s rights here. ❤

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