These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 014 To Meet

“Second Brother, when did you come back?” Mingya jumped up cheerfully.

“We have been back for three days. Since you entered the grassland area of ​​our Leopard clan three days ago, we estimated that you would not encounter any major trouble. So Eldest Brother and I decided to come back first, otherwise if we came back together, the people in the tribe would be suspicious,” Moya squatted down and touched the top of his little brother’s head. Towards this little brother, Moya loved him very much.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“What about Dad and Ah Ma?” Mingya glanced inside the door, it seemed that no one was there.

“Ah Ma went out to dig wild vegetables, our Dads went with him.”

“Dads, honestly,” Mingya shook his head, sighed, and said, “It’s been so many years, and they are still afraid that Ah Ma will run away? Following him every day. I don’t understand.”

“You will understand in the future.” It was not that they were afraid that he would run away, it was just that they were reluctant to part even a second.

“By the way, Second Brother, I brought our female back.” Mingya quickly shifted his attention, and patted his second brother’s hand with his little paw, motioning him to look behind.

“I know.” Moya nodded, the female’s eyes hadn’t moved from him since just now, although Moya knew that he was pretty good looking and was very much liked by females, but such a bold and direct female was still very novel for him.

The burly young man just said something and then left. Lei Jin couldn’t understand it anyway, and the beauty in front of him was really to his liking, so he didn’t bother to listen to what that young man who was obviously wrong in the head had to say. Although Lei Jin could admit that the young man seemed pretty alright, at least he showed them the way.

Looking at the warmth between this little guy and this young man, could it be that this was the little guy’s owner, and this was where the little guy used to live? Then it was no wonder that the little guy knew the way and led him here all the way.

But that was fine. As the saying goes, the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first. He had already become so familiar with the little guy along the way. So taking this opportunity to talk to his master about staying temporarily at his place, he shouldn’t be rejected, right?

Ai? The beauty looked over, Lei Jin raised his peach blossom eyes, and his thin lips curved into a seductive smile. He touched the hem of his clothes subtly, but his heart was beating. It shouldn’t be dirty, right. Ah, damn it, if he knew earlier, then he would have stopped by the river for a day to wash his clothes. Because they have been on the road these days, and these clothes made of animal skin were not easy to dry. He had already been very careful to keep it clean along the way, but having been so long, it was inevitable that it would smell a bit. If the first impression was not good, it would difficult to make progress later.

Lei Jin was trapped in his annoyed thoughts, so when he looked up, the young man had already stood in front of him for some time. His eyes met those dark green orbs, which appeared deep and quiet, indifferent but bright, like a pool of quiet green lake water rippling under a moonlit night. How could there be such a pair of eyes? However, with such a handsome appearance, it was just right. Though he did not look like someone who came from such a small village. The feeling he got instead was like that of the refined and elegant nobles of European high society that Lei Jin saw in the movies in his previous life. Lei Jin had always felt that he had already seen countless beauties, but he also still couldn’t help but be a little stunned.

Moya suddenly laughed softly. When they followed behind in those days, this female had seemed quite fierce and vigilant. But he was now suddenly so dazed and rather adorable for it.

Lei Jin just came back to his senses, and his ears reddened suspiciously. Lei Jin had been proud of his thick skin these many years, even when he had sex with a woman for the first time, his cheeks did not heat up. He didn’t expect that his skin would become much thinner after coming to this inexplicable place. And also, what kind of lame metaphor was that just now? What lake under a moonlit night? Was it a side effect of having been with that woman Liu Si for too long of a time, causing him to have also picked up some cheesy poet habits? Liu Si was quite open and unrestrained in private, but she liked to pretend to be a high-class, artsy young woman in front of people, reciting a poem or famous literary excerpt in front of him at every turn. Of course, most of the time he just directly fell asleep, it was not like he could understand it after all. But occasionally he managed to reluctantly listen, so who knew when he heard the phrase about lake water under the moonlight.

Moya raised his chin and looked at this female up close for the first time when he was awake. He was really charming, especially his wicked grin just now, which really provoked the desire of male werebeasts. He almost couldn’t hold back just now.

He still remembered how at that time, under the frontal and rear attacks from his younger brother’s tongue and his elder brother’s hands, this body twisted in his arms, moaning, and reached orgasm again and again, while he fiercely kissed those lips.

Moya’s slender fingers caressed their female’s tender lips.

What kind of situation was this? Wasn’t he the one who wanted to catch the beauty in front of him? Why did it seem that he was being teased instead? And after getting close, why did this person’s aura feel familiar? Impossible, he had only been in this world for half a month, and there were only a handful of people he had seen, just the few people who gave him clothes last time. He indeed had not seen this person before, if he had he would have remembered because of his stunning looks.

But it still didn’t feel very right. Lei Jin took a step back subtly, only to hit a solid chest, an arm wrapping around his waist.

“Our beautiful and charming female has come home so soon?” Lei Jin heard the voice behind him say, the voice low and magnetic.

Lei Jin turned his head and just wanted to find a corner to clutch at his head. Just where the hell was this place? The men here were not only taller than him, but also handsomely beautiful. Putting aside the young man just now, just speaking of the person behind him, a beauty with golden blond hair and violet eyes. Just look at that mysterious purple color, those slender slashing eyebrows. Lei Jin looked in front and then behind him. Towards two equally outstanding and handsome beauties, Lei Jin expressed that he wanted to vomit blood, just how should he choose?

Choose both? However, looking at the physiques of these two, could he handle it? Lei Jin secretly compared his height with their’s and found that he barely reached their shoulders, and then compared the difference between his physique and theirs, only to reluctantly acknowledge that just one arm of theirs could circle his entire waist. Forget it, let’s not hold such unrealistic fantasies.

But speaking of which, just how long did this person plan to hold him.

“Hey, brother, that should be enough, right?” Lei Jin patted the arm and signaled it to let go. He liked to hold beauties, but that didn’t mean that he also liked to be held by beauties. It was too weird, giving him the strange feeling that he was their possession or something.

“Eldest Brother, you’re back?” Mingya saw his big brother entering the door and ran over.

Xiya took advantage of the situation to let go of Lei Jin, looked at his little brother with a smile and asked, “Mingya, did these three days go well?”

Mingya nodded and said, “Just a little thirsty. We haven’t drank much water for the past three days.”

In fact, just the distance between their village and the river, at the speed of their leopard clan, they could run back and forth several times in a day. Mingya thought of his female’s body, so he slowly accompanied him back instead.

“Should have said it sooner.” Moya knocked on his head and looked at the female again, and indeed the lips did not seem as rosy as before.

Lei Jin thought to himself, do I have something on my mouth? Why does he keep staring? Lei Jin subconsciously stuck out his tongue and licked the corners of his mouth, successfully making the two people and one small beast darken their eyes.

Lei Jin drank three bowls of water in a row before he stopped, no doubt, it was indeed really three bowls, each the size of Lei Jin’s face. Lei Jin exhaled comfortably, his life was complete, the water truly tasted cool and sweet.

It would be even better if there was a bed for him to sleep well on.

The little guy jumped into his arms and cuddled into him again. They were now sitting and resting on stone benches under the big tree in the yard, and there was a round stone table next to them. 

The people here were really generous, everything was made so big, the house was unusually tall, and there were bowls for drinking water that were unusually large, and even the table was extremely large. He estimated that he could lie down on it with room to spare. Lei Jin touched the little guy who was constantly twisting in his arms. This little guy clearly found his master, but still liked to cuddle next to him, and the owner was also very kind to him, even the little guy’s water bowl was the same as the owner’s.

“Eldest Brother, can I shift into human form, our female still doesn’t know me?” Mingya’s female don’t even look at Mingya anymore, just staring at Eldest Brother and Second Brother.

“No, Ah Ma said, you just reached adulthood. Although you have come back from your training, it is good for your body to maintain animal form for now.” Xiya refused.

“But…..” Mingya didn’t give up.

“Mingya, be good, our female will sleep with you first tonight.” Moya reassured.

Mingya nodded excitedly immediately.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin didn’t know what they were talking about, so he pretended to very leisurely hold the water and sip from it, completely unaware that he had already been assigned a schedule.

“Sh*t!” An impatient voice came from the door.

“A compatriot!” Lei Jin heard that word and instantly jumped up.

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