These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 019 No Women

After breakfast, Lei Jin once again proposed to go out for a walk, but Roger’s answer was still in disagreement.

Although Lei Jin felt that Roger would not harm him, every time he mentioned going out, Roger unconsciously became nervous, letting him know that Roger must be hiding something from him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But Lei Jin really felt bored. After he arrived at Roger’s house, these past few days were spent only helping Roger water the vegetable garden, helping Roger with cooking, taking a bath by the creek at night, and coming back to hug the little guy for a night’s sleep till dawn.

Speaking of this bath, Lei Jin was now only going over as soon as it got dark. He was afraid that he would encounter the same situation as last time. Although he did not mind, it was hard to guarantee whether the other side would not be angry and drive him out. Now then he would really be in trouble.

Although when he was an orphan, he had been out in society by himself, but that was still a place familiar to him, unlike now, he couldn’t even speak the language let alone understand the ins and outs.

Lei Jin sat on the threshold in a daze, the little guy rubbed his palm with his furry little head every once in a while.

Lei Jin finally couldn’t help laughing, took him in his arms, and kneaded his slender fingers gently along his back. The little guy was so comfortable he actually fell asleep, Lei Jin sighed and said, “Little guy, I really want to go out for a walk, what is this world like? Why does Roger’s expression look so strange whenever I mention going out?”

Mingya turned over, licked Lei Jin’s face, and thought to himself: Papa of course can’t let you go out. You are a female without a male werebeast now, and you will definitely be taken away by other werebeasts without a female when you go out.

Eldest Brother and Second Brother said that other than the first night, their female was still very alert when he slept, and their werebeast scent on him was already so faint it was barely noticeable.

“Do you want to go out and see that much?” Seeing Lei Jin frowning all the time today, Roger knew what he was thinking. He was like that when he first came here. He also wanted to understand the world and find a way back.

“I just want to go out for a walk, doing nothing every day, I am practically suffocating.” Lei Jin stood up from the threshold with the little guy in his arms, and paced two steps back and forth in the yard a little irritably.

“Okay.” Since it was time to face the reality sooner or later, it was better to know it earlier, to be mentally prepared earlier, and to have vigilant alert against his sons. Seeing how ignorant he was every day, Roger was also a little anxious for him. After all, he knew his own sons very well. Once they really make a move, don’t even mention Xiya and Moya not leaving him a way out. Even his youngest son, who might still be young and liked to act like a spoiled child, but his instinct as a male werebeast was not lacking at all.

“Moya will go out to collect firewood after lunch, you can go out with him.”


Lei Jin hadn’t reacted yet. He could only understand the gist of what Roger said now, but sp long as the sentences were longer, he would have to take a while to understand. But Mingya had already heard it in his ears. When Lei Jin didn’t pay attention, he slipped out from Lei Jin’s arms, ran to Roger’s side, raised his small paws, and tugged at Roger’s trouser legs.

“How many times have I said it, call me Papa.” Roger’s eyes narrowed and he twisted his little son’s ear.

“Papa.” Mingya pouted in an aggrieved manner, why did other people’s children called Ah Me, but their family they had to call Papa. Ah Me is too fierce.

“Papa, what if our female is taken away?”

“You think your second brother is a little idiot like you.” Apart from this youngest son, he was not at all worried about those two older sons. With those two around, if Lei Jin couldn’t go back, he would definitely be only his sons’ female. As for other possibilities, Roger didn’t even need to think about it.

Lei Jin thought about it for a while, and then he realized that he could go out. The clouds and fog on his face disappeared in an instant, his expression brightening like the moon. He gave Roger a hug, patted his shoulder heartily, and said with a smile: “Thank you, Roger.”

An Luo came out of the room at that time. Seeing this, he frowned in confusion, thinking to himself: What is the female brought by his sons doing, what is so exciting?

Seeing An Luo frowning, Lei Jin understood immediately. After all, his lover was being hugged by another man, any man would be jealous. Lei Jin winked at Roger suggestively, let him go, and cast him a look that said “Everyone here is a man, I understand”.

Roger was confused by him, followed Lei Jin’s eyes to see An Luo, and sighed heavily. He couldn’t help but curse in his heart: Lei Jin, you don’t understand a damn thing!

After all, although he didn’t say anything about his affairs with An Sen and An Luo, he didn’t deliberately hide it. Lei Jin finding out was reasonable, but Lei Jin, how could An Luo be feeling jealousy about you, in the eyes of male werebeasts, we are both females, so don’t even mention seeing us hugging, even seeing us sleeping on the same bed without clothes on, they would only think that we are good friends, and probably won’t think about other things. What could two females do together?

“Qi Luo, you’re here.” Seeing someone pushing in the door, An Luo called out.

The person who came was their neighbor, the young man who led Lei Jin to Roger’s house that day, Qi Luo. Behind him also followed a few tall male werebeasts.

“Second Uncle An.” Qi Luo greeted him respectfully. The other people also voiced greetings one after another.

But since they came in, the eyes of these male werebeasts were practically glued to Lei Jin, who looked at Roger in confusion and frowned.

The rumor had already spread in the tribe that Mingya came back from training with a beautiful female, but many people have never seen it for themselves. Today, everyone happened to be together. When the conversation came to this topic, Qi Luo mentioned that he had seen this female. When the female entered the tribe, he was the one who showed him the way.

Although they didn’t intend to snatch him for themselves, everyone would just be happy to meet the rumored beautiful female. The several people decided, and Qi Luo took the lead immediately, so they all came over together.

As expected, he was as beautiful as the rumors, his skin was smooth and fair. Looking even softer than those clothes worn by females in the tribe, black hair, black eyes. Such a rare eye color, they looked very bright, like the starry sky at night, mysterious and beautiful. His figure also looked very healthy, and would definitely give birth to strong offspring.

This was practically the most beautiful female the tribe had seen since Xiya’s Ah Ma came.

Why was Xiya’s family so lucky? Every time a beautiful female from outside was always picked up by them.

No matter how shameless Lei Jin was, he also felt a little uncomfortable to be looked at by so many eyes, and these people’s eyes, why did they feel like they were full of tenderness and envy? Just like the way some men looked at women in his previous life.

What the hell was with the tenderness and envy? He was not a woman, and he was not narcissistic enough to think his appearance was to the point where even men could be attracted to him. Weird, something weird was absolutely going on. Could it be that the women in this world were already scarce to such an extent that these tall and strong men had to start looking at weaker men?

“Beautiful female, what’s your name?” A red-haired werebeast seemed to summon up his courage, his face flushed redder than his hair. He took two steps forward, and the corners of his mouth stiffly into what he thought was a very charming smile.

Female, what the hell kind of title was this?

“Hello, I’m Lei Jin.” Lei Jin still nodded and smiled, and habitually stretched out his right hand.

The red-haired werebeast Kai was at a loss for a moment, staring at the small white hand in front of him, what did this female mean?

Under the eyes of other male werebeasts, either jealous or envious, Kai tentatively tried to touch that hand, only to feel pain in his foot. Mingya was waving his small paws to greet him, baring his teeth: “He is our female.”

Lei Jin only felt something tighten on his wrist, and he was grabbed and pulled over by the person behind him.


Moya’s dark green eyes had flames crackling in them.

“Papa, I want to tell him.” If he didn’t tell him, this female would be taken advantage of by everyone in his ignorance, and even think he had earned a good deal. The words were addressed to Roger.

“Tell me what?” Lei Jin wanted to break free of the hold on his wrist. But it was held tighter, like a pair of pliers. Lei Jin tried his best and didn’t manage to shake it in the slightest bit, and was a little startled for a while. He actually had no power to fight back under Moya’s hands.

“Roger, you tell him to let me go, I’m not his woman, that I need his consent to shake hands with others?” Roger, you are at least his stepmother, say something. Lei Jin shouted in his heart.

“Lei Jin.” Roger had a rare serious expression on his face, calling him solemnly, then looked at his second and youngest sons, as if he had made up his mind.

“The following words, I will speak very slowly, I hope you can understand clearly.”

“What are you talking about, Roger, why are you being so solemn?” Lei Jin snorted, but he felt a little unsettled in his heart. He intuitively knew that the following words were not what he wanted to hear. Roger seemed to be about to tell him something very serious. And he would very likely understand a lot of things he hadn’t before, but it was definitely not a good thing for him, otherwise, Roger’s eyes would not be so sharp and solemn.

“Lei Jin, I’ll just say it once, listen carefully, there are no women in this world.”

“No women? Roger, you’re kidding, without women how could there be children. Unless you are saying man jumped out of a crack in a stone?” Because Roger spoke slowly, Lei Jin understood it almost immediately. He pointed to these people and asked.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“There are no women, but there are people who can have children, and that is…..a female.” Roger didn’t fully understand what he said, but he understood it from his gestures.

“Female? What is that?” Wait, what did they call me just now? Female? In their eyes, he was a female who could give birth to their children?

All of you, go die! Lei Jin exploded.

TN: sorry for the confusion, the natives of this world call the person (‘female’) who gave birth to them Ah Ma. But in Roger’s household, Ah Ma and Papa will be used interchangeably.

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