Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 044 Extra A Day Among Kun-Lai Friends

1. Mountain Gate

The sky was blue, but Kun-Lai Mountain was cold.

The vast clouds and mist surrounded the majestic mountain gate. The ancient road up to the mountain gate was long and meandering, but there was no one to be seen.

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Standing on the ancient road, Shui Lanlan was at a loss for a while.

“Lanlan, this is the Kun-Lai Mountain Gate,” You Jia introduced to the bright-eyed little girl, “Today is your birthday, Aunt and Uncle know that you have always wanted to play in Kun-Lai, so they had me give you a surprise present.”

“I want to rub off on some immortal energy!” The little girl excitedly pointed to the huge stone pillar with a height of 10,000 meters that marked the mountain gate in the distance.

“That’s not possible.” You Jia patted her head regretfully, “When the mountain gate was just established, many disciples went up to engrave their names as a souvenir, and some of them wanted to knock out a piece to use as a talisman. The stone pillar of the mountain gate ended up looking like a dog chewed on it within a day. In a fit of anger, the Sect Leader attached his sword energy to the pillar, and all those who touched it would be hit and rebounded away.”

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Being hit by the sword energy belonging to the Sect Leader is also a blessing!” The little girl’s big blue eyes blinked, and she excitedly stretched out a bunch of tentacles and flew over.

With more hands, the sword energy that would hit back would be equal to the number of her tentacles.

And then she was sent flying far away.

2. Inspection

In the residence hall of the Mountain Patrol Bureau, the girl in blue obediently waited for the inspection.

Her eyes wandered along a crystal ornamental fish tank, while a horned person next to her was staring at a pot of spiritual grass on the table.

Shui Lanlan wiped her mouth and swallowed her saliva.

There were many beautiful little fish in the water tank, overflowing with spiritual energy.

You Jia quickly wrote up the form, and the other party sent a jade seal that authorized them permission to play for a day. After all, Kun-Lai Mountain was not easy to go up to, and you need to hand over spiritual stones as payment.

When looking back, he found that the girl in blue was currently sneaking many tentacles into the fish tank.


The girl in blue cried in an aggrieved manner.

“It’s alright, it’s just three hundred spiritual stone points.” You Jia said lightly, “Daring to use the baiting method of the Mountain Patrol Bureau on me. I’ll take care of them in a few days!”

“Baiting method?” Shui Lanlan looked at him blankly.

“Yes, their fastest way to earn extra money. Every spiritual demon who comes to Kun-Lai would encounter such tragic incidents.” You Jia thought back to when he was also baited with a small silver fish back then, and touched his chin, “Wait for a few days. When my Kun-Lai Travel Guide For Spiritual Demons comes out, they can forget about encountering easy marks again!”

3. Shennong Peak

“It’s your birthday, I’ll treat you. The rice here tastes alright. You can check it out.” Knowing that his cousin has tact, You Jia generously handed her the menu.

Then he lowered his head down and continued to surf the Net.

Miss Shui Lanlan didn’t like rice very much, but she was unable to refuse, so she saw that there was a kind of rice that only cost one spiritual stone, so she said to the waiter, “A bowl of this.”

“Okay.” The rabbit-eared waiter glanced at You Jia, who was immersed in his Net Seal. Seeing that he had no objection, he stepped back politely and quickly served a bowl of red and white rice.

The bowl was very small, only the size of a palm, and the rice grains were plump and very cute.

But just one bite, and the unparalleled taste conquered Miss Shui! Moreover, as she ate rice, she could feel her veins being purified, and she felt that even her cultivation had improved a lot.

God, there was such a good thing in this world!

Satisfied after eating, Miss Shui was still in the mood for more: “One more bowl!”

“Wait! You’ve already eaten a bowl, but you still want more?” Miss Shui looked up at the sudden sound and saw that her cousin was lying on the table, looking practically like a waste squid.

“Is there a lot in one bowl?” Miss Shui ate the last speck of red rice with satisfaction, and said strangely, “I still want to have another bowl. For the first time, I actually feel that rice is better than meat! And it cost only one spiritual stone a bowl! I’ll give you the money!”

“Miss.” The attendant on the side smiled and said, “You read the menu wrong, a single Yin-Yang blood rice cost one spiritual stone.”

The bowl in Miss Shui’s hand was shocked into dropping.

4. The Market

Every mountain peak in Kun-Lai had a trading market of different sizes. The expedition year was approaching recently. The disciples of Golden Core Formation or above have all taken out the resources they didn’t need to sell, selling them at a discount, or exchanging them on the online shopping platform on the Net Seal, to prepare what they truly need. Because this was usually held in the first two months of the New Year, it was called the Eleventh Market.

“Why don’t the disciples of the Foundation Establishment level go on the expedition?” Miss Shui asked curiously.

“What would the Foundation Establishment disciples go for, to present their vulnerable necks to the enemies or Qingdi Peak?” You Jia looked disapproving.

“You can’t talk about Qingdi Peak like that.” A black-clothed boy with a strand of hair sticking up on his head was setting up a stall. Hearing this, he defended: “Without Senior Sister Qingnu, the number of people who would die on our expedition would at least double.”

“Ying An,” You Jia looked at him strangely, “You are also one of the Kun-Lai Seven Elites, and you are also the head disciple of Lingyin Peak. Why are you hanging around with Qingnu all day long? Doesn’t your peak master trouble you about it?”

Lingyin Peak was the main peak that cultivated the path of killing, and it was incompatible with Qingdi Peak’s cultivation path of healing. He really didn’t understand why Ying An insisted on being a thug for Qingnu.

“Kill a life and save a life, this way the mind will be healthy.” Ying An said naturally, “After taking a life when I go out on a mission, I will then find time to save a life, this way I’m still a good person.”

It made sense, You Jia was speechless.

“…..Who is this beautiful lady?” Ying An looked at Miss Shui.

“I’m the daughter of cousin You Jia’s mother’s sister.” Miss Shui came over and looked at the meat in front of her, thinking it all looked quite delicious.

“Oh, You Jia’s stepmother comes from your family.” The girl in yellow who set up a stall on the side said curiously.

“Wow, Huang Wei, you are here too!” You Jia jumped up, “How can you be here?”

“Hmph, why can’t I be here?” Huang Wei asked with a sneer.

“Weren’t you with that nightingale…..” You Jia said with a choked voice, because he saw a snake and a bird across from him also setting up a stall selling some ancient books and pine nuts.

For a moment, You Jia felt that the world was about to be destroyed!

Huang Wei and he belonged to the same year in the outer Sect. Of course, he knew the cause and effect. Huang Wei, who was originally just a little gray chicken, once saw the Golden Crow Great Sage from the Outlands come to trade here. After being charmed by the Golden Crow Great Sage’s beauty, she decided to paint herself yellow, turning from a grey chicken to a small yellow chicken.

And according to the news he got, Huang Wei ran into the nightingale from the Daxuan family a few days ago, and was moved by the other’s wooing, so she issued a temporary residence permit for the bird and snake.

Then the yellow chicken showed the nightingale what she looked like originally.

Nightingale actually broke up with her on the spot, saying that she was a liar pretending to be a beautiful bird!

At that time, many people were present, and then the Net exploded.

Everywhere was “What’s the reason for the vicious and deceitful marriage con of the foreign spiritual demon? The temptation of Kun-Lai’s residence permit actually made him take risks”, “Love Lies: Today our Emotional World column takes you into the impoverished world of rural spiritual demons”, “In the Court of Law: Love between two liars” and other sensational headlines.

It also implicated the black snake who had just been admitted to the study of the cultural history of Daxuan in the outer Sect.

Just now, he also saw the title of “Breaking news, Professor Snake was caught serial cheating, the four boyfriends tell of their painful history of being cheated”.

“What’s the matter?” Miss Shui Lanlan asked curiously.

You Jia told her about the twists and turns of the dog blood drama, and the little girl listened with interest.

“No!” Hearing that he was involved, the black snake Yin Wushe shouted, “I’m innocent. It was agreed at the time that it was only sex, so it can’t be considered cheating! And my temporary residence permit was given by Qingnu.”

You Jia looked at the Net, and there was another post with the shocking title “Being Involved in a Love Square: Qingnu refuses any revelations on the grounds of work.”

“I admire the courage of that gossiper…..Is he back?” You Jia was stunned, but then immediately employed all eight tentacles and wrote a new post.

“Professor Snake clarified that he did not pull a marriage con scheme with his friend, and said that the temporary residence permit was issued by the Qingdi Peak Master.”

“You Jia, take it easy.” Ying An was also swiping the Net, and instantly felt a huge pressure pressing down on him.

“If he could take it easy, then when the Sect Leader brought his daughter back to the Mountain, he would not have posted “What’s the reason for a thousand-year-old man with empty nest syndrome to have a child”, which is just asking for a death wish.” Huang Wei mocked.

“And then caused a huge discussion that swept Kun-Lai, and finally got himself banned for three years from using the Net Seal. And had to buy hours every day, living a life worse than death…..” Ying An sighed.

“That which is past is lost and irrecoverable.” You Jia waved, “What good things do you have to sell, I will buy it.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You still have money?” Although there were discounts and price reductions everywhere, Miss Shui still recalled the despairing expression on her cousin’s face from earlier, and she was a little suspicious.

“It’s enough to chop off one hand.” You Jia said calmly.

“That’s right,” Yimeng Qingnu walked over, holding up a lancet knife, “If it’s not enough, just chop two.”

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