Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 050 Advance Or You’ll Retreat, Live Or You’ll Die

Feng Qingxiu did have some understanding of the battle between the two lineages, but in his eyes, it seemed to be no different from other competitions between peaks, and it was no big deal.

Because according to the records of the Kun-Lai factional system, from the day when Kun-Lai was established, although they worked together against external parties, there was no internal harmony between the peaks and various lineages. It was said that this habit originated from the Kun-Lai Seven Zhenjuns——that was, it was passed down from the seven junior brothers and sisters of the Sect Leader.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The gratitudes and grudges of various peaks and various lineages could be written on hundreds of jade slips.

For example, when he just got the Net Spell at the outer Sect, he encountered the custom-made Yunfu Dao Seed being issued, so he watched the Battle of the Dao Seed among several peaks on the Net, which was extremely lively indeed.

For example, when the Qingdi Peak lineage competed for the resource of the Yunfu Dao Seed, it was necessary to fight against several peak lines that specialized in planting or have an important role in spiritual planting.

Qingnu raised the banner and fought each peak decisively.

If they encountered Shennong Peak, they would diss: Isn’t it just farming, do you even make as much income as growing spiritual plants?

If they encountered Jiedu Peak, they would diss: Those who play with poison are all evil, harming others and harming themselves, trash peak! The sect should just demote it back to our Qingdi Peak!

If it was Danding Peak: pretentious lot, it’s just a different packaging from our spiritual herbs!

If it was Yushou Peak: what kind of Dao Seeds do you need to plant spiritual plants, and what kind of spiritual plants do wild beasts even need, can’t you go to Shennong Peak?

And also Tianshui Peak: what are water spiritual demons making trouble for, it’s enough for you to just have water, why do you want land?


As above and so on, of course, Shennong Peak and other big peaks would definitely not show weakness and diss back, “A group of guys who cut people every day asking for Dao Seeds is just a waste.” It was estimated that Qingdi Peak has already become immune to this based on how many times they have heard it from their opponents already.

He even heard that several peak masters directly broke out into fights, and the tables and chairs in the discussion hall ended up having to be replaced by another batch.

And not long ago, when he left the mountain gate to oversee the Dragon and Phoenix Selection, the main Net had already turned white hot because of the preparations for the expedition.

Let’s take the example of Qingdi Peak, which was led by Qingnu: for Taiyi Peak (why do you need to increase the price of building another Flying Peak, why don’t you just rob us honest folks?), Wenjian Peak (the treatments for injuries are just that expensive, if you think it’s too expensive, don’t treat it!) and all the other battle type peaks (we have the final say in the treatment of injuries, as long as we can cure them, what are you afraid of, you cowards!)


Fortunately, these were all matters of high-level Kun-Lai cultivators, and the lower-level disciples were far less nervous. Their usual style was: Wenjiang Peak, come over, we want bodyguards, Danding Peak come over, there’s money to make, and Yushou Peak, come over, remember to give discounts on the meat, and give me cheaper spiritual rice, are there any that are about to expire…..

So what was so scary about the battle between the two lineages?

He was a human and Senior Sister Tu was a spiritual demon, but they didn’t fight!

Feng Qingxiu couldn’t comprehend for a while.

So he started asking how it happened.

“What right do they have to say I can’t enter Kun-Lai, my father is the King of Da Yan, and I have the blood of the human race in my body, why can’t I enter the Dragons and Phoenix Selection with Da Yan’s household registration?” Shui Lanlan argued, “What right do they have to say my father betrayed the human race? The spiritual water demon clans have lived here much earlier than the human race. If it wasn’t for the spiritual water demons, would you have survived here?”

Feng Qingxiu immediately knew the crux of the problem.

This Shui Lanlan girl was actually a mix of human and spiritual demon. In this case, if she used the identity of a spiritual demon, her parents must both have a Dao Disc in Kun-Lai before she could enter the outer Sect, but her parents did not. If she used the identity of the human race, then she completely met the standard of attending the Dragon and Phoenix Selection.

“Is that why someone tried to stop her from going to Kun-Lai?” Feng Qingxiu asked softly.

“Naturally, if this opening is opened, and there are mixed-blood descendants, the Kun-Lai rules could be avoided. Of course, Peak Master Bai Liu would not be willing to see this.” Senior Sister Tu seemed to be very disgusted by the Qingdi Peak Master, “He is still hoping to help that group of useless trash get a little more opportunities, which is just a waste. Fortunately, there is Qingnu who has put Qingdi Peak back on the right track over the years, otherwise I really don’t know just how chaotic it would be.”

This was actually a problem caused by money.

Kun-Lai had always had a lot of surplus. In order to encourage people from the mountain sect to participate in various competitions, many rewards were often issued, regardless of race and age and even outsiders could join (Hall of Merit: Why can’t outsiders win awards? If you can’t even defeat those outsiders, then is Kun-Lai spending so much money just to raise a bunch of Kun-Lai rats?).

And these resources were usually the key ones that the orphans under Bai Liu competed for, and many Kun-Lai spiritual demons would also fight for as well. In Bai Liu’s eyes, these resources were exchanged by the Kun-Lai cultivators with their blood. It should be given to the humans and not the spiritual demons, and he even proposed to expel the spiritual demon clans several times at high-level gatherings, causing conflicts and becoming the fuse for the battle between the two Kun-Lai lineages.

In the eyes of Peak Master You Bazu, this was simply a joke. Could it be that when the spiritual demons went on the expeditions together, they didn’t lose any numbers or had any casualties, and they all just went to buy soy sauce? (TN: to buy soy sauce=slang for none of my business/to not be involved/to be disinterested)

Why should Bai Liu have others bear the responsibility of the mistakes he made back then? Qingnu and the disciples under her were also orphans from the Tianyun Territory War. How come Qingnu could stand up and become a great beam of support?

Besides, the authority of the spiritual demon clans in Kun-Lai was already very limited. Just the fact that the Dragon and Phoenix Selection did ​​not allow spiritual demons that were already part of Kun-Lai to participate, how many spiritual demons had gotten cut out of the opportunity?

If you have the ability then drive away all the spiritual demons in Kun-Lai, those who act as transits, those who guard, those who transport goods, those who deal with garbage disposal, those who mine, those who farm, and those who participate in research. If all of them were driven away, just who would lose more!

Did you really still think Kun-Lai was that little sect from hundreds of years ago!

Even if they gave up these jobs, would Bai Liu’s group of trash with eyes growing on the top of their heads be willing to take over?

Therefore, the two sides were often at war with each other, and the disciples under them were also full of anger. This was the battle between the two lineages.

Feng Qingxiu didn’t want to get involved, but the problem now was that he had to be the one in charge.

And he had the power to call the shots.

Becoming the direct disciple of Kun-Lai, he himself represented a part of the Sect Leader’s will.

After being silent for a while, Feng Qingxiu looked serious: “Then you must enter Kun-Lai no matter what?”

“Of course!” Miss Shui said decisively.

“As a human being?” Feng Qingxiu confirmed again.

“Of course!” Miss Shui affirmed.

“Okay, then, I allow you to join in the Dragon and Phoenix Selection, but in the future your Dao Disc in Kun-Lai will state the human race and cannot be changed.” Feng Qingxiu stared at her, “Go, remember your choice today.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother! I will not forget you in the future.” Miss Shui smiled and rushed out quickly, running towards the Heart Asking Stone in the city.

Feng Qingxiu sighed softly, spoke to his senior sister Ji Mingyu, and went back to his room.

At the same time, he sternly refused the request to help them carve a mini Shizun.

Back in the room, Feng Qingxiu respectfully put the pouch on the table, took a step back, and watched quietly.

Then Shizun came out of the pouch.

Feng Qingxiu was killed again by the cuteness, and his eyes were a little dazed when he looked at Shizun.

After a while, he blushed under Shizun’s smiling gaze: “Shizun, I just let that girl go, because I think it’s originally what you intended when you started the Dragon and Phoenix Selection, to give opportunities to those who want to seek the Dao. Only if one is not afraid or jealous of others, can one advance further, and it is also because the spiritual demons represent both help and motivation to the human race, so you let the spiritual demons into the mountain… I right?”

Shizun looked at the shy little disciple with a smile, and said casually: “Xiao Qing is really smart, the spiritual demon race is originally too rough of a collective name. Kun-Lai is more energetic with them, isn’t it? With me here, nothing will happen.”

In his opinion, the saying what was not my race must have a different heart was not necessarily correct. After all, it was not like a single race all had the same heart, right?

That they would divide among themselves, it could only be said that the benefits were not enough.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Thank you, Shizun.” With that being said, Feng Qingxiu was still a little uneasy, “But if there are too many spiritual demons in the future…..In the future, I mean very far in the future, would it be bad for the sect?”

Ji Yunlai looked at him, and suddenly chuckled: “My disciple, why look ahead with such prudence, if that’s really the case, Kun-Lai can just fall apart.”

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