These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 020 Roger’s Decision

“Let go, Moya!” Lei Jin took a deep breath, wiped his emotions, glanced coldly at the wrist held in Moya’s hand, and spoke again, with a layer of ice in his tone.

Moya gave him a deep look, and this time he let go of it obediently.

As for Moya’s dark green eyes that flashed an emotion similar to hurt, Lei Jin couldn’t take it into account anymore.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He only knew that he had been kept in the dark like a fool for so many days, and all the while he was still grateful to this family for taking him in when he was at his most destitute and helpless.

He, Lei Jin, might be a rogue, but he had always known to repay others’ kindness, and he was always thinking about once he made it big he would think this family well no matter what.

But what was the situation now, they regarded him as a female in this world. What, were they feeling lucky that they had picked up a ready-made “woman” to give birth to their children, and even saving the money for the bride price to boot.

Lei Jin pressed his forehead at the oncoming headache. He was probably also going crazy, suddenly even thinking about something like a bride price.

But Roger should know, he and Roger were from the same world, and men couldn’t have children. Even if the world was changed, he couldn’t suddenly have this function. Wasn’t there a saying: a cow pulled to the north pole is still a cow? How could it be that he could become a woman in another place? What a joke.

“Roger, you should know, that goddamn female, I’m not at all, you help me explain it to them.”

Lei Jin spoke too fast. The first half of the sentence was fine, but the second half of the sentence, Roger didn’t know what he was talking about. In his anxiousness he had likely spoken Mandarin.

“Lei Jin, don’t worry, just listen to me.” Roger patted his arm calmly, handed him a glass of water, and motioned him to calm down first. He knew it would be like this, but he didn’t expect Lei Jin to be even more unaccepting than he had thought. He already felt so disgusted just by being misunderstood as a female. If he knew that he could now really have children after his physique had been changed, he estimated that Lei Jin would really have the heart to kill.

Roger glanced at his two sons. Moya looked the most like him and his temperament was also like him. He liked to keep everything in his heart, but how could he not understand his own son? Although nothing could be seen from his face, his gaze had never left Lei Jin from beginning to end, let alone his youngest son, those pair of big moist eyes, four paws on the ground, silently and quietly approaching Lei Jin step by step.

In the end, what should he do? The question that he had been troubled with a few days ago came up again. Although females were relatively scarce, they were not extinct. Why did his sons insist on such a big trouble like Lei Jin such.

Have Lei Jin to stay? Although the time spent together was short, he could also see that Lei Jin’s origin was not simple. Although he had a pair of peach blossom eyes and seemed to be quite romantic and promiscuous, he possessed a deep indifference down to his bones. He was not like Moya, Moya’s coldness waa only on the surface and with just a touch the ice would shatter. But if Lei Jin didn’t agree and was forced to stay, it would be a dead end, and no one would be able to benefit from it.

The several male werebeasts who came over looked at each other, not knowing what was going on. They also heard what the female said, but they couldn’t understand it at all. They just looked at the family, why was their expression so weird? Wasn’t it a joy to get such a beautiful female? Why were they still frowning?

An Luo also didn’t understand what was said, but he could understand that although their temperaments were different, he and Roger similarly could not accept the fact that he was a female, right? Back then, Roger just stared at him and his eldest brother coldly, without saying a word to them, while this newcomer was like a bamboo thrown into the fire, exploding directly.

“You all go back first. He and Roger are fellow compatriots, so I guess they have something to discuss with each other.” Seeing the situation, An Luo had no choice but to speak first to shoo their guests.

They were actually fellow compatriots? The several werebeasts did not expect to get such big news.

“Second Uncle An, where is their hometown?” Qi Luo voiced everyone’s question, just which tribe consisted of such beautiful females?

“This…..” An Luo paused for a while before saying, “Because it’s too far away, I don’t know either.”

The hopes that had been raised in the hearts of these male werebeasts were dashed all of a sudden. They didn’t think that An Luo was lying to them, because everyone in the tribe saw it. This Roger had never gone back since he came to this tribe. It seemed that it was really too far away.

An Luo and the others left, closing the door behind them. Roger and Lei Jin had already sat down on the stone bench on the side. Moya still stood in place and didn’t move, but Mingya had successfully rubbed against the Lei Jin’s feet. His big head resting on the back of his feet.

Seeing that Roger didn’t seem to intend to speak. He simply spoke first, his tone was cold and no longer as warm as before: “Why do they think that I am the female you all mentioned?”

Compared with Moya and the others, he was indeed shorter and thinner, but he didn’t think that he was a female based on this. He didn’t emit female pheromones.

Although he also knew that he couldn’t blame Roger for this matter, but during these days, because he and Roger came from the same world, there was a natural closeness, but Roger clearly knew that the family regarded him as that goddamned female and also knew that he was not a female, yet he never told him, and even prevented him from going out in order to hide the truth.

He felt a sense of betrayal, Roger, if you were their real mother, I could understand, but you are just their stepmother, okay?

Although some men in this world were called females and could have children, since Roger and him were from the same world, they definitely couldn’t have children, and so it was naturally impossible for Roger to give birth to Xiya and Moya.

“There are only two types of people in this world.” Roger said slowly.

Lei Jin didn’t interrupt him either.

“There are no women, only men in our world, male werebeasts who can shift into various animal forms and females who cannot.”

Lei Jin frowned, the words beginning to be incomprehensible, shift? Male werebeasts? What did it all mean.

Lei Jin had just come to this world, and had only seen a few. It was difficult for him to understand what that shifting meant.

Forgetting it for now, Lei Jin listened to Roger as the other continued to speak.

“Male werebeasts are responsible for going out for hunting, while females are responsible for housekeeping and taking care of children, and they could also do some small business in their spare time.” Roger tried his best to use words that Lei Jin could understand.

Wasn’t that just men going hunting and women looking after the house? Lei Jin thought about this, and signalled that he understood.

“Male werebeasts are stronger, females are weaker, and male werebeasts have to protect their females and children.”

That was to say, on the top was a relatively strong man like Moya, and on the bottom was a relatively thinner and weaker man? So because he looked weaker than them, he was regarded as a female who could have children.

So, men in this world could also have children? Another way of saying it was that if he couldn’t return to his original world, he could only find a man to give birth to a child for him. After all, he knew that he did not have the function of giving birth to a child.

Roger’s could see that the other didn’t fully understand yet. But he had already used the simplest language.

Should he tell him that females from foreign tribes would have their physiques modified in order to make them more adaptable to this tribe and increase the chances of more young being born?

Roger opened his mouth and closed it again.

Forget it, if he said it now, it would just scare him away. With his current appearance, if he could escape from this tribe, he would either be attacked by a wild beast or snatched by other tribes, and the result would not be the same as now.

At most, let Xiya and Moya accompany him in the future to go out for a walk. When he had more knowledge in this world and could communicate using the language, he would naturally understand. At that time, it would be up to him to leave or stay.

He estimated that Lei Jin would not want to stay, so it would all depend on his sons’ ability.

“If you want to leave, I won’t force you to stay, but you have to understand that if you go out like this, you would still be regarded as a female.” Roger continued.

Then didn’t that mean he was always at risk of being dragged to some home and getting OOXX at any time. Looking at Moya’s strength just now, he knew he was unable to beat these people. Lei Jin touched his chin and fell into deep thought. It was not like he could always say to everyone, I’m a female who can’t have children, right? It would be a strange thing if he was not seen as a lunatic.

“You can stay here, I’ll explain it for you, you’re not the female they say.” Roger threw the bait.

It was not that Lei Jin didn’t know that things might be fishy, but for now, there was only this one solution. When everyone understood the fact slowly, they wouldn’t treat him as a female, so then he might be able to marry someone here to give birth to his children. Lei Jin’s acceptance of this matter was quite high. After all, so long as he was not the one on the bottom, everything was negotiable.

“Then thank you, Roger, I misunderstood you.” Lei Jin corrected himself when he knew he was wrong, and didn’t hesitate to apologize.

Sons, it’s all up to you, I have convinced him to stay for the time being. If you can’t keep him, I can only tell him the way back. Roger made up his mind this time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The firewood collecting that day was not completed either, because Moya disappeared and did not return for a long time. Lei Jin felt a little guilty. He felt that his attitude that day might have hurt Moya. After all, Moya didn’t really do anything to him. But when he thought that Moya wanted to push him down, Lei Jin’s smidgeon of guilt that was as big as a grain of millet vanished into ashes.

However, after seeing a shifting with his own eyes, Lei Jin finally knew what kind of world he came to.

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