Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 046 Capturing Fish Underwater, Finding Shark Instead

After a month of the Dragon and Phoenix Selection being held, Feng Qingxiu finally managed to make it to the end.

Because he made the Divine Stone himself this time, he couldn’t use spiritual stones as energy, so he relied on his own spiritual energy to activate it. After a month of checking and controlling it, plus being the target of extremely pained eyes of those who were unsuccessful. All of that pressure caused him to feel like his body had been hollowed out.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, this year, there seem to be more people than in previous years.

A month later, there were still tens of thousands of school-age teenagers wandering outside the Flying Peak and begging.

Proportionately, at least dozens of teenagers among them should enter Kun-Lai to seek cultivation.

Feng Qingxiu wanted to continue for a few more days, but was stopped by the paper man Shizun.

“We must leave a little soup for the little sects in the Western Continent.” The paper man flew to a point on the disciple’s forehead and injected a bit of spiritual energy, “If everything is snatched away by Kun-Lai, they are going to cause trouble again.”

“But this seems a bit cruel?” Being injected with a bit of spiritual energy from Shizun, Feng Qingxiu felt that his spiritual mind was cleared, and the exhaustion and depression seemed to have also gone away.

It was not that his sympathy radius was too large, but that he had experienced the pain of nearly losing the opportunity to go to Kun-Lai and knew what kind of sadness it was.

Nobles had it easier, at least they could go to other smaller sects to try, but it was impossible for commoners. The distance was long, the bandits were rampant, the wild beasts infested everywhere, the money was not enough, the need to take care of one’s parents…..any of the above could block their path to elevate their station in life.

There was no better way to go further than the Kun-Lai selection. After being accepted, not to mention the subsidies that Kun-Lai would issue for them, the countries where they were located would also do their best to favor their family, so that they would have no worries.

“Xiao Qing, luck is also a kind of strength, one can’t last for long alone,” the paper man floated in front of him and explained to him, “If you don’t leave some people behind to let people know that Kun-Lai is not a charity hall, it won’t even be a hundred years for all nations and peoples to take my Kun-Lai for granted.”

It was not that he didn’t know about the Lost Pearl Society and the like, and what it meant to them, but so what?

Once the buyer’s market and the seller’s market were reversed, the troubles would become far more than that.

The human heart was greedy, and before Kun-Lai had the ability to afford more cultivation resources, he would not open this opening casually.

“It’s this disciple who thinks too much.” Feng Qingxiu thought about it for a while, and understood the reason, “Actually, is it possible to open a school in the various countries to share the pressure of Kun-Lai?”

All primary selections were held in Kun-Lai, and if it was divided into lower levels, the selection range would be wider.

“Don’t even think about it.” The paper man smiled lightly, “The monarchs of all these countries would not sit back and watch such fat meat without taking a bite of it. The Central Continent did this, but from then on, the number of aristocratic children who entered the immortal sects were as great as the mountains and seas, and as a result, they had to send someone else out to select among the commoners.”

Speaking of this, the paper man also gave his disciple a lesson in the four major academies in the Central Continent, and they all had direct recommendations to the immortal sects.

“I heard about them when I was in my teens. Tuition fees were waived for those with only two spiritual roots and less while mixed roots require 3,000 spiritual stones each year. Kun-Lai had collected statistics and the emergence rate of mixed spiritual roots was one in one hundred and twenty-nine people, and the rate of occurrence of two spiritual roots and less was one in 120,000 people,” the paper man thought of difficulty he faced trying to get into an academy back then, “and bribes must be paid to the stewards in order for them to be accepted, which even more so cut off the chances of ordinary disciples from commoner backgrounds.”

He was stabbed in the back by his companions more than once just for the meat of wild beasts; in order to save a spiritual stone, he had to copy 2,000 talismans; it took more than a year just to buy a low-level book, and he was reluctant to spend the money to buy spiritual food which caused his cultivation level to fall back; he wanted to go to a sect, but heard that he had been eliminated because he had no money for bribes…..

This should be his original intention behind holding the selection using the Heart-Asking Stone. The selection was far more fair than if the selection was carried out by people. Although the disciples selected in the Western Continent regarded the elimination exams in the outer Sect as hell, if they really experienced the suffering of ordinary low-level cultivators in the Central Continent, then it was more than likely that they would immediately cry about wanting to go back to hell.

So he never felt that he owed anyone, and in fact he didn’t.

Thinking of this, he suddenly felt a pain in his heart, and he was a little puzzled. Could it be that he had owed someone over these thousand years?

This was not his style. He always paid back what he owed, and he couldn’t stand being in debt.

“Shizun?” Seeing the paper man in a daze, Feng Qingxiu asked.

“It’s alright, take a rest, there are still several kingdoms left.” The paper man waved his hand.

“Okay.” Feng Qingxiu smiled slightly and pulled open his collar.

The paper man skillfully pasted himself on his disciple. After all, he was now just a ray of spiritual consciousness, and could use Xiao Qing’s spiritual energy, which was in the same line with him, to restore his power, without having to go back to the main body to replenish it.

Speaking of, it would be nice if the main body could charge him wirelessly from tens of thousands of miles away…..he must study it when he has the time.

Feng Qingxiu tidied up his clothes, pressed it across the paper man, went to the bed to meditate and recover his energy, and on the way, slapped his own shadow who wanted to touch the paper man back to the ground, and then gave the shadow a cold look.

Instead, letting the invisible sword energy from his fingertips fly out to comfort the shadow.

The paper man Shizun was a little confused, Xiao Qing seemed to have less and less respect for the paper man…..but acting more like——a programmer who was addicted to collecting Japanese figurines of their goddesses in his previous life.

Was it an illusion?


The Flying Peak was naturally calm and stable inside, but the outside was completely different.

The people who failed the selection cried out in all kinds of grief and indignation, and the rumours about cheating and injustice from before were also spread in a prudent manner, as if they had seen it with their own eyes.

People sometimes prefer to believe rumors that were beneficial to them, rather than the truth that was useless to them.

They didn’t dare to offend Kun-Lai in the slightest, so they poured out their anger on the royal and aristocratic families.

Here we must talk about the situation of the kingdoms under Kun-Lai.

Apart from the Dragon and Phoenix Selection, Kun-Lai never interfered in the affairs of the mortal kingdoms, so the authority of the kingdoms was also extremely high, and because there were Kun-Lai disciples in various townships, although oppression was still inevitable, it did not dare to go too far. So they have long known Kun-Lai’s bottom line for the kingdoms——even if the kingdoms were involved in great wars, as long as they didn’t slaughter a city at will, they would not care.

Faced with this kind of thing, they have much experience, wo while reassuring and saying what kind of preferential treatment would be given——no taxing this year (the weather had been good for many years, and the granary was full early), while also suppressing discontent martially——the heavy armored soldiers with whips who were like wolves and tigers let loose on the crowds, causing them to run away crying.

It was just that this year seemed a little strange.

The few who received the whip were literally running directly into the path of the whip, and some even committed suicide in front of the soldiers in rage.

The soldiers killed people!

This stabbed the hornet’s nest, and the people rushed forward in anger. The soldiers could not compare in numbers, and became everyone’s venting targets. And for self-defense, the soldiers also had no time to pay attention to the demands of their superiors who only said to use whips. But still a few of them were stabbed to death in the dark.

The conflict instantly became bigger.

Under the deliberate incitation, it quickly spread throughout the city, and the soldiers and commanders were assassinated everywhere. Without a leader, it almost became a huge civil uprising.

Some small villains took the opportunity to vandalize and make trouble, set fire to retaliate, and for a while, fires burst all over the city, and thick smoke billowed.

“These people were killed with a premeditated plan.”

This movement naturally alarmed the Kun-Lai disciples stationed in the capital, but the other party was well prepared and they only managed to find a few small fish.

If the other party didn’t use cultivators, they couldn’t use the residual spiritual energy in the air to distinguish the other party’s actions.

But the chaos still had to be calmed first.

The master of the Flying Peak immediately cast the rain-calling technique, but the rain-calling technique depended on the gathering of surrounding water vapor. Recently, the autumn weather was quite dry, and the water vapor was inevitably insufficient.

The rain was not very heavy.

Ji Yunlai looked unhappy, and raised a paper hand to add a trace into the other party’s spiritual consciousness.

His runic path of cultivation was originally very close to the true essence of runes, and it was the favorite target of heavenly tribulations. After joining in, the sky changed drastically in an instant.


The sky was covered with dark clouds in an instant, golden snakes danced wildly, and in less than a moment, heavy rain poured down.

The momentum was so great that the peak master himself was shocked.

Under the torrential rain that one could barely see through, the people who wanted to make trouble also shrank back and sought shelter from the rain to keep warm.

Getting a serious illness was no joke. Even if some of the herbal residues from Kun-Lai could cure most diseases, the price was not affordable for ordinary people.

And the people who were still making trouble at this time, it was obvious at a glance whether they were spies.

A little over a hundred of them were easily found, and they were all taken away.

They also quickly spit out the truth in front of the professionals sent by the Da Xiao Kingdom to inquire.

They were all members of the Lost Pearl Society.

And the purpose of their evil actions was to draw their attention away.

So what were they trying to do?

This was what everyone wanted to find out the most.

But there was no need to ask, because at this moment, they heard the rumbling sound of a great flood of water.


“The underground waterway of the Da Xiao Capital has long been dug through by us.” Behind the bead curtain, the person who played the guqin said mildly, “The water had been stored for a long time, and there are double walls blocking inside and outside the city. If the waterway valve was removed in the rainstorm, the water level difference could be added, and the water could rush forth and flood the capital.”

“This is not something you mortals can do.” A voice outside the curtain said flatly.

“Yes, we naturally had help,” said the person playing the guqin calmly. “They call themselves people from the Central Continent, and the one who could open the Wanjun Raft Gate is also the Teacher of the State of Da Xiao sent by Kun-Lai.”

“It’s your plan to attract heavy rain?” asked the person outside the curtain.

“Kun-Lai’s immortals can call for wind and rain, it is a common thing, and must be included in the calculations.” The person behind the curtain said calmly. “Although it’s a mortal’s plan, I wonder if it could still make you Kun-Lai immortals see my belief and determination?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Your belief and determination are firm, being able to go this far as a mortal.” The voice of the person outside the curtain was also very mild, “Indeed, there really is cause for a whole new level of respect.”

“It’s my honor, I wonder what is the name of this immortal?” The person playing the guqin asked casually.

The person outside the curtain replied, “Ji Yunlai.”

The sound of the guqin suddenly stopped.

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