After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 138 Daily Life At Police Academy

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Tao Mu’s recent itinerary: From Monday to Friday, he would stay at Beijing Film for classes, and take care of work at and Xiaoheng Capital in the evening. He would then fly to Hong Kong on weekends to experience life in Hong Kong Royal Police Academy.

He was going to study and train with the students of the police academy. Among the classes on culture, Tao Mu only picked classes on the system-related and useful legal provisions. At most, he was more serious in the tactical analysis course, and his main energy was spent on daily training. Especially fighting skills and marksmanship, as well as etiquette and deportment. For example, in salutes and queue training, the Hong Kong police were different from the mainland.

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Because of the filming experience in his previous life, Tao Mu actually already learned marksmanship and fighting. He was also a martial arts stand-in in his last life, so action films often found him to be part of the cast. The movie Tao Mu won the best actor in his previous life was an action movie with a lot of gunfights. In it, he played a protagonist with an unparalleled sense of justice in the early stage, only to go dark in the later stage, and dying in the end. And because he perfectly interpreted the layering and complexity of the role, he finally won the crown of Best Actor.

In order to play that role well, Tao Mu specially hired a retired special forces instructor to teach him marksmanship and fighting before joining the crew, and even went to the army to experience life for more than three months. At that time, Tao Mu was already in a semi-banned state in the entertainment industry, and he didn’t receive too many jobs and endorsements, but it gave him the opportunity to have time to seriously prepare for the role.

However, Tao Mu went to the mainland army at that time, and also learned the fighting skills and marksmanship of the mainland army’s special forces. There were still many differences with the fighting methods of the Hong Kong police and even the Flying Tigers division. Such as commonly used weapons and equipment.

For example, the pistol often used by the mainland’s special forces was the Type 92. The Hong Kong police were used to Browning, GLOCK17 and Smith & Wesson. The assault rifle used by the mainland special forces was the Type 95, and the assault rifle used by the Hong Kong police had seven to eight types alone. Not to mention other kinds of equipment. And the price was far higher than the mainland’s standard weapons.

The most important thing was that there were many guns or other types of weapons that Tao Mu had never seen before, let alone used. So the top priority was for Tao Mu to get familiar with these guns and ammunition as soon as possible, at least he should look like he knew what he was doing. So that when he joined the crew “Black and White” in a few months, he could completely imitate the temperament and actions of the Hong Kong police.

The so-called, ‘details determine success or failure’. The reason why Tao Mu came to Hong Kong Police Academy to experience life was to polish these details that no one might even notice on the big screen.

Because there were so many things to learn, Tao Mu was not a born genius. Moreover, the time he could use to study was only two days on weekends. In terms of study progress, of course, he could not keep up with the excellent police students in the police academy. It could only be said that he was barely keeping up with the training requirements. But even so, Tao Mu’s potential and strength still shocked everyone. Especially in courses such as fighting classes and gun training, Tao Mu could often compete with the outstanding police students in the class. Occasionally, when training against the instructor, Tao Mu would unconsciously use some fighting skills he learned in the military. If the instructor was not prepared, he could even be countered by Tao Mu.

So much so that after Tao Mu had been training in the police academy for several weekends, even the instructors who often had contact with him had to sigh that if Tao Mu didn’t want to be a CEO or an actor, it would be no problem for him to be accepted in the police academy.

In comparison, another classmate Shen Yu, who also came to the police academy to buy soy sauce every weekend under the banner of “experiencing life”, was much inferior. (TN: to buy soy sauce=slang for none of my business/to not be involved/to be disinterested)

Don’t even mention measuring up to Tao Mu’s performance in fighting and gun training that made the instructors so impressed. Shen Yu, who had been spoiled since childhood, couldn’t even keep up with morning exercises and daily training. When everyone got up early to gather, Shen Yu was always the last to run out of the dormitory, his clothes and appearance always messy and disheveled. When they practice running, he would always lag behind in the last spot. In fact, he would become so tired that he had to take a car back despite not even running a few steps. Not to mention during shooting practice, his posture was never standard, and he always missed the target. Ever since he almost hit the police students who were watching, everyone was terrified and on alert when Shen Yu practiced his marksmanship. In the end, the instructor had no choice but to teach Shen Yu how to just hold a gun and never let him pull the trigger.

If these were still within the tolerance of the police students, then the fact that Shen Yu couldn’t even do the daily chores well made everyone go crazy. Don’t even mention such “difficult” actions as stacking the quilt, even the ground would always be covered with water when it was his turn to mop it. There were several times when the police students didn’t pay attention, and they almost slipped on the puddles.

How was this simply an actor! This was clearly a ticking bomb.

However, there were also many boys and girls who thought that Shen Yu was pretty, had a soft personality, and was very cute. Able to arouse everyone’s desire to protect him——at least he was much cuter than Tao Mu, who was also an actor, but was even better than them in fighting class. Therefore, these students were also willing to surround Shen Yu, help with chores, help with training, and even help crusade against Tao Mu. So in just a few weeks, the Hong Kong Police Academy was practically divided into two camps because of Shen Yu and Tao Mu.

“…..I always believe that the reason the school allows people like Shen Yu to come to the police academy to experience life, is definitely as a test of our reflexes, attention, endurance and willpower.” Because in the training session of practicing obstacle running only to almost fall off the balance beam, Shen Yu was so frightened that he was crying horribly. So much so that the instructor had to temporarily stop the training to appease Shen Yu. The police students who were close to Shen Yu couldn’t help but gather around to comfort Shen Yu, and some people even called the school doctor.

The other police students simply sat on the ground on the field. Some people couldn’t help shaking their heads and sighing.

Jiang Jingwen, who shared the dormitory with Tao Mu, nudged Tao Mu with his elbow and asked in a low voice, “That Shen Yu seems to be looking at you. Why is he always looking at you?”

Tao Mu subtly glanced at Shen Yu, who was surrounded by the instructor and the school doctor, crying and looking over at his side. He had been out of the plot halo for a long time, and of course he couldn’t guess Shen Yu’s brain circuit. Nor did he know what the other person was thinking either.

“I don’t know either. By the way, are you interested in going to a nightclub?” Anyway, the instructor’s attention was attracted by Shen Yu. Nobody was paying attention to his side. Tao Mu began to secretly implement his plan: “I’ll treat you.”

“You’re crazy!” Jiang Jingwen looked in the direction of the instructor subconsciously, lowered his voice and said, “The school doesn’t allow it.”

“So we have to sneak out.” Tao Mu blinked at the group of police students: “Besides, we won’t be doing anything. Just go out to a nightclub, have a drink, have some fun, and come back in the evening.”

Having said that, Tao Mu was actually preparing for the role of Zhou Yuanting. He wanted to observe closely how the real police students reacted when they sneaked out of the school to go to the nightclub.

Of course, Tao Mu would not deliberately implicate these students for the sake of his own filming. In fact, he had already got permission from the instructor. The instructor also allowed him to take the students out to play. It was fine so long as nothing happened. It was just that Tao Mu didn’t say anything about it in order to observe the real reactions of the police students.

“Could it be that you are feeling bored from staying at the school for too long so you just want to sneak out and relax.” Jiang Jingwen had a flash of inspiration. He had been addicted to recently, and naturally he also knew about Tao Mu’s past experience. Knowing that Tao Mu grew up in a nightclub, and was a person who liked to play and knew how to play. Apparently his adoptive father had opened a nightclub in the capital.

Tao Mu smiled at Jiang Jingwen and avoided answering: “Just say whether you’ll go or not.”

Tao Mu’s role as an undercover cop in the “Black and White” crew was a secret of the crew. Outsiders have not read the script, so of course they didn’t know the inside story. Tao Mu would not spoil anything casually in front of outsiders.

Jiang Jingwen smiled and winked at Tao Mu: “I’m fine. Anyway, it won’t be me picking up the tab, but if too many people go, will it be too expensive?”

Probably because they had lived in one dormitory for a long time, Jiang Jingwen and the others lost their initial restraint after they became familiar with Tao Mu. Especially after Tao Mu showed his strength in his daily training, these police students were also young people. Out of a secret idolizing mentality, everyone was willing to play with Tao Mu. Many people would even ask Tao Mu about his tips in fighting.

In order to play the role of Zhou Yuanting well, Tao Mu not only trained hard, but also patiently observed other police students in the police academy. He was very willing to communicate with everyone, and besides, he had never been the kind of person who was cold and reticent in front of outsiders. Not to say that he did not hold back at all, but in terms of training he was willing to be completely honest and share his insights.

Especially as Tao Mu had been trained by a professional retired special forces instructor before, and he was also talented in fighting. In addition, he had a good memory, and could be said to have a solid foundation. When practicing boxing, his form would be more standard than everyone else’s. In his spare time, when giving pointers for the police students, it was very easy for him to hit it right on the mark. After the training, he would also take a group of people to the nearby food stalls to eat. So all the police students were used to going out to play with Tao Mu at night. But this was their first time going to a nightclub.

Some timid ones were still hesitating while the daring ones had all quietly made their statement.

On the other side of the field, Shen Yu, who had a swollen ankle, touched his swollen ankle and looked at Tao Mu, who was surrounded by everyone, happily mingling. And pouted with discontent.

With the support of the instructor, he stood up wobbling, limped up to Tao Mu, and said earnestly, “Mu Mu, I have something to tell you. Can we find a quiet place to talk?”

All the police students looked at each other. Without waiting for Tao Mu to speak, they voluntarily stood up and moved farther away.

However, there were also students who were very curious. They cautiously walked around behind Tao Mu, relying on their excellent eyesight and understanding of lip language, ready to hear what Shen Yu was going to say to Tao Mu.

“I’m just a little worried.” Jiang Jingwen even defended his behavior: “For a person like Shen Yu, it is clear that he is very finicky and spoiled, thinking that the whole world must revolve around him.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I think you have a prejudice against Shen Yu.” Another police student who had long been a fan of Shen Yu frowned and retorted, “On the contrary, I think Tao Mu is hostile towards Shen Yu. Whenever Shen Yu approaches him, he acts very cold and indifferent. As if he is afraid that Xiao Yu will stick to him. Seriously.”

“I just don’t understand. Our Shen Yu is so cute, so why doesn’t Tao Mu like him. The way I see it, he is just a snob. If our Shen Yu was still the son of the Shen family, Tao Mu definitely wouldn’t have such an attitude. “

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