These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 015 Fellow Compatriot

Except for Mandarin, other languages were like listening to heavenly books for Lei Jin, but English was quite common everywhere, so even if he couldn’t speak it, he could understand a few sentences, for example, hello, thank you, and those swear words, Lei Jin felt that he could speak them all quite fluently. So he would never have misheard the word “sh*t” just now.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Before Xiya and the others could react, they saw their female jump up and run outside like the wind.

Mingya, who was still in his arms, was glad that he jumped down in time, otherwise he would have been thrown to the ground by his female.

As soon as Lei Jin ran to the door, he and the person who was about to enter collided together head-on.

The rattan basket in the hands of the new arrival fell to the ground, and the wild vegetables in the basket all fell to the ground.

The two fell back respectively and into the arms of the people behind them.

Roger clutched his forehead, his eyes only seeing black for a while, and he couldn’t help but yell: “F**ker, who doesn’t have eyes and dares to hit me at the door of my house?”

“Ah Ma…..” Mingya was about to say something.

“How many times have I said it, call me Papa.” Roger broke free from the arms of the male werebeast behind him and looked down at his little son. The most troublesome one was this little idiot. What damn tribe rules that said that newly adult werebeasts must go out to hunt alone once, and come back with their prey to be recognized. Tch, what did his son need their recognition for. He already had two capable sons, and so long as the youngest stupid son was fine and healthy, he was satisfied.

“Let me see if there is any injury?” Roger grabbed Mingya’s two front paws and touched it up and down. He breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately, there was no injury at all, and it seemed that he had even gained weight. Roger held him in his arms and tested the weight.

“By the way, who was the blind fool that hit me just now?” After confirming that his son came back safely, the next step was to find and settle the account with a certain someone. Who let him be in a bad mood today, and got right in the path of his fire.

Lei Jin was not sure now. Because he didn’t understand a word that came out of that person just now, and Lei Jin, who was just staring at the person who came, didn’t notice that he was now in Moya’s arms.

When Roger saw the only stranger here, and the bath towel exposed at Lei Jin’s waist because of the collision, his eyes suddenly flickered.

“You…..where are you from?” Roger asked him tentatively in English.

Lei Jin looked at him blankly, unable to understand.

“Are you also from that world?” Japanese.

Lei Jin was still at a loss and didn’t understand.

“China?” Roger tried his best to make his pronunciation more accurate.

“Yes, yes.” Lei Jin nodded hurriedly, his eyes shining. He had finally found a compatriot. Although the pronunciation was a bit strange, he could understand those two words clearly.

“How did you get here?” Lei Jin was about to go forward and have a good conversation with his fellow compatriot, only to realize that he was in the arms of the black-haired youth.

“Dear, let go, this brother will love you later.” Lei Jin took advantage l of the language barrier to get in a cheeky word.

But he forgot that someone understood.

Moya frowned, looked at Mingya, and gestured for him to translate.

Mingya glanced at their female unwillingly, he had never called Mingya that way. But still obediently translated Lei Jin’s words as they were.

When Moya heard the words, he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Luo Jie didn’t care what these sons were thinking now, he only cared about whether this person was from the same world as him.

He pulled Lei Jin to sit under the tree, and the two planned to have a good conversation, so tragedy happened.

Lei Jin couldn’t understand English. Roger’s Chinese was also limited to a few simple words: hello, thank you, have you eaten?

Fortunately, the two come from the same world. Although their cultural background was not the same, there was still a way to communicate.

Roger pointed to Lei Jin, what is your name?

“Lei Jin.” This Lei Jin understood, when two people meet, they must first exchange names.

“Ray…..” Roger tried to pronounce.

“Lei…..Jin…..” Lei Jin slowly pronounced word by word.


Lei Jin nodded, yes.

“Roger,” Roger pointed to himself.




Finally, the two exchanged names with difficulty.

Roger pointed to Lei Jin, and then pointed into the distance. The meaning being where did you come from.

This Lei Jin also understood. Lei Jin picked up a branch and drew on the dirt ground, one tree, two trees. A group of trees was a forest. I came from the forest.

Roger nodded, indicating that he understood.

Lei Jin also nodded, oh, you also came from the forest, I understand.

The two gestured with hands and feet, talking with pseudo sign language, and generally understood each other, somewhat.

Lei Jin showed Roger the bath towel in his arms, indicating that this was the only thing he brought.

Roger thought Lei Jin wanted to give it to him, took it, and untied the pocket watch that he had been carrying all these years around his neck and gifted it to him in return.

Completely ignoring the panicked gazes of the four people present. They also saw at this time that the two were from the same place, although they didn’t know where that place was, and they didn’t seem to belong to any tribe on this continent, but that place was where Roger (Ah Ma) had never stopped wanting to go back all these years.

Only Mingya looked at this one, looked at that one, completely unaware of what happened.

Lei Jin was excited to finally find a compatriot in this strange world.

Roger was also feeling lucky that he finally met a fellow compatriot from the same place after so many years.

But at this time, when Lei Jin calmed down, he noticed something else. How could this Roger look so similar to that black-haired youth? They both have black hair and dark green eyes. It was just that this Roger looked older than that young man. But other than that, they were really similar. He wondered how they were related. There were also the two people behind, one with golden blond hair and violet eyes, and one with silver blonde hair and blue eyes. They looked older, and both were tall and strong, they should be the fathers of this family, right?

Father, son, there were no women in this family, Lei Jin made a preliminary judgment, but what was Roger’s role in this family?

Lunch was eaten in the yard. The family set up a fire directly in the yard and roasted a wild boar. Six grown men and…..a little beast. It seemed that the family really loved this little guy, and didn’t even forget to add a place for him to eat. But with Roger’s persevering efforts, Lei Jin already knew that this little guy was called Mingya. The golden blond youth was called Xiya, the golden blond middle-aged man was called An Sen, the black-haired youth was called Moya, and the silver blonde middle-aged man was called An Luo.

Lei Jin looked at An Luo and the little guy next to him, and hey, this An Luo’s hair color was quite similar to the little guy’s fur color.

But just now Roger pointed at the little guy and gestured for a long time, but Lei Jin still didn’t understand what Roger was trying to say.

The wild boar was roasted, An Luo used a crude iron knife to cut a piece of the tenderest tenderloin and handed it to Roger. Xiya also cut a piece and handed it to Lei Jin.

The two accepted their piece, but handed it to Mingya at the same time.

Mingya looked at his Ah Ma on the left, and his female on the right, and grabbed the meat with his paws while smiling. He didn’t see the knife-like gaze of his dads and brothers at all. He just lay down next to the plate placed on the ground, and ate happily.

There was also wild vegetable soup, but Lei Jin couldn’t tell what it was, tasting slightly bitter, and the ingredients were simple. Only salt was added, and the others didn’t like it, so he and Roger drank a bowl. For Lei Jin, who had not eaten vegetables for half a month. This wild vegetable soup was not bad at all.

After they finished lunch, Lei Jin felt really sleepy. He was exhausted after traveling all these days, and not having a proper place to sleep at night. Moreover, he didn’t dare to sleep very deep in the wilderness. So after filling his stomach, sleepiness crept up on him, and he couldn’t resist it even if he wanted to.

Lei Jin also didn’t care about face. Just gestured with Roger and said that he wanted to find a place to sleep.

Roger pointed to the westernmost room, indicating that Lei Jin could go in.

Moya walked over and said a few words, and Lei Jin naturally didn’t know what he said.

It was just that Roger looked at him and then Moya. He frowned, said something, and finally nodded.

Moya motioned for Lei Jin to follow him.

Lei Jin was really sleepy, so he didn’t think of anything else, just got up and followed Moya through the door.

It turned out that this house had a back door.

The back door opened to an endless green grassland. Walking on it was like walking on a green carpet. There was no sound at all. A clear creek meandered and passed by the front of the door. The grass on both sides was very dense, and the wildflowers were in full bloom. It was a good place for a vacation. Lei Jin thought. It also looked like a good idea to take a bath in the creek.

After walking about ten steps, they came to the back door of another house, which also had a wall of blue stones and a thatched roof. It seemed to be bigger than the house they just came from.

Lei Jin took a general look around. In addition to the room in the middle where the front and rear doors could be opened, there were three other rooms, all of which were spacious and tall. Lei Jin stretched his arms, and his fingers could not even reach the door frame.

Moya led him to the innermost room. There were very few decorations in the room. The most conspicuous furniture was the big bed in the middle, which was covered with a layer of animal skins. Moya then turned around and went out. So Lei Jin took off his straw sandals and threw himself on the bed impatiently, missing the feeling of sleeping on a bed. He took off the only piece of animal skin clothing he had, and threw it aside. Naked, he fell straight asleep, so he didn’t see Moya returning inside.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After confirming that he was asleep, long and cold fingers slowly slid down the curve of his body. A small wooden bowl was placed beside the bed, containing some green liquid. Using his left arm to support his waist, Lei Jin’s ass was canted upwards, presenting access to the fingers of his right hand which were now smeared with the green liquid and slowly piercing into his entrance…..

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