Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 047 To Cleave Way With Sword, To Defeat Cunning With Power

When the flood began to submerge the capital, and seeing that people and animals were about to drown, Ji Yunlai activated the water gathering array on the Flying Peak to suck away all the flood water in the capital.

The master of the Flying Peak could also open the arrays on the peak——but his spiritual consciousness was far from the realm of affecting the blue firmament and connecting the nine underworlds. Although he could use the water gathering array to suck the water into the side of the mountain peak, it was difficult to distinguish the mortals in the water. If the mortals were also sucked in, what was the difference between sucking away the water or not?

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This guqin player behind the scenes had undoubtedly planned it all.

First, various rumors were used to attract the attention of the court and the Kun-Lai disciples, and then the riot was triggered by the destruction of the Divine Stone. In the middle, the mortals incited fires and secretly attacked and killed the military commanders who maintained the order, so that the Kun-Lai cultivators called the rain to put out the fires and riots.

Then using the rain water to flood the city, opening the valve to release the water. When it was found that something was not right, the momentum of the water had already picked up, and adding the heavy rain, it would definitely result in a disaster.

If the plan was carried out well, Kun-Lai would be helpless even with their Flying Peak to stop the great catastrophe.

In this way, Kun-Lai and the Da Xiao Kingdom would be slapped in the face.

And the person who made such a plan was a mortal with no cultivation, so Ji Yunlai’s respect was not overrated.

Unfortunately, he was unlucky.

If he was just a trace of divine consciousness attached to a paper talisman, then of course he could only have his body far away in Kun-Lai or a junior brother or sister come provide help.

After all, the spiritual energy that he could use in the body of the talisman paper could at most cut a worm.

But unfortunately for the mastermind, there was a Flying Peak next to him!

In the peak, there were tens of thousands of spiritual stones stocked for maintaining the functioning of the large array, as well as the spiritual arrays that had long been stored in the side of the mountain peak to deal with various problems.

This was enough for him to maintain his power for a moment!

Under his spiritual consciousness which was at the Human Immortal level, even the ants in the water could be picked out, so those people in the capital who were caught in the water didn’t even require him to spare a second glance to distinguish.

The water gathering array was originally used to absorb water in order to store water in the mountain peaks——the magic of the immortals, it was not like they could have disciples fill the reservoirs in the mountain with buckets, right?

It was just perfect to use it here.

Let Xiao Qing block the underground water channel with sword energy, and the rest would just be trivial matters.

And his spiritual consciousness shrouded the whole city, so naturally he could hear all the secret whispers in the city.

In this case, to find the mastermind behind the scenes, all he needed was a whisper relaying their progress from his two subordinates, “The water valve has been opened, please inform the Chief to retreat quickly”.

And when he appeared in the hall, the other was already waiting here comfortably.

As if waiting to show off their achievements.

Without him needing to ask, the other had already revealed everything he did, and even asked who was the person who let him show off to.

Since the other asked the question sincerely, Ji Yunlai naturally told him who he was with great compassion.

And thus, the scene fell silent for a while.

Was this a joke!

Ying Qingxiao could feel his fingertips shaking uncontrollably.

However, he also knew very well that, among the Kun-Lai disciples, no one dared to call himself Ji Yunlai, in fact no one even dared to say the name. They only called him the Sect Leader or Grandmaster with respect, and when outsiders talked about him, they always called him respectfully “Xing Dao Master”.

He also heard that the person in charge of Kun-Lai’s selection this time had a high status, but even if he was given all the courage in the world, he could not have imagined that it would be so high.

In front of the Xing Dao Master, his previous arrangements that he thought were so precise and clever were simply child’s play.

For a few seconds, his mind was blank, and only after a while did he come back to his senses.

What followed was a feeling of uncontrollable ecstasy.

Although he had complained about Kun-Lai for many years, wasn’t what he had done over the years to let the Kun-Lai higher-ups see his determination?

Being able to meet the Lord of Kun-Lai!

So what if death waited for him!

He suddenly stood up, opened the curtain, walked to the front hall, and knelt on the ground sincerely.

“Sinner Ying Qingxiao, respectfully greets the Xing Dao Master!”

He looked about thirty years old, his features handsome, his aura untouched by the secular world, his fingers long and slender, and he was very refined and elegant. He looked at the other with the same eyes as all of those diehard fans in the Western Continent did: “Xiao knows that my sin is unforgivable, but no matter what, please finish listening to my words, the Lost Pearl Society…..”

“What qualifications do you have to ask me to finish listening?” The other interrupted him calmly.

He paused, dazed.

“Actually wasting my time with you…..go and talk to my disciple.” Ji Yunlai glanced at his fingers indifferently, waved the sleeve of his robes, and took him back to the Flying Peak.

The hall was silent.

After a few breaths, several cultivators hidden in the dark collapsed like quicksand, turning into ashes.


The chief of the Lost Pearl Society was taken into custody by the master of the Flying Peak. Ji Yunlai ignored the shocked expression on his face and went back to his disciple.

When seeing him, his disciple seemed to want to pounce on him, but after realizing that he was not a paper man, he forcibly stopped.

His disciple seemed to be able to quite naturally switch between a diehard fan and a rational fan!

Ji Yunlai went forward and stroked his disciple’s head in satisfaction.

Instead, his shadow pounced over, touched the corner of Shizun’s robes, and then returned back to his owner’s feet with satisfaction, receiving a glare from his owner.

“Shizun, was it you who just now…..” Feng Qingxiu seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, and was a little worried, “Didn’t you say that you are guarding Kun-Lai and can’t leave so easily.”

He felt very useless, forcing Shizun to put aside his proper business and come to help him.

His heart felt sad.

“You are not wrong, this is not my proper body.” Ji Yunlai stretched out his hand to touch his disciple’s hair, his figure gradually fading, and he became that little paper man again, falling down and being held in the palm of the hand with great care by his disciple.

“Shizun, are you all right?” Feng Qingxiu asked worriedly, his face pale.

“What can be wrong, it’s just that this talisman paper is just an ordinary talisman paper and can’t bear my power.” The paper man lay in his hands, his little hand resting behind his head, “so it will soon be saying bye bye. I’m a little unhappy when I think that I won’t be able to see you, my disciple, in the next few months.”

Feng Qingxiu lowered his head in disappointment.

“It’s nothing, if my disciple misses me, just come back early.” The paper man said with a smile, and flew to touch the tip of his disciple’s nose.

Then, a ray of flame flew out from the talisman paper, like a burning butterfly.

In his palm, only ashes remain.


Kun-Lai, Zhaoyue Peak.

Ji Yunlai slowly opened his eyes and stared at the void in front of him quietly.

He casually raised his hand and beckoned Kun-Lai’s record.

As he expected, Kun-Lai also recorded the information of the Lost Pearl Society, and the one named Ying Qingxiao was placed among the top few names.

Very common origin, just the son of a literati in town. His father only got a son when he was quite old. Naturally, he regarded him as a jewel. Even though he knew that his son’s age was at odds with the Dragon and Phoenix Selection years, he was reluctant to give him up, so he became a lost pearl.

According to the place of birth, he seemed to have come from the same place as his disciple. Later, he sold all his land and moved to the Da Xiao Kingdom to seek cultivation of the Dao. He was rejected many times because his spiritual roots were too poor. After he abandoned his wife and son, he joined the Lost Pearl Society and seemed to be quite favored by the previous chief. There was no more information about him after that.

So, it didn’t look like a conspiracy against him.

But why did he look so similar to someone in his past?

Was it really just a coincidence?

But even if they looked similar, why was the name similar as well?

The conversation with his memory he had when he first woke up sounded in his ears again. The words “a thousand years have passed, family, relatives, Yun Kingdom…..have long since disappeared” made him deliberately stop thinking about his past as a sixteen-year-old.

A thousand years was not a small number, it could stretch from the Northern Song Dynasty to the Republic of China, it could turn a barren continent into the south of the Yangze River, and it could turn a young man from a penniless urchin to the world’s richest man.

What kind of family line could last a thousand years?

That they even dared to use his relatives to take advantage of him!?

“Yan Zhao.” He whispered softly.

“What is Senior Brother’s order?” Yan Zhao asked in the void.

After a long time, Ji Yunlai asked softly, “Have I mentioned my family to you?”

The other was silent for a long time, and just when he thought the other didn’t know, did he hear him say: “I heard you mentioned it once.”

The cautiousness in that voice was too obvious, so obvious that Sect Leader Ji didn’t want to ask any more questions.

“What did I say?” Ji Yunlai thought about it, and asked.

“You said…..your family had already helped you a lot in your cultivation, and you can’t burden them any more, so you came out to wander the world by yourself.” Yan Zhao said in a low voice.

“…..And then what?” After a moment of silence, Ji Yunlai asked.

He understood his own personality, and he was not in the habit of forgetting his roots after finding success. If he had the opportunity, he would definitely repay their kindness.

But up and down Kun-Lai, there was no family member from his past.

“Senior Brother, don’t ask…..” Yan Zhao said softly.

“I just wanted to offer incense to them all of a sudden.” It seemed that the ending was as he expected. Ji Yunlai, who found that he was not too sad, was a little puzzled. He was not a cold-hearted person, could time really have dulled everything?

“Did I make a mistake back then?” He casually deceived his junior brother.

“How could it be your fault!” Yan Zhao’s voice was instantly filled with cold killing intent, “If you want to blame someone then blame the old man, why did he pick up that beast! He hurt you, hurt our brothers, and your family. He died easily, and Li Xianjing died easily, but what about us? What can we even get back by killing him? What did we even owe them?”

“…..” Ji Yunlai was at a loss for words, so because of him, his family was gone, and his uncle was also dead?

So he saw himself as cold as ice in his memory, and even said things like “blood relationship, how deep could it be”.

There should be heartache and sadness, but his heart seemed to have already felt its quota of sadness, and couldn’t feel it anymore.

But the memory was still very fresh, as if he saw the chief of the Lost Pearl Society just now, and saw that he looked exactly like his uncle, so he didn’t kill him directly.

Although his family clan had shown him care back then, after all, his parents had passed away early. Many things, even the most precious thing in his childhood, the incomplete “Little Yanyang Array” that his uncle gave him, made him firmly choose to step onto the road of cultivating immortality.

So firmly did he want to know what constituted the most basic instruction that made up this world.

A thousand years, the things were still there but the people no longer were…..

Yan Zhao seemed to feel that his Dao heart was agitated, and quickly calmed down: “Senior Brother, the hatred has been avenged, the debt has been paid, we will not forget it, but don’t mention it again, okay?”

“…..You can go now.” It seemed that that memory was also a hurdle for Junior Brother, so Ji Yunlai didn’t ask him again.

The other’s spiritual consciousness quickly retreated, as if it was a crime to stay for even a while longer.

The dwelling was silent again.

Sure enough, apart from the real emotions he developed after getting along with Xiao Qing after waking up, his previous emotions were gone.

Somewhere, a little trace of spiritual perception made him seem to realize that there was something wrong about back then.

With his character, it was difficult to have any deep hatred for others, and he would not feel that any treasures were more valuable than human life. If someone really used these as a threat to force him to hand over something, unless he really did not have it, he would definitely give it over.

How could it have gotten to the point of destroying the family line and the sect?

Or, of course, he could have been used or became a pawn, and took the blame for others?

But no matter who it was, they didn’t get any benefit in the end, and they paid a considerable price.

Now, the hand behind the scene seemed to be gradually recovering, and wanted to weave a net with countless enemies around him, to strangle him again.

The Lost Pearl Society, Xiao Yuan, and the tiger spiritual demon all seem to be just a prelude.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The other’s network of connections seemed to be gathering all the forces that coveted Kun-Lai.

A Human Immortal’s natural spiritual perception could not be wrong.

Ji Yunlai thought into the void, then come at me.

I’m afraid I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.

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