Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 049 Spiritual Demons And Humans, Kun-Lai’s Two Lineages

Feng Qingxiu had a dream. In his dream, his cultivation level soared straight up in a clear sky, sweeping away ghosts, demons and gods all the way, without failing the might and prestige of Kun-Lai at all. Even more, he managed to gain a lot of territory and achieved great merit, including a beautiful place with verdant hills and limpid water. He then took out his savings over many years, built a huge palace, and invited Shizun to stay.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shizun praised him and stayed with happiness, saying: Xiaoq Qing is indeed my good disciple.

And he replied that this was what this disciple should do.

In this way, he climbed up the highest summit of life and married Ms. Perfect. (TN: slang for fair-skinned, rich and beautiful)

Everyone in the world came to bring congratulations.

And then it was the wedding, entering the bridal chamber full of candles, and feeling like a winner in life.

Then he woke up the next day and found that it was Shizun who shared the bed with him?

Then Feng Qingxiu was woken up instantly.

What a scary dream!

Even if he slept with the paper man Shizun for more than a month before, he shouldn’t be having such a dream!

He woke up but still felt terrified.

He looked up and saw the result of his painstaking efforts over several months, the pavilions and other structures remained the same, and the jade man stared at him with a smile.

Wait! I didn’t seem to have painted the eyes on the jade carving yesterday.

What was this situation?

Feng Qingxiu’s fingertips were instantly wrapped in invisible sword energy.

There was a trace of killing intent in his cold eyes.

“Ai, I haven’t seen you for a few months, doesn’t the disciple even know Shizun anymore?” The jade man asked with a smile.

Feng Qingxiu sneered: “You dare to pretend to be my Shizun?” He had long heard that jade had spiritual awareness, but no matter what, pretending to be Shizun must not be tolerated!

The jade man showed an expression of interest: “So what if I pretended to be, are you still willing to attack me?”

“Shameless!” Feng Qingxiu was furious, the sword energy burst out, and pierced towards the jade man’s direction.

“You can’t hit me like this~” The jade man flashed away, and the sword energy landed on the model immortal dwelling!

Shattering to pieces.


After some tossing about, Feng Qingxiu sat aggrievedly by the window and ignored him, and it was useless no matter how long Shizun comforted him.

“Okay, Shizun apologizes, it’s my fault, I just didn’t want to wake Xiao Qing last night, Xiao Qing, I was also so sad when you drew your sword at me~”

The jade man jumped to the window in front of him, “Don’t be angry, Xiao Qing. I promise to tell you in advance next time.”

The appearance of the jade man’s small body making promises was too cute, and Feng Qingxiu felt an arrow lodging in his chest and armor falling apart. He simply couldn’t be angry any longer.

Feng Qingxiu, who got his Shizun’s promise, reluctantly accepted Shizun’s explanation and began to tell Shizun about what he had seen and heard recently.

Now Ji Yunlai felt that this was his cute disciple!

It was indeed a right choice to come all the way here over thousands of miles.

Although he gave his disciple means to self-defend, he felt uneasy whenever he thought of his disciple’s physique, which was basically equal to a magical artifact and treasure, so it was more reassuring to watch over him personally.

“By the way Shizun, you hid in my pocket last time and came here quietly. So how did you come this time?”

Feng Qingxiu asked with concern. One must know that divine consciousness would disappear without an object to rely on, and there must be something for it to attach to before it could continue to exist outside the main body, otherwise it would naturally dissipate. Previously, Shizun tried his best to protect the safety of the Da Xiao Kingdom, and exhausted the power in the trace of divine consciousness, so it should have dissipated.

And this place was too far away from Kun-Lai, Shizun’s divine sense could not stretch this far, and would have to separate out another trace of divine consciousness and re-attach to another thing to come over.

“It’s simple. In autumn, wild geese will fly south, so I just stuck myself among the feathers of a wild goose, and flew here.” Ji Yunlai said indifferently, in fact, he could just directly have a fire eagle spiritual demon to send him over by express, but he was the Sect Leader. That would scare them, so it was better to find ordinary birds and enjoy the scenery along the way.

In fact, it turned out that all the way to the Southern Sea was the migration path of geese in winter. Six hundred years ago, they all used to bypass the Kun-Lai Mountains of the Western Continent and flew from the Southern Continent to the Central Continent. But when the Western Continent was injected with vitality, they began to sly through the Western Continent. The adaptability of these lifeforms was no worse than that of human beings.

Ji Yunlai calculated the time and met up with his disciple here.

“I have troubled Shizun.” Feng Qingxiu thought about it and felt that the paper man Shizun had suffered coming all this way, and it was too wrong of him to be so fierce, so he sincerely said, “Shizun has been in Seclusion for many years, and Yan City has countless changes. Let this disciple bring you around to have a look.”

He knew that Shizun was very interested in these things, but didn’t like to go shopping alone, and preferred it when someone accompanied him.

The jade man Shizun was full of happiness, his disciple was being so caring, of course he would want to go!


Da Yan Kingdom was the southernmost country in the Western Continent, and the word Yan itself also meant walking in water, and referred to this as a country on water.

The Kun-Lai Mountains were extremely high, blocking the southwest monsoon. The south of the mountain was close to the sea, and the clouds gathered thickly there. It rained almost every day, and precious water vapor would flow into the sea.

Hundreds of years ago, the Da Xiao Kingdom was in civil strife, embroiling the borders into unrest as well. A rebel army fled all the way south by boat in a panic, and finally settled and multiplied in the southern part of the Western Continent, becoming a kingdom.

Because the south was humid, the houses in Da Yan were all built with wood, the buildings built on top of wooden pillars that supported the base of the house. And practically every household had their own small boats

Feng Qingxiu had been here once, but he had a very good memory. He spoke knowledgeably well about the customs and people, which made Shizun very happy.

However, after walking around for a moment, he saw his Net Spell flickering, which was a signal to ask him to go back immediately as something happened——the Net Spell could only have this function when it couldn’t connect to the Kun-Lai main network.

So Feng Qingxiu immediately returned to the Flying Peak.

Seeing the jade figurine on his shoulder, Ji Mingyu’s eyes flashed brightly, and even forgot about serious business. She reached out and touched it: “Senior Brother Feng, you are amazing, could you give me this carving, please!”

But her hands were slapped away mercilessly, and Feng Qingxiu put the little man on his shoulder into the pouch hanging around his neck with a cold face——yes, the very same pouch that he used to hold the ashes of the paper man before.

“Let’s get down to business, Senior Sister Tu!” Feng Qingxiu rejected Ji Mingyu and reminded the person next to her.

“Okay.” Senior Sister Tu also reluctantly retracted her gaze, and then she said solemnly: “Someone has seriously injured two Junior Brothers of the Foundation Establishment Stage.”

Feng Qingxiu’s expression turned cold: “How’s the injury? Who did it?”

“The injuries are not light. The attacker was extremely vicious. If it wasn’t for the detoxification pill, they would have already become mentally retarded. Even if the poison has subsided, they still have to remain paralyzed for half a year to recover.” Senior Sister Tu smiled bitterly, “As for the attacker, I really don’t know how to tell you.”

“I did it,” said a clear voice next to him.

It was a little girl in a blue gauze dress, her eyes were clear and beautiful, and when she stood still, she looked as lovely as peach blossoms.

“My name is Shui Lanlan, I belong to the local spiritual blue sunflower jellyfish demon clan, which is the most poisonous sea monster in the local Wanli Sea.” The little girl’s expression was calm, “The two of them repeatedly questioned my qualifications for attending the Dragon and Phoenix Selection, and even humiliated my family. I rebutted them into speechlessness, so they insisted on driving me away. They couldn’t beat me, so they used underhanded means and asked for death in every possible way. Only then did I release the tentacles. Afterwards, I gave the antidote immediately. Everything is recorded by the shadow beads.”

Feng Qingxiu didn’t know what to say for a while.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“She is You Jia’s step-cousin, her uncle is Wenjian Peak’s deputy peak master, You Bazuo, her aunt is Jiedu Peak’s peak master Shui Wushou, her mother is the West Sea Spiritual Demon King Shui Wusi, and her father is the King of Da Yan here.” Senior Sister Tu whispered in his ear, “Princess Shui Tianyue of the West Sea, nicknamed Lanlan, most people dare not stop her from entering Kun-Lai. Those two people who stopped her were two new disciples at Qingdi Peak.”

“You mean?” Feng Qingxiu basically understood.

“That’s right,” Senior Sister Tu said with a big headache, “I believe we have become involved in the battle between Kun-Lai’s human and spiritual demon lineages.”

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