Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 182 Stay With Me

After all, they were a young couple, and Guo’er’s temper came and went quickly. After all, it was her first time giving birth, so she was quite angry. After a few days of softly coaxing, Han Ling was able to coax her anger away.

Lin Yuan actually didn’t care who the princess’s consort was. To put it not so nicely, there was only one princess, but there could be a bunch of princess’s consorts. After all, only Guo’er was related to him by blood. The princess’s consort was noble because of the princess. But he didn’t want Guo’er to make decisions in anger.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After all, young couples, they said whatever was on their minds at that moment. They could change each other’s bad points.

But this matter made Lin Yuan see clearly that Han Ling was someone who could not be entrusted with important responsibilities. One’s vision, whether narrow or wide, determines one’s path.

Lin Yuan didn’t care about whether his nature was good or bad either, there were no completely good people and no completely bad people in this world.

But Han Ling was neither the kind of person who could bring benefits to the people, nor was he someone who could put down his pride to study how to diligently.

To be fair, he was an ordinary person who grew up with a feudal education.

His books were well read and his ideas were innovative enough, but he was really not suitable for holding real power.

The old palace maids brought by Lin Yuan were all experienced, and they have served the concubines in the harem of the Yuan Dynasty before. So Lin Yuan left them all at Princess Manor.

Both children were also placed by Guo’er’s side. He planned to bring them to the palace to raise them after they were three years old.

If Guo’er was reluctant to part with the children, he could ask Guo’er to live in the palace for a longer time.

The older child was a girl. Lin De was born stronger than her younger brother. She had probably snatched most of the nutrients in the womb, and so her younger brother was much weaker, looking like a wrinkled monkey when he was born. Although his sister was also red, it didn’t take long for her to become a fat baby with tender white skin. Only the younger brother remained wrinkled even when his skin was no longer red.

Guo’er hadn’t recovered yet. She had just given birth to children, so she didn’t have the consciousness of being a mother. She only asked someone to bring the children after the old palace maids reminded her. She held her daughter in one arm and her son in the other, and finally had a smile on her face: “Daughter has good looks, takes after me.”

The implication was that the son was not good-looking, taking after the father.

Han Ling thought that both children were good-looking, they were his seed, and he liked them both when he looked at them.

But thinking that the children were both surnamed Lin, he didn’t feel as happy anymore.

As a man and a princess’s consort, he would never even think about taking the initiative to divorce in his life. He could not take concubines or maids. Except for the princess, no other woman could give birth to his children.

Of course he loved the princess. The princess was young and beautiful, with a charming and cute temperament. She respected his parents, and she never acted arrogant towards him. Except for that day she gave birth and lost her temper, he and the princess have never had a spat before.

Han Ling never thought that he would betray Guo’er either.

He also knew that the children being given the Lin surname was better than the Han surname.

But…..he was the son of the Han family! Would he have to give up continuing his own family line?

No matter how close his brother’s child was, it was not his own seed.

Guo’er was leaning against Han Ling’s arms. She had already gotten over her temper. Seeing that Han Ling’s brows were slightly wrinkled, she asked with concern, “What is wrong? I lost my temper before, don’t be angry with me, if you have something to say, then just tell me.”

Han Ling whispered, “Princess…..”

Seeing Han Ling showing weakness, Guo’er felt tenderness and love: “Do you have something you want? Tell me, I will do whatever I can.”

Han Ling looked at Guo’er and finally said seriously, “Of our future children, can one of them get my surname?”

Only then did Guo’er realize that the names her brother gave to the children were all surnamed Lin.

Guo’er didn’t think there was anything wrong. Her brother was the emperor, the world belonged to the Lin family, and her children were also the blood of the Lin family. Of course, the surname Lin was better than the surname Han, and the Han family had only produced the one princess’s consort.

But she was also willing to coax Han Ling: “Alright, if there are children in the future, they will be given your surname.”

The breath that he had been holding was relieved, and Han Ling felt much more comfortable. He and the princess were still young, and there would be children in the future, there would be sons in the future.

Thinking about it like that, he was relieved.

It was a good thing for the children to be surnamed Lin. His Majesty had no children, so having the princess’s children be named Lin was a matter of honor. When the children grew up, so long as they did not make a big mistake, princely titles for both daughter and a son would not be spared.

There would always be a shortage of aristocratic titles in the world, but there would never be a shortage of aristocratic titles for the old Lin family.

With the two children in front, the children that came after would be able to live better. They were blood relatives, nothing could change that.

Han Ling figured it out, and treated Guo’er even more gently and with more consideration.

Guo’er was immersed in gentleness, and it seemed that giving birth to children was not so unacceptable.

“Your Majesty, the Princess and Princess’s Consort…..” Er Liang brought a cup of tea to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Reconciled?”

Er Liang nodded.

Lin Yuan sighed: “Zhen just hope he can be a little better this time, and that there is no need to give him a reminder again.”

A pair of strong and powerful arms stretched out from behind Lin Yuan’s body. Chen Baisong hugged Lin Yuan’s waist, put his chin on Lin Yuan’s shoulder, and asked sleepily, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Yuan patted the back of his hand: “Guo’er gave birth.”

Chen Baisong’s eyes widened: “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

He knew that Guo’er’s child would be the crown heir, and he also knew how important Guo’er’s child was.

More importantly, Lin Yuan would not be forced to get married and have his own biological son.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “You slept like a dead pig, and such a big movement didn’t wake you up at all. So it’s better to let you sleep.”

Chen Baisong slept so soundly that he couldn’t bear to wake him up.

“What happened with the Princess’s Consort?” Chen Baisong asked strangely, remembering what Lin Yuan had just said.

Lin Yuan shook his head and said, “Too young.”

He even regretted agreeing to this marriage.

When the empress dowager made the suggestion, it was based on the fact that Han Ling’s family was simple, neither a noble family nor a big influential family. Moreover, he was also the new top scorer in the imperial palace examination. It not only saved any trouble, but it was also a suitable match, a young talent who matched Guo’er.

Otherwise, if a noble family married Guo’er, they might think about getting benefits from the only princess in the dynasty.

If Guo’er was bewitched by them.

Trouble was secondary, the main thing was their sibling relationship, and even family kinship including the empress dowager and the taishang huang might be hurt.

Since it could not be controlled, it must be eliminated from the root, that was, Guo’er would not be allowed to marry a son of the noble families.

Han Ling was undoubtedly a good choice. He was not very handsome, but he could be considered pleasant looking. He was young and energetic. He was also the top scorer of the imperial palace examination. He was confident in manners and also possessed true talent. He also had his own insight on problems of the common people and could be considered a rare talent.

The only problem was that he was rather shortsighted politically.

If it was a son of a noble family, he would jump up and kowtow in thanks when he heard that Lin Yuan named his children with the Lin surname.

The scenery that people see since childhood and the people or things they come into contact with were different, which would indeed affect their behavior and thinking patterns to a certain extent.

Although Guo’er also grew up in a the countryside, she was the daughter of a big landowner, not an ordinary small landowner, and she was not locked up in the boudoir all day. Her vision was broader than ordinary people. Later, when Lin Yuan was in Gaoyou, he also hired a teacher for Guo’er. Instead of teaching music, chess, calligraphy and painting, she was taught reading and literacy. Whatever she wanted to learn, Lin Yuan would find a teacher for her.

Guo’er had the knowledge, and her vision was also broadened. When Lin Yuan became the emperor, Guo’er was then spoiled to have the proper temperament of a princess.

Lin Yuan could almost predict the outcome of Guo’er and Han Ling’s relationship.

Chen Baisong asked, “Is the Princess’s Consort nit good?”

Lin Yuan: “It can’t be said that he is not good, but…..he may not be suitable.”

Han Ling was suitable to be a civil official, and he could honestly work in the position for a lifetime.

But he was not suitable for the twists and turns of politics at court.

Lin Yuan took off his shoes and his outer robe. He soaked his feet before getting under the quilt, but even after soaking his feet, his feet were still not warm enough. Chen Baisong naturally put his feet on his knees, using rough and warm hands to warm Lin Yuan’s feet.

Lin Yuan felt a little tickled.

When his feet were warm, the two lay side by side on the bed and talked.

Every night they were like this, once the bed curtains were put down, even if they did nothing, it would only add a bit of an ambiguous atmosphere.

But rather than doing things, Lin Yuan preferred to talk to Chen Baisong.

“The girl’s name is Lin De, and the boy’s name is Lin Xuan.” Lin Yuan suddenly said.

Chen Baisong said oddly, “Their names are reversed.”

Lin Yuan: “It’s still fine, ‘De’ is a good character, and ‘Xuan’ is also a good character.”

Chen Baisong: “That’s true.”

There were a lot of girls’ names with the character ‘De’, and it was not uncommon for boys’ names to have ‘Xuan’ in them as well.

It was just that these two names were placed together, and there was a feeling that the names were reversed and did not match their gender.

“The children should be with their mother when they are young.” Lin Yuan said softly, “After the age of three, I will bring them to the palace to raise them to see who can learn better and is more suitable to be the emperor.”

“If neither are suitable, I can only wait and look at the children that Guo’er will give birth to next.”

Chen Baisong suddenly asked: “They? You also count the girls?”

Lin Yuan nodded: “Yes.”

Lin Yuan thought that Chen Baisong was going to object. After all, Chen Baisong was a native of the era, and it was normal that he couldn’t accept a woman as emperor.

But Chen Baisong pondered for a while and then said, “Then I will teach them martial arts, but it will not be easy to teach the girl. After all, she is a girl, or you could find a female teacher who knows riding and archery to teach her.”

Lin Yuan was stunned for a moment. Chen Baisong saw that Lin Yuan didn’t speak, and asked, “What’s wrong? Suddenly in a daze?”

Lin Yuan hugged Chen Baisong and said with a smile, “I just didn’t expect it.”

For such a long time, he thought that he could not influence Chen Baisong, but it turned out that before he knew it, Chen Baisong had already been influenced by him, and their way of thinking was slowly connecting. Lin Yuan would never adapt to others, especially when he became an emperor. In the future, it would be even more impossible for him to adapt to others.

It was Chen Baisong who had been adapting to him and had been cooperating and following his lead.

Lin Yuan felt an indescribable excitement, there were people in this world who understood him, Song Shizhao, Song Lian, they all understood him to some extent.

But Chen Baisong’s understanding was different from theirs.

Lin Yuan looked into Chen Baisong’s eyes and said seriously, “You are different from before.”

Chen Baisong looked confused: “What’s the difference?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “You understand me better.”

Chen Baisong said proudly: “Well, just how many years have I been with you.”

Lin Yuan was startled.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

That’s right, the years had flowed by like water, and they were no longer young. Lin Yuan held Chen Baisong’s hand.

He would no longer have the time and energy to treat anyone like he did Chen Baisong.

Lin Yuan looked at the scars on Chen Baisong’s body, and said softly, “You need to take medicine. When old injuries act up, you need to speak up. You need to live longer and stay with me longer.”

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