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“…..According to the survey, the top ten most effective temples in Hong Kong are Wong Tai Sin Temple, Man Mo Temple, Tin Hau Temple, Causeway Bay, Temple Hill Kwun Yam Buddhist Temple, Chuk Lam Sim Monastery…..”

Li Xiaoheng always paid attention to efficiency no matter what he did. Tao Mu had just finished saying that he wanted to burn incense and worship Buddha, when Li Xiaoheng immediately sent someone to inquire about the famous Daoist temples in Hong Kong, and even arranged the driver and tour guide.

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Thinking about warding off evil and keeping safety in mind, Tao Mu didn’t even have the mind to train, so he directly asked the instructor for a day off, and took Li Xiaoheng to worship the Buddha according to the tour route.

This was the first time Tao Mu had asked for leave during training time in such a long time. Everyone was suddenly curious about Li Xiaoheng’s identity. The iron-masked instructor was still as expressionless as ever, even though his heart was like a bullet screen with words spilling across, as he approved Tao Mu’s leave of vacation.

Before leaving, Shen Yu walked over with an expression as if he was going to cry, and asked Tao Mu if he was angry with him: “You have never asked for leave during training time before. Today, big brother Yan and the two teachers have come to experience police academy life, yet you have to ask for leave today. It must be because I made you angry, right?”

There were so many things wrong about these words one simply didn’t know where to start. Tao Mu was still thinking about the plot halo on Shen Yu that was invisible and intangible, but could still always make his IQ disappear without a sound. He was anxious to ward off evil spirits and was too lazy to bother with Shen Yu.

In contrast, Li Xiaoheng looked at Shen Yu with a little curiosity. He still remembered this young son of the Shen family with the bizarre brain circuit. Now it seemed that this little young master was not only confused in the head, his ability to mix up right and wrong was also quite powerful.

“What happened?” Li Xiaoheng looked down at Tao Mu, and keenly felt that the reason why his little consultant was acting erratically was probably influenced by the person in front of him.

Tao Mu frowned, subconsciously not wanting to mention Shen Yu in front of Li Xiaoheng: “It’s fine.”

“How can it be fine!” Shen Yu frowned and looked at Li Xiaoheng with an innocent and naive face: “Mu Mu was angry with big brother Yan because big brother Yan’s fans scolded him. And said that idols pay for the actions of their fans. I just felt that there is no need for big brother Yan to apologize to Mu Mu for other people’s mistakes. Then Mu Mu got angry with me again. Mr. Li, since you are Mu Mu’s good friend, can you help me persuade him to not be so stingy? Everyone is colleagues here, we have to work together in the future, why can’t we all be happy. Why must we make the atmosphere so tense?”

At first glance, there was nothing wrong with these words. Even Wang Jinsheng and Luo Daming were confused into believing Shen Yu’s words. Intuitively feeling that Tao Mu was indeed a little stingy. But deep down, they also felt that something was wrong.

The only one who had a clear idea was Li Xiaoheng: “I’m curious, what position does Mr. Shen say this from?” With Li Xiaoheng’s personality, he was too lazy to bother with someone like Shen Yu. In the face of such a troublesome child with brain problems, Li Xiaoheng’s solution had always been to have a direct dialogue with the guardian. But things were different now. Tao Mu still had to work with these people for a while. If possible, it was best to be more harmonious with his colleagues. Therefore, Li Xiaoheng didn’t allow Shen Yu to sow discord and affect other people’s views on Tao Mu.

Shen Yu said confidently: “Of course as Mu Mu’s friend. Although Mu Mu doesn’t admit that I am his good friend. But I have always felt that he is my friend.”

“So Mr. Shen’s way of treating friends is to stand on the moral high ground and help another person to accuse your friend whom you have one-sidedly befriended?” Li Xiaoheng logically described Shen Yu’s behavior, and then asked Yan Sheng: “Mr. Yan’s fans have been criticizing Tao Mu’s acting skills online and even attacking Tao Mu personally. Mr. Yan should have heard of this.”

Li Xiaoheng used affirmative sentences. Yan Sheng could only say with a wry smile, “I’ve already apologized to CEO Tao face to face for this.”

“Why did you apologize to Tao Mu?” Li Xiaoheng asked back, pointing directly at the heart of the matter: “Tao Mu doesn’t know you at all, nor does he know your fans. If Mr. Yan thinks that the behavior of fans has nothing to do with their idols, then there is naturally no need for you to apologize. If you acknowledge that idols should pay for the actions of their fans, shouldn’t the correct approach be to restrain your fans from spreading nasty words around?”

“So why did you apologize to Tao Mu?” Li Xiaoheng looked directly at Yan Sheng, and asked in a deep voice, “What position do you apologize from?”

As expected of a fight machine among domineering CEOs, Li Xiaoheng’s logic was very clear. In a few words, the matter and the positions of all parties were smoothed out.

The large group of people suddenly realized. Yes, no matter what Yan Sheng thought of his fans’ behavior, it was an established fact that his fans maliciously slandered Tao Mu before the two even met. Tao Mu, who was innocently sprayed by vitriol, had a reason to hate Yan Sheng. As an idol with a high degree of restraint on his fans, Yan Sheng could either ignore the behavior of his fans, or strictly prohibit his fans from biting others. But his choice was to apologize to Tao Mu inexplicably——this was a bit like a provocation.

Do you want Tao Mu to forgive you or not? If he didn’t forgive, then he was being stingy. If he forgave, then didn’t that mean Tao Mu was scolded for half a year for nothing? And then later Yan Sheng could put out the news “film king apologizes magnanimously, CEO Tao shook hands and made peace” to hype it up. If they were Tao Mu, they would all be suffocated to death by the injustice of it all. What was more, the grudge between the two was not only about this matter.

Li Xiaoheng once again turned his attention to Shen Yu: “Speaking of which, the reason why Tao Mu was chased and scolded by Yan Sheng’s fans was because Mr. Shen had previously commented that Yan Sheng’s acting skills were not as good as Tao Mu’s, wasn’t it? What, time has passed, and everyone has forgotten the originator that is Mr. Shen, and Mr. Shen and film king Yan have become good brothers?”

The others didn’t know about this melon. After all, was only popular in the mainland at the beginning, and it hadn’t been that long for Hong Kong to follow along. Wang Jinsheng, Luo Daming, and the other veteran actors and actresses didn’t even register accounts, and naturally they didn’t pay attention to the past grievances between Shen Yu and Tao Mu.

But if what Li Xiaoheng said was true, then Shen Yu was not ordinary at all. He started the discord, but in the end he hugged Yan Sheng’s thigh, and then even teamed up with Yan Sheng to step on Tao Mu. This operation was a bit backstabbing and b*tchy.

Li Xiaoheng solved the matter clearly in just a few words. He nodded at the two veteran actors, Wang Jinsheng and Luo Daming, and said politely, “Our Tao Mu will be acting in a movie for the first time and have no experience before. I also hope that the two seniors will give some advice and take care of him.”

Previously, the principal of the police academy gave an introduction to everyone. Everyone knew that Li Xiaoheng was the founder of Xiaoheng Capital. Hong Kong people were very concerned about the financial situation. Everyone had heard the news that Xiaoheng Capital had gone shorting in the international market and made a lot of money. Faced with this level of capital, everyone naturally wanted to make friends with him.

What was more, Tao Mu himself had the potential to attract friends as well. So Wang Jinsheng and Luo Daming just looked at each other and smiled, nodded and said, “CEO Li, don’t worry. We two old fellas and Tao Mu hit it off at first glance. We all made an appointment to play mahjong after work.”

The implication was that this sentiment of supporting and caring was at least present.

Li Xiaoheng touched on the matter and left it at that without going too far. He smiled reservedly, and then led Tao Mu away.

Tao Mu, who never said a word from beginning to end, until after getting into the car, looked at Li Xiaoheng with a strange expression.

He had lived two lifetimes, and he was used to taking care of things by himself. Even if someone was willing to help him, most of the time they couldn’t really hit the nail on the head and instead only made the situation more messy. It was the first time he could feel the protection that Li Xiaoheng provided when he completely pushed Shen Yu’s pot back to him with just a few words, and even knocked the bottom of the pot off.

It felt…..a little weird.

“What’s wrong?” Noticing Tao Mu’s gaze, Li Xiaoheng smiled warmly: “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“No, I just felt like your thinking is very clear.” Tao Mu thought about it and added, “I didn’t expect you to explain so much.”

In Tao Mu’s opinion, Li Xiaoheng should be the kind of person who didn’t bother to explain anything.

Li Xiaoheng smiled when he heard the words: “No helping it. I had to at least make things clear. Can’t let them wrong my Mu Mu.”

When Li Xiaoheng said this, his face suddenly changed, and he asked with a displeased expression: “Do you have a nickname?”

“Huh?” Tao Mu didn’t expect Li Xiaoheng to veer off topic so suddenly, and almost didn’t react.

“A name that only family members can call you.” Li Xiaoheng patiently induced: “For example, my parents call me Xiaoheng, how about you?”

Before Tao Mu could speak, he saw Li Xiaoheng subtly take hold of his hand and continued: “Actually, if possible, I hope we can have a name that only we can call each other. For example…..”

Li Xiaoheng leaned into Tao Mu’s ear and whispered two words. Tao Mu only felt the warm breath spray on his earlobes, and half of his body went numb.

He scratched his ears and glanced at Li Xiaoheng in irritation: “I think it’s good to just call each other by name.”

“Okay.” Li Xiaoheng agreed very succinctly: “Dear, where do you want to go first? I heard that the temple with the most incense in Hong Kong is Wong Tai Sin Temple. Why don’t we go there first?”

Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaoheng helplessly, and could only give in: “Then let’s go.”

It was indeed the most prosperous Daoist temple in Hong Kong. When Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng arrived at the place, there were already a lot of visitors there. Because it was Saturday, many people even came with the whole family. According to legend, the “Wong Tai Sin” enshrined in the temple was responsive and particularly effective. And it was the only Daoist temple in Hong Kong that could hold Daoist weddings.

“It grants every wish, and blesses all marriages as well. I think we’ve come to the right place.” Li Xiaoheng said with a smile, “What do you want? I want to ask for a marriage.”

Li Xiaoheng’s gaze was too hot, and Tao Mu couldn’t ignore it even with his eyes closed, so he could only say, “You can ask for what you want by sincerely offering incense, what are you always looking at me for?”

“Because I think instead of asking God it is better to ask you.” Li Xiaoheng smiled warmly, looked at Tao Mu with dazzling eyes, and said warmly: “My marriage is in your hands. If you are willing to bless me so that I will be able to stay and grow old together with my love. Then my religion is you.”

Tao Mu respectfully inserted the three sticks of incense, and bowed again, only then did he have the heart to speak to Li Xiaoheng: “Don’t fool around anymore, okay? I’m being serious.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I’m not fooling around.” Li Xiaoheng stared at Tao Mu with extremely tender eyes: “I’m very sincere and pious. Don’t you have the confidence to bless me and the person I love to grow old together?”

Tao Mu’s expression paused slightly.

Li Xiaoheng smiled and said, “If you don’t have confidence in yourself, then believe in me.”

“I have.”

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