Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 048 Success or Failure, Surprises And Delights

As the flood retreated, Kun-Lai’s reputation rose to the next level, and all over the Da Xiao Kingdom, the might of the divine power of the immortals was worshipped, shaking the world.

These compliments have long been heard by everyone, but the contrasting language when used to describe the useless royals and nobles just made some people unhappy.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Kun-Lai disciples were not interested in paying attention to this, because at this time, the time for the Flying Peak to stay was up, and it would leave with all the candidates from the Da Xiao and its affiliated countries, and go to the other two major kingdoms to start a new Dragon and Phoenix Selection.

With countless envious gazes, countless golden discs swirled under the celestial peak, and after a few breaths, the massive structure rose from the ground and flew to the south.

The Da Xiao Kingdom’s monarchy led all his ministers to send them off at the foot of the peak.

And then the finishing touches were left to them. The names of the selected candidates of Da Xiao and its vassal countries would be distributed to the counties and towns. Then their families would not only have the resettlement expenses allocated by Kun-Lai, but also a reward from the whole kingdom.

According to the scale of the total number of 30,000 people this time, the resettlement fee given by Kun-Lai included 30 boxes of Foundation Establishment medicinal herbs——from the Kun-Lai Danding Peak stock that would just expire in a few years, which had always been used as hard currency for external sales.

Because of the uniform color, high quality, and standard efficacy, these medicinal herbs could even preserve their value better than gold and silver. When it came to the great selection every year, quite a lot of the sects from the Central Continent would send people to come buy from the Kun-Lai stocks! And they must have a good relationship with the upper echelons of Da Xiao before they could even buy a box.

So there was no need to worry about the sales of these things, Da Xiao could consume three times the amount at any time.

Not to mention that there were many Southern Continent and Eastern Continent sects who have come thousands of miles so they want to buy back more——only Kunll-Lai dared to sell medicinal pills by the boxes, and the price was far cheaper than in the Central Continent.

Change to the Central Continent, even if it was between sects, it could only be measured by the bottle, and for smaller sects, it was bought one by one.

Rewarding three Foundation Establishment Pills and the like during sect competitions occur often in other sects and continents.

The Flying Peak spent more than ten days collecting new disciples from other towns and distributing uniforms to them.

These disciples were all excited and apprehensive.

Yuan Lie was one of them. The abundant spiritual energy on the Flying Peak had made him feel much better recently. He was no longer always out of breath after walking a few more steps. He was given a small room in the middle layer of the Flying Peak. The room was very small. There was only one bed and he could barely stand up. But there were large windows with curtains and the bed was soft and comfortable. It was the most comfortable bed he had ever slept on.

Those helpful senior brothers and sisters would tell them some amazing stories, and they would also take them to tour the Flying Peak.

“Actually, the Flying Peak has quite a history,” Senior Sister Tu told these little cubs about the stories she heard from her father back then, “In the beginning, the Sect Leader managed to rediscover the ancient runes, and put his own dwelling under runic arrays. In order to study how to simplify the consumption of spiritual stones by the arrays.”

The children and teenagers around her all listened very carefully.

“The Swct Leader’s of celestial dwelling floats in the air every day, which naturally attracts the attention of others, so the elders of the School of Runes naturally came to beg for knowledge, and the Sect Leader also generously imparted his knowledge, so that year set off a floating peak boom in Kun-Lai Mountain, and everyone who had savings yo spare was keen on floating their celestial dwellings.” Senior Sister Tu smiled and said, “At that time, everyone took pride in the size of their celestial dwelling, but though our Shennong Peak celestial dwelling was big, it was not beautiful, so my father the Shennong Peak Master threw down a lot of money to pull up the entire mountain peak.”

“Wow~” The newcomers looked fascinated and worshipful, and Senior Sister Tu naturally wouldn’t say that because the rabbits in her family liked to dig holes, causing the inside of the entire inner peak to become a honeycomb, so the entire mountain peak was actually their home, which was why they had to pull up the entire mountain peak.

“Then the whole of Kun-Lai followed the trend.” Senior Sister Tu said proudly, not mentioning that all the peak masters wanted to pull up their mountain peak back then, but only Shennong Peak succeeded. Those years were filled with such pride, and almost all the cultivators were surprised but couldn’t find the reason for it, so they had to ask for help from the Sect Leader.

The Sect Leader swept the peak with his spiritual consciousness, wrote the word “empty”, and handed it to the elders of Taiyi Peak. Only then did they realize, and hollowed out their own peak after going back. And indeed it worked.

At that time, the Taiyi Peak Master even flew a Flying Peak at that session of the Ascension Ceremony. He almost netted all the new disciples of that Ascension Ceremony at that time and provoked public anger that caused him to be besieged by the Flying Peaks of several mountain peaks. In that Battle of Flying Peaks, they discovered that when tired from the fighting they could just hide inside the Flying Peak, which had a large array to protect the peak. It was simply too awesome.

The Battle of Flying Peaks lasted for half a month. In the end, the Sect Leader couldn’t stand it any longer, so he took action to string up and hang all of those high level cultivators on the old pine trees under Zhaoyue Peak for a day, and only then did the war settle.

Then another craze broke out. In those years, if any mountain or peak did not have a Flying Peak, they would not dare to even recruit disciples at the Ascension Ceremony.

Otherwise, one side was a celestial mountain peak flying through the clouds, while the other side was just a few people stepping through the clouds, which was really quite a pitiful sight and not by a little bit.


After introducing the origin of the Flying Peak, the senior sister led them on a tour from top to bottom.

“Below is the propulsion force of the Flying Peak, and the runic arrays are very precise. You can’t go in because it is dangerous to enter. We can start from the eastern side. This is the Small Black House. Whoever did something wrong along the way would be locked in. The person locked here is the chief of the Lost Pearl Society. You can take a look at him, but you can’t touch him…..Yes, you can’t touch him, you can only watch through the array, and he will be taken to the top for interrogation…..Yuan Lie, what are you in a daze for, let’s go!”


Feng Qingxiu carefully put the ashes into a pouch, hung it on his neck, and kept it close to his body.

Although he knew that this was only a talisman attached with the spiritual consciousness of Shizun, when he thought of the days he spent with the paper man Shizun, he felt a hundred reluctance in his heart.

There were no longer the days where only he enjoyed Shizun’s attention alone.

Very disappointed.

The mountain wind flew in from the window, and it was icy and biting, but it didn’t change his mood a bit.

But he knew that wasting time was extremely unacceptable, but he couldn’t settle down to practice the cultivation exercises, so he took out his previous notes and reviewed the lessons given by Shizun.

The first chapter was on what Shizun taught him on how to use runes to connect wood and build a stable house.


Feng Qingxiu touched the pouch over his chest, and suddenly a flash of inspiration came.

He released his sword energy, picked a piece of wood on the peak at will, and began to cut it.

Although the sword energy had a bit of awareness, it couldn’t be used by him as easily as an arm, and he often messed up when carving small wood pieces.

Fortunately, although the sword energy was powerful, it never seemed to hurt him. Instead, it would take the initiative to help him correct little mistakes.

But it was even more troublesome when using sword energy to engrave arrays. The sword energy was too strong, and if he was not careful, the array would be ruined. The most important thing in the engraving of the runes was uniformity, too deep and too shallow, too thick and too thin and it would make the array unstable, unable to withstand a big impact, and easily breaking or exploding.

Feng Qingxiu spent almost all of his free time on this new hobby. Fortunately, there were no major issues in the next two kingdoms.

It seemed that the main sights of those troublesome forces were all on the Da Xiao Kingdom this time, and the other two kingdoms were just some small fish and shrimp.

For several months in a row, nothing major happened, which greatly disappointed some local disciples who wanted to show their talents, and all of them complained that they were going moldy from the boredom.

The Teacher of the State in this kingdom was also invited from Kun-Lai. He was not like Xiao Yuan who was so troublesome and unreliable. With his help, there was not much to do.

About four months later, they left this kingdom and went to the last and youngest and sea bordering kingdom of the Western Continent——Da Yan.

It was close to the sea. The capital of the kingdom, Yan City, was a huge seaport. Various clans from the Southern Sea often come here to trade. The scenery was unique, the sails were numerous, and the place was rich and prosperous.

The place where the Flying Peak landed was no longer the capital of the kingdom, but a strait dozens of miles away from the capital.

The cliffs of this gorge were 10,000 meters long, one side was smooth like a mirror, and the other side was where the capital was located.

And almost all the Kun-Lai sword cultivators poured out with whooping cheers, jumped into the sea, and listened to the countless thunderous sounds of sword energy in the wind and water and waves.

The countless, endless and ruthless sounds of sword energy were like the music of the gods and immortals, enriching their seriousness in the sword path of cultivation, and opening new doors after new doors.

And the cliff wall was more like the sharpest sword blade in the world, turning into countless sword energy and Zhen runes, pouring into the eyes, bringing countless insights and enlightenment.

This was the sacred place that countless sword cultivators yearn for.

The Sword Watching Sea!

Back then, the Lord of Kun-Lai slashed the main mountain with his sword, opening up the highest peak with one sword, and introduced the waters of the Southern Sea, which was why the Western Continent was now so fertile and prosperous.

This place not only had traces left behind by that sword which shocked the world, but also had endless virtues which protected and blessed Kun-Lai.

Feng Qingxiu had passed by this place the last time he was at his own Dragon and Phoenix Selection. It was as if he heard the lost music of his past life. It took three full days for him to recover from that kind of ‘the world and me alone’ sword intent. From then on, he was even more determined to enter Kun-Lai to cultivate his Dao and see the God in his heart.

It was just that what happened later was really unexpected. Not only did he see the great God that lived in his heart, but he also became the only disciple of the great God. Now having come back here, it was inevitable that he would feel that the world was always unpredictable.

After his insight, he also picked up a lot of beautiful pebbles, shells and coral beads from the sea.

To keep as a souvenir.


When returning to his temporary residence on the Flying Peak, Feng Qingxiu’s previous calm expression immediately changed into a feverishly fanatical one.

Using shells, pearls, ebony, brocade silk, and all kinds of carefulness and seriousness, he spent three days and three nights, and finally sat back with satisfaction.


In front of him was a huge Yuntai Immortal Dwelling, floating in the air, with celestial birds and spiritual animals, pavilions with white jade as tiles, birch as pillars, and pine wood that were carved with exquisite and lifelike carvings.

There were also expressions of nature, such as a lake and a river, and the pavilion was hidden between the mountains and rivers, possessing a rather unparalleled exquisiteness.

Feng Qingxiu looked at it for a long time, and then he carefully and even more carefully, placed a small figurine exactly in the likeness of his Shizun on the cliff.

When the array moved, one could see the mountain wind blowing lightly, and the shadows of the buildings swaying, like a true celestial dwelling.

The engraved features of the immortal had such a strong resemblance that Feng Qingxiu stared at it for a long time, but still he did not paint on the eyes.

So satisfied!

Only then did he feel extremely tired. This project took several months, and he almost never took a moment to rest.

So he just decided to lie down on the table and take a nap.

He would get up tomorrow and paint the eyes, and he only hoped he would have the courage then.


But unbeknownst to him, not long after he fell asleep, a paper man that had been flying for a long time finally floated in from the window.

When he saw the model celestial dwelling and the carved figurine, his eyes suddenly lit up.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He quickly lost the paper man and threw his divine consciousness into the jade figurine.

What a delightful surprise!

It was worth it for him to have his divine consciousness travel thousands of miles to come to see his disciple, the little Shizun thought happily. Xiao Qing was asleep so he would not wake him up, he planned to give his disciple a surprise tomorrow morning!

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