After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 139 Fans And Antis & Nightclub

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Hearing that someone slandered Tao Mu so, Jiang Jingwen laughed sarcastically: “I suggest you read more mainland gossip and understand the situation. Don’t even mention Shen Yu who is just a young son of the Shen family who has inheritance rights. Our CEO Tao won’t even show any weakness towards the chairman and the CEO of the Shen Group. It is clear that Shen Yu is the one pestering Tao Mu. Our Tao Mu is just too lazy to bother with him. It is already obvious that our Tao Mu only likes to play with excellent people.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“When you say something like this, are you implying that we are not excellent enough?” The police student who spoke before snorted coldly, stretched out his hand and pushed Jiang Jingwen: “Let me make it clear for you. We all don’t like to hang out with Tao Mu because we just can’t get used to his hypocrisy. But you guys, tagging along behind his ass every day and flattering him like sycophants, aren’t you just trying to get some benefits?”

“Hey, what are you saying?” Jiang Jingwen exploded instantly, and pushed the other back: “Zhong Chengzhi, I’m warning you. You can eat indiscriminately, but you can’t talk indiscriminately.”

“Am I wrong?” Zhong Chengzhi sneered: “Everyone has eyes, do you think others can’t see it? If you ask me, Tao Mu is just an actor who came to the police academy to experience life. He will leave after filming, and may never come back even once in this life. Your currying favor is just currying favor. Do you really think it will do any good?”

Actually, there were benefits. For example, Tao Mu often taught everyone fighting tips, and even taught everyone how to pose and be handsome. He would often treat them to meals as well. But like Jiang Jingwen said, Tao Mu only liked to be with excellent people. For those who were not very good, but liked to say sour words, Tao Mu’s tolerance was relatively low. Therefore, Tao Mu was basically too lazy to deal with people like Zhong Chengzhi.

This was also an important reason why Zhong Chengzhi disliked Tao Mu so much. When they first had fighting class together, he was dissatisfied with Tao Mu’s score being higher than his. He hated even more that the female police students in the class always screamed like nymphos when Tao Mu was fighting with the instructor. A mainland boy who relied on his face to make a livelihood, actually ran to their Hong Kong Royal Police Academy to play in the limelight. Don’t know what the school was even thinking, agreeing to someone like Tao Mu coming to the police academy to experience life.

“I just don’t like how he always looks so arrogant. We already know that he was a martial arts stand-in, he knows kung fu. There’s no need to show off in front of us.”

It was because of the addition of Tao Mu, the instructors were more talkative when teaching them. Seeming like regular police students like them were not as good as a visiting student/actor. It was really funny, so what if this actor performed well in the classes? When the citizens of Hong Kong were in danger in the future, could they expect an actor to stand up and resist the criminals? In the end it would still come down to them, the police.

“Zhong Chengzhi, isn’t it a bit too much of you to say something like this?” The female police student next to him couldn’t listen anymore, and retorted, “Whether or not Tao Mu will leave in the future, we’re all classmates now. Of course we have to get along well. It’s really nasty of you to say something like that.”

“You are just jealous that Tao Mu is more handsome than you, and has better skills than you. I advise you to train more when you have time. Lest the instructors discipline you every time you are in class. You yourself are dragging everyone back, and yet you are busy nosing into other people’s affairs.”

“Hey, what do you mean by that? Who said I was holding anyone back during training——”

“Hey, stop arguing. They started talking.” Someone patted Jiang Jingwen’s shoulder: “Translate, what are they talking about?”

“The training at the police academy is really tiring. I can’t keep up with you no matter how hard I try. Mu Mu, can you help me?” Shen Yu looked at Tao Mu eagerly: “I don’t expect to be as strong as you. I just don’t want to drag everyone down.”

“I can’t help you with this kind of basic training.” Tao Mu explained with a blank expression: “You should find some instructors instead of me. I think they should be able to help you.”

“But the instructors are too serious and solemn. They speak loudly to me every time. I’m afraid.” Shen Yu said, his eyes reddening. Looking at Tao Mu with a look of grievance: “Can’t you help me? Anyway, we are old acquaintances. Can you bear to watch me never being able to keep up with everyone? In fact, sometimes I really think you are very cruel. No matter how hard I try, you always coldly reject me and push me thousands of miles away. Tao Mu, can’t you give me some hope?”

“Hey, what are they talking about? Why did Shen Yu cry? Did that bastard Tao Mu bully him?” Zhong Chengzhi didn’t know how to read lips, and he couldn’t hear what Tao Mu and Shen Yu were saying. Just seeing Shen Yu’s eyes reddening after just barely exchanging a few words, he immediately put the blame on Tao Mu’s head: “It must be Tao Mu who bullied Shen Yu. I know that Tao Mu hates Shen Yu very much, he would never show a nice face to Shen Yu.”

Zhong Chengzhi said angrily and was about to rush over and reason with Tao Mu but he was quickly caught by his classmates.

“Don’t be so impulsive. Listen to what Jing Wen has to say first.”

“Listen to what he has to say? He is clearly on Tao Mu’s side.” Zhong Chengzhi glared at Jiang Jingwen: “Otherwise, why did you lose your voice after just repeating a few words?”

Jiang Jingwen gave Zhong Chengzhi a blank look and briefly repeated Shen Yu’s words. The reason why he fell silent halfway through was simply because he was so disgusted by Shen Yu’s logic. And he didn’t know what was going on, but he always felt that Shen Yu’s words came across very weird.

“If it wasn’t for everyone going to the same toilet during the rest time. I really would have thought Shen Yu was a girl. Actually being afraid of the instructor speaking loudly. Is he serious? Also, since he is afraid of the instructor’s black face, why isn’t he afraid of Tao Mu’s when clearly Tao Mu’s expression is even worse when facing him?”

Zhong Chengzhi said eagerly: “Look. Didn’t I say that Tao Mu is bullying Shen Yu. Shen Yu clearly worked so hard, so why won’t he give Shen Yu a chance? It’s just being friends, does he have to be so arrogant. He just has some stinky money. Does he have to look down on us ordinary people so much? He clearly knew that Shen Yu was afraid of the instructor’s black face, so why is he forcing Shen Yu to find the instructor? Doesn’t he like giving pointers to others? Why not teach Shen Yu? Is he afraid that after Shen Yu learns to fight, he will be better than him in acting?”

“I said it before, people like Tao Mu do not treat others sincerely. The reason why he is willing to teach you pointers is because you are not a threat to him. If you also go into acting, I am afraid that the first person to target you will be Tao Mu.”

“Why are you so excited? I think what Tao Mu said makes sense. Shen Yu’s foundation is too poor, and what he lacks is physical fitness and basic training. Even if he asked for advice on these things, Tao Mu wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. So it’s better to ask the instructors for help instead. At least the instructors could correct Shen Yu’s form. And they are very patient.” The female police student who had spoken for Tao Mu before snorted and spoke a fair word: “But then again, our police academy instructors are indeed really serious and solemn. Pulling a long face all day long, like we owe them five million yuan.”

“Please, we are the police. If not serious, then should we smile all day instead. Do you think we are kindergarten teachers?” Jiang Jingwen disagreed. Looking at Shen Yu standing on the field, he continued to be his lip interpreter.

“Mu Mu, I don’t understand why you hate me so much. What exactly do you hate about me? I can change it, okay? I really want to be friends with you.” Shen Yu said, looking at Tao Mu with a hopeful expression: “I want to be as good as you. Can’t I?”

Of course! As long as you don’t bother me, I don’t care if you want to become the number one in the world.

Tao Mu sighed helplessly: “I think you should not think too much. Take care of your foot injury first, then go to the instructor to practice breaking down the movements. The main thing is to get every movement in place. There will be stand-ins anyway when we film. You just need to get the final set of moves in place.”

“But when I joined the cast of “Black and White” this time, my dad and brother told me that I should try not to use a stand-in. I have to shoot all the scenes that I can shoot myself.” Shen Yu thought about it and said confidently: “And I saw the script. The Yan Yu I play does not have many scenes in the script, and there are also fewer fighting scenes. I also think that if it is just these actions, I can do it. I just need someone to help me now. “

“Mu Mu, I don’t know anyone in Hong Kong. The only one I can ask is you.”

Being looked at by Shen Yu’s completely trusting eyes, Tao Mu only felt that his head was about to explode. It was like a piece of dog-skin plaster that had insisted on sticking to him regardless of his wishes. (TN: dog-skin plaster=used in TCM for treating contusions, rheumatism etc)

It might have actually been better when he had avoided him like the plague in the previous life!

Not knowing what he had done in this life to be the unfortunate recipient of Shen Yu’s attention, Tao Mu rubbed his temples: “I’m very busy myself. I don’t have time to take care of your affairs. Also, you spent so long in the police academy. I see that a lot of the police students like you very much. They all have a good attitude towards you. You can definitely ask them for advice.”

Although the fighting skills of those people were a little off. But after all, they were proper police academy students, and should be able to teach Shen Yu to look like he knew what he was doing even if he didn’t.

When Shen Yu heard this, it was not like he could say that he didn’t want to find someone else, he just wanted Tao Mu to help him. After stuttering for a long time, he still did not manage to get out a complete sentence. He could only look at Tao Mu pitifully.

On the other side, the faces of the police students who heard Jiang Jingwen’s “reporting” were not very good. Especially Shen Yu’s die-hard fans headed by Zhong Chengzhi. It must be said that since Shen Yu entered the school, these police students have been very kind to Shen Yu. Probably because Shen Yu was too delicate and slender, and was well protected by his family before, he couldn’t help exuding the aura of a precious greenhouse cultivated flower.

Fearing that Shen Yu would be aggrieved, these police students willingly helped Shen Yu to take care of his chores and work every day, even willingly being held back by Shen Yu. But in the end, despite several weeks later, in Shen Yu’s eyes, they were still strangers, and couldn’t even compare to an outsider like Tao Mu who always looked at him with cold eyes.

It was really frustrating.

But in an instant, someone like Zhong Chengzhi made an excuse for Shen Yu: “Our Shen Yu is timid and introverted. Of course he can’t hold up to Tao Mu’s shrewdness. But we will definitely try our best to make Shen Yu trust us.”

Towards Zhong Chengzhi’s words, Jiang Jingwen and the others didn’t even have the desire to ridicule. Fortunately, Shen Yu didn’t say anything more, and the instructor had already blown the whistle, signaling everyone to gather and continue training in the afternoon subjects. As for Shen Yu, who had a swollen ankle, he had to sit under the shade of a tree and watch everyone train.

Although the daily training of the police academy was much looser than that of the army. But for ordinary people, this whole day of training was exhausting enough.

For Tao Mu, the best way to solve fatigue was to go out and have a good time. After spending the night in a nightclub, all the fatigue would be washed away.

Towards this theory, Jiang Jingwen and the other police students agreed that they must experience it themselves.

Tao Mu didn’t come to Hong Kong many times in his last life, and it was the first time in this life. So he was not very familiar with the nightclubs in Hong Kong. But although not familiar with the place, he had still heard of the famous Lan Kwai Fong. (TN: Lan Kwai Fong=a popular expatriate haunt in Hong Kong for drinking, clubbing and dining)

When the police students heard these three words, they howled excitedly.

“As expected of the famous prince of nightclubs in the capital. You are also familiar with our nightclubs in Hong Kong.” Jiang Jingwen joked with a smile: “That place is the most popular bar street for young people in Hong Kong. It is said that the most beautiful girls are all over there.”

Someone raised their hand and asked, “Are we going to go to a bar or a club?”

Tao Mu laughed: “Of course, when coming out to play it is to have fun. Otherwise, how can you get the most out of it.”

Before the words even fell, the police students were all excited into whistling and heckling.

The large group of people took a taxi to Lan Kwai Fong. There were a lot of nightclubs here. And ranged from low, medium and high end. Although Tao Mu said that he was not familiar with this place, when he got out of the car he led everyone straight to a nightclub aimed at high-end consumers.

This nightclub was a bit special. It was still a restaurant before midnight, and after midnight it would become a dance floor.

When Tao Mu brought the large group of people into the place, there were already a lot of customers in heavy makeup and clubbing clothes. They were all waiting for the dance floor to kick off.

“Should we change? This kind of place is very expensive.” Jiang Jingwen tugged at Tao Mu’s sleeve and said subtly, “It costs at least several thousand yuan to open a bottle of wine here. There are so many of us——”

“Having fun is the most important thing.” Tao Mu patted Jiang Jingwen on the shoulder. Everyone soon found a place to sit.

Tao Mu carefully observed the expressions and movements of the group of police students. Because a lot of people came, Tao Mu opened five bottles of wine directly. He poured himself a glass of whiskey and slowly played with it in his hand. The other police students were already excitedly flirting with girls everywhere.

Tao Mu was sitting in front of the bar. He took off his coat and wore only a white shirt with an open neckline, revealing a delicate collarbone and a small snatch of pale chest. The hem was tucked into the waistband of his black jeans, revealing his lean waist. That pair of long legs wrapped in black jeans crossed casually. There was a careless curve to his lips, and those phoenix eyes would occasionally fall on the police students, intentionally or unintentionally, looking at them thoughtfully.

The bright lights on the dance floor emphasized the handsomeness of his silhouette and features. Tao Mu’s whole person exuded an extravagant luxury that balanced between abstinence and debauchery. When you looked at him, you couldn’t help but be moved.

So many boys and girls became like moths attracted by the firelight, one by one, or even in groups of three or five, approaching Tao Mu to strike up a conversation.

Tao Mu casually dismissed everyone. All his attention was on the police students.

After all, the reason he brought this group of people to the nightclub was not really for relaxation.

Handsome, young, rich, and unmoved by beauty. Tao Mu didn’t notice, but the more he refused, the more people were interested in him.

Tao Mu, who was concentrating on observing how the police students were drinking and flirting with girls, only felt a fragrant wind blowing by, and his shoulders suddenly had weight on them. A charming long-haired beauty with a sexy figure was already hanging tightly on his body. The gorgeous facial features were painted with delicate makeup, and a red tight dress wrapped her voluptuous figure. Under the bright lights on the dance floor, she looked exceptionally beautiful.

As an almost inaudible “click” of a shutter sounded, the person on him chuckled lightly, and her red lips slightly parted: “Aren’t you lonely all by yourself, handsome guy?”

Tao Mu frowned and kindly alerted the other, “Your eye makeup is smudged, film queen Fang?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Fang Ruoti, the winner of the Golden Crow Best Actress Award, had become the dream goddess of all otakus as a sexy stunner since her debut. She played one of the female supporting characters in the movie “Black and White”, the wife of a gangster, and had several scenes with Zhou Yuanting, played by Tao Mu. In addition, she was an A-list female star in Hong Kong, who was known in the entertainment circle for her bad taste in flirt-teasing newcomers. But right now she was looking at Tao Mu speechlessly: “Are the young people in the mainland this unromantic, CEO Tao?”

“Then let me put it another way.” Tao Mu said seriously: “It seems that we were secretly photographed by the paparazzi just now. I wonder if film queen Fang would mind if the photo of your smudged eye makeup ended up on the gossip headlines tomorrow morning?”

Fang Ruoti’s expression changed, and she quickly called her agent.

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