These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 017 Choice

The next day, when Lei Jin saw Roger, he felt a little awkward. After all, he watched the whole performance the night before. Although Roger and the others didn’t know about it, Lei Jin still felt a little awkward, especially after he accidentally caught a glimpse of Roger’s neckline where bruises and purple hickeys could not be covered, especially on Roger’s fair skin. Looking at the two sturdy middle-aged men on the side, en, having to satisfy two, Roger really has a hard time. There always has to be a price for an outsider to gain a foothold in an unfamiliar place it seemed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When Lei Jin glanced at Roger’s neckline for the third time, even if Roger was a dead man he would still have caught on. He lowered his head and tugged awkwardly at his neckline, but secretly gave fierce glares at An Sen and An Luo.

Damn male werebeasts, just how many years has it been, the three children have already grown up, yet the interest of these two beasts was still undiminished. Last night, he said that he didn’t want to do it but once he went to bed, he was still teased into arousal by the two. And it wasn’t enough to toss him about on the bed for a long time, even though it was agreed that they were just going to take a bath. Don’t know what had gotten into them, pressing him directly in the creek and doing it a few more times, from the water to the shore. When did he finally fall asleep? He didn’t know, but he remembered that An Sen was still thrusting vigorously in his body the moment he passed out.

He had a sore back now, and his legs had fine tremors even when he was sitting. Wasn’t it just another person from the same world? Did they have to go that far? Afraid that he would run away like he did back then? But where could he go now even if he ran away? It had been almost twenty years since he arrived in this world. If the time of the two worlds was synchronized, no one should know him even if he went back. But here there was his family, and he has said it many times, but the beast was a beast, though they have the appearance of a human, the structure of their brains was fundamentally different, and it was impossible to communicate.

But this Lei Jin, Roger really had a headache. From his own standpoint, of course he wanted him to stay. After all, he was from the same world, and it was good to have someone to speak with who could understand him. Moreover, his three children obviously already started treating him as their female, but this Lei Jin obviously just came to this world, and had barely seen a few people, let alone know the things of this world. He was probably still thinking about going back.

It was still not too late now, after all, he had the same experience before. He understood that as a normal man, no one would want to be pressed under another man every day, and even give birth to children, right?

Lei Jin’s body hadn’t been transformed yet. He could leave this place completely now, and even find a way back, because he knew where to go back, so should he tell him?

But seeing Xiya, who was obviously nervous, Moya, who unconsciously revealed a pleading look, and Mingya, who was currently licking his little paws and laying in Lei Jin’s arms, should he be a father who could satisfy his children?

Roger felt himself caught in a dilemma.

Lei Jin didn’t know what Roger was thinking now. After dinner, Lei Jin looked at the animal skin clothes on his body, pulled Roger aside, pointed to his clothes, and pointed to Roger’s.

Fortunately, Roger was not stupid. He knew that Lei Jin wanted to change his clothes. After so many years, Roger still didn’t like animal skin clothes, and had only gotten used to it out of necessity.

Roger led Lei Jin into the room to change into his clothes, and Mingya also came in from behind. Roger glanced at him, at his still ignorant young son, and then at Lei Jin, who had no idea, ai…..

Roger was about the same size as Lei Jin, and their stature was also the same. Roger chose a pair of trousers and a top from the closet that he didn’t wear much. After thinking about it, he also took a pair of shorts and handed them to him.

Lei Jin took off the animal skins right in front of Roger and Mingya. Roger was fine, but Mingya was circling around Lei Jin with his tail wagging, watching with great enjoyment.

Roger really couldn’t bear to see that dumb look on his youngest son’s face. Pulling him by the ears he sent him out the door.

“Ah Ma, open the door, why won’t you let me in?” Mingya clawed at the crack of the door, trying to squeeze in, but Roger slapped him out unceremoniously.

Roger thought about telling his sons not to make a move on Lei Jin in these few days, and let Lei Jin figure out the current situation before making a choice.

In the next few days, Roger consciously taught Lei Jin to speak the language here. Fortunately, Lei Jin’s language ability was not bad. After ten days, Lei Jin had basically learned some words that he could use during everyday life. But Lei Jin hadn’t been out once during these days. He originally wanted to go out for a walk and see what kind of world this was, but Roger refused. Xiya and Moya went out these two days, and according to Roger’s words, the meaning was similar to hunting, which was how Lei Jin understood it. After all, Lei Jin still didn’t quite understand certain words if they had a little more deeper meaning.

An Sen also went out, and only An Luo was left at home. Mingya, Lei Jin and Roger.

An Luo had been weaving fishing nets for the past few days. Lei Jin saw that An Luo was tall and sturdy, but he did not expect that he could also do these delicate tasks without any trouble either. In just two days, the fishing net in An Luo’s hand was almost woven and quite finely done too. He would look up at Roger from time to time, and Lei Jin thought that their relationship should be quite close.

Lei Jin’s main job these days was to accompany Roger to carry water from the creek to water the vegetables in the yard. Roger’s right hand seemed to have been injured before, and though it wasn’t noticeable normally, one could see it when he did some physical work. So Lei Jin had him wait with the watering ladle in the vegetable field, while he carried two wooden buckets to the stream to fetch water.

Back and forth four or five times, and the small vegetable garden was completely watered.

Mingya followed behind Lei Jin while Lei Jin carried the water. He would use his head to push on the bottom of the bucket to help relieve the weight, but it didn’t relieve it at all. And instead, even got himself covered in water for the trouble. Lei Jin patted him on the head and had him go play by himself as two buckets of water were nothing to him. He didn’t expect for the other to come back after only a short while. He had always been alone. But this little guy liked to stick to him so Lei Jin also let him. Even feeling that it was not bad to have the little guy by his side all the time. Although Roger treated him well, most of the time An Sen and An Luo were by his side. Lei Jin now knows their relationship, so naturally he couldn’t bother them too much. Fortunately, this little guy stayed by his side day and night, and could be considered as a companion.

As for Xiya and Moya, although he still appreciated their looks, he still hasn’t managed to think of a good way to make them lie down obediently and be pushed down by him. It was definitely not possible to use force. He had quite the self-awareness regarding their size and strength difference, and now he also did not have a group of subordinates to help him. So Lei Jin had to temporarily suppress this thought.

After eating barbecue for several days in a row, Lei Jin was really tired. At noon, he decided to improve his life a little bit, but after he went to the kitchen to look around, he only saw a simply made stone stove with a large iron pot on it. Basically, there was nothing to use, let alone rice and noodles, only salt, and some powdery things that should be seasonings. Lei Jin didn’t recognize any of it, and he didn’t dare to use the ingredients rashly.

Lei Jin didn’t know it but Roger was a person who never entered the kitchen before, so even after coming here for so many years, the dietary conditions of this family have not improved much, and was basically similar to other families. In fact, because this family’s cooking was done by An Sen and An Luo’s clumsy hands and feet, their food was much more crude than other families’.

An Luo cut the wild boar into small pieces. Lei Jin first put the fat meat in the pot and boiled out the oil, then added other meat and fried it all together until golden brown. The smell of the pork was very delicious. He picked up a piece for the little guy next to him to taste, added water and then continued to cook, and after the pot was on boil, he added some wild vegetables picked by Roger.

Lei Jin tasted it himself first. After all, he hadn’t made food himself for many years. He learned this craft when he first stepped out into society. He hadn’t cooked for many years. The meat was stewed very soft and though only salt was added, it was boiled for a long time, and the soup was also very thick. The taste was quite delicious, the wild vegetables were soaked in oil and water, and appeared appetizing as well.

Lei Jin rummaged in the kitchen and found a flat bread in a cupboard. They looked a little black, but Lei Jin tore them open, took a look and smelled them again. It hadn’t gone bad, maybe the flour was just black. He threw them into the pot together with meat.

Just as the pot was about finished, the three people who had been out for two days came back. And also brought back a lot of prey. Lei Jin glanced at it and made a rough estimate. There were two wild boars, one musk deer, two antlered deer, and some wild rabbits and pheasants tied to a string.

An Sen also brought a large bag of wild fruits to Roger. Lei Jin saw that though Roger had a picky look, he quickly took one and stuffed it into his mouth, with a smile at the corner of his eyes.

The three of them went back to the room, changed their clothes, and washed their hands. Maybe it was because of Roger. The family didn’t look very wealthy, but everyone kept themselves tidy and clean. Maybe it was because Lei Jin lived in a poor place when he was a child, so when he grew up, he couldn’t stand messy things even more. In a word, he was quite satisfied with this family.

When the food came to the table, the family looked with quite novelty at this dish, as most of the prey they brought back was usually cooked over the fire. Or it was directly boiled in the pot, but this method was obviously not the same as theirs. Moya heard that it was made by Lei Jin and served himself a bowl. His expression did not change, but he nodded his head, and quickly finished eating and went to serve himself a second bowl.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The rest of the family and the little guy only liked to eat meat, so Lei Jin served the vegetables and bread into his and Roger’s bowls.

Roger hadn’t eaten such food for many years. He felt a little emotional for a while, and he really hoped that Lei Jin could stay in this family.

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