After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 144 I Believe You

The heart thumped, as if a mallet had hit the drum, making a loud bang. The shock made Tao Mu’s vision dizzy and his ears ring, as if his body resonated with the vibrations.

The buzzing sound continued until Li Xiaoheng handed the cylindrical container of inscribed bamboo sticks to him: “I heard that Wong Tai Sin’s predictions are very effective. Shake one out, and we’ll ask the master to help decipher it.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu subconsciously took over the cylindrical container. He had also heard that the predictions here were particularly effective. When he came to Hong Kong for filming in his last life, he actually asked about his blood relatives. It was a pity that his luck was not good in his last life, and all he got was an inferior fortune stick. However, Wong Tai Sin’s predictions were really effective. Finding oneself utterly betrayed and isolated, seeking the road to disaster and death, all of it had been fulfilled.

Tao Mu held the cylindrical container and stood still. He wasn’t sure what he would draw for this life. Wong Tai Sin’s golden statue sat on the altar. The incense was lingering, and the aloof immortal loomed in and out of view behind the swirling incense, making it difficult to see its expression.

Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu’s nervous countenance, his hands trembling slightly while holding the container, and urged with a chuckle, “Go on.”

“Yeah.” Tao Mu replied in a low voice. When he looked down at the container, he was surprised to find that there were only half of the bamboo sticks inside. There should have been a hundred bamboo sticks numbered, but now there were only twenty or thirty sticks left. No wonder he felt it sounded very loud when he shook it just now.

“You——” Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaoheng instinctively, and intuitively believed that a certain someone was doing something again.

Li Xiaoheng smiled and said: “People in the world believe in ghosts and gods, mostly because they want what they want, but they are worried that they can’t accomplish it. So they have to rely on a higher power. But I am different. I am confident that I can get what I want, and I believe I have the ability to protect what I want to protect. If you are not confident, then it is useless to ask God. So why not ask God for half and ask me for the other half.”

The gentle but firm eyes stared straight at Tao Mu, neither dodging nor wandering, just like the feeling that Li Xiaoheng had always given people.

Tao Mu subconsciously clenched the container in his hand, his palms sweating slightly in nervousness: “The bamboo sticks inside are all superior fortunes?”

“Your luck is not bad.” Li Xiaoheng did not answer Tao Mu’s words directly, but smiled: “I just had a discussion with God. I will protect you and keep the base, and the rest is entirely up to you to ask for your fortune.”

So this was half asking God and half relying on you?

Tao Mu looked down at the container. How could there be such a person, when asking for a fortune, they insist on taking out the inferior and mediocre bamboo sticks first. It was clear that he did not believe in a higher power, how could there be such a domineering person.

“You’re too unruly, God will be angry.”

“God won’t.” Li Xiaoheng replied with a smile: “God is originally there to bless the world. That’s why his predictions are very effective. Then he must know that I have the ability to protect you. So you just need to ask him for peace of mind.”

Tao Mu looked hesitant.

Li Xiaoheng asked, “You don’t believe me?”

He stretched out his hand, took the container from Tao Mu’s hand, got up and put the dozens of bamboo sticks he had pulled out one by one. He then went to Wong Tai Sin’s golden statue and knelt down: “I, Li Xiaoheng, have not believed in a higher power all my life. But today, I ask you to bless Tao Mu so that he could be safe and happy and have a smooth life.”

After finishing speaking, before Tao Mu could react, Li Xiaoheng had already closed his eyes and shook the container. When a bamboo stick fell out, Li Xiaoheng picked up the bamboo stick and asked the monk responsible for explaining the fortune——it was a superior fortune.

“Look.” Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu with a warm smile: “Wong Tai Sin also believes that I can keep you safe and happy and guarantee you a smooth life.”

At this time, it was noon, and the warm sunlight of early summer, shining in from the outside, enveloped the outline of Li Xiaoheng with a layer of light. It reflected in Tao Mu’s eyes, causing them to feel too hot. Tao Mu then lowered his head, took the superior fortune that Li Xiaoheng asked for in his hand, and looked at it over and over for a long time. Li Xiaoheng said with a smile: “The predictions here are indeed effective, why don’t you ask for one too.”

“No need.” Tao Mu held the bamboo stick, raised his head and looked into Li Xiaoheng’s eyes: “I believe it.”

Seemingly aware of Tao Mu’s intentions, Li Xiaoheng smiled slightly, and reached out to hold the other half of the bamboo stick: “It’s good that you believe me. At least I won’t let you be disappointed.”

Then, he slowly took the bamboo stick from Tao Mu’s hand. It was as if Tao Mu’s heart was pulled out of his chest as well. A big warm hand wrapped Tao Mu’s right hand within, which was clenched into a fist. Li Xiaoheng asked the priest: “This is the first time I’ve asked for a fortune in my life. The fortune is very good, and I think it’s very meaningful. I dare to ask the master, could you give me this bamboo stick?”

The incense of Wong Tai Sin Temple was strong, and the fortune-telling was effective. There were often pious men and women coming in to ask for their fortunes. However, it was rare to see people who wanted to take the bamboo stick with them after asking for a fortune like Li Xiaoheng.

However, when people in the world pray to God and worship Buddha, they were originally seeking peace of mind. Although Wong Tai Sin was effective, after all, he could not bless all the pious men and women in the world. Just like Tao Mu, he was clearly a person who had an untied knot in his heart, and was unable to free himself from the demons in his heart. But if someone was willing to give everything to protect his safety and happiness, even high-ranking immortals were willing to fulfill the wish of a person with such a sincere heart.

So earlier, when Li Xiaoheng proposed to him that he wanted to resolve his companion’s worries with a good fortune, the priest did not stick to the formality, but agreed with a smile. Now Li Xiaoheng wanted to keep the bamboo stick, the monk thought about it and agreed as well.

However, the priest did not expect that a person like Li Xiaoheng, who clearly did not believe in higher powers, actually proposed to donate one million yuan worth of incense money after asking to keep the bamboo stick. The priest glanced at Li Xiaoheng with some surprise, and then looked at Tao Mu. Immediately, he realized that even people who don’t believe in higher powers in this world would rather believe in it when it involves the person they care about the most.

Just now he had teased others for asking for peace of mind from a higher power. Now he himself was feeling worried about gains and losses.

The priest secretly ate a melon, but did not point it out.

Tao Mu also asked for a heart-purifying talisman and a scripture copied by the head Daoist priest of Wong Tai Sin Temple himself. As for Li Xiaoheng, he took Tao Mu and the bamboo stick he kept as a souvenir, and the two left the Wong Tai Sin Temple contentedly.

Li Xiaoheng also said: “…..After I go back, I will keep this top fortune with the crab crackers together. They are all very meaningful.”

Tao Mu was too lazy to complain about Li Xiaoheng’s bizarre hoarding habit. Don’t know if it was psychological or something else. He felt that after coming out of the Wong Tai Sin Temple, his whole person was indeed much more energetic. Refreshed.

“…..If we want to visit all these temples, this evening might not be enough.” Back in the car, Li Xiaoheng looked seriously at the temporary temple tour guide made by his assistant, smiled and said, “But you want to visit them, we can take it slow.”

Tao Mu held the Daoist scriptures and the heart-purifying talisman that he had asked for from the Daoist priest, and placed them in the safe with great piety and care: “Let’s go buy a brush and ink first. From tomorrow onwards, I will copy the scriptures every day and become pious bishounen.”

What the hell was a pious bishounen?

Li Xiaoheng chuckled, and had the driver drive to an antique shop where one could buy brush, ink, paper and inkstone: “Did you learn calligraphy from Mr. Song?”

Tao Mu nodded. In fact, what he learned from Mr. Song was not only cooking and calligraphy. Mr. Song loved to play when he was young, and he also liked engraving with gold and precious stones, so Tao Mu also learned a little as well. He was just not very good at it.

There was also a photo studio opposite the antique shop. When Tao Mu came out, he saw the sign of the photo studio, and his heart moved. Immediately, he dragged Li Xiaoheng into the door of the photo studio.

Li Xiaoheng was pressed against the chair by Tao Mu with a dumbfounded face, and looked at Tao Mu who was standing behind the camera, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “Didn’t you already take a picture with your phone?”

“It’s not always good to bring a cell phone when filming.” Tao Mu explained seriously: “I have to carry an actual photo with me.”

Warding off evil spirits again?!

Li Xiaoheng sighed helplessly, and was about to speak when he heard Tao Mu say, “Didn’t you tell me to believe in you? Why, do you want to go back on your words?”

“Of course not.” Li Xiaoheng explained patiently: “I’m just worried that your crew has too many eyes. Seeing that you are carrying my pictures around, it will lead to bad guesses. It’s not good for your image.”

If there was room for explanation for mobile phone photos and screensavers, then carrying around a picture of him as a talisman when filming was too weird and intimate. Although Li Xiaoheng also wanted to display his affection in an open and honest manner, he had to consider Tao Mu’s status as an actor after all.

“I know very well in my heart.” Tao Mu replied while playing with the camera. Since he had promised Li Xiaoheng that he would seriously consider this relationship, he never thought of hiding it for the sake of his career. He’s not the kind of person who hides. Not in the previous life, and not in this life.

Without waiting for Li Xiaoheng to say anything more, Tao Mu solemnly assured: “I will put the photo in my shirt pocket.”

Wasn’t that the position closest to the heart?

Li Xiaoheng suddenly stopped talking. After Tao Mu finished taking pictures of him, he immediately stood up and took a picture of Tao Mu. He also wanted to put the other in the place closest to his heart.

“You also want to ward off evil spirits?” When he came out of the photo studio, Tao Mu’s slender phoenix eyes squinted at Li Xiaoheng.

The sight had Li Xiaoheng’s heart trembling, he said solemnly, “It’s to keep warm.”

Tao Mu was stunned for a moment: What the hell was keeping warm?

However, Li Xiaoheng did not have the intention to explain. He took Tao Mu back to the antique shop again, bought a jar of cinnabar, dipped it with a brush, and wrote the words “to ward off evil spirits” on the back of his photo.

“This way it’s easier for you to explain. Some people worship Buddha and others believe in Jesus. But you believe in capital.” Truly, our bigshot CEO Li has suffered. For fear that Tao Mu would be misunderstood, he actually came up with such an excuse.

Tao Mu was simply too defeated to even make fun of the othet.

Li Xiaoheng smiled and looked at Tao Mu, who was obviously much livelier than before, and told the driver to continue to the next stop at Kwun Yam Buddhist Temple.

Having become familiar with the routine, this time, big brother Li, who claimed to have only believed in himself in his entire life, was even more skillful than Tao Mu in his actions of praying to Buddha and asking for a fortune-telling.

Tao Mu watched Li Xiaoheng kneeling on the cushion with transfixed eyes, as he closed his eyes and put his hands together, praying solemnly in a low voice that only the two of them could hear: “Goddess of Mercy, I ask you to bless the person I love so that he could love me back, and accept my pursuit as soon as possible, and let me protect him for the rest of my life. Growing old together, our hearts connecting forever and always——”


Li Xiaoheng suddenly opened his eyes and turned to look at Tao Mu: “I asked the Goddess of Mercy to bless the person I love to love me too, and accept my pursuit as soon as possible.”

Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaoheng with a smile, and said softly but firmly, “I said yes.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“The person you love also loves you back, and is willing to accept your pursuit. I will keep you safe and happy all my life, and help you grow rich and prosperous.” Tao Mu thought about it and said, “And grow old together.”

It seemed that he seldom spoke such sappy words. Tao Mu pursed his lips uncomfortably, and said, “Although I am not the Goddess of Mercy. But do you believe me?”

Li Xiaoheng smiled and looked at Tao Mu firmly: “I believe you.”

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