After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 136 Forcibly Inserting Into The Crew

After signing the contract, Tao Mu took Lawyer Zhou to the Hong Kong Royal Police Academy. Mainly, he wanted to investigate the atmosphere of the police academy on the spot.

Responsible for receiving Tao Mu were the principal of the police academy and other teaching staff. In order to allow Tao Mu to better experience the school atmosphere, the school also gave Tao Mu an auditing certificate. Which meant that he also had a student number and uniforms, as well as also being given a bed in the dormitory.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The school staff led Tao Mu around the school while introducing the school history. Many police academy students were pressed up against the windows that line the corridors of the teaching building or the windows of the dormitory.

“Wow, it’s actually the principal and all the school leaders accompanying the visit. Did it have to be that exaggerated? Who is that person below? He looks even younger than me.”

“He seems to be a rich man from the mainland. Have you played FlyNews? He seemed to have made it. I heard that he is only 19 years old this year, and his worth is already over a billion dollars. He earned it all by himself.”

“No way! Such an exaggeration!”

“You’re talking about FlyNews, isn’t that the with more than 120 million registered users? It’s very fun, I play it every day. There is also, which lets you watch a lot of movies and TV series. Unfortunately, most of them are all mainland films. It would be great if there were also shows from TVB Jade.”

“What did that kind of big boss come to the police academy for?”

“It seems to be for filming. Don’t you watch gossip. I heard that he participated in the filming of “Black and White”, plays a policeman in it, and will also be filming with Zhou Yanqing and Yan Sheng. He came to our police academy to experience what Hong Kong police are like.”

“Ai. People truly can’t be compared. We take the police test to make a living. While he just wants to improve his acting skills. We want nothing more than to be locked in the school 24 hours a day, and yet the instructors are so mean to us. At best, he’ll just be here two days a week, and the people in the academic affairs office would just have a smile on their faces. Does it have to be so realistic!”

“Stop talking, they’re coming this way!”

The principal of the Hong Kong Police Academy and the instructor from the Academic Affairs Office introduced Tao Mu into the police dormitory. Don’t know if it was a coincidence or the school’s intentional arrangement but Tao Mu’s dormitory here was also 301. Of course, the layout and roommates inside were definitely different from Beijing Film’s.

“CEO Tao, you can live here when you come to experience police academy life on weekends. You can train with the students at that time. If you have any questions, you can communicate with the Academic Affairs Office.”

“Thank you, Principal.” Tao Mu held the police uniform and training uniform in his hands and said with a smile, “Principal, don’t call me CEO Tao. You can just call me Tao Mu.”

“Alright.” The principal of the police academy glanced at the other students in the 301 dormitory, as well as the students in the dormitory corridor, and said with a smile: “Let me introduce you to everyone. This is Tao Mu. In the next few months he will be studying and training with you all every weekend. I think you all know that Mr. Tao is about to take part in a movie co-produced by Hong Kong and the mainland. Mr. Tao will play a Hong Kong policeman in it. Coming here this time is also for the purpose of preparing for the film by getting a close look at what the Hong Kong police are like. I hope everyone can perform well. Let Mr. Tao see the excellent side of our Hong Kong police.”

Hearing the principal’s words, some lively students winked at each other and smiled. So the implication in the principal’s words was to act cool and capable!

Tao Mu waited until the principal finished speaking, and made a brief self-introduction. Very humble and low-key. Zhou Shenxing, who followed him, rolled his eyes while holding the other supplies issued by the police academy. He was a lawyer with an annual salary of tens of millions yuan, and now he was about to become a little subordinate who carried the boss’s bag. And the culprit was still pretending to be a big-tailed wolf here. He really didn’t know, with Tao Mu putting on such a low-key attitude, how he planned to squeeze these police students, who clearly didn’t have experience with the black heart of the capitalists, for all their worth in the next few months.

At the same time, the news that Tao Mu was going to use the weekends to experience life at the Hong Kong Police Academy for filming also spread to Shen Yu’s ears.

Since Shen Yu was bullied by the crew——the scene where he forced him to hang on wires that resulted in a fever was found out by Shen Yan. Shen Yan, who was unhappy that her little brother suffered grievances, ran to the crew again to make a scene.

Although Shen Yu had abided by his agreement with best actor Yan Sheng, he did not want to pursue revenge against Liang Xiao. But Shen Yan obviously didn’t think the same. She never thought that an actress who could only get a good role by climbing the bed of a bankroller would dare to treat her little brother like this. This was clearly not taking the Shen family seriously.

So Shen Yan rushed into the crew the next day, slapped Liang Xiao several times in front of everyone, slandered Liang Xiao and accused her for taking it out on Shen Yu because her love turned into hatred, and forced Liang Xiao to apologize to Shen Yu. She even wanted to use the influence of the Shen family to drive Liang Xiao out of the crew.

However, Shen Yan obviously forgot that she was still estranged from home and had to support herself. Chairman Shen personally said that he would let this spoiled daughter, who did not know the sufferings of the world, feel the pressure of life. Under the explicit instructions of Chairman Shen, the employees of the Shen Group certainly did not dare to violate the big boss’s wishes.

So in the end, Shen Yan failed to get Liang Xiao out of the crew as she wished. Instead, she offended Liang Xiao’s bankroller without knowing it.

Liang Xiao’s bankroller was also an investor in the crew. Although his business was not as strong as the Shen Group, it was not something that ordinary people could compare to either. Due to the wealth of the Shen family, this bankroller couldn’t quibble with Shen Yan. But towards an adopted son who was expelled from the Shen family, he was not so polite.

He directly implied to the crew that they must cut down a lot of Shen Yu’s stand-ins. At least when acting with Liang Xiao, Shen Yu had to act in person.

“If Miss Shen really feels sorry for your little brother, you can take your little brother home. Since he has come out to film, it’s better to have some professional ethics.”

In addition, the bankroller also hired the water army to expose Shen Yu’s use of stand-ins for filming, and also spread the news of bullying female artists in his crew on the Internet. For a while, because of the broadcast of “Purple Cloud”, Shen Yu, who played the leading role in the drama and attracted countless fans among young audiences with his lively and kind personality and exquisite and elegant appearance, became the target of public criticism once again. Mu Huating, who played a supporting actor in “Purple Cloud”, also took advantage of the situation to give his cents, and broke the news to the media that Shen Yu also used a lot of stand-ins in the “Purple Cloud” crew, accusing Shen Yu of not having professional ethics, and really rubbed off on a wave of heat.

Of course, the reason why Mu Huating said this was not just to gain popularity. It was mainly because he received hints from the company’s top management. Summer Star Entertainment was now cooperating with to hold the talent show “National God and Goddess”, not to mention the personal relationship between Long Tianao and Tao Mu. Originally, the relationship between Long Tianao and Shen Yu was actually not bad. It was just a pity that after the scandal of the Yao family being exposed, Long Tianao was turned into an anti by Shen Yu’s disgusting actions that came one after another. Summer Star Entertainment also wanted to take advantage of this incident to befriend Tao Mu, so they asked Mu Huating and his agent Zhao Keping to secretly buy some water army to step on Shen Yu.

Speaking of which, Zhao Keping’s life at Summer Star Entertainment was not very easy either. He originally had the opportunity to sign Tao Mu to Summer Star Entertainment, but because of his superfluous actions, not only did he lose Tao Mu as a potential artist, he was even suppressed by the company in various ways. If it wasn’t for the fact that Tao Mu said that he didn’t care about him, it was likely that Summer Star Entertainment would have even thought of forcing Zhao Keping to resign.

But even so, Zhao Keping’s status in Summer Star Entertainment had plummeted. From an agent that the company highly regarded to a marginal person that no one cared about. Even the artists under him suffered. This time, instructed by the company to expose Shen Yu’s bizarre deeds in the crew, Zhao Keping and Mu Huating also had the idea of making up for their old crimes.

As Tao Mu’s net worth and social status rose higher and higher, Mu Huating, who once dared to confront Tao Mu, was now fully sober. If a person was only a little better than the people around him, everyone’s first reaction was jealousy. But if he was so good as to be out of reach, everyone could only keep looking up to him.

Mu Huating was targeted by Shen Yu in various ways because he framed Tao Mu on the set of “Purple Cloud”. At that time, Shen Yu was still the biological son of the Shen family and was much loved by everyone. He took the lead in targeting Mu Huating, and the entire crew followed suit and ostracized him. Although Mu Huating was angry about Shen Yu’s meddling, he dared not do anything.

Now that the tide turned and Shen Yu’s birth background was exposed, going from the once beloved son of the Shen family to a stray cat who was driven out of the Shen family. And Tao Mu, who had once been humbled in the mud, turned into a domineering CEO worth billions in US dollars. Mu Huating no longer dared to show his enmity with Tao Mu. But he could turn the gun to deal with Shen Yu, which could be regarded as getting revenge for himself from back then.

In an instant, Shen Yu, who was attacked by all walks of life, enjoyed the treatment of being attacked by enemies on all sides. Because of various irresponsible actions, he was criticized heavily online. Of course, Shen Yu’s die-hard fans were still fighting against all kinds of water army and passers-by. The two sides fought fiercely, and the final impact was a wider spread of the situation, creating the impression that Shen Yu was really unprofessional to all passers-by. Of course, for Shen Yu’s die-hard fans, this battle was undoubtedly a case of fan tormenting in which “the whole world wants to harm my baby”.

At least Shen Yan didn’t think that Liang Xiao’s bankroller and that insignificant actor would actually dare to stand up and throw stones at Shen Yu.

Shen Yan, who was so angry that she practically exploded, called Wen Shijin directly. She yelled at Wen Shijin on the phone, thinking that Wen Shijin, as Shen Yu’s agent and manager, failed to take good care of Shen Yu and let Shen Yu be bullied by so many people, which was really incompetent of him.

“If you take the money from our Shen family, you must do things well. At least you must be worthy of your own conscience. Don’t think that just because my little brother left the Shen family temporarily, you can be irresponsible.”

After receiving a complaint call from Shen Yan, Wen Shijin, who was discussing with Director Xu Musen in Hong Kong whether Shen Yu could have a chance to audition for the role of Yan Yu, was confused. He probably didn’t expect that Shen Yu would be able to cause so much trouble in the few days he had left the mainland. After learning about the cause and effect of the incident, Wen Shijin was also dumbfounded at Shen Yan’s unreasonable behavior. But he couldn’t quibble with his boss’s daughter. He could only retort mildly, “Miss Shen, I think you have probably misunderstood the responsibilities of an agent for a life assistant. Also, please don’t blame others for what is your fault. In fact, if it weren’t for Miss Shen targeting Miss Liang all the time in the crew, I don’t believe Miss Liang would have retaliated against Shen Yu.”

“As for whether I am competent or not, I don’t think it’s something that Miss Shen can be a judge of. If you have any doubts about my work style, you can propose to Chairman Shen to replace me as an agent.”

In fact, after Wen Shijin learned that Shen Yu was not the biological son of the Shen family, he somewhat regretted his decision to take over Shen Yu’s artist contract. It was undeniable that Shen Yu’s appearance was really good, his personality was soft and obedient enough, and he also had the halo of a wealthy son of an affluent family. If he was packaged well, he could definitely be popular.

This was also an important reason why Wen Shijin decided to accept the invitation of the Shen family. But what Wen Shijin didn’t expect was that Shen Yu’s birth background actually had such twists and turns. Now that Shen Yu was kicked out of the Shen family by Mrs. Shen herself and Chairman Shen and CEO Shen did not support Shen Yu as vigorously as they did before, in order to take care of Mrs. Shen’s emotions, and they no longer gave various resource preferences to Shen Yu.

So much so that it was so difficult for Wen Shijin to talk to Xu Musen about a small supporting role that would appear for less than ten minutes. If Shen Yan still insisted on pulling his hind legs without repentance, Wen Shijin really didn’t want to do it anymore.

Shen Yan was in a state of even more disbelief that Wen Shijin, as an employee of the Shen family, would dare to treat her like this. She was immediately unhappy and called Father Shen, and after complaining about Wen Shijin on the phone, she even proposed the idea of firing Wen Shijin and she could fill in as Shen Yu’s agent instead.

However, Shen Yan seemed to have forgotten her big words in the Shen family mansion that day. Fortunately, Chairman Shen had a good memory. He directly reminded Shen Yan that she was currently estranged from home and was no longer qualified to make requests of him. And sincerely suggested that Shen Yan had better stop meddling in Shen Yu’s affairs, and that instead find a way to find a job to support herself.

“Wen Shijin is right. If it wasn’t for you making trouble, Liang Xiao’s people wouldn’t hire the water navy to spread Shen Yu’s negative news everywhere, and there wouldn’t be so many people throwing stones at him. Originally, I wanted to announce the news that Xiao Yu will be the promotion ambassador for the gene bank after discussing it with your older brother. As a result, because of you, Xiao Yu’s reputation has become so bad and the announcement of the ambassadorship must also be postponed.”

“The saying ‘unable to achieve anything but good at spoiling things’ describes you perfectly. Yet you still have the courage to call me and complain about Shi Jin.” Chairman Shen lectured his daughter without holding back on the phone.

Of course he wouldn’t agree with Shen Yan’s whims. This daughter had been spoiled rotten by their family, and she only knew how to offend people when she went out the door. Shen Shiyuan didn’t want Shen Yu to offend people everywhere. Wen Shijin was the agent he carefully selected for Shen Yu. He also needed to rely on Wen Shijin’s ability to make Shen Yu an A-list superstar so that he could meet more talented and excellent people. At that time, it would also be good for their Shen family.

This was important business, and it must not be destroyed by Shen Yan.

Of course Shen Yan didn’t know Father Shen’s plans. When not only did her complaint fail, she was also taught a lesson, Shen Yan hung up the phone angrily. She decided to discuss with Shen Yu and join him in the crew as Shen Yu’s assistant.

As for finding a job or something…..she was already Xiao Yu’s life assistant and manager. Of course Shen Yu must pay her a salary. No, it should be said that Shen Yan wanted to take over Shen Yu’s bank card and help Shen Yu manage his assets.

Hmmph! Even if I don’t go back to the Shen family, I can still live a good life! Like I will go back to suffer other people’s attitudes.

The immeasurably self-satisfied Shen Yan didn’t realize what was wrong with her behavior at all. She just directly called Shen Yu over to announce her decision.

Shen Yu, who had always been obedient to his family, didn’t think there was anything wrong with Shen Yan’s actions. Knowing that Shen Yan was going to live with him from now on, Shen Yu obediently handed over all the bank cards on his body, and gave Shen Yan the master bedroom with the best lighting.

It was a pity that Shen Yan’s plan only lasted one night. It was destroyed by the Shen family. At the suggestion of Chairman Shen, Shen Chen directly sent his assistant to take over all the work of Shen Yu in the crew. And also arranged another life assistant for Shen Yu, who was responsible for Shen Yu’s interpersonal communication in the entertainment circle.

As for Shen Yan, who wanted to act as Shen Yu’s agent under the banner of Shen Yu’s life assistant and follow him into the crew, she was sent away by Shen Chen with a phone call.

Big Brother Shen believed that since Shen Yan was obsessed and didn’t recognize her own mistakes at all, then she had no right to spend the Shen family’s money, not even Shen Yu’s money.

Not only that, in order to punish Shen Yan for using the power of the Shen family to offend people everywhere, and even to delay the further promotion of the Lost Children’s Gene Bank by the Shen Group, Shen Chen directly drove Shen Yan out of Shen Yu’s apartment.

Shen Chen felt that the reason why Shen Yan had the energy to make trouble everywhere was because she didn’t feel the pressure of life. Then he must let her know about the suffering in the world and see if Shen Yan was still idle enough to make troubles when she couldn’t even find a job, couldn’t even live in a house, and couldn’t even afford food.

However, towards Wen Shijin’s suggestion that he wanted Shen Yu to join the crew of “Black and White”, Shen Chen felt that there was a lot of room for manipulation.

At least after Tao Mu personally recommended Shen Yu to be the promotion ambassador of the gene bank, the Shen family father and son felt that Tao Mu was not necessarily immune to Shen Yu’s influence. So it was feasible to find a way to get Shen Yu to befriend Tao Mu.

And if one wanted to make friends with Tao Mu, one must at least have the opportunity to get close to Tao Mu. Participating in the filming of “Black and White” this time was a good opportunity. Not only that, after learning about the details of the role of Yan Yu through Wen Shijin’s introduction, Shen Chen couldn’t help but think of the idea of ​​letting Shen Yu go to the police academy for a period of training under the banner of experiencing police life for character research.

——Wasn’t there water army outside who had been saying that Shen Yu’s use of stand-ins for filming was very disrespectful. Then they could take this opportunity to wash away the negative image. Shen Yu could also get closer with Tao Mu. At that time, the Shen Group could also take advantage of the opportunity to announce that it invited Shen Yu to serve as the promotion ambassador for the Lost Children’s Gene Bank.

Three birds with one stone.

Shen Chen’s idea hit it off with Wen Shijin. After the two talked on the phone, Wen Shijin found Director Xu Musen again, proposed that the Shen family wanted to invest in the production of “Black and White”, and sincerely asked Director Xu Musen to give Shen Yu a chance to audition.

Xu Musen also saw that the Shen family wanted to forcibly insert Shen Yu into the crew. Although he was dissatisfied, Xu Musen didn’t want to offend a wealthy and influential family like the Shen family, so he could only agree to Shen Yu’s audition request.

But having said that, both of them knew that no matter what Shen Yu did during the audition, it was a no-brainer that he would join the crew. The so-called audition was just formalities.

Xu Musen could only pray that even if Shen Yu was not good at acting, at least his attitude could be as serious as Tao Mu. However, he then thought of the reports that Shen Yu was not professional in the mainland entertainment gossip forums and suddenly felt very hopeless.

Other producers in the crew of “Black and White” also quickly learned that the Shen Group’s forced capital injection would also put Shen Yu into the crew. Instantly there were a few different thoughts running around.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Even best actor Yan Sheng, who was filming with Shen Yu, did not expect that the Shen family would have such an attitude towards Shen Yu and could not help but ponder over it.

Then on the second day, best actor Yan Sheng, who had a very good reputation in the industry and had always been known for his love of supporting newcomers, found Shen Yu and offered to teach Shen Yu to act.

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