After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 142 Meeting & Visiting The Set

Because of the cooperation and promotion between the “Black and White” crew and the police, the celebrities who had police scenes in the movie freed a few days out of their body schedule in advance to accept the guidance of the police instructors. Experience police academy life for themselves.

As one of the male protagonists, film king Yan Sheng also rushed over from Shanghai.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The day Yan Sheng entered the police academy happened to be Saturday. Tao Mu and Shen Yu were training with the police students when they heard a commotion from the other side of the field. Film king Yan Sheng, who was wearing sunglasses and a mask, was surrounded by more than a dozen assistants as he walked towards this side. Following behind him were several reporters taking pictures.

As a super A-list superstar with both popularity and acting skills in the circle, Yan Sheng’s aura was of course very sufficient. He walked straight to the instructor, took off his sunglasses and mask, saluted the instructor with a very standard Hong Kong police salute when facing the superior, and said loudly, “Reporting to the instructor, Yan Sheng is here to report in.”

The iron-masked instructor, who had been notified long ago, nodded his head expressionlessly and replied, “Line up at the back of the team.”

“Yes, sir.” Yan Sheng stood upright and ran to the back of the team to stand.

Several bigwigs who also played senior inspectors in the movie stood on the side and smirked. Because of the plot setting, they didn’t have any fight scenes during the filming, so they didn’t need to train with the police students.

The police students who never thought they could train with a superstar were immediately excited. Even the instructor, who had always been stern and unsmiling, became more and more energetic when he shouted drills, with cadence. The spirit of the entire Hong Kong Royal Police Academy suddenly became more impassioned.

In order to achieve the best publicity effect, Director Xu Musen also invited several media to enter the police academy for interviews. These reporters stood on the field with cameras in their hands. Since Yan Sheng entered the police academy, they took many pictures of celebrities training with police students and interacting with them during breaks. And then they found something fishy——

For example, there seemed to be some disagreement between Shen Yu and Tao Mu. To be precise, Tao Mu one-sidedly avoided Shen Yu; for example, Tao Mu seemed to be very athletic, and his grades in fighting class were actually higher than some police students; another example was film king Yan Sheng seemed to treat that Shen Yu very well. Because when the break time came, Shen Yu rushed to Yan Sheng’s side like a little sparrow fluttering into his arms, and also pulled Yan Sheng to introduce to the surrounding police students.

“I really didn’t expect that the relationship between film king Yan Sheng and Shen Yu would be so good.” Jiang Jingwen and the others looked enviously at film king Yan Sheng who was surrounded by Zhong Chengzhi and the others asking for autographs and photos. The other still smiled gently like a spring breeze, approachable to the point of not having any superstar airs.

In contrast, the other two who were also superstars in Hong Kong, but because their looks and popularity were not comparable to Yan Sheng, just stood on the side without anyone caring.

However, for professionals like Tao Mu, there were not many opportunities to ask such veteran actors for acting skill tips.

So Tao Mu sidled forward with a smile, put on a standard junior attitude, and said hello with admiration: “Teacher Wang, Teacher Luo, it’s the first time we met, my name is Tao Mu. I liked the works of the two teachers very much. During the filming, I hope the two teachers could give me some advice.”

After speaking, Tao Mu bowed solemnly to Wang Jinsheng and Luo Daming.

The standard newcomer image. Very good and polite.

The two veteran actors who were watching the excitement looked at each other and smiled. One opened his mouth and said, “Although we are meeting for the first time, we have already heard about CEO Tao’s name. Recently, the front page of the Hong Kong newspaper has been nothing but your news.”

Tao Mu smiled and said, “The two teachers can just call me by my name. Investing and entrepreneurship is just my hobby. Even if I accidentally became a CEO, it’s just a part-time job. Acting is my main career, and I am still a junior and rookie. I hope the seniors could give me some advice.”

Hearing these words, the two veteran actors instantly chuckled. They didn’t expect that this kid was not only prideful, but also quite humorous.

“It’s fine to give you some pointers in regards to acting. But do you know how to play cards?”

Wang Jinsheng and Luo Daming were also humorous and playful people, and they love to play cards. The Hong Kong gossip tabloids often report the news that the two big names would play cards in between filming. After Tao Mu signed with the crew, he collected the temperament and preferences of the actors in the crew in a targeted manner, and combined with his memories of his previous life, it was not difficult to endear himself to them.

“Is it playing mahjong? I only know how to play Beijing style.” Tao Mu said calmly.

“Then it’s fine. It’s playing cards, you can master all the types if you know just one, but the gameplay is just a little bit different. You young people, with a flexible mind and good memory, can easily learn it.” Luo Daming said with a smile: “We can play cards together if there’s time. If you beat us. We’ll not hold back on whatever you want to ask.”

While they were talking, Yan Sheng, who was surrounded by a group of people, took the initiative to come over. He first greeted the two veteran actors, and then said to Tao Mu with a smile: “I said before, I look forward to working with you. Having an opportunity this time, I hope we can work together happily.”

Tao Mu also looked at Yan Sheng with a smile: “I’m also looking forward to cooperating with film king Yan.”

As soon as these words came out, the two veteran actors suddenly felt that something was wrong. Although outside the circle, fans and even gossip paparazzi often call this film king and that film queen, but when people inside the circle meet, they rarely call them that in person. Just like when Tao Mu greeted them before, he just called them teacher respectfully. In contrast, it was like this for Yan Sheng now——seemed rather like a provocation!

Yan Sheng frowned subtly, and asked very lightly, “Have I offended CEO Tao?”


Originally everyone thought that even if Tao Mu really hated Yan Sheng, he would definitely find an excuse to brush it off, or just find a random reason as a perfunctory answer.

But they didn’t expect Tao Mu to nod his head honestly, and admit it with a particularly open attitude: “Although I haven’t debuted yet, people always say that my acting style is similar to that of film king Yan, and there are even people who say that I am deliberately imitating film king Yan. These remarks make me uncomfortable. And I have never even met with film king Yan before now, but film king Yan’s fans have been chasing after me and scolding me. Idols pay for the actions of their fans. Film king Yan has worked in the circle for so long, you should understand this truth, right?”

Knives out!

The two veteran actors raised their eyebrows secretly and looked at each other. But they could also understand Tao Mu’s mentality. Except for those newcomers who deliberately want to gain popularity, no one wanted to be compared with another person, let alone come out as the weaker one himself.

Tao Mu could create a social platform with more than 100 million registered users at the age of nineteen, and was said to be a partner of an investment company. Even if such a person was usually approachable, he would inevitably have a prideful side as well.

Being compared like this, and being chased and scolded by someone’s fans, if it was them, even if they didn’t say it aloud, they would inevitably have grudges in their hearts.

However, it was surprising to them that Tao Mu would reveal an unhappy attitude when meeting for the first time. After all, Tao Mu was very humble just now with them. Now it seemed that Tao Mu’s temper also depended on the person.

Yan Sheng probably didn’t expect Tao Mu’s attitude towards him to be so cold. In his impression, Tao Mu should be like a mature adult with deep sophistication, tactful methods, and a neutral mask. Now it seemed that he was still very much a temperamental child.

Yan Sheng smiled slightly, with a magnanimous attitude, and even looked at Tao Mu with a slightly doting look: “You’re right, idols pay for the actions of their fans. Then let me apologize to you, is that okay?”

Putting on the same tone as one coaxing kindergarten children, it immediately made Tao Mu sick. He subconsciously took a step back, stretched out his hand to rub his arm covered with goosebumps, and reminded expressionlessly, “Film king Yan, I am nineteen years old this year, not nineteen months old!”

“Also, there is no need for film king Yan to apologize for your fans. You just need to do your best during filming.”

Even film king Yan, who was always as gentle and refined as a gentleman, couldn’t help but feel his smile freeze and crack on his face.

Wang Jinsheng and Luo Daming, who were standing on the side to watch the excitement, almost didn’t laugh out loud. They quickly coughed twice to cover it up.

This Tao Mu’s mouth was really poisonous. And it was clear that he wanted to get back at the other in terms of acting skills. No wonder he received the training so long in advance and started preparations so early. They heard old Xu say that this kid had practically filled two notebooks just for character biography and action design. It was likely that he was also waiting for this day to sharpen his knives.

Just don’t know what the result would be.

Yan Sheng twitched the corners of his mouth subconsciously. He used a smile that he had practiced hundreds of times in the mirror to hide his embarrassment. He hadn’t figured out how to respond when Shen Yu, who had been paying attention to the situation, came over and said politely: “Hello, I’m Shen Yu. In this movie, I will play big brother Yan’s younger brother, Yan Yu. I hope everyone can give me some advice.”

After a pause, Shen Yu looked at Tao Mu again, and complained with slight dissatisfaction: “Mu Mu, can you not do this? I know you hate me, but you don’t have to treat my friends like this every time. Before, you rejected Chengzhi and the others, I didn’t say anything. But now, big brother Yan is our senior, can’t you give him the respect he deserves?”

Big brother Yan? Mu Mu?

The two veteran actors exchanged glances secretly, feeling that the amount of information in these remarks was a bit large.

When Tao Mu saw Shen Yu now, he felt a conditioned migraine coming on. Yan Sheng looked at Shen Yu with a little surprise. He didn’t expect that Shen Yu, as a diehard fan of Tao Mu, would actually favor him at this time. Standing forward to help him out even at the expense of himself.

He had been in the circle for so many years, and had always been the one supporting newcomers. This was the first time that he was being supported like this by a newcomer.

“Xiao Yu, don’t say anymore.” Yan Sheng interrupted Shen Yu’s words, and said with a smile: “CEO Tao probably has a misunderstanding about me. It doesn’t matter, after spending a longer time together, CEO Tao will understand who I am.”

It sounded very much like a senior who doesn’t want to quibble with a junior.

Tao Mu smiled, Yan Sheng was right. There was plenty of time later!

There was another commotion on the other side of the field, Tao Mu looked over casually, and was instantly stunned.

A slender figure was walking slowly over surrounded by a crowd. Li Xiaoheng walked to Tao Mu’s side and stood still, then said with a smile, “I’m here to visit the set, are you surprised?”

Of course it was a surprise!

Tao Mu politely introduced Li Xiaoheng to everyone, and after a moment of exchanging greetings, he led him to enjoy the shade under the tree and catch up as well.

“Why did you come here at this time?”

The talent show of “National God and Goddess” had reached the stage of the national competition, and the next step was the shooting of the finals and TV series. Xiaoheng Capital would also prepare the online shopping platform and electronic payment function in line with the promotion steps of the TV series. There was also the Skynet system, which also needed to be supervised by Li Xiaoheng himself. In order to do a good job in the preliminary work, Li Xiaoheng often flew to the U.S. and Europe recently to deal with the work. It was the busiest time for him, so how did he have time to visit Hong Kong?

Li Xiaoheng carefully observed Tao Mu’s expression and behavior, frowned and said, “I saw the news report from Hong Kong. I’m a little worried about you.”

Worried about me?

Tao Mu thought for a while, then asked with a smirk: “What were you worried about? Were you jealous about the scandal between me and film queen Fang? It was all spread by gossip rags——”

“It’s not about this.” Li Xiaoheng interrupted Tao Mu’s words warmly: “I believe in your character. Since you promised me the opportunity to consider our relationship, you would never be half-hearted. I have never doubted your intentions and character. I’m worried about something else.”

Li Xiaoheng was referring to taking the police students to a nightclub, being reported by the paparazzi, and finally cooperating with the police: “…..It all seems so troublesome and passive, it’s not like your usual style of doing things.”

Tao Mu was slightly taken aback. The smile on his face gradually disappeared: “It’s not like my usual style of doing things? Then what should I have done?”

Li Xiaoheng looked into Tao Mu’s eyes tenderly: “If it was the Tao Mu in my impression, he would try to suppress this news. There would be no fuss if no one reported it. After all, this matter involves the Hong Kong police’s overall image. It is related to government departments, and if there was pressure from anyone, the Hong Kong reporters would never dare to publish these reports at will.”

But Tao Mu did nothing. Even if he was a newcomer in Hong Kong and had no power over those gossip tabloids. But he didn’t even discuss it with the police academy. Afterwards, the public relations crisis solution between the crew and the police did not seem like a problem at first glance, but there were many hidden dangers when you thought about it carefully.

For example, were those police students really able to take on the job of an actor? How many scenes would they have in the movie? Could they really promote the positive image of the Hong Kong police? Would anyone question the private use of the crew’s public funds, or the police of grandstanding…..

Li Xiaoheng felt that this kind of behavior was very inconsistent with Tao Mu’s previous behavior. He was a little worried that something might have happened to Tao Mu.

With Li Xiaoheng’s explanation, Tao Mu’s expression slowly darkened. He also realized it as well.

Tao Mu rubbed his face very weakly: “I’m still affected by the halo!”

“…..Huh?” Li Xiaoheng didn’t understand Tao Mu’s words, but he thought Tao Mu’s sullen expression was quite cute, though he still preferred to see Tao Mu looking effortlessly in control.

“If you need my help, just tell me.” Li Xiaoheng patted Tao Mu’s shoulder with a smile. He actually wanted to touch Tao Mu’s hair. It was a pity that there were too many people around, so he didn’t dare.

“Also, I really think it’s time for you to find a management team. You are focusing too much on things other than acting. If your energy is scattered, some details will not be taken care of. It’s not your fault.” Li Xiaoheng continued to comfort.

Tao Mu looked transfixed at Li Xiaoheng’s face. After only being in contact with Li Xiaoheng for a while, Tao Mu suddenly understood how incompetent he was being before. With a flash of inspiration, he suddenly took out his mobile phone and took a picture of Li Xiaoheng’s face. Then set it as the screensaver.

Li Xiaoheng’s ears reddened slightly, and he reminded in a low voice, “Won’t that be bad?” If someone saw or something.

“The crew has many eyes, so don’t set it as a screensaver. If you miss me, just save it in the gallery.”

“No. It must be set as the screensaver.” Tao Mu stared at the screen of the phone, and even bowed slightly to it: “This is the only way to ward off evil spirits.”

Ah? Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu with a bit of confusion. Ward off evil spirits…..What did that mean?

“By the way, do you have time later?” Tao Mu suddenly thought of something and asked.

Although he didn’t know what Tao Mu wanted to do, Li Xiaoheng nodded happily.

“Are there any temples or Daoist temples in Hong Kong that are more effective?” Tao Mu asked very seriously: “Let’s go burn incense and worship Buddha, and on the way, let’s request a few more amulets that have been blessed by masters to ward off evil spirits. If that is really not possible we should at least get some basic Buddhist scriptures and Daoist mantras! That’s right, they have that kind of mantra for clearing the mind and refreshing the brain, right? Say, should I copy scriptures or something after filming every day?”

Li Xiaoheng: “…..”

Although he didn’t quite understand the brain circuit of his future lover.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, since CEO Tao proposed the project intention, CEO Li, as a partner, must of course meet the needs of his partner. He nodded and said with a smile, “I’ll ask someone to investigate now. If you need it, we’ll burn incense and worship Buddha tonight.”

AN: Small Skit——

Li Xiaoheng: Our CEO Tao always wants to be a Zen boy, so what can I do, of course I will accompany him _(:з”∠)_

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  1. who needs a RL boyfriend when you have a fictional Li Xiaoheng??!! This is the new book-boyfriend standard!!!!
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    1. Book-boyfriend standard? Just… how bad our world is to make someone decent like Li Xiaoheng to be consider as a “book-boyfriend standard” and not a “real life boyfriend standard”?


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  3. Even though he’s a personification of migraine and I really dislike him very much, but I still have admit that SY’s talent on slashing dirty water on other people and putting gold on his own face is very very good. Let’s take a look at this part as an example:

    [“Mu Mu, can you not do this? I know you hate me, but you don’t have to treat my friends like this every time.]
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    1. Your comment really resonated with me. Even if one is brought up badly, they still have their own personal views plus their emotions, feelings, and perception is their own. It’s not like he’s a doll or a robot controlled by someone with no mind of its own. The other readers really bought his stupidity too (aka forgot or belittle the bad things he did or treat him like a mentally disabled child (which is an insult since even a mentally disabled child doesn’t have the same mind circuit as him)). A person’s word can reveal their view and perception towards another person. I remember he thought of MuMu as a cat with puffed up fur or something alike before. He disregard other’s feelings and inconveniences (busy because of work and stuff). Even towards his ‘friends’ he only want to be held high, pampered, coaxed and praised as well as protected by others. Never have I seen a mention of him worrying about others, he went straight to grievance. For example, if a lover who promised to meet didn’t show up, normally people would think something happened to them and get worried. This one on the other hand, will just feel aggrieved and accuse the other for example forgetting about it, not liking him, etc. Especially if as a lover, one should at least know the other’s character, but still he disregard it all. Chinese novels often has the characters speculate someone based on their own thoughts, so if seen from the other side, that stupid thing’s complaints of others are what he thought and would’ve done. In a normal family, such a thing would only be a little trouble. But with his background, people’s livelihood and even lives are threatened (still remember his former suitors? )

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