Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 051 Meeting In A Previous Incarnation, Friends For A Long Time

From Ji Yunlai’s point of view, no matter whether it was a company, a kingdom or a sect, it was impossible for him to manage it forever. Everything comes to an end eventually and that was nothing to regret about.

When he designed the Kun-Lai system in the past, he originally planned it for the possibility of being able to function even without the sect leader. It could even be said that what he wanted to pass on to future generations was a kind of thought, not the sect itself. There were so many peaks and so many schools within the sect. The way of its development originally was through the cooperation of many divisions. So in fact, though Kun-Lai was called a sect, it was more like a country.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Whether one was a spiritual demon or a human, how many of them could spare a mind for outside the sect after entering Kun-Lai?

So it was clearly his disciple being afraid that he would be angry and as a result thought too much.

How could he be angry with his disciple?

However, what he said just now seemed to have frightened his disciple, so he needed to comfort him.

Just as Ji Yunlai was about to speak, he saw his disciple nod and say, “I understand, I won’t let you down!”

Eh, what do you understand, Ji Yunlai didn’t understand, but it didn’t matter.

“Let’s go Xiao Qing, I haven’t finished looking around just now.” He touched the pouch and felt that the material was good, but he still had a question, “My disciple, why do you have so much paper ashes in your pouch?”

Feng Qingxiu’s handsome face turned red, and he coughed to cover up, “It’s my fault, I’ll change another for you.”

He took out a piece of cloud brocade——as a sect benefit, every year the sect would distribute some fabrics that could be used as protective armor for them as new clothes. Feng Qingxiu cut off a large piece without any distress, and then controlled his sword energy to use as a needle to make the stitches, and soon he had an even more exquisite and beautiful pouch, after which he then invited his Shizun in again.

The pouch in which the paper ash was placed was carefully put away by him.

On the way he threw away the little house model he accidentally broke.

How could the house for his Shizun be so simple? How could a small house that didn’t even have a proper door be allowed to house his Shizun?

Feng Qingxiu was thinking secretly, when there was time to make a better and more real pavilion, the incense burners, futons, paintings, flower arrangements, tables, chairs, beds, quilt covers, bed pillows, all of it must be prepared and only the best ones should be used.

Oh that’s right, weren’t they about to go out for a walk now?

It’s an opportunity!

When he thought of building a house for his Shizun himself, Feng Qingxiu felt that a flame was slowly burning in his heart, igniting his infinite fighting spirit!

Shizun glanced at his disciple inexplicably, and kept getting the feeling that something was not right.


Since leaving Kun-Lai, more than four months have passed, and it was already early spring.

The capital of Yan, also known as Haijing, was located in the south of the Western Continent, and the seasons were not very clear. When the capital of Xiao was in the middle of winter, the weather here was only the slight chill of early autumn.

The streets were lively and crowded. Along the waterfront, there were also mermaids and octopuses selling all kinds of seafood. The two races of spiritual demons and humans were interacting very harmoniously, with no intention of killing each other at all.

Feng Qingxiu told Shizun the origin of Haijing’s situation.

Originally, it was a place that was uninhabitable for humans, and suffered from various diseases. Those who fled here were also the army deserters of the Da Xiao Kingdom who couldn’t survive back in their native home. Perhaps they were not destined to die, just when they were about to be wiped out, they actually encountered a high level Kun-Lai cultivator who returned from a visit to relatives at sea, You Bazuo, the deputy peak master of Wenjian Peak. This spiritual squid demon saved them in the spirit of letting the Sect Leader see that as a spiritual demon he had gained enlightenment. Just a bit of fairy herb and the disease of the humans were cured, causing them to thank him profusely and even regard him as a sea god and wanted to set up a sculpture to thank him.

At this time, Deputy Peak Master You was troubled because the Kun-Lai humans looked down on the spiritual demons. Seeing this situation, his heart moved and an idea formed: Since the Dragon and Phoenix Selection could be attended by all humans from the Western Continent, why couldn’t they establish a kingdom that was close to the spiritual demons to change this status quo?

This deputy peak master was very capable of action. With his support, Qingdi Peak sent a small team to explore and found that this land was moist and watery, mosquitoes were rampant, thus making it conducive to the spread of disease. So medicine packs made with local herbs to get rid of the insects, and some martial arts methods for strengthening the body were passed to the humans living there. The cultivation of such methods required a lot of food supplements. If just subsisting on a vegetarian diet while cultivating the martial art methods, it was possible to lead to blood urination, but this problem was not a big problem at the seaside. The people here all feed on fish, and even if they could not become an expert master, they could still build up a resistance to disease.

Afterwards, Deputy Peak Master You personally went to several spiritual sea demon clans to find acquaintances, hoping that they could go to Haijing to do some trading, and he could give subsidies.

With the help of a person who was quite a bigwig in the eyes of mortals, these refugees quickly settled down.

At this time, the Qingdi Peak team, who were ready to leave, found a piece of invaluable ambergris by the sea that was of large size and superb quality and went about showing it off.

And introduced that this kind of incense could calm the mind and get rid of inner demons, and if added to medicinal pills could increase the chance of successful pill batches. There was absolutely no problem in exchanging a box of Nascent Soul pills with such a piece!

Deputy Peak Master You, who was not familiar with medicinal pills, picked up this incense curiously and took a look at it. And instantly felt ridiculous disbelief. Wasn’t this the poop of their spiritual squid demon’s natural enemy, the big head whale?

As soon as his answer came out, he was immediately scolded by the Qingdi Peak team. How could such a good medicine be poop? You ignorant bumpkin.

Deputy Peak Master You sneered and took them to see the excrement of the big head whale to let them see if it was truly real or not. He also took a lot of “ambergris” for them to bring back to study and identify, both fresh and old poop——anyway, it was incredibly easy to find more of this kind of thing in the sea.

After Qingdi Peak confirmed that it was really the case, their three views were shattered.

Then they found that the effect of the newly discharged “ambergris” was almost zero, and the longer it soaked in seawater, the better the effect, so they decided that it was not completely poop, but a part of it that had the effect and extracted that part.

However, the new question was, to use or not to continue to use it?

After a few days of discussion, Qingdi Peak unanimously decided to use it!

Why not use it? Compared with the increased yield of pills to treat wounds and inner demons, such a small sacrifice was worth it, and this time the amount was a lot. If possible, let Deputy Peak Master You bring over more. The more the better!

For a time, the door of Deputy Peak Master You was almost broken with so many visitors, and thus began his career of trading sea resources.

At this time, everyone began to react, was there a treasure that had been ignored all this time?

Oh, the sea!

The sea was so big, just how many good things like ambergris were in it. We humans were not suitable to live in the sea, but it did not mean that the things in the sea could not be used!

So, half of the people from the upper and lower Kun-Lai Mountains rushed to Haijing City in a mighty manner, and began a career of scouring the sea that was nearly a hundred years old now.

Kun-Lai’s spiritual water demons were responsible for bringing various corals and seaweeds, minerals and algae from the bottom of the sea. Then Kun-Lai was responsible for identifying whether it was useful or not and then buying it if it was useful.

The nearby sea clans were not stupid. There were various medicinal herbs and water plants on the land, which were also beneficial to them. So why not exchange things that were usually useless for something good.

…..In less than a hundred years since then, Haijing had become the largest city in the Western Continent, crushing other countries in the Western Continent all the way. The national power became so strong it was practically in defiance of the natural order.

A big nation from the Southern Continent once wanted to lead an expedition to Haijing, but before even halfway, they were rolled up in hurricanes by all kinds of spiritual sea demons and fed to the fish in the sea.


Feng Qingxiu looked at a beautiful mermaid floating on the shore. There were hundreds of shells in front of her, each of which was exquisite and gorgeous, as beautiful as jewelry, glowing with a faint spiritual energy, and it was not a problem to use it to engrave talismans.

“How do I buy these?” Feng Qingxiu imagined a shell hut on the beach almost as soon as he saw it, imagining Shizun sitting on the shell bed, and felt as if he was going to die from the adorableness.

“One piece for one grain of spiritual rice, but if you have a Repairing Essence Pill then you can take all of it.” The mermaid’s ear wings, like fish fins, slightly fanned, as she said lowly with a very beautiful voice.

The Dragon and Phoenix Selection was ​​not only a major event for the human race, but also an opportunity for sea races like them. At this time, there would always be many generous human cultivators who come to buy these ordinary things in the sea that were the same as pebbles on the ground.

“Here!” So cheap? Feng Qingxiu took out dozens of grains of rice and quickly exchanged for the shells.

“Thank you.” She met a fat fish! The mermaid was also very satisfied, and gifted him dozens of pearls before returning to the river.

Then Feng Qingxiu was surrounded by more than a dozen octopuses, lobsters, sea snakes, and mermaids.

All kinds of corals and pretty sea stones activated his buy-buy-buy mode, it was simply too cheap.

The spiritual sea demons were also very happy. This fat fish was very rich, and one must not let it go when one encounters it.

After a long while, the spiritual sea demons finally left him after all their goods were sold, and Feng Qingxiu finally managed to struggle away from their clutches.

Feng Qingxiu then came across the shops run by humans.

“This customer, you must not come to Haijing City often. Our Haiyou Pavilion is the number one place in the Western Continent for seafood. If you don’t visit once, you will have come to Haijing in vain. Come on~” A pleasant looking boy stopped him, “The most beautiful sea fish sliced and served fresh, I guarantee you will never forget it after just a taste…..”

Feng Qingxiu walked in with Shizun. Although he had been here twelve years ago, he didn’t dare to enter such a place at that time, but he didn’t have to worry about that now.

He was taken to a private room facing the sea, and watching the winding coast and the cascading waves from such a height was indeed a real pleasure.

“Shizun, are you able to eat?” Sitting in the private room, Feng Qingxiu asked Shizun.

“No.” He was just a trace of divine consciousness, so he definitely couldn’t eat, but seeing the dismayed expression on his disciple’s face, he still walked up to the plates of exquisite sea fish before raising his head and saying to his disciple, “The flavor is not bad, although I can’t eat it, but if I brush across it with my divine consciousness, I can know the taste.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Divine consciousness could actually be used like this? Feng Qingxiu was dazed for a while. After all, he was still a rookie cultivator, and his divine consciousness was usually just to sense his surroundings.

“Of course you can.” Ji Yunlai explained with a smile, “Wait until Xiao Qing’s divine consciousness strengthens in the future, you will be able to connect to the heavens and the underworld, and even be able to manifest it physically to experience the pleasure of the flesh, let alone taste the flavor of a dish of fish.”

Instantly, Feng Qingxiu blushed to the tip of his ears.

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