These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 013 Coming Home

Lei Jin originally thought that when he finally found his fellow humans, he would be so excited that he would rush over and shake hands with everyone he saw to express his joy in returning to the human world. But after this half-month long journey, when he finally arrived at this village, Lei Jin suddenly calmed down. There was a bit of daze in the calm, as everything around him that was unfamiliar was telling him that he had really entered a strange world. Unfamiliar environments, unfamiliar people, and even an unfamiliar language. Except for the bath towel that he had wrapped around his waist, there was nothing to prove that Lei Jin once existed in another world.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

If you aren’t dead, you must live well. Lei Jin had always believed in this saying, so since it was like this, might as well start from scratch. Lei Jin quietly clenched his fists to cheer himself up.

Mingya licked his chin in his arms to appease him. After getting along these days, he had become accustomed to this little guy’s intimacy from time to time. So long as it was not too much, Lei Jin would turn a blind eye and indulge him. And now seeing him like this, he just glanced at him lightly but didn’t start beating him.

In fact, Lei Jin still had some gratitude for this little guy. Without him, he would not be able to find this village now. Don’t look down on the little guy’s size. They had been traveling for more than ten days in a row. Even his strong physique couldn’t bear it, not to mention this little guy who often walked ahead to lead the way. Many times it was because of this little guy’s alertness that they escaped the foraging of large carnivores. When he occasionally acted spoiled and coquettish, Lei Jin was willing to carry him in his arms.

A burly young man passed by them, who had already walked past a few steps, only to turn around abruptly. An unknown light flashed in his gray-blue eyes, as he stared straight at Lei Jin.

On the surface, Lei Jin was calm, but in fact his thoughts had already turned around ten to eight times in his mind. Did this guy want to bully him just because he was a foreigner, but he didn’t have a single valuable thing on his body now, so it was useless to think about it.

He heard that the poorer the place was, the more xenophobic it was. Could it be that he didn’t want him to enter this village? It was so hard for him to find this place, and he had to at least rest a bit no matter what, to understand the general situation of the world he was in before he could figure out his next step, or to ask where the nearest city was. He didn’t want to stay in this backwards place all his life.

But the top priority was to be able to even stay in this village first.

Lei Jin thought about it and decided that perhaps he should at least show some goodwill, to show that he was not a bad person, and then take the opportunity to ask if there was a place to stay in this place.

Lei Jin was about to open his mouth when he thought of a key question, he didn’t know the language.

It didn’t matter, he had been a big boss for so many years, and he still had inner quality. Wasn’t smiling the common language in the whole world. Then he should smile first and gain some goodwill. Thinking of this, Lei Jin gave the young man a smile that he considered to be quite elegant and polite.

But don’t know if it was his illusion or not, but it seemed that the young man’s eyes became brighter, like two small light bulbs, and he actually walked towards him on his own initiative.

Although he felt that this person’s attitude was a bit weird, anyway, this was a good start. Lei Jin pasted on a standard smile that showed eight teeth and waited for the person, although at this moment he just wanted to find a place to sit down and have a rest and drink some water. His throat was so dry it was practically smoking, it had been nearly four or five hours since he had left that river this morning, right? Because the sun just rose when they were on their way this morning, and now the sun was high up in the sky, so don’t even mention water to drink, there were only grasslands as far as the eye could see. He couldn’t even find a single wild fruit, so he just chewed on a few pieces of grass roots with the little guy. Although a bit bitter and unpalatable, it finally eased a little of his thirst and allowed him to survive until now.

The young man seemed very excited and walked over a few steps, staring at Lei Jin without blinking.

Lei Jin cursed inwardly. F**k, you’ve never seen such a handsome man as I, or what. Do you have to stare at me like that? It’s not like I have two extra horns growing out of my head.

But on the surface, his expression only became softer and gentler, he held Mingya with one hand, and gestured to the young man that he wanted to drink water with the other, and could he give him some water first.

The young man still stared at him blankly.

At this time, Mingya, who was curled up in his female’s arms and taking the opportunity to cop some feels, also realized that something was wrong, and looked up from Lei Jin’s arms.

“Qi Luo, why are you here?” It was their neighbor.

“Mingya, why are you?” Qi Luo was also surprised, didn’t Mingya go out for field experience by himself? How come he came back so soon, and nested in the arms of such a beautiful female to boot.

“Why did you come back so soon, what about your prey, Mingya?” The tribe had rules, and it only counted as passing when you come back from your field experience with your own gains for everyone to see.

“This is the female I found myself.” Mingya’s fluffy head rubbed excitedly on his female’s chest.

“Your female?” Qi Luo was hit hard. There were only a few females in the tribe. He had been an adult for a long time, but he had no female of his own. But Mingya just entered adulthood, and it was also his first time going out into the wilds by himself, yet he actually came back with a female, just what kind of sh*t luck was this? And he was such a beautiful female too, unlike any female he had ever seen before. Just look at this smooth skin, it must be very comfortable to hold him in his arms.

Qi Luo expressed that he was really jealous, but there was no other way. Mingya’s two older brothers were not easy to mess with, and if they were willing, this female would be their brother’s common wife.

However, those two guys were very popular with the females in the tribe, and they might want to have their own female all for themselves. Having said that, this female was really beautiful. Whether those two guys were willing to let go was another matter. No matter what, this female could not be touched by him.

And he had thought that the reason this female had been smiling at him the whole time was because he had a crush on him.

Since the last time Lei Jin met those people in the wilds, he had suspected that this little guy could communicate with people, but after that, they didn’t meet anyone else, and he was in a hurry, so he put this matter aside. But looking at the man and animal talking happily now, Lei Jin was sure that this little guy could indeed communicate with people, and the people here seem to not be surprised at all that an animal could talk to people, or perhaps they were already used to it.

Lei Jin felt that this matter couldn’t be delayed any longer. Tonight, he would interrogate this guy well, and find out what secrets were hidden.

“Qi Luo, you lead the way ahead to my house. Mingya’s female doesn’t know the way, and doesn’t understand our language.”

Mingya was now thinking about taking his female home to show his Dad and Ah Ma, and in the future he could sleep with his female from now on.

The two were lost in their own thoughts.

Qi Luo glanced at the female in surprise. He could understand that he didn’t know the way, after all, he wasn’t from their tribe, but what did it mean if he couldn’t understand their language? One must know, the tribes on this continent spoke a similar language just in different dialects. When people from different tribes met, even if they didn’t understand each other very well, they could still understand 80%. But according to Mingya, this female completely did not understand the common language. This was a bit strange. Where did this female come from?

Although it was a little strange, Qi Luo still nodded towards the female and gestured that he follow him.

Lei Jin was very depressed along the way, because he found that people in this world were very tall. He was quite proud of his height of 1.8 meters, but now he found that in this world, he was a so-called second-class cripple. Don’t know if it was because of his size, everyone who saw him seemed to stare at him hard, as if they wanted nothing more than to stare a hole into him.

What was the big deal? Wasn’t it just a little bit of shortness? He didn’t steal their wife, and didn’t play with their daughter. Did they need to stare so hard? Lei Jin muttered as he walked.

Lei Jin naturally didn’t know that a new female in the tribe hadn’t been seen for many years, and one with such a beautiful appearance. Although they didn’t necessarily have any ideas, they would naturally look their fill when they could see. Naturally, everyone didn’t overlook Mingya either, who was nestled in the female’s arms. Instantly, the news that Mingya brought back a beautiful female after going out for training spread among the tribes.

Taking this chance before the ceremony was yet to be held, the male werebeasts without females were all eager to go to Mingya’s house to see the new female.

Qi Luo led them to a stop in front of a house. Lei Jin raised his eyes and looked at it, seeing an ordinary big bluestone house with a yellow thatched roof, a courtyard wall made of broken stones, and a small fence gate.

Mingya jumped out of Lei Jin’s arms excitedly and rushed towards the door: “Dad, Ah Ma, Mingya is back.”

The door was opened from the inside, and a young man with black hair and dark green eyes came out.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin felt that the world suddenly darkened in an instant, and there was only the figure of the young man left in the world in front of him. He could only mutter to himself: “Beauty, an absolute beauty, hell yeah.”

When the black-haired youth saw Lei Jin, an inexplicable smile showed up on his always indifferent face.

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