Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 045 Divine Stone Considers, Lost Pearl Disregards

The time bomb that would have sparked a huge disaster was silently quelled.

It was not that no one wanted to condemn the destruction of the Divine Stone, but in the face of the future of their descendants, other things must be put aside.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The news of Kun-Lai opening their Flying Peak to accept disciples had already spread in the capital of Da Xiao within less than an hour.

The Flying Peak!

That’s the Flying Peak!

There was no one who would not bow their heads and worship such a huge celestial object.

Even a lot of children’s games were to craft their own Flying Peak using whatever was on hand and see who could craft more beautifully.

But none of them thought that one day, they would have the opportunity to set foot on a Flying Peak.

In their eyes, this flying behemoth was far more magical than the Divine Stone.

So soon, the Flying Peak was surrounded by crowds.

Because the Flying Peak was still a few miles away from the capital, and there were no people around, Feng Qingxiu made the decision and opened some magical arrays on the Flying Peak.

As soon as the Yanyang Array opened, the surrounding temperature rose, as if they were now in summer and there was just a gentle breeze, so people didn’t have to worry about catching a cold.

And in order to not force the people to go hungry, they also gave each person a grain of rice.

Although it was only the most common crystal rice with the lowest price, one grain was enough for a mortal’s daily needs, but many people just silently put away the rice grain and hid it in the closest place to their body, preferring to go hungry as they were reluctant to just eat it.

However, even so, the gathering of tens of thousands of people was extremely tricky business and it was difficult to keep order.

The army soldiers who came to maintain order from Da Xiao quickly constructed more than a dozen thatched huts, lest this group of people offended the immortals.

Countless people were grateful.

Ji Mingyu also breathed a sigh of relief, and then said to Ye Han, “It was really not easy for you back then.”

This kind of environment was practically hell on earth, and the pampered Eldest Miss of Kun-Lai could barely breathe just now—— although she was already a Golden Core Formation cultivator, staying in this environment was too terrifying for her.

Ye Han nodded, but he disagreed a bit in his heart. The smell when he was sleeping in the horse stables was much worse than this, not to mention that he had to do a lot of manual work every day. So this scene was simply not worth mentioning.

“As expected of a rich young lady.” The girl next to her snorted softly.

“Don’t say anymore.” Yuan Lie pulled her sleeves, “It’s almost our turn, quickly organize your appearance.”

A soldier had already come to check the household registration, and they would go in after checking.

They have been fleeing for the past few days, and they all looked quite disheveled.

However, following this Mingyu girl, it was indeed possible to turn bad luck into good luck. From the time he met her, when the riots started, only for a message from the immortals to arrive, saying that the Flying Peak was now opened publicly, and the Dragon and Phoenix Selection would take place outside of the city instead. At that time, who outside the city still even remembered to complain about the imperial court. They just rushed outside the city quickly, and their place on the line switched from the back to the front, but this way, they didn’t have to wait in line for several days.

And even immortal food was distributed——Yuan Lie looked at the slightly transparent, beautiful and plump grain of rice in his hand, hesitated for a while, but put it away.

Mother had suffered while raising him on her own, so he should keep it for her.

Thinking of those individuals who spread vicious rumors before, he sighed slightly.

They did not enter one by one, but twenty people at a time, and they were selected at the same time, so the speed was very fast.

All four of them went in together.

Stepping on the celestial peak, he immediately felt different, as if the air was full of power, and just taking a few breaths would make people feel refreshed, not to mention the gorgeous celestial buildings and structures that looked like they had been carved from monolithic stones.

Under the guidance of an immortal, he came to a hall, and saw a young immortal standing behind a boulder, a hazy light spreading to the boulder along the rune in his hand, causing countless runes to emerge on the boulder.

“Don’t panic, let’s begin,” the young immortal said calmly.

Twenty sets of pen and paper landed in front of everyone’s eyes. They had already heard of the rules countless times. They should draw the runes they saw, the more the better.

Ji Mingyu showed a faint smile, and when she raised her hand, the bpen practically flew across the paper. In just a few breaths, she had already drawn more than 300 runes on it, so fast that one couldn’t even see her fingers.

Ye Han was also doing fine, he drew more than a hundred in one go, and only stopped when the time ended.

Yuan Lie tried hard to recall, but he only drew a dozen or so, unable to recall anymore runes.

And the girl who was with him bit at her pen, but couldn’t draw a single one.

Hell, she clearly remembered that the patterns of the runes were very simple, and could be drawn with just a few strokes. But how was it possible that she couldn’t write any of them down?

“Time’s up.” The young immortal waved his hand, and no matter how hard everyone clenched the pen and paper in their hands and wanted to write for a moment longer, the paper was mercilessly retracted.

The young immortal turned over a few pieces of paper very quickly, and pointed to Yuan Lie, Ji Mingyu, and Ye Han: “You, pass. Others, fail.”

“Why!” The girl was furious, “This is cheating, you can’t draw those runes without cultivation.”

But her roar was useless, and soon someone came in and dragged away those disappointed people.

And the three who passed were led to another room.

Feng Qingxiu breathed a sigh of relief: “Mingyu should be satisfied now. Shizun, I still don’t understand the theory.”

“These runes were calculated by me after simplification. If someone has a spiritual root, it could easily resonate with the spiritual root and could easily write it out. The level of understanding one possesses could be seen from their first perception of the spiritual rune. So if someone doesn’t have even a single spiritual root, naturally they won’t be able to write it.” The paper man replied, “In fact, all people are born with spiritual roots, but the spiritual roots range from big to small, long to short. Many mortals’ spiritual roots are too weak to be picked up by the testing stones of those sects and end up being seen as mortals without spiritual roots.”

This rune was actually a combination. If you have good spiritual roots and low understanding. You can write out the runes by the resonance between the spiritual roots and the power of the rune.

If your spiritual roots are weak, but your understanding is high, you can write by relying on your understanding.

If your spiritual roots are not good and your understanding is also not good, then I am really sorry. We Kun-Lai have no relationship with you. Come back in your next life.

“I think those who stole the rune stones wanted to unravel how I measured the power of understanding.” The paper man lay on his hand and said calmly, “But it’s too difficult for them.”

He had gone too far along the path of runes, and ordinary people couldn’t even eat the dust left in his wake.

Even if there was a genius who could become a rune master, with unparalleled mental arithmetic ability, it would still be difficult to compete with a computer for computing power.

“Shizun, doesn’t that mean that everyone can become immortals?” Feng Qingxiu suddenly asked, since everyone had spiritual roots, but just the size was different, if there was a Yunfu Dao seed to purify the spiritual roots…..

“Naturally.” The paper man calmly said, “Those mortal martial arts secret manuals can be seen as a kind of self-cultivation, but mortals have a limited life span, and if they don’t enter the innate martial art level, they would end up as just part of the soil.”

“It’s this disciple who thought wrong.” Feng Qingxiu came back to his senses, raised his hand and ordered to continue to call in the next group of people.

He thought of a sentence written by the Sect Leader in the general outline of the outer Sect precepts: If you don’t accumulate 

 small steps, you can’t reach a thousand miles, and if you don’t accumulate small streams, you can’t make a river. Us cultivators who wander the path to immortality should follow the past and herald the future, and expand the path to immortality to the best of our efforts. For the later generations and the long-term future, plan for the present first.

Even if there was an era of prosperity for human cultivators, it was the road they were taking now.

He touched Shizun, thinking that it would be more reassuring to hang it around his neck when he had the free time.


Da Xiao capital, inner city.

Behind the bead curtain, one person raised his hand to play the guqin while listening to his subordinate’s report.

“That Kun-Lai disciple opened the Flying Peak, so the group of short-sighted civilians are no longer willing to make trouble with us, and the plan is blocked, Chief, what should we do next?”

“It’s hard for the rabble to form a general trend. I only expected them to just distract their sight.” The person who was playing the guqin plucked the strings, and his voice was calm, “What did Xiao Yuan say?”

“I heard that the person in charge sent by Kun-Lai this time is too high-ranking, and the foreign cultivator invited for this task is no longer willing to take action.” The subordinate replied.

“His status is too high——how about Xiao Yuan?” asked the guqin player.

“Kun-Lai has already sent people to arrest him. He seems to have been affected by a deep blow. He is resting in our place and wants us to help him leave the Western Continent.”

“The price of helping him is a little too high, so just appease him for now, as he is still useful.”


“Kun-Lai——” The man sighed, and there seemed to be both love and hate in his tone, “Prepare for the final plan.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Chief…..what about the Lost Pearl Society?” The subordinate seemed a little hesitant.

“We must let Kun-Lai see our determination. Isn’t that the reason why the Lost Pearl Society exists?” The sound of the guqin remained soothing and unwavering.


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